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Dachshund Breeders In Texas: Top 9 Places To Get A Pet From

Dachshund Breeders In Texas: Top 9 Places To Get A Pet From

It’s not difficult to fall in love with these amazing puppies, but it might be challenging to find trustworthy Dachshund breeders in Texas who have puppies available at the moment!

This canine breed is in quite high demand, not only in Texas but in the USA in general.

Yes, Doxies are shedders, and no, they’re not perfect, but they’re not too far away from it either, especially the miniature versions who look simply adorable!

Once you get yourself one as a pet, you’ll realize why people find these pups to be the best furry friends in the whole world! However, keep in mind that Doxies can be quite needy, so you’ll have to pay quite a lot of attention to them.

Now it’s time to discover some of the best Dachshund breeders in Texas that will easily become popular not only in the US, but in the whole world!

Dachshund Puppies For Sale In Texas

1. Select Dachshunds Texas

If you’re looking for reliable Miniature Dachshund breeders in Texas, you are sure to love this place!

You’ll be able to choose between a great variety of colors, patterns, and hair types when it comes to buying a Dachshund from this place.

This is one of the most experienced breeders and they have been active for almost 40 years. However, this place wasn’t always the home of Dachshunds.

How Did It All Begin?

Owning a pup is a big responsibility, and the owner of this place surely knows that, since they owned and bred a great variety of dog breeds, from different types of terriers, to Rottweilers!

However, the first time they came into contact with a Dachshund, they immediately knew that this was the perfect breed for them.

It didn’t take long before the breeder completely switched to producing miniature Dachshunds and they have continued doing so for the last eight years.

Select Doxies are taken great care of in the breeding outfit, from the day they’re born until they’re placed in new homes, which is why the breeder carefully picks who will get each of the puppies from the kennel.

Dachshund Types And Colors

The Select Dachshunds offer a great variety of mini Doxy shades and patterns, with longhair or smooth coats, such as:

• Brindle

• Red

• Shaded English cream

English cream

• Piebald

• Dapple piebald

• Chocolate and tan dapples

• Choco-tan (without dapples)

• Isabella

• Black and tan

• Black and tan with silver spots

• Black and English cream

• Wire-haired Doxy

Purchasing Process

Those who want to adopt a Doxie can contact the owner of the breeding program and get all the necessary information, including the price of the Dachshund pup and any other possible costs, such as shipping and the deposit fee.

The Doxies should be picked up by the future owner without shipping to other states, except in those areas that aren’t far away from their location.

The states that are close enough to drive from, in case you prefer going by car, are:

• Louisiana

• Arkansas

• Alabama

• Oklahoma

• Mississippi

The Select Dachshunds is open to all inquiries regarding the breeding program or a certain pup you might have seen on their website.

Breeder Details:

Address: Waskom, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Select Dachshunds Texas

Contact number: 903 371 8424

2. Darling Dachshund

A breeding outfit with such a name can’t be considered unreliable or a scam, which it certainly is not.

To prove its trustworthiness, it’s enough to say that each of its canines has registration papers from both the CKC and AKC organizations.

This kennel is run by a family who live on a large property, next to a little place called Louise.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

Every canine is bred according to the standard set by the AKC. All the Doxies are regularly dewormed, vaccinated, and trained for easier adaptation to their new home.

You will receive all the necessary documentation once you come to pick up your pup. However, in order to get to that part, you’ll need to fulfill several steps.

The initial one is to contact the owner and have a phone interview with them, you can then make a deposit once you’ve heard all the details.

The advanced payment is $150 and it’s non-refundable. On the other hand, the price of a Dachshund puppy from this place will be anywhere from $1100 to $1900.

For all other inquiries, feel free to contact the owner of the breeding program.

Breeder Details:

Address: Austin, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Darling Dachshund

Contact number: 979 578 1072

3. Red Oak Dachshunds Texas

Most canine enthusiasts will agree that Dachshunds are adorable pups and it’s really difficult not to love them.

The Red Oak owners surely agree with this, since they’ve shared that love for many years with other purebred Dachshund enthusiasts.

As a breeder of Miniature Dachshund puppies, the owner offers healthy purebred mini Doxies that correspond to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Dachshund breed standard.

Aaron and Lori have long-time experience, as they’ve been in the business for several decades. However, their love for this breed has remained the same, no matter how much time has passed.

Colors And Patterns

The owners are strongly against breeding Doxies just for a certain shade or pattern. But, if you asked them about their favorite pup, they’d always go with the English cream Dachshund.

The majority of Dachshunds from this kennel come in the following shades:


• Brindle

• Tan

• Black

• Chocolate

• Piebald

• Red

Purchasing Process

Each Dachshund puppy is raised in the owners’ family home, which is great for the development of social skills from early puppyhood.

If you want to purchase a Dachshund from this place, you’ll have to fill out the application and make contact with the owners first.

The Red Oak Dachshunds are located in the South of Dallas and do not ship their pups. Therefore, if you live farther away, but would still like to get a pup from them, you can come and pick up your canine personally or send a pet nanny.

You can see plenty of pictures on their website, including the nursery, which just proves how much love and care the owners have for their puppies.

However, due to the pandemic, the doors are still closed to visitors, so you might not be able to enter their home with your family until you come to pick up the puppy.


The Red Oak Doxies cost $2000, regardless of their color, type, size, or anything else.

Before you’re able to pick up your new pet, you should pay the deposit fee, which is $300.

Another important thing to mention, is that the Dachshund puppies are generally ready for pick up at eight weeks of age.

However, if the breeder notices that the canine is still not ready, the owners might prolong this period until the puppies are completely prepared to leave their litter and go to their new homes.

Each high-quality puppy from this kennel is vaccinated, dewormed, and health-tested, which is why they offer a 5-year health guarantee, with specific conditions that can be seen on their website.

I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with this breeder, just as much as the other pet owners who have left raving reviews online.

All other information and details can be found on Red Oak’s official website. If you still have some questions, you’re more than welcome to contact the owners, who’ll gladly answer all of your queries.

Breeder Details:

Address: Red Oak, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Red Oak Dachshunds Texas

Contact number: 972 515 3820

4. Texas Country Dachshunds

This is one of those small-scale breeders that puts quality over quantity. They want to provide every client with a healthy and happy puppy that’ll become their next, best furry friend.

The owner of this breeding program produces and raises Dachshunds at home, which is a great way to enhance the social skills of Dachshund puppies and prepare them for adaptation to their new family.

The breeder is primarily focused on the production of miniature Dachshunds and longhair puppies in all shades and patterns, including English Cream Doxies.

Purchasing Process

As I mentioned above, the owner of this breeding facility isn’t interested in profit as much as they’re interested in the health of the puppies they produce.

That’s why most people end up on the waitlist until a new litter arrives. However, most owners of Texas Country Dachshunds’ puppies, will agree that the pups from this place are worth waiting for.

If you’d like to get a Doxie from this breeder, you’ll need to call the owner and check the availability of the puppy you’re interested in. The deposit fee is $150 and should be paid only after you have agreed on everything related to the purchase of the pup.

One of the things I like the most about this breeder, is that you can be on the waitlist without actually paying the deposit fee until you’re 100% sure you’re going to get a Doxie puppy from them.

Of course, those who have paid will have an advantage on the waitlist. You can pay the deposit fee whenever you want, but it’s recommended to do so after initial contact with the owner.


The owner of the breeding kennel will share the price with you during the initial call, and they’ll be available for any other questions you might have.

Along with the mini Dachshund puppy, you will also be provided with:

• A vet checkup

• A blanket with litter scent and the Doxie’s favorite toy

• A small bag of dog food for Dachshunds

• A two-year health warranty

• Confirmation cards or records of vaccinations and deworming

• Other necessary documentation

You can find more details on the breeder’s official website or call the phone number below. The owner of the outfit will gladly answer any questions you may have about the kennel or their Doxie pups.

Breeder Details:

Address: East Bernard, Texas 77435

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Texas Country Doxies

Contact number: 512 773 4248

5. Rockin M Kennels Texas Dachshunds

Although Dachshunds aren’t the only dog breed they produce, their pups are still of top quality and have a great temperament!

At the Rockin M breeding outfit, you can find Labrador Retrievers and Doxies, and I have to admit, they all look simply adorable!

This breeding kennel is operated by a family that simply enjoys spending time outside and doing all sorts of outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.

As you might guess, this is the perfect habitat for breeding canines and they produce only the best Dachshund puppies.

Puppy Quality

All parents are health-tested for all sorts of congenital illnesses in order to prevent any faults among the puppies.

The owners of the kennel are focused on breeding Miniature Dachshunds that are healthy and acknowledged by the American Kennel Club.

There should be no fear of aggression, as their Doxies are taught how to socialize with others from early puppyhood.

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Most Doxies come in several shades and patterns, including:

• Isabella and tan

• Chocolate and tan

• Black and tan

• Blue

• Solid black

• Dapple variations of colors mentioned above

Purchasing Process

If you want to get a puppy from the Rockin M Kennels, there are several steps you need to fulfill before you can get yourself a new Doxie pup.

First of all, you need to sign up to the waitlist that is available on their website. However, there’s a “priority” waitlist, which is usually for people who aren’t looking for a pup of a specific color.

If you’re interested in the priority list, you can find more details about the whole process online.

The next step is to complete the application form and then send the deposit.


The price range of Mini Dachshunds varies, depending on their features, such as the size and colors of their parents.

You can pay anywhere between $1800 and $2400.

On the other hand, the deposit remains the same, no matter which litter the puppies come from. Therefore, you need to pay $200 as a non-refundable advance payment.

Breeder Details:

Address: George West, Texas

Official website: Rockin M Kennels Doxies Texas

Contact number: 361 449 6111

6. Clear Fork Dachshunds Texas

Large-scale kennels have their advantages for sure, but it seems that the best companions and puppy family members come from small breeders that raise the pups in or near their own homes.

This breeder also produces and raises Dachshund puppies in their own home, along with their children and other animals, which is the best socialization training a pup can receive.

At Clear Fork, they breed Mini Doxies with long coat hair in the usual shades and patterns of Dachshunds.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

For those interested in buying a pup from this kennel, you should know that the first step is to inspect the website of the breeder and get all the information that might be useful to you.

If there’s something missing, make sure to mention it during the call with the breeder. After the phone interview, you’ll need to make an advance payment of $250, which will grant you a reservation and the option to pick a puppy first (in case a litter hasn’t isn’t available at the time).

The price of the Dachshund puppy will depend on their color and type, as well as the gender of the canine.

The average price is around $2000, or so.

The purchase of the pup includes registration papers, a health warranty, vaccination record, the Doxie’s favorite toys, a blankie with litter scent, and plenty of other things.

If you have any other questions regarding the kennel or the puppies, feel free to contact the owner.

Breeder Details:

Address: Aledo, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Clear Fork Doxies

Contact number: 682 597 4128

7. Hound House Farm Texas

This is one of the Miniature Dachshund breeders in Texas who is trustworthy and up to the standards of both pet owners and important institutions, this is proven by the fact that they are a licensed breeder of Doxies.

Every adult canine and puppy is bred and raised according to the American Kennel Clubs standards of breed and security.

The Hound House canines have won a great number of champion titles, including the AKC championship, and international and intercontinental competitions.

Their main focus is to produce top quality Doxies and become one of the best Dachshund breeders in Texas, the USA, and the whole world!

Every breeding is well-planned and there are no coincidences or accidents by any means. There are certain pairs that produce the best Doxy puppies, with excellent health and good temperaments.

Puppy Quality

After mentioning that almost every puppy belongs to a champion bloodline, it’s needless to say any more about the quality of the Hound House Doxies.

However, what I did want to mention is that the Dachshunds come in several patterns and hues, including reds, dapples, blacks, tan mixes, piebalds, etc.

You can find both smooth and long-haired puppies as well, as both types of coats are approved by the AKC, CKC (Continental Kennel Club), and other major associations.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

Before we mention what the breeder wants, it’s important to say what they don’t want.

First of all, they are strongly against selling their purebred Dachshunds to puppy mills, puppy farms, pet stores, or any other buyer who might perform any kind of unethical or unacceptable actions against the pups, including breedings that are not up to the breed standard.

Once you complete the online form, you’ll need to read and sign the contract and health guarantee (which includes the spay/neuter contract as well).

After that, you can make the advanced payment of $200 for Doxies that cost less than $1000 and $300 for canines that are over that price.

The price is written next to the photo of each male and female Doxie pup on their website.

If you have any other questions regarding the puppies or the kennel in general, you can check out their website or contact the owners of the breeding program.

Breeder Details:

Address: Austin, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Hound House Farm Texas

Contact number: 254 434 8776

8. Muddy River Dachshunds Texas

This breeder has an interesting name and adorable Doxy puppies that you’ll fall in love with as soon as you see them!

There are so many wonderful pictures online of the pups that melted my heart in a matter of seconds, and I’m sure it’ll be the same for you!

Muddy River is one of the small breeders of Dachshund canines in the state of Texas and is close to San Antonio.

The owners of the breeding program are deeply committed to producing healthy and high-quality Dachshunds with good temperaments and social skills, so they can easily adapt to your family.

They have a certain set of rules that keeps the quality of the Doxy puppies at a high level.

Puppy Quality

According to the information available online, this breeder is committed to breeding purebred standard Doxies rather than the mini or toy breeds, mainly because they find such practices unethical.

Every Dachshund puppy is recognized by the AKC and complies with its breed standard. You can choose between short and long-haired Dachshunds in various different shades.

Adult canines from this breeding kennel have magnificent pedigrees, but to completely eliminate any kind of fault, they produce only a small amount of litters each year.

Overbreeding can often lead to certain deviations, which could become genetic diseases if they continue to pass down to future generations.

Purchasing Process

If you want to purchase your next Doxie from this breeding outfit, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, a deposit fee is required in order to reserve a Dachshund and it’s not refundable.

Also, unlike the majority of breeders, the owners of this outfit do not take any money before the puppies are born. Therefore, there is no way to choose a pup before someone else.

Once the Doxy puppies are born, you’ll be able to choose the one you want from the available litter and pay a deposit or the full amount immediately, as you wish.

You can read more information about the procedure, payment options, and shipping on the official website that is specified below.

Breeder Details:

Address: St. Floresville, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Muddy River Dachshunds Texas

Contact number: 830 391 8310

9. Blessed Doxies

If you’re looking for a good Dachshund breeding kennel with an experienced breeder, you’re in the right place.

Carla Hendrickson, the owner of this breeding facility, has been in the business for over three decades, which makes her one of the best Dachshund breeders in Texas, and possibly beyond.

This owner is dedicated to raising happy and robust canines, so that future doggy owners can experience all the joys of a blessed life with their loving pets.

The owner concentrates on producing Doxies that have strong hindquarters and large ribs, to avoid one of the most common conditions this canine breed has, back issues.

Puppy Quality And Colors

Carla has been taking great care of the health condition of their pups, which is why she prefers to breed sturdier Dachshunds that seem healthier than show canines which are supposed to be sleek and longer.

When it comes to the colors and patterns, Doxies can be found in several shades, including:

• Black and tan (brindle)

• Blacks

• Tans

• Reds (brindle, solid)

• English Cream

• Dapples

• Chocolate (solid), etc.

Dachshunds’ lifespans can be greatly affected by their weight, especially because they’re prone to obesity. That’s why Carla has made sure that her Doxies’ weight is always average, to prolong their life expectancy.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

The purchasing procedure is pretty much the same as it is with other breeders. You’re supposed to give information about yourself and make an advanced payment in order to reserve a puppy.

The list of available Dachshund puppies is available on their official website. The price of the puppy depends on the type and color of the coat hair, but it can be seen either next to or below the picture of every pup.

The average price of Doxies is $1900 to $2500 but you can expect to pay up to $3000 for a more unique canine, such as a smooth Brindle Piebald English Cream Mini Dachshund.

If you want to know more about the breeding program or the Blessed Doxie puppies, you can visit the website or contact the owner of the kennel.

Breeder Details:

Address: Mabank, Texas

Email Address: [email protected]

Official website: Blessed Doxies

Contact number: 903 275 5878

Dachshund Breeders In Texas: Wrapping Up

There’s a high demand for this type of canine lately, which is why it’s difficult to find trustworthy Dachshund breeders in Texas that have puppies available at the moment.

However, each of the breeders on this list produces and raises high-quality Dachshunds that are sold in short periods of time to satisfied clients, at least according to their reviews and testimonies.

I hope this article has helped you to find the most suitable Doxie breeder, one that’ll provide you with a new furry companion; just make sure to prepare everything in time for its arrival, including a perfect bed for the Doxie and a harness for long walks!


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