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17 Shiba Inu Mixes: Enter The World Of Unusual Doggy Hybrids

17 Shiba Inu Mixes: Enter The World Of Unusual Doggy Hybrids

Originally from Japan, Shibas have taken over the world through memes and Internet websites. People want to know more about this unusual dog breed. Even though they’ve been around for centuries, unchanged, Shibas are still a mystery.

What was once referred to as “brushwood dog” now is a base for new, unusual hybrid pups. Breeders from all over the world have figured out how to breed Shiba Inus with other purebred dogs.

The end result is usually a unique-looking puppy, with lots of the Shiba’s personality traits.

But, those traits often get mixed up and you could get a puppy resembling the other side of the family, or both.

Which Shiba Inu mixes are the most sought after? What do they look like? Are some of them more suitable for owners with lots of experience in raising stubborn dogs? Can just anyone adopt a Shiba Inu mix?

Keep on reading to learn more about these quirky hybrids.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Husky

shiba husky mix

Photo from: @itskingjp_

The Shiba Inu mixed with the Siberian Husky is quite a common hybrid dog. These two pups are a bit different in appearance, but are very much alike character-wise. Their love pup is a doggo fit for experienced owners only.

I don’t recommend the Shiba Husky mix for first-time owners as these dogs need a firm hand that will curb their stubbornness. As you can imagine, they’re very tough to train, and they love to disobey. Escaping crates, homes, and yards isn’t foreign to this mixed breed.

The Shiba Corgi is a large dog of up to 60 pounds, and up to 24” at the withers. They require proper socialization and care if you want them to achieve their potential.

A Shiba Husky will cover you in dog hair, so if you’re allergic or have problems with the mess, don’t pick this Shiba Inu mix breed.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Corgi

corgi shiba mix

Photo from: @basile_the_corgi_x_shiba

The Corgi Inu always has the Shiba Inu parent as a constant, while the Corgi parent can either be a Pembroke or a Welsh Corgi. Either way, puppies born from this combination are intelligent and beyond loyal.

The Shiba’s protective side is combined with the Corgi’s loyalty to the family. They are true family companions that strive to keep everyone safe. But, they do come with a big downside.

You should know that the Shiba Inu Corgi mix has strong herding genes. If you don’t socialize and train them in time, they will try to herd everyone, especially small kids. That’s why I recommend them for families without small children.

This lovely mix features a double coat that’s thick. Also, it sheds massively, so keep that in mind. Other than this, the Corgi Shiba is a relatively healthy mixed breed dog. I’m happy to inform you that their average lifespan is up to 15 years!

Shiba Inu Mixed With German Shepherd

shiba inu german shepherd mix

Photo from: @shepherd.inu

If you’re looking for the ultimate guardian that will make you feel safe in every condition, then the Shepherd Inu is for you.

This energetic Shiba Inu mix is a lovely combination of the GSD’s ethics and the uniqueness of the Shiba breed.

The Shepherd Inu is a dog that asks for lots of your time. But, they don’t want to cuddle! These dogs want to work out hard. They strive to spend their days running, jumping over obstacles, and playing roughly.

That’s why this dog, no matter how family-oriented it is, isn’t suitable for new dog owners. You must be experienced to handle a Shiba German Shepherd mix.

This is a large dog, standing tall at 22” at the withers, and weighing up to 60 pounds. Since they’re so big, controlling their strong prey drive is a must. You don’t want to be a target of this guard dog.

Surprisingly, this large crossbreed can live up to 14 years. They’re overall healthy, but have some size-related issues like hip dysplasia.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Pomeranian

shiba pomeranian mix

Photo from: @kyothepomshi

Now, here’s a foxy mix!

Meet the Shiba Inu Pomeranian (or the Pomshi). Both parents of this crossbreed have a fox-like appearance, with a soft, fluffy coat. Even their coat colors are usually fox-like!

While they’re very similar outside, despite their size, it’s their character that differs these two parent dogs. Shibas are quirky. They act aloof with strangers, and don’t do well around newcomers.

On the other hand, the Pomeranian is a sociable animal. They love people, attention, and spending time socializing! These pups are real social butterflies.

Like with all Shiba Inu mixes, the Pomshi must be trained and socialized in order to function properly with other dogs and around people.

Luckily, it’s much easier to train this mix, thanks to the Pom’s kind temperament.

The Pomshi is quite in demand as one of the prettiest designer dogs. No wonder! They’re tiny, fluffy, and to die for.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Chihuahua

shiba chihuahua mix

Photo from: @luck_mto

If you thought Shiba Inus are only mixed with larger dogs, you’re wrong. Even tiny pups like Chihuahuas can be bred with the Shiba Inu. The result is a lovely little dog called the Shiba Chi.

This little hybrid is not meant to be adopted in a family with small children as it can act aggressively. The Shiba Chihuahua mix is loyal, and is attached to only one person in the house. They tolerate others, but they only have one favorite.

This is not the only reason why I don’t recommend Shiba Chis for busy people. You see, these tiny pups of only 9” to 12” and 8 to 12 pounds have a short coat. And, it sheds like crazy!

Also, this makes Shiba Chis a bad choice for cold weather conditions. If you live somewhere warm, have plenty of time, and want a pup that will have eyes only for you, then go with this Shiba Inu mix.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Poodle

shiba poodle mix

Photo from: @slaxy78

One of the Shiba Inu mixes with the funniest names is the Shiba Poodle mix, also known as the Poo-Shi. This adorable hybrid looks like most Doodles, and it has the same energy.

The Poo-Shi is usually a medium-sized dog, but the actual size depends on the Poodle parent. An average Poo-Shi weighs anywhere from 8 to 40 pounds. These are small pups that can only grow up to 20 inches at the withers.

Since the Shiba Inu and the Poodle are excellent hunting dogs that are used for catching birds and small prey, it’s no surprise that the Poo-Shi is a great hunter, too! But, this comes with a big downside.

Because of their prey drive, Shiba Poodle-mixed pups can’t live in the same home with other pets or small dogs. They will try to catch them, scare them, and make more trouble.

The Poo-Shi can fashion two types of coat, depending on which parent it takes after. The pup can either have a curly, short, Poodle-like coat, or a double, fluffy, Shiba-like coat.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Pitbull

Shibas and Pitbulls, despite their differences, have one thing in common: they’re both dogs with bad publicity.

Shibas are characterized as aloof dogs, quite reserved and not so friendly. Pitbulls appear to be tough, dangerous, and intimidating. But, they’re sweeter than you’d think.

The Shiba Pitbull mix can be a good family dog, that is, if you train them from day one. This hybrid dog can inherit and show off personality traits from both parents. This means they can be funny and goofy, yet still act distant when the situation calls for it.

All in all, Shiba Pitbulls are very… balanced in every way.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Labrador

shiba labrador mix

Photo from: @mariolamagdalena

The Shibador is a cool crossbreed puppy of our Shiba Inu and the Labrador Retriever. This is a combination of two working dogs specialized in hunting to be precise. Both Shibas and Labradors need to have a task in order to feel like they’re worthy.

What you need to know about their puppy is that it will have a strong character that might seem a bit stubborn from time to time. Shibadors are, in fact, two contrasting breeds joined in one.

Labradors are sweet and friendly, while Shibas… well, you know how Shibas are. They’re a bit unpredictable.

What else is unpredictable is the Shibador’s appearance. I’ve seen Shibadors looking almost exactly like Shiba Inus while there are also pups resembling Labs. Most of them have a wonderful golden-white shade of coat.

Shiba Inu Basenji Mix

shiba basenji mix

Photo from: @lovie_the_shibasenji

Here’s Shibasenji!

And, yes, it is as crazy as it sounds! This crossbreed is a result of mixing two very headstrong breeds. Neither of the two parents is the best dog for new owners. And, I don’t recommend their crossbreed puppy for newbies.

The Shibasenji is not that affectionate. However, you can count on its loyalty.

This pup will grow up into a small to medium dog, weighing up to 25 pounds, and standing tall at 16 inches.

What’s so interesting about this mix is that they can’t stand getting dirty. The Shibasenji always makes sure that its lovely reddish coat is in top condition. But, you need to make sure that you brush it regularly and keep that coat mess-free.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Akita

shiba akita mix

Photo from: @unsolicited.plant.talks

Two Japanese dogs were combined to get a unique crossbreed puppy. Surprise, surprise… it’s the Shiba Inu and Akita combination!

The Shibakita puppy is a result of breeding two fox-like dogs. This puppy can grow up to be either medium-sized or large. Their size only depends on inherited genes from the Shiba or the Akita family. An average Shibakita is between 30 and 45 pounds, and around 24” at the withers.

Either way, this Akita mix has a lovely, luxurious coat in various shades of orange and white. The coat is very fluffy and cuddly, but it’s also prone to extreme shedding. And, I don’t mean only during the shedding season, which strikes twice a year, in spring and autumn.

The Shibakita needs you for many reasons, other than just brushing and grooming. These are intelligent pups, and they seem to learn fast. However, they do have one pretty bad trait: they get bored easily, and thus, turn to destructive behavior.

Trust me, you wouldn’t like to see a Shibakita bored!

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Shiba Inu Pug Mix

shiba pug mix

Photo from: @mochitheshug

The Shiba Pug mix is also called the Shug Inu.

Let’s stop for a second and take a look at the Pug’s and the Shiba’s facial characteristics. The Shiba has a pointy, foxy muzzle. On the other hand, the Pug has almost a flat face as it’s categorized as a brachycephalic dog.

Now, people would think that the Shug Inu would have either a foxy or a flat muzzle. But, that’s not the case here. Since the breeders are combining two contrasting dog breeds, the end result is a dog with a flat nose, but without any breathing issue.

It’s not brachycephalic, despite the similarities.

The Shug Inu, just like its name, is a quirky dog. It’s ideal for singles only as living with other pets or people might bother the dog. I blame this on their extremely loyal traits.

Shug Inus are small pups. They can grow from 14” to 16” tall, and weigh 16 to 24 pounds. This means they would be the best fit for apartment living. Also, they’re pretty quiet, so that works for apartment living, too.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Cocker Spaniel

shiba inu cocker spaniel mix

Photo from: @misotheshocker

Brace yourself because you’re about to meet a Shiba Inu mix with a hilarious name. It’s a Shocker!

This is a Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel mix… a rare, but still pawsome doggo. The Shocker usually takes after one parent. It can either be as easy-going as the Cocker Spaniel or reserved as the Shiba parent.

This crossbreed, like many others, doesn’t have a breed standard. It usually grows up to be around 12 inches tall, and weighs anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds.

This hybrid pooch is very healthy, and it’s only prone to some diseases that most large dog breeds have, i.e., hip dysplasia. All in all, if you treat your Shocker properly, he might live up to 15 years!

Shocking, isn’t it?

Shiba Inu Dachshund Mix

shiba inu dachshund mix

Photo from: @sukiwillowandroo

The Shiba Dachshund mix (or the Shibadachs, or the Shibadox) is an unusual combination, but that doesn’t make this pup less sweet.

They’re fun, goofy, and quite incredible.

Like all Shiba Inu mixes, the Shibadox is a family-oriented dog with a tendency to have only one favorite person. I recommend you submit them to early socialization lessons as they might get territorial as they age.

Both Shibas and Doxies are protective dogs, and they act like guardians no matter their size. Speaking of this hybrid’s size, it can be standard, miniature, or toy. The size depends on the Dachshund parent.

Usually, a Shibadox will weigh from 9 to 25 pounds.

They may be kind, and you might think they’re the perfect Shiba Inu mix, but the truth couldn’t be further. The biggest downside of this crossbreed is their overall health.

Thanks to the Doxie parent, the Shibadox has many problems with hips, joints, and its elongated back. It causes crippling pain and mobility issues. Still, if this skips a generation and your dog has no mobility problems, it can have a long life.

On average, this Shiba Inu mix can live from 12 to 16 years!

Shiba Inu Mixed With Golden Retriever

shiba inu golden retriever mix

Photo from: @mydoggyishappy

We come to a mixed puppy coming from two herding dog breeds. Meet the Golden Shiba; a cross between the Shiba Inu and America’s favorite – the Golden Retriever!

This is truly a pup with a golden heart, all thanks to its loyalty. Golden Shibas are always making sure their owners are safe and sound. And, they like to do it alone, without help from other pets.

I would recommend getting one if you don’t have any other animal in the house, especially since their prey drive is high. However, you can control this behavior with proper socialization and obedience lessons.

Golden Shibas are usually large dogs, and they can grow up to 20” at the withers. They weigh slightly more than other Shiba Inu mixes; up to 50 pounds to be precise. They fashion a lovely, silky-smooth coat in various shades ranging from tan to brownish-red and white.

Just like all the other Shiba Inu mixes, this one is fairly healthy, with only a couple of major health issues you should be concerned about. Most Golden Shibas can suffer from glaucoma, hip dysplasia, cataracts, as well as cancer.

Still, they can lead a normal life, lasting up to 15 years.

Shiba Inu Malamute Mix

shiba malamute mix

Photo from: @kuruthedoggo

Now, here’s a Shiba Inu mix only for those of you who are more experienced with handling dogs, especially dogs that are this stubborn.

The Shiba Malamute is as devoted as any other Shiba mix, but boy, he’s strong-headed! These are independent dogs that don’t need your attention all the time. Yes, you’re safe to leave them at home to go to work if that’s what you’re worried about.

Still, I wouldn’t skip on training as they have a pretty strong prey drive. You wouldn’t like your new dog to chase around smaller animals, would you?

The Shiba Malamute is a fairly large dog, with 13.5” to 22” of height, and from 17 to 50 pounds of weight. They have a gorgeous, luxurious coat, but it comes with a price: Shiba Inu Alaskan Malamutes are huge shedders!

Along with shedding so much, especially in the season, Shiba Malamutes are prone to developing hip and joint problems. Still, with proper treatment, they can live up to 15 years like most Shiba Inu mixes.

Shiba Inu Schnauzer Mix

shiba inu schnauzer mix

Photo from: @hello_dolly_dog

We had a hilarious name, and now we have an adorable Shiba Inu mix name.

Welcome the Schnu! This adorable cross between the Shiba Inu and the Schnauzer comes from quite similar parent breeds. The Shiba’s reserved attitude is being minimized with the Schnauzer’s bouncy behavior.

The Schnu is a happy-go-lucky puppy that can either fashion a Shiba-like coat in a reddish shade or a Schnauzer’s wiry black coat.

Their looks may be unpredictable, but one thing is for sure: Schnus are wonderful family pets. They will stick around for 12 to 16 years if you treat them well.

Shiba Inu Mixed With Beagle

shiba beagle mix

Photo from: @mira_the_shibeagle

The Shi-Beagle is the last Shiba Inu mix on our list. It’s a combo of two tracking dog breeds that serve well as hunting and watchdogs.

Shi-Beagles are fun, exciting, and a bit quirky! They make the best Shiba Inu cross breed pups for busy people as they tolerate being alone. Also, Shi-Beagles are good for apartment life because of their size.

These pups are only 13” to 17” tall, and weigh up to 30 pounds. Like all Shiba Inu mixes, they have a long lifespan of 15 years.

All in all, I’d recommend this lovely crossbreed puppy. The only downside is they’re pretty hard to find.

Other Shiba Inu Mixes

Other Shiba Inu mixes you can check out are:

– The Aussie Shiba; a cross with the Australian Shepherd

– The Imo Inu; a cross with an American Eskimo

– The Shibo, a cross with the Boston Terrier

– The Shiba Inu Border Collie mix


shiba inu on a leash

So, which one of these Shiba Inu mixes is your favorite?

I have some top choices, but I won’t impose my opinion. You see, not every Shiba Inu mix is the right dog for all dog owners. Most of our listed mixes are only for experienced dog lovers.

The Shiba Inu, usually combined with other dog breeds, needs a firm hand and guidance on their way to adulthood. They’re strong-headed dogs, mostly stubborn, and lost in their little world.

Only occasional visitors can come into their world and earn respect.

Are you worthy enough to become a Shiba hybrid’s favorite person?