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This Is How Cute German Shepherds Celebrate Easter

This Is How Cute German Shepherds Celebrate Easter

Easter is just around the corner, and these German Shepherds can’t wait for it to come. 

Some have already started prepping the menu; others are putting up decorations. And, some are just too excited to meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for the most eggs in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

Every GSD has its task, and they’re doing their best to nail it, even if it means just rockin’ the bunny ears. 

1. Wuut? Itz Easter Already?

This GSD thinks Easter came early this year.

cute german shepherd with bunny ears
Source: Pinterest

2. Giftz Fur Easter Bunny

But, these good bois didn’t waste time. They have gifts for the Easter Bunny ready.

german shepherd as easter bunny
Source: GermanShepherdShop

3. Ready To Color Wiff Me?

I know who’s gonna color that whole basket of eggs.

german shepherd with easter bunny ears holding basket with easter eggs in his mouth
Source: Pinterest

4. Sum Just Chill

While other GSDs are working hard to make this the best Easter ever, others just… chill!

funny german shepherd as easter bunny
Source: Pinterest

5. Full Gear On

You can tell that this GSD is super excited to welcome the Easter Bunny.

german shepherd dog celebrating easter wearing easter decoration
Source: Pinterest

6. Wevcome Bun-Bun!

See, it’s all set to welcome Bun-Bun.

german shepherd dog as easter bunny celebrating easter
Source: Pinterest

7. It’s Not Too Much, Is It?

-Do you think we went too far with this decoration?

-Shut up, Frank. It’s never enough!

two german shepherd dogs celebrating easter
Source: Pinterest

8. I’m Bringing The Centerpiece

My mommy says the centerpiece has to be nice, so I’m picking up some daffodils.

german shepherd in flower field as easter bunny
Source: Pinterest

9. It’z All About The Easter Candy

This GSD knows Easter candy is waaay better than Christmas candy.

cute german shepherd dog as easter bunny lying beside easter candies
Source: Pinterest

10. Today’z Menu

Our GSD chef has planned a special menu for today.

german shepherd dog celebrating easter
Source: Pinterest

11. Iz It Time Fur Eggz Hunt?

Some doggos can’t wait for the Easter Egg Hunt to start.

black german shepherd celebrating easter
Source: Pinterest

12. More Impatient Doggos

They’ve got their eyes set on the prize.

german shepherd holding easter basket with small dog in it in the garden
Source: Cheezburger

13. Lookin’ Fiiine

Bunny ears are so overrated. This year, we wear peep ears. 

german shepherd dog with easter decoration sitting on the chair
Source: Pinterest

14. He Found The Stash

The hunt is over, guys… Victor found the egg stash. 

german shepherd with easter eggs on the lawn
Source: Instagram

15. Super Proud For Meeting The Easter Bunny

They’ve been good bois all year long. Easter is their fav holiday! 

easter bunny and two dogs celebrating easter
Source: Instagram

16. No One Is Too Young To Participate In The Hunt

This year, Buster is hunting eggs for the very first time.

german shepherd puppy sitting in easter egg basket
Source: Instagram

17. Carrots Are In The Season

Did you hear? Carrots are back in style!

cute german shepherd dog celebrating easter
Source: Instagram

18. I Colored ‘Em All By Myself

Look what a great job he did! 

german shepherd as easter bunny sitting beside easter eggs in the garden
Source: Instagram

19. This Is Fur Bun-Bun

Do you think he’ll like these giant carrots?

adult german shepherd and puppy as easter bunnies
Source: Instagram