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4 Great Dane Rescues In Ohio: Best Places To Find A New Pet

4 Great Dane Rescues In Ohio: Best Places To Find A New Pet

If you want to get a new pup and do a good deed, continue reading this article about the best Great Dane rescues in Ohio!

Adopting is a great choice for people who want to save a Great Dane and offer it a warm home filled with love!

Great Danes are awesome with kids, but they’re not suitable for playing with toddlers and babies because they’re large canines.

Great Danes have a shorter lifespan than the majority of other dog breeds, so why don’t you adopt one and make the rest of its life a pup fairytale?

1. Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue

Great Dane standing in front of vegetation

As one of the temporary homes and sanctuaries in Ohio, this rescue organization tries to make every abandoned Great Dane in Ohio happy again.

Volunteers from this rescue group give the majority of their free time to saving and rehoming pups that were left on the streets by people or pups that live in poor conditions in animal shelters.

It’s important to mention that HH Dane is a no-kill rescue organization, and ethical rescuers of these amazing pooches.

Adoption process

The organization claims that they primarily focus on the safety of every pup they take, which is why they thoroughly inspect every application that arrives at their address.

They want to make sure that the new home their pups are entering is going to become their forever home.

If you want to adopt a Great Dane from this rescue, you’ll have to fill out the form that’s available on HH Dane’s official website.

After you submit the application form, you should pay the additional fee of $10. Those who have previously had pets should inform their vet about the adoption, so they can prepare vet records that will be required during the adoption process.

Before you’re able to take the pup home, you’ll be required to visit the rescue’s premises, along with your family and your pet (if you have one) to make sure you’re getting a pooch suitable for your home.


The cost of a Great Dane from this rescue depends on the canine’s age and type. For example, if you’re looking for a puppy up to six months of age, you’ll be required to pay $300.

Pups from the age of seven months up to four years will cost you $250. The price of Great Dane dogs from four to six years of age is $150.

Canines older than six years will cost you $100.

When it comes to Great Dane crosses such as the Corgi, the Cane Corso, the Mastiff, and the Pitbull mixes, they’ll cost you $150 regardless of their age.

Before you apply for adoption, make sure that you meet the conditions of the rescue organization, such as:

• A fenced backyard

• An owner older than 21

• A house (apartments are acceptable only under special conditions)

• An owner on the territory of Ohio and Northern Kentucky (other areas not included)

All canines are medically prepared for adoption, including spaying/neutering, vaccination, and deworming.

The pups are also tested for common diseases including Lyme disease, cardiovascular conditions, and Ehrlichia.

If you have any questions, you can contact this non-profit organization via email or phone.

Rescue Details:

Address: Bethel, Ohio

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue

Contact number: 937 379 2231

2. Great Dane Rescue Inc.

Great Dane puppy who stands on a country path

This is one of the largest rescue centers in this area that serves several states, including:

• Ontario, Canada

• Illinois

• Ohio

• Indiana

• Michigan

The main mission of this center is to provide shelter for male and female Great Danes that are living in harsh conditions, and find them a loving home where they’ll spend the rest of their life.

This rescue organization is recognized as one of the best rescues by several important associations, such as:

• The Great Dane Club of America

• The Michigan Purebred Dog Rescue Alliance, Inc.

• The Wolverine Great Dane Club of Michigan

Foster Homes

All rescued canines are placed in foster homes where they go through certain health tests and assessments of their personality.

Foster families provide them with all the necessary health tests and procedures, including spaying/neutering.

Rescue organizations such as this one are always in need of new foster families. If you’re still not sure whether you’re ready for adoption, you might apply for this program and become a foster to a Great Dane until you decide to adopt one.

Adoption Process

When it comes to adoption, this rescue is quite strict about it. If you want to adopt a dog from this place, you’ll have to agree to keep the pup as a house pet by signing an agreement.

This document also allows the volunteers to make home visits, and it ensure that the home conditions are satisfying for a Great Dane pup.

One of the best things about this rescue is that they help new owners of Great Danes with additional information regarding training and caring about these pups.

If you want to adopt, you’ll need to complete the application and pay $25. The adoption process can’t begin until you pay the application fee.

A home visit is required in order to make sure that you meet all the conditions, so I’d recommend that you prepare yourself by getting a proper bed, food, collars, and other additional equipment for a Great Dane.


The price of the pups from this rescue depends on the canine’s age. Therefore, you’ll pay $350 for pups up to four years of age, $250 for canines up to seven years of age, and $150 for canines older than eight years. The color of the Great Dane’s coat doesn’t affect the price, so you’ll pay the same for a blue, black, or brown Great Dane.

All canines are microchipped, vaccinated, tested for common diseases, and medically treated (if needed).

If you want to know more about the whole adoption procedure, you can get all the details on the GDRI’s website, or contact them via phone or the online contact form.

Rescue Details:

Address: Plymouth, Michigan

Email address: Website Contact Form

Official website: Great Dane Rescue Inc

Contact number: 734 454 3683

3. Ohio Great Dane Rescue

great dane standing in the park

This is a small, non-profit rescue organization that is focused on the Great Dane breed. They’re committed to finding a permanent home for those pups who were abandoned by their owners or pet shelters.

These puppies need all the love and care they can get, just like any other dog. With a new pet from this rescue, you’ll be getting yourself a great furry friend, and you’ll also be helping the rescue save more canines and provide them with veterinary care.

The main mission of volunteers from this rescue group is to save, heal, and rehome Great Dane canines. However, they also try to motivate owners to spay or neuter their pets, and to act responsibly for these wonderful animals.

By rescuing these pups and preparing them for adoption, they also encourage new owners to advocate for this amazing dog breed and inspire others to do the same.

Adoption Process

This organization works in the territory of Michigan and Ohio; therefore, if you’re planning to get a pet from their premises, you can do so if you live in one of the two mentioned states.

The adoption procedure is quite simple – all you need to do is contact the rescue, fill out the form, have an interview over the telephone, and get a home visit from a volunteer.

If you’re planning to adopt a pooch from this organization, you can contact them via their telephone number or the email that’s provided below.

Rescue Details:

Address: Toledo, Ohio

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Ohio Great Dane Rescue

Contact number: 419 878 4819

4. Toledo Animal Rescue

great dane lying in the grass

Toledo Animal Rescue is a pet shelter that is committed to saving both canines and cats from harsh conditions on the streets or in kennels.

They advocate for the no-kill strategy in shelters, and encourage others to rescue all types of abandoned pups, including Corgis, Dobermans, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and other canine breeds.

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Adoption Process

If you want to adopt a pet, you’re required to visit the rescue center and choose the pet you want after you complete the application.

If you’re eligible for adoption, you’ll be contacted by the center. However, the adoption procedure is not considered complete until all the paperwork is done.


The adoption fee is required for medical expenses that cost at least $300 in vet clinics.

The price of canines doesn’t depend on the breed, but on their age. Therefore, you’ll need to pay $250 for a young pup, $175 for an adult, and $100 for an older canine.

If you have any questions about the adoption and the rescue center in general, feel free to contact them via their email or telephone number.

Rescue Details:

Address: Toledo, Ohio

Email address: [email protected]

Official website: Toledo Animal Rescue

Contact number: 419 382 1130

Great Dane Rescues In Ohio: Final Thoughts

I hope this article about Great Dane rescues in Ohio has helped you find a suitable rescue center where you can adopt your next pet from instead of buying it from a Great Dane breeder (although this is an option as well, especially if you care about the canine’s genetic background).

All of the organizations on this list are non-profit, and they depend solely on contributions or adoption fees that new owners make.

If you’re not able to adopt a pup, but you’d like to help, you can always donate money that will be used for medical expenses and food for adoptable Great Danes.


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