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Bloodhound Pitbull Mix: Is This The Rarest Pitbull Mix?

Bloodhound Pitbull Mix: Is This The Rarest Pitbull Mix?

We’ve all heard of the Bloodhound and its keen sense of smell. And, we’ve certainly heard of the American Pitbull dog breed. But, what about their mix?

Crossbreeding these two dog breeds might seem like an odd thing to do. What could we possibly gain from mixing these doggos? Well, the mixed Bloodhound Pitbull mix puppies might surprise you with their loyalty and protectiveness mixed with great love for the little ones — young children.

Forget what you might have heard about the Pitbull, and forget about using Bloodhounds just for search and rescue or hunting.

These two dogs can produce offspring that will amaze you with their personalities foremost, but also with their unique looks.

It is not your usual Pit mix and it is not your usual Bloodhound mix. This is a Pitbull Hound — an interesting and rare crossbreed that will make you fall in love with dogs all over again.

Let’s see what’s so interesting about this Bloodhound Pitbull mix dog.

What Is A Bloodhound Pitbull Mix?

First of all, who knows — maybe you have seen a Bloodhound Pitbull mix, but you thought it was just a doggo that looks like a pitbull or a less wrinkly-looking Bloodhound. And, you moved on.

But, what if that was a wonderful Pitbull Hound? They might not look like show dogs or be as beautiful as German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers, but these dogs have what matters on the inside. Sounds like a cliche, but it truly is what matters when it comes to this mixed dog.

The Pitbull Bloodhound mix dog has parent breeds that give it temperamental traits that a lot of dog owners would like to have in their pet dog.

Because it was made by cross breeding two dogs that are purebred, the Pitbull Hound is either called a hybrid dog or a designer dog. These dogs have the traits of two dogs used in

We will talk about these traits later — and in detail, one by one. But, now is the time to take a look at the dog’s parent breeds that made this unique mixed dog.

After all — it all came from these two purebred dogs. Their traits, both physical and temperamental, poured into the Bloodhound Pitbull mix and made it the way it is.

Let’s see what exactly did pour into the Pitbull Hound cup.

Who Are The Parents?

The parents of the Bloodhound Pitbull mix dog are two very different dogs. The only thing that is similar is that they weigh over 50 pounds. However, saying that is a similarity is also a big stretch, considering that a Bloodhound male dog can weigh more than 100 pounds.

The only fact is that both dogs are a part of the American Kennel Club family.

Generally speaking, it’s not like mixing a Chihuahua with a Bloodhound. Both dog breeds are not small dogs, and they are considered agile and brave.

But, besides that, a Bloodhound Pit-mixed offsprings’ looks cannot be easily predicted. The dog breeds used in breeding were made for different reasons, and because of that, their looks are quite different.

Their temperaments are also different, but not as much as their looks. This difference in parent breeds makes it hard to predict the looks of the mixed dogs’ offspring. We will have to look at the traits of dogs used in crossbreeding to understand the possible looks of their offspring.

So, here is some short info about both dogs used for making the mixed breed we’re talking about.


Bloodhound is sitting on the beach

The first on our list is the Bloodhound — a dog with the most powerful sense of smell in the dog world. They are big dogs, weighing more than 100 pounds! They are also quite tall — around 27 inches.

These dogs were made a long time ago in Western Europe. The exact place of origin is unknown, but we do know that they have been used by many countries in Europe for the same purpose — to find whatever is needed to be found.

This dog is not as popular as a family dog anymore. They are still used worldwide by Law enforcement or Search and Rescue teams to find lost people, drugs, or fugitives running away from the police, but they are not on the top of the list of popular pets.

It’s the same with the Bloodhound mixes. They are not that popular as family pets either. But, some of the Bloodhound mixes people might have heard of are the Bloodhound Beagle mix or the Bloodhound Coonhound mix.

As you can see, people have mixed this dog with another hunting dog to produce the ultimate hunting dog. And, they have done a good job. All Bloodhound mixes have their hunting instincts and high prey drive preserved.

American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier lies in the field

The other parent of our mixed doggo is the (in)famous American Pitbull Terrier. This dog has been a topic of debate: are they aggressive dogs?

Whether you have a so-called full-blooded Pitbull or a Pitbull mix, people will stay away from the dog, and think of them as vicious and dangerous to be around, let alone have as a pet.

But, this is the wrong opinion. Their violent past is just that — past. These dogs are not born aggressive. No dog is — we make them aggressive.

The reason behind such fear of Pitbulls lies in their dog-fighting ancestors. Unfortunately, people did use Pitbulls and Bulldogs for bull baiting, fighting, and other horrible things that “people” called “sports”.

But, as mentioned — this is in the past, and today’s American Pitbull Terriers are loving and affectionate family pets.

They are medium-sized dogs that can weigh around 60 pounds, and can be up to 20 inches tall. They are muscular dogs with high energy levels.

What Do They Look Like?

Bloodhound Pitbull mix sitting on the car seat
Photo from: @mochalicious_xoxo

Now, we’ve seen the average weight and height of both parent dogs of our Bloodhound Pitbull mix dog. If you were wondering how much a Pitbull Hound weighs or how tall will it be, here it is:

· Weight: 70 to 90 pounds

· Height: around 25 inches

The size presented is the average size of the Bloodhound and Pitbull mixed offspring. This mixed dog can be taller than 25 inches or as short as 20 inches. They can also weigh more than 90 pounds or less than 70.

How is that possible? The reason behind such diversity in size lies in the difference between the dog parents. The Bloodhound is much bigger than the Pitbull, and a puppy made by cross breeding these two dogs can either have more Bloodhound genes or Pitbull genes.

Even puppies from the same litter can have different sizes and coat colors. Considering the traits of both parent breeds, here are some things to expect from Bloodhound Pitbull mix puppies.


If the Bloodhound Pitbull mix inherits more of the Bloodhound genes, its head will be longer and narrower. The muzzle will also be long and flattened on the sides.

On the other hand, if it inherits the Pitbull genes, the head will be broad, with a shorter muzzle. In most cases, the head is in between — it is longer than a Pitbull’s head, but shorter than a Bloodhound’s head.

The most visible trait reminding us of the Bloodhound is the loose skin. These loose parts of the skin can be seen around the neck or on the forehead.


Another quite diverse trait is the eyes. Bloodhounds have a visible haw (or third eyelid) in their eyes. With Pitbulls, according to the UKC (United Kennel Club), this is considered a fault.

So, you can have a Pitbull-looking dog with haws visible or a Bloodhound-looking dog without diamond-shaped eyes and visible haws.

As for the eye color, it can be anything from yellow to dark brown or hazel. The only color that is very, very rare is the blue color of the eyes. The reason for the lack of blue coloration of the eyes is the fact that it is considered another fault in Pitbulls according to the already-mentioned UKC.


When you think of the Pitbull, you think of small, half-folded ears that are set wide apart on the head. This shape of the ears is called the rose ear shape, and it is typical for Pitbulls and some other breeds, like Greyhounds, etc.

But, the Bloodhound is a completely different story. They are the dogs with the longest ears in the doggo world. Their ears are soft, thin, and extremely long.

So, what does that mean for the Bloodhound Pitbull mix puppies? It means they can inherit both types of ears. As already mentioned, puppies from the same litter can have different ear shapes.

One puppy can be a long-eared dog, and its brother or sister could be a rose-ear dog. There are no rules – it’s a game of who has the stronger genes.


The Bloodhound Pitbull mix will have a deep chest with a muscular body. These traits come from both dog parents.

Once again, depending on the more dominant genes, the Pitbull Hound can either be more than 90 pounds or less than 70, but the latter is less frequent. The average weight is from 70 to 90 pounds.

In general, this mixed dog will have the looks of a powerful dog that will definitely make people think twice before entering the premisis not because of its aggressive nature, but because of how big and powerful it looks.

Coat Color

The Bloodhound dog has only three possible coat colors:

· Black and tan

· Liver and tan

· Red

On the other hand, a Pitbull has many types of coat colors. So, when we think of the possible coat colors of the Bloodhound Pitbull mix, we have to take a look at the Pitbull first. Your new mixed puppy can be:

· Black

· Black and tan

· Piebald

· Brindle

· Sable

· Fawn

And, they can also have many more coat color variations and coat markings. But, because brindle, black, and red coat colors are the most usual for a Pitbull, we can expect these coat colors in a Pitbull mix as well.

Coat Type

The coat type of a Bloodhound Pitbull mix is the only easy thing to predict. Both Bloodhounds and American Pitbull Terriers have a short and smooth coat.

So, their offspring will also have a smooth and short, glossy coat type.

Because of this type of coat, grooming won’t be difficult. But, it has to be done often enough to keep the fur shiny, smooth, and healthy.

Both parent dog breeds are moderate shedders, and will require weekly grooming to keep their fur from tangling and to keep your home free of dog hair as much as possible.

But, as mentioned, the grooming won’t be difficult. All you need is a bristle brush, any of the brushes used for grooming a Pitbull, or a glove to remove the dead hair and keep the coat smooth.


The offspring of the Bloodhound Pitbull mix will have a long tail with smooth hair, just like on the rest of the body.

It is not curled or kinked, but straight and strong, and naturally set high. It resembles the Bloodhound’s tail, but a thinner tail is a possibility as well. This thinner kind of tail is a trait of the American Pitbull Terrier and any other type of Pitbull.

They all have a thin and long tail with short, smooth hair.

If you get a pup that resembles a Pitbull more than it resembles a Bloodhound, you can either dock the tail or leave it naturally long. There is no need to dock the tail – that is purely for fashion reasons.

What Is Their Temperament?

smiling girl with Bloodhound Pitbull Mix
Photo from: @kaylavictoria97

Now, this is the reason why breeders should make this crossbreed more popular – the temperamental traits of the Bloodhound Pitbull mix.

Why are they so special? They are not one of a kind. It’s not like you will never find a dog as loyal as this one, but they are one of the most loyal crossbreed dogs.

All of their social traits, family-life traits, and overall mental traits come from the Bloodhound and the American Pitbull Terrier. The traits are all mixed up, and some of them (like affection and loyalty) are amplified!

That means if you have a loyal Pitbull and a loyal Bloodhound, their offspring will be as loyal as them or, in many cases, more than they are.

But, of course, nothing is simply black and white. That is the truth with Pitbull Hounds, too. They have amazing positive qualities, but at the same time, they can suffer from separation anxiety, and they can often be stubborn.


This is an intelligent dog breed. They might not be the smartest dogs in the world, but they have keen expressions and a look in their eyes that tells us they are listening to us and waiting for a command.

The Bloodhound is a hunting dog, bred and developed to thrive in a pack. They look at their alpha dog and wait for a command. That is exactly what your Bloodhound Pitbull mix is waiting for.

Tell me what to do and I will do it. Unless I smell something highly peculiar — I might just wander off.

Yes, this is a small price to pay, but a price nonetheless. The exceptional sense of smell coming from the Bloodhound genes is going to make regular walks to the park quite impossible if your dog is not on a leash.

A Pitbull Hound cannot help itself, just like a Bloodhound can’t. They have their incredible nose for a reason, and they have to follow the scent they detect while on a walk.

On the other hand, the intelligence coming from the Pitbull can also make them a bit stubborn from time to time. They will definitely understand what they need to do, but they might not do it. They’ll do it later when they feel like it.

Also, a Pitbull can be reserved when it comes to strangers and other dogs or pets. They are going to be your best friend, but not so much for the neighbor or the neighbor’s cat or dog. You will have to keep an eye on them until they definitely learn what to do and what not to do.

What To Do

The answer to the problem of stubbornness is proper early socialization. This is the key whether it is a Cane Corso Pitbull mix or the mix we’re talking about.

Early socialization means introducing your young puppy to various animals and sounds. The goal is to get them used to all kinds of noises and smells so that they won’t act aggressively when they get older.

That means taking them to different locations if possible in order to learn how to behave while they are at the park, on the streets, etc. The goal is also to teach them to act calmly when they are with your neighbor, strangers, a delivery man, or when they are with other dogs or other types of pets.

Dog training is also necessary if you are a first-time dog owner. These dogs are intelligent and naturally stubborn, which means they can easily “overpower” you and make your life quite difficult. You need to be in charge all the time.

In other words, the dog needs to know who the alpha is in the house. This is normal for any kind of dog no matter its size or history.

You need to use a lot of positive reinforcement to teach the dog how to behave. Hitting a dog, yelling, or using any other kind of force is absolutely out of the question!

You can also use treats or specially-designed shock collars to help you in the training process. But, if you think you cannot train your dog properly — calling and hiring a professional trainer is the best choice.

Activity Needs

Having a Bloodhound Pitbull mix is not the same as having a low-energy type of dog. This is a crossbreed dog that has hunting instincts and a strong body that needs proper daily exercise.

These are not dogs made for indoor living. They can live indoors, but they thrive and show their best traits when they have a yard to run around in, sniff, and explore.

That’s what you’ll need to provide your new furry family member. Taking a Pitbull Hound for long walks, going on a hike, or any other type of activity that requires more than just a quick stop to sniff a tree is required.

A dog that has high energy levels can either become destructive or develop other kinds of bad behavior if left mentally and physically unstimulated.

If you cannot be with your dog all the time (which is normal, of course), you can help yourself and your doggo by leaving him some interactive dog toys while you are either away or unable to spend time with him.

Family Life

These dogs are absolutely devoted to their human family. They are great with children and all other family members. As with all pets, they tend to be the closest with one family member, but in general, they are affectionate and gentle to anyone who is a part of their family.

But, we did mention that they need proper socialization. This is in case you plan on adding more pets. They will need to learn that other dogs and other pets are just as much a part of the family as they are.

Reputable breeders usually start the socialization process right away. They make sure that their dogs are used to all kinds of situations and noises that are normal for a household — vacuuming, cleaning noise, laughter, TV and radio noises, children, etc.

But, if you got your doggy mix from a friend who didn’t do much, then it is your responsibility to socialize the dog on time and properly. When started early, it is not a problem, and the dog quickly learns.

Of course, don’t be disheartened if you get an adult Pitbull Hound — there are ways to train and socialize an aggressive dog. It might take more time and require more patience, but it is possible and worth it.


This is a trait that you have to think about before getting a Bloodhound Pitbull mix puppy. These dogs bark a lot. Considering that this is a Bloodhound mix, it is normal to expect them to be noisy. Why?

Because a Bloodhound is one of the hound dog breeds where it is normal to expect a mixed dog coming from a Bloodhound to have a noisy nature. Bloodhounds and other hound dogs are bred to be vocal.

Being vocal is the key to successful hunting, especially when it comes to hunting larger prey like boars or even bears. So, the Bloodhound Pitbull mixed puppy will certainly be on the vocal side of the dog world.

But, even if your dog is vocal, there are ways and anti-dog barking devices to help you train your dog to bark less.

The good thing is that the Bloodhound Pitbull mix is a very trainable dog.

What Are The Health Issues?

Bloodhound Pitbull Mix is lying on the bed
Photo from: @adventureswithcletusanddaisy

This is a large crossbreed dog, and as such, it is expected to be prone to bloat. This is just one of the possible health problems this dog can inherit from its dog parents.

While both Bloodhounds and Pitbulls are generally healthy dogs, they can have some problems with their health or, better yet — health concerns.

Some of the most common health issues this crossbreed dog can have are:

· Hip dysplasia

· Elbow dysplasia

· Bloat

· Hypothyroidism

· Heart problems

If you know you got your puppy from a reputable Bloodhound breeder or a reputable Pitbull breeder who did the crossbreeding correctly with dogs that are healthy and health tested, then you don’t have to worry too much.

In that case, you need to make sure to continue feeding your dog high-quality dog food, take your dog for regular vet checks, and give it lots of hugs and kisses — daily!

High-quality dog food means food high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. It also means that the dog food has the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

How Long Do They Live?

The average lifespan of a mixed dog depends on the average lifespan of its dog breed parents. We know that the average life expectancy of a Bloodhound dog is around twelve years, and that of a Pitbull dog is around fourteen years.

That means the Bloodhound Pitbull mix can have an average lifespan of twelve to fourteen years. Of course, this is in case the dog is healthy and it doesn’t have any hereditary diseases.

Taking your dog for regular vet checks, doing regular deworming measures, and getting it regular vaccinations are a must.

The Conclusion

This is the end of the story about the Bloodhound Pitbull mix a truly rare but incredible mixed dog. They are not the prettiest or the most unique-looking doggos, but they are very loyal, and they will certainly keep you safe at home.

There is nothing that a Pitbull Hound cannot see, hear, and, of course — smell.

Having this dog means you will have a big dog that needs a lot of food to keep it full, a lot of space to make it feel happy, and a lot of cuddles to make it feel loved.

Don’t forget that a Bloodhound Pitbull mix dog needs proper socialization and training to make it know who the alpha “dog” is at home, and so it will not be aggressive or territorial towards other dogs or strangers.

They might need a bit of training and patience, but in return — you will get a lovely family dog that will show great loyalty and a lot of affection to you and all of your family members.

Take a look at some of the breeders’ websites or rescue and adoption websites that have pictures of this amazing crossbreed to get a gist of how big this doggo is and what to expect from it.

After all… having a dog is not just temporary fun for a couple of months while they are still puppies, and cute and small. Having a dog means having the best furry friend for the rest of their (and your) life.