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58 Golden Retriever Mixes: Goldie Cuteness Alert

58 Golden Retriever Mixes: Goldie Cuteness Alert

Friendly, goofy, smart, and hopelessly devoted to their humans – meet the wonderful breed of the Golden Retriever. These are just some of the many wonderful characteristics of these dogs, so the fact that they are one of the most popular dogs in the USA, and actually, in the world, doesn’t surprise us at all.

Year after year, they are continuously ranking among the number five most popular family dogs, and how wouldn’t they when they are good with children, outgoing, and obedient – the perfect choice for many families!

Being so popular makes them a breeder’s favorite choice for creating new mixed breeds since often, Golden Retriever mixes can be even better than purebreds.

How much better can it get? Well, if you would like to see, don’t miss out on our golden list of 58 Golden Retriever Mixes!

58 Golden Retriever Mixes That Will Melt Your Heart

The case with crossbreeds is that you can never fully predict their personality, looks, or how much they will grow; however, they usually have more unique coat colors and temperaments.

Unfortunately, purebreds can also pass down some health issues, such as hip dysplasia or cancer, which are common with Goldens.

If you are looking for the perfect Golden Retriever mix that will fit into your lifestyle, read on to learn about each mix, and maybe you will find yourself a golden choice…

1. Goldador: Golden Retriever X Labrador Retriever

Goldador Dog on the beach

The first on the list: the cute mix of our Golden, and equally famous (and equally cute!) Labrador Retriever.

This dog breed, often referred to as a “ designer dog ”, has inherited the best of both worlds: an easy-going nature, intelligence, friendliness, and devotion, which makes them loyal family pets as well as outstanding guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, rescue dogs, and much more.

Since they are affectionate and loving dogs, they can be perfect for families with children; however, they are very high-energy dogs and require plenty of exercise, so keep that in mind.

2. Golden Collie / Gollie: Golden Retriever X Border Collie

golden collie running

Photo from: @golliemisocute

This medium-sized crossbreed with a lovely name, Gollie, is a highly intelligent and trainable ball of energy. They love company, whether it is other dogs or humans, just not being alone.

A long face with an elongated snout, almond-shaped doe eyes, hanging ears, a shaggy tail, and a black nose make their trademark looks. Together with a charming temperament, these dogs can be the perfect addition to your family.

3. Goberian: Golden Retriever X Siberian Husky

Goberian dog (husky and golden retriever mix) red nose and golden eyes

These quite unusual and rare dogs with a striking appearance are one of the most expensive Golden Retriever mixes out there. Their gorgeous, bright blue eyes leave no one indifferent, and they are hard to resist.

Goberians (also called Goldskies) are very intelligent and highly active dogs that need a lot of exercise. However, they do have a double coat, and they shed a lot, so if you decide to get this dog, prepare for a lot of hair and constant grooming.

4. Golden Cocker Retriever: Golden Retriever X Cocker Spaniel

Golden Cocker Retriever laying on sofa

Photo from: @_rookie_21_

These sweet, playful, and highly adaptable dogs are awesome family pets. From their parent breeds, they inherit an ability to learn quickly and to follow commands, which makes them a popular choice among dog owners.

They are friendly and loyal dogs that can be playful with older children, but also gentle and calm around younger kids. Their coat color can go from a very light golden shade to a rusty dark red.

If you are interested in this breed, you must be able to devote enough time for playing every day since they love to play chase and fetch.

5. Golden Mountain Dog: Golden Retriever X Bernese Mountain Dog

Golden Mountain Dog on the beach

A gentle giant of a dog! A loving dog that loves to cuddle and enjoy outdoor activities – this is the Golden Mountain Dog for you. If you live somewhere with a lot of space and a snowy climate, this dog might be the perfect choice for you.

They get along with other pets, and are also great with small children, which makes them perfect family dogs. Their coat is best described as long, dense, and straight, and it usually comes in black, brown, and white shades.

Before getting these dogs, make sure that you don’t live in a small apartment since they are large dogs, and definitely not for apartment life.

6. Golden Shepherd: Golden Retriever X German Shepherd

Golden Shepherd standing on the green grass

Because of the result of breeding two of the most popular dog breeds ( Golden Retriever X German Shepherd ) in the USA, you get an intelligent and hardworking, but loyal and affectionate dog.

They make excellent companion dogs, but they don’t like to be left alone at all. More often than not, they will suffer from separation anxiety, especially if left alone for a longer period of time. Early socialization is key to fixing this problem.

7. Goldendoodle: Golden Retriever X Poodle

Mini Goldendoodle puppy laying on the grass

Coming in three sizes (miniature, standard, and large), Goldendoodles are smart and devoted animals that are excellent loving companions. These non-shedding dogs are great for people who do not love dog hair all over their house.

They are also very affectionate dogs, and require a lot of snuggling each day! They are not suited for an outside life or a life in a kennel because they thrive when in contact with people.

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8. Golden Hound: Golden Retriever X Basset Hound

Golden Hound dog

If you want a dog that does not require that much exercise, and would prefer to lay with you on the couch while watching TV, then this mixed-breed dog might be exactly what you are looking for.

Other than moderate exercise, this pooch also usually doesn’t require a lot of grooming since they have shorter fur, but they are still playful and love to spend time with their family.

9. Golden Irish: Golden Retriever X Irish Setter

Golden Irish dog

Photo from: @hank_the_goldenirish

These friendly and agile family dogs need a lot of exercise. They love to jump and play, and are not afraid of water. Since they are extremely intelligent, they need a lot of mental as well as physical stimulation.

With their striking reddish-gold coat, they are definitely going to capture the attention of many.

10. Golden Rottie: Golden Retriever X Rottweiler

Golden Rottie dog

Photo from: @bosse_the_goldenrottie

As one of the largest Golden Retriever mixes, Golden Rotties can grow up to be 100 pounds. From their Rottweiler parent, they inherit protective instincts, which makes them perfect guard dogs. However, their Golden side makes them a bit more friendly and affectionate than some purebred Rotties.

11. Beago: Golden Retriever X Beagle

Beago dog laying on the floor

Photo from: @luckythebeago

If you are looking for a smaller-sized dog that can be a great family companion, easy-going, and good with kids, then the Beago might be just what you need. Beagos will only need a moderate amount of exercise, but they are extremely curious, and they can get distracted easily.

12. Golden Dox: Golden Retriever X Dachshund

Golden Dox dog standing outdoor

Photo from: @the.golden.lexie

With recognizable golden fur, and a long body and small legs, this lovely Golden hybrid is as cute as it gets. Having inherited friendliness and beautiful behavior, Golden Doxies are great family pups; however, they can exhibit a little stubborn streak that can make training a bit difficult.

13. Goldmatian: Golden Retriever X Dalmatian

Goldmatian dog sitting outdoor

Photo from: @__ezbake

Quite an unbelievable combination of a Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever, these incredible Goldmatians really do exist. If you want a dog that has a spectacular coat color of black and white, along with golden shades, look no more.

With their happy-go-lucky personality, intelligence, and protective spark, these dogs also make great watchdogs.

14. Golden Doberman: Golden Retriever X Doberman

Golden Doberman in snow

Photo from: @daveyjonesdog

What do you get when you mix two highly intelligent and loyal breeds of dogs? An incredible guard dog that is the Golden Doberman. They can be really sweet and loving, but will also protect their family with their life. Keep in mind that they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, though.

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15. Great Golden Dane: Golden Retriever X Great Dane

Great Golden Dane puppy

Photo from: @codingthroughmotherhood

These giants (literally!) can weigh up to 200 pounds, making them one of the biggest dogs on our list, so if you don’t have enough space in your house, think again about getting this dog.

They are, however, highly intelligent and friendly, but with their lifespan of 8 to 10 years, they, unfortunately, do not get to live a long life. They are best suited for singles or families with older children.

16. Golden Pyrenees: Golden Retriever X Great Pyrenees

Golden Pyrenees laying on the couch

Photo from: @sammythegoldenpyr

These happy and calm dogs are good with kids, people, and other pets, making them great family pets. They will, however, require early socialization and proper training due to their stubborn streak. If it is possible, make sure they have enough space since they are also among the large dogs.

17. Golden Boxer: Golden Retriever X Boxer

Golden Boxer puppy in sunlight

Photo from: @nuthin2luuz

If you don’t mind shedding, then you can consider this mix – the Golden Boxer – a bundle of energy, very protective, playful, eager to learn new tricks, and great at sports. Usually, this dog is better suitable for active and experienced dog families.

18. Golden Chi: Golden Retriever X Chihuahua

Golden Chi dog

Photo from: @biscuitsection

Take the sweet nature of a Golden Retriever and add a little bit of the spice of a Chihuahua and you’ll end up with a Golden Chi – a unique mix of a small but long-living dog that is hopefully more obedient and respectful than its parent breed, the Chihuahua.

19. Golden Chow Retriever: Golden Retriever X Chow Chow

Golden Chow Retriever puppy

Photo from: @remythegoldenchow

These are pretty laid-back dogs that don’t need a lot of exercise; however, you will need it because they shed like crazy, so prepare yourself for daily grooming sessions. One interesting fact is that most of these mixes inherit the characteristic black-blue tongue and the curly tail of the Chow Chow.

20. Golden Corgi: Golden Retriever X Corgi

Golden Corgi with plants

Photo from: @yayhouseplants

The Golden Corgi is an easy-going and social dog that loves companionship, but also a nice cuddle on the couch. If you have a smaller apartment, these dogs will be just fine since they are medium-sized. Also, by being quite intelligent and eager to please, they may be perfect for new dog owners.

21. Golden Newfie: Golden Retriever X Newfoundland

Golden Newfie dog

Photo from: @ashleygullickson

A Golden Newfie is a beautiful combination of a working dog, like the Newfoundland, and the easy-going and upbeat personality of the Golden Retriever. They are quite big dogs, and need a lot of space. Their coat color can be either golden or completely black or brown.

22. Scolden Terrier: Golden Retriever X Scottish Terrier

Scolden Terrier dog

Photo from: @nippercat

Even though at first, it might seem like such an odd mix, the Scolden Terrier is, in fact, a great combination of these two breeds. Intelligent, lovely, affectionate, and great watchdogs, but also friendly, are just some of the qualities that this breed adorns.

23. Spangold Retriever: Golden Retriever X English Springer Spaniel

If you enjoy a busy outdoor lifestyle, then this crossbreed can be an excellent choice for you. Spangold Retrievers are energetic, easy to train, and sociable dogs, but also very smart and curious dogs, often on the lookout for a new adventure.

See more adorable Springer Spaniel mixes here!

24. Golden Aussie: Golden Retriever X Australian Shepherd

Golden Aussie dog

Photo from: @acrosstheuniverseretrievers

These “little” balls of energy are extremely loving and friendly animals. They get really attached to their family, and can even develop separation anxiety because of this. But, they get along really well with children and other animals, and if trained properly, they can be ideal family pets.

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25. Golden Jack Retriever: Golden Retriever X Jack Russel Terrier

Golden Jack Retriever on the pool

Photo from: @pawpackusa

These small but rather cheeky lil pups are loving, fun, and entertaining: a combination that is hard to say no to. Since they are energetic and lively, they will need a lot of exercise and preferably an active family that loves to be entertained.

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26. Goldenshire: Golden Retriever X Yorkshire Terrier

Goldenshire dog on the beach

Photo from: @tuckervercammen

This is also one of the smaller-sized dogs that don’t lack in the personality department. With a lively, chirpy, and friendly nature, Goldenshires will need plenty of exercise to burn off excess energy, but they are smart and relatively easy to train.

27. Old English Goldendoodle: Olde English Sheepdog X Golden Retriever X Poodle

Old English Goldendoodle dog

Photo from: @samimacdoodle

This three-way cross makes the perfect combination of a loyal and loving Olde English Sheepdog, the playful and mellow personality of a Golden Retriever, and the intelligence of a Poodle. They are eager to please, goofy, and love to have a close relationship with their humans, making them a very desirable breed.

28. Golden Vizsla: Golden Retriever X Vizsla

Golden Vizsla dog on the bench

Photo from: @spurgathedog

These excellent hunting dogs and adventurers are quite independent, energetic, and slightly stubborn to train, but if you are consistent, there shouldn’t be a problem. They are often sporting a medium-length golden coat, so they often can be confused for a purebred Retriever.

There are also many other sporting Vizsla mixes, so be sure to check them out, too!

29. Golden Malinois: Golden Retriever X Belgian Malinois

Golden Malinois dog with toy

Photo from: @ceceandtheredheads

The Golden Malinois is a unique mix of these two breeds. With a dense coat and colors that can range greatly, they require a lot of grooming because they shed a lot, especially during the summer months. They can be sometimes stubborn to train, but the more action they get, they will be better pets.

30. Golden Saint: Golden Retriever X Saint Bernard

Golden Saint dog with red scarf

Photo from: @goldenshepbooker

This fluffy and incredible-looking dog is one of the larger Golden Retriever mixes out there. They are loyal and eager to please – usually, they are more active during their puppy stage and more laid back once they are adults. They require a lot of food and space, though, so small apartments are a ‘no’ for them.

For more awesome combinations of the Saint Bernard dog with other breeds, check out our Saint Bernard mixes!

31. Golden Sammy: Golden Retriever X Samoyed

Golden Sammy dog in the flowers

Photo from: @__maya_la_belle__

Are you looking for a gorgeous, fluffy golden ball that is gentle and friendly? Then, the Golden Sammy is the answer. These are beautiful dogs that will definitely attract attention wherever they go, but they are quite high-maintenance dogs since their whitish, fluffy coat requires a lot of cleaning and grooming.

32. Golden Bulldog: Golden Retriever X English Bulldog

Golden Bulldog laying in the bed

Photo from: @samekris

These two parent breeds are very different in size and looks, and therefore, they can produce pups that can have quite different overall appearances. But, one thing for sure is that these pups are going to be gentle and loving, outgoing, and fun. Oh, and big cuddlers, definitely!

33. Golden Cavalier: Golden Retriever X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Golden Cavalier puppy

Photo from: @lincolngoldencavalier

This mix is the perfect family dog since it is gentle and affectionate, and the perfect “sibling” for children. The Golden Cavalier is really easy to train, and it makes an awesome pet for first-time dog owners. If you are looking for a sweet and friendly pet, check out this golden hybrid.

34. Afghan Retriever: Golden Retriever X Afghan Hound

Afghan Retriever dog outdoor

Photo from: @whackattack1970

These unusual and elegant dogs have the golden coat of the Retriever and the athletic build of the Afghan Hound. Afghan Retrievers are tall, require a lot of exercise, and are known for their sporty and hunting skills. On the other hand, they can be really calm and collected companion dogs.

35. Alaskan Goldenmute: Golden Retriever X Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Goldenmute dog with flowers

Photo from: @alaskangoldenmute_freja

Again, one of the large dogs, and also one that sheds a lot. Since both of their parent breeds are double-coated, they are known to “blow” their coat.

This mix perfectly combines the happy-go-lucky personality of a Golden, and the fearless and bold nature of a Malamute, resulting in a stunning mix that can be docile, but also very protective of those they love.

36. Golden Bullmastiff Retriever: Golden Retriever X Bullmastiff

Golden Bullmastiff Retriever puppy

Photo from: @crazycorgimomma

Mixing these two breeds will get you a large dog with high energy levels, that will make an amazing guardian and companion. They are loyal and courageous, but they require a lot of exercise and space since they can grow very big. They are known to drool a lot, so you should be aware of that before purchasing this mixed breed.

37. American Gointer: Golden Retriever X English Pointer

American Gointer dog posing

Photo from: @berlin_is_nice

American Gointers are extremely playful and active dogs, sometimes even a little bit stubborn, so early training is a must with them. However, they do have a good heart, and are quite friendly with everyone, so what they really need is a lot of affection and love.

38. Golden Akita: Golden Retriever X Akita

Golden Akita puppy in the green grass

Photo from: @fuji.thegoldenakita

One of the biggest traits of Akitas is loyalty. They are known for being headstrong and protective of their territory and family, and when you combine this quality with a happy and easy-going Golden, you get a golden pooch that is the perfect balance between the two. However, they are one of the most difficult breeds to train due to their stubborn streak.

Check more Akita mixes here!

39. Goldmaraner: Golden Retriever X Weimaraner

Goldmaraner dog laying on the wooden floor

Photo from: @_wandering.willow_

One of the people’s favorite Golden Retriever mixes, Goldmaraners are the perfect combination of the two parent breeds. They are loyal, alert, respectful, and don’t need a lot of attention – perfect for people who don’t have that much time for action. Being calm and collected, they can make great family companions.

40. Goldenapso Retriever: Golden Retriever X Lhasa Apso

Goldenapso Retriever puppy on the floor

Photo from: @tracyhanes

If you are looking for a watchdog that is independent, but also friendly and affectionate, then you should consider the Goldenapso Retriever. You are looking at a little bit of gentleness and a bit of a mischievous personality.

Even though they are small dogs, they are still really protective, and they will bark at strangers who they think are up to no good.

41. Goldendale: Golden Retriever X Airedale Terrier

Goldendale dog eating a treat

Photo from: @downey_doofy_dwangler

The Goldendale mix is an excellent watchdog and family pet, known as being somewhat easy to train and eager to please. These dogs may have a smooth coat like their Golden Retriever parent or a wavy and shorter one like the Airedale Terrier, but no matter what, they are both equally adorable.

42. Golden Pei: Golden Retriever X Shar Pei

Golden Pei dog

Photo from: @cutiepeicooper

This medium-to-large size and low-maintenance dog usually has a strong will and requires proper training from a young age to teach them to behave properly. Even though they are family-oriented dogs, they are not suited to be around small children since they can react unpredictably sometimes.

43. Golden Sheltie: Golden Retriever X Shetland Sheepdog

golden sheltie standing outdoor

Photo from: @shelties.jkt

Golden Shelties are charming, fluffy, and most importantly, adorable pups. Usually, they inherit some of the herding genes from their Shetland Sheepdog parent (don’t be surprised if they try to herd children or other pets), but since they are also really intelligent, it is easy to train them. Other than that, they require a significant amount of exercise.

44. English Goldstiff: Golden Retriever X English Mastiff

English Goldstiff outdoor sitting

Photo from: @kennelgayennatibetanmastiffs

Mixing these two breeds gets you an extra-large dog with extra high energy levels. However, they are also extra family pets since they absolutely love children, and with proper training and socialization, they will be loyal companions. Make sure to provide them with lots of space!

45. Golden Shih Tzu: Golden Retriever X Shih Tzu

Golden Shih Tzu in sunlight

Photo from: @littleshihtzu

This mix is not something that you will often see since this designer dog is unique and rare first of all, and it is not the type that breeders usually produce. However, if you are lucky enough to find this special dog, expect to have a loyal and alert pet.

46. Golden Heeler: Golden Retriever X Blue Heeler

Golden Heeler dog

Photo from: @sarahlouesa

This active and high-maintenance dog will require you to groom it daily since it sheds a lot. You may want to train it as a puppy as it will have a habit of chewing on things, but if it is properly trained and socialized, it will be an awesome family pet since it very much loves its master and is eager to please.

47. Golden Pug: Golden Retriever X Pug

Golden Pug laying

Photo from: @oatsandhoneyhomestead

If you love Pugs, then this golden one will definitely win you over. This is a type of dog that will be friendly and loving, but will also require a lot of attention and love from you. With the loving combinations of the two parents, and usually, a smaller size, they will be great for families with children and those who live in a smaller apartment.

48. Golden Greyhound: Golden Retriever X Greyhound

Golden Greyhound in the wood

Photo from: @judas_cradle

Golden Greyhounds are adorable pups that are super sweet, and that love to cuddle more than anything else. In return, they also require a lot of attention, so the love should be both-sided.

Since the Greyhound is one of the fastest dogs, you can expect your Golden Greyhound to have a lot of outbursts of energy and random zoomies throughout the day.

49. Golden Shiba: Golden Retriever X Shiba Inu

Golden Shiba sitting outdoor

Photo from: @nami_golden_shiba

This unique mix has a bold demeanor, and it might give out “don’t mess with me” vibes, but deep down, it can be a friendly and loving family dog.

They usually have a golden color, but their appearance can vary. Some have a curly or a long tail, and some can have pointy or droopy ears, but no matter what – they are always gorgeous-looking dogs.

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50. Golden Maltese: Golden Retriever X Maltese

Golden Maltese dog with tongue out

Photo from: @pokki_goldenmaltese

The Golden Maltese is a new designer dog that combines the loving and intelligent nature of the Golden Retriever with the playfulness and obedience of the Maltese. They are a smaller-sized dog that exhibits the coloring of the Golden, and the wavy Maltese coat, which makes them very adorable.

51. Golden Anatolian: Golden Retriever X Anatolian Shepherd

Golden Anatolian in the park

Photo from: @jacobthegoldenturkey

This one is another giant of a dog that can grow up to 125 pounds, so this huge boy needs a lot of space, obviously. They can be quite tricky to train since they have a stubborn streak in them, and combined with the headstrong nature of an Anatolian Shepherd, they may become a challenge to some dog owners. But, if you want to test your training skills, this is the perfect dog for you.

Check some other Anatolian Shepherd mixes, too!

52. Golden Schnauzer: Golden Retriever X Schnauzer

Golden Schnauzer in sunlight

Photo from: @rumoimwunderland

Often referred to as a Golden Retriever with a beard, the Golden Schnauzer has very sophisticated looks and a unique appearance. They are best described as fearless and spirited, and will often bark at others and be quite reserved, but due to the Golden’s genes, they also warm up to people easily.

53. Comfort Retriever: Golden Retriever X Cocker Spaniel X Poodle

Comfort Retriever standing in the garden

Photo from: @b3n_g00dyear

The Comfort Retriever is a fun and loving mix of the Golden Retriever, the Cocker Spaniel, and the Poodle, giving them a golden-miniature appearance.

As their name says, they are great family dogs that are extremely intelligent, easy to train, and devoted. They require a lot of exercise, so they are best suited for active families that love to spend their time outdoors.

54. Golden Pitbull: Golden Retriever X Pitbull

Golden Pitbull standing on a piece of wood

Photo from: @simba_the_goldenpit

What do you get when you mix a dog with the friendliest nature in the world with one that unfortunately has a negative reputation: a Golden Retriever X Pitbull . Well, it is definitely a playful, energetic, confident, and loyal companion.

Don’t let the negative bully reputation distract you from this wonderful dog since it can also be really friendly and just maybe the perfect choice for you.

55. Golden Greater Swissy: Golden Retriever X Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

These extra-large dogs are friendly, but also aloof, making them well-balanced and interesting family dogs. Their most prominent feature is a huge, fluffy coat that has the long hair of the Golden, and usually sports Swiss colors.

56. Golden Water Dog: Golden Retriever X Portuguese Water Dog

Since this dog is a Portuguese Water Dog mix, it is not surprising that it loves water, so make sure that you live somewhere close to water if you plan to get this pup. This is a really adventurous and highly intelligent dog that can also be a really sweet and cuddly family pet.

57. Soft-Coated Golden: Golden Retriever X Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

This is another relatively rare mix, but that doesn’t have to mean that they are not also gorgeous and sweet creatures as other Golden Retriever mixes are. They are friendly, loyal, and devoted, but due to their Terrier genes, they might have a little bit of a stubborn streak, but nothing that a little bit of training couldn’t solve.

58. Golden Staffy: Golden Retriever X Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Golden Staffy dog

Photo from: @adventuresofcrescentandlexi

And… last on the list, but definitely not less valuable is the Golden Staffy. If you are looking for a best friend in a dog, then the Staffy is your perfect match. They are loyal, loving, adventurous, and gorgeous-looking hybrids for sure. That is not everything – they are also easy to train, sociable, and adore children – what more could you ask for?

Final Golden Thoughts

I don’t think that there is much more to say – these *golden boys* speak for themselves. We have tried to bring you all the important details about each of the Golden Retriever mixes, and now the decision is upon you – which one will you choose?

It is not an easy decision for sure since all of them are very adorable and hard to resist, but I am confident that no matter which Golden mix you choose, you will not regret it.

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