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Top 9 Anti Dog Barking Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

Top 9 Anti Dog Barking Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Sometimes, it seems like your dog never stops barking. He barks when he sees you or any other member of the family, when he hears any sound, barks while walking, barks for ‘good morning’, barks for ‘good night’…

Although the dog is trained, has learned various commands, and does not show aggression, it seems that you simply cannot stop his barking. Well, barking is something we can never eradicate from our dogs.

This is their nature and their way of communication. Don’t forget how watchdogs let us know that danger may be nearby by barking! However, in order for you and your entire neighborhood to sleep in peace, you are persistent in finding ways to reduce your dog’s barking.

Don’t worry because we are here for you! Today, we have a variety of anti dog barking devices available. A device like this could make your life significantly easier, but you’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of these devices available today.

In order to facilitate your search for the perfect device that will be your main assistant in dog training, below, we bring you reviews of the top 9 anti dog barking products.

Anti Dog Barking Devices: PupVine’s Top 3

In an effort to reduce the barking of our pets, today, we have various options at our disposal, such as ultrasonic anti-barking devices, anti-barking collars, and sprays to stop dogs from barking.

First, we will share our top three favorite anti dog barking devices, which include the premium pick, the budget pick, and the choice that brings the best value for the price.

Following in the text, you will find more details on these three and other devices that will be your favorite ally in stopping this unwanted behavior in your furry friend. You can find all of these products on Amazon.

Premium Pick: Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar
Key Benefits:
  • Six levels of correction
  • Batteries fully charged in two hours
  • Contains a sound recognition sensor
  • Waterproof

Budget Pick: TOKEGO Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

TOKEGO Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent
Key Benefits:
  • Emits 25 Khz ultrasonic
  • Harmless and pet safe
  • Helps prevent dog from barking, and also some other unwanted dog behaviors, such as digging

Best Value For The Price: Nzonpet Anti Barking Device

Nzonpet Anti Barking Device
Key Benefits:
  • Three frequency sound waves
  • Easy to carry
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Helps stop unwanted barking, and also biting and digging

9 Anti Dog Barking Devices: Find The Best One For Your Pooch

If you are a first-time dog owner, it is not strange that you are not sure how to handle certain behaviors in your puppy. You are already working hard on finding how to show dominance to a dog, but it seems that no trick is helpful in stopping your dog’s excessive barking.

As far as you can see, your dog is barking at nothing and it is driving you crazy!

If you are thinking about contacting a professional dog trainer to help you with training and socializing your dog, we suggest you first take a look at the following list.

Not only are these products made to help you with the dog barking problem, but they can also be used as a training aid in your aim to raise an obedient dog.

Read on, and maybe one of these dog barking control devices will be your lifesaver!

1. NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs
Key Benefits:
  • Two silicone sleeves that help protect dog’s skin
  • Collar fully charged in 30 minutes
  • Battery can last for 12 days
  • 7 levels of beeping and vibrating
  • Shock method can be completely turned off
  • Distinguishes barking from other loud noises

This anti-barking collar equally suits small dogs, medium-large, and large dogs. It has seven different sensitivity levels.

Training modes include beep, vibration, and shock. The shock training mode is settable, so you can turn it off completely if you want to.

If a dog barks, the collar will first beep, then vibrate, and if the barking does not stop, the next step is a small shock. All methods can be adjusted from 0 to 7, which is especially great for dogs with thicker fur.

The collar comes with silicone sleeves, so the dog is completely safe and its skin cannot get hurt. The collar is rechargeable, can lasts for about 12 days, and it is completely charged in 30 minutes.

Thanks to this waterproof collar, you can enjoy your quiet home surroundings again! Also, your neighbors will be able to have a good night’s sleep.

What you get with this device is the collar, the device, the USB cable, silicone protective covers, electric shock terminals, and instructions for usage. The collar can be used on dogs from 11 up to 110 pounds. It is suitable for dogs whose neck size fits into the range of eight inches up to 25 inches.

One important advantage is that the collar is not triggered by other noises besides barking. At the same time, for some dog owners, this could also be a disadvantage since it does not help distinguish between other unwanted behaviors, such as growling.

2. Citronella Bark Collar

Citronella Bark Collar
Key Benefits:
  • Up to a 500-foot range
  • The collar strap is adjustable and easy to refill
  • No electric shock
  • The collar is water-resistant
  • Completely harmless for dogs

If you find electric shock collars to be cruel for dogs, you will like the Citronella Bark Collar!

This bark control collar works in a way that when you push the button, the collar will emit a safe spray, beep, or vibration to warn the dog of unwanted behavior. In this way, you can teach your dog not to bark excessively, but also teach it basic obedience commands.

All training modes – safe spray, beep, and vibration – have two sensitivity levels.

One thing you should bear in mind is that this collar will not automatically turn on when your dog barks, but only when you use the remote.

As we already mentioned, this is probably the most “humane” anti-barking device for dogs. However, if you think your dog’s barking is quite hard to handle, maybe an electric dog collar would be a better option for your pooch.

3. STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Dog Training-Bark Control Device

STOPWOOFER Ultrasonic Dog Training-Bark Control Device
Key Benefits:
  • Good for dogs of all sizes
  • Battery life up to 14 days
  • Ultrasonic frequency of 25 Khz
  • Can fit in a human hand
  • Fully charged in two hours

This device helps put your dog’s barking in control with the help of ultrasonic frequency. It is completely safe, and it can be used on dogs from six months of age up to eight years of age.

It works with the press of a button. If the button is pressed longer than eight seconds, it will shut off automatically. This is done with the aim of keeping our dogs safe and not to get them hurt.

This anti-barking device works in the range of 16.4 feet. One thing to bear in mind is to avoid walls or similar obstacles so that the ultrasonic frequencies can function.

If barking is a way for your dog to show aggression or dominance, you must already be thinking that you are dealing with a potentially dangerous dog.

Before you try to figure out how to socialize an aggressive dog, you should know that no dog is aggressive by nature – it might just be poorly trained and socialized. By using a device such as the Stopwoofer, your dog can be raised to be an obedient dog.

After a couple of times of pressing the button, your dog will realize the unwanted behavior you are trying to teach him. Every next time he does not bark, you should reward him with his favorite treat. Also, before even pushing the controller, try saying ‘No’ to your dog.

At the beginning, you might press the button often, but as time passes, you might be positively surprised with the power of a simple remote controller!

4. TOKEGO Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

TOKEGO Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent
Key Benefits:
  • Emits 25 Khz ultrasonic
  • Harmless and pet safe
  • Helps prevent dog from barking, and also some other unwanted dog behaviors, such as digging

The Tokego ultrasonic deterrent is our budget pick on the list of dog barking deterrent devices. It will not cost you a lot of money, and it is a great training tool that will help you control your dog’s barking!

This device emits 25 Khz of ultrasonic noise, which will attract your dog’s attention, but will not do anything harmful to him. The system functions in a way that when you press the button, the device will emit a sound that people cannot hear, but dogs can. The sound is repellent for dogs.

It can help you control your dog’s barking, and also help you prevent other bad behaviors in your dog. For example, some dogs love to eat cat poop, and you can stop this by using the Tokego device.

Also, you can stop your dog from digging, or from fighting with other dogs.

Together with the ultrasonic bark control device, you will get the dog clicker, a USB cable, and an LED button, which can also be very helpful for your night walks. When you press the button for the device to emit ultrasound, the LED light will become green. The LED light will become red when the battery becomes low.

This device is completely safe for dogs, and also for humans since people cannot even hear the ultrasonic sound. If some of the neighbor’s dogs are often stopping by in your yard, you can also use this device to make them go home!

5. Nzonpet Anti Barking Device

Nzonpet Anti Barking Device
Key Benefits:
  • Three frequency sound waves
  • Easy to carry
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Helps stop unwanted barking, and also biting and digging

This device, which is made to help stop dog barking, is our pick for the best value for the price. What is so good about the Nzonpet anti dog barking device?

This device comes with an ultrasonic trainer, a USB cable, a strap, a dog clicker, and a user manual. It is equally good for indoor and outdoor use.

This device helps you prevent barking as well as some other dog behaviors, such as biting and digging. If your puppy won’t stop biting you, you might be looking at your solution with this anti-barking device!

The device has three different frequencies. When you press the button on the device, your dog will react to the specific ultrasonic tone.

This handheld device makes a great training device for your mischievous dog. One thing you should always remember is to make sure that there are no obstacles that could get in the way between the device and your dog, so that the signal will not be blocked.

It is also important to mention that this device will not be effective on dogs with hearing impairments.

6. Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar

Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar
Key Benefits:
  • Six levels of correction
  • Batteries fully charged in two hours
  • Contains a sound recognition sensor
  • Waterproof

This device is our premium pick within the anti dog barking devices, which means that it will cost you a little bit more money compared to some other devices on this list.

This device contains a sound recognition sensor installed into the receiver. It is made to distinguish a dog’s bark from other noisy sounds. The device vibrates with six different levels upon the dog’s barking. After the vibration comes the correction – a shock.

It is necessary to mention that it is not recommended to leave the receiver in the same place on the dog’s neck for a long time. If this happens, the dog’s skin can become irritated. So, if your dog needs to wear this device for longer periods of time, just make sure to change the place of the Dogtra device on its neck.

We have found one important advantage of this product among reviews of people who have already used it. According to one dog owner, this collar helped him stop not only barking, but also his dog’s howling!

According to other reviews, this rechargeable dog collar is extremely effective. Of course, since it uses a shock method, it is upon you to decide whether this option is the best for you. For all we can say, its effectiveness justifies its high price!

We suggest this product to people who spend long hours away from home, and whose dogs suffer from separation anxiety. This is a very common reason why dogs bark excessively and make neighbors complain to you, especially if you are living in an apartment.

7. DOG CARE Barking Control Device

DOG CARE Barking Control Device
Key Benefits:
  • Two modes: deterrent mode, and training mode
  • High-power flashlight
  • Ultrasonic sound up to 35 feet
  • Rechargeable and durable

This device produces an ultrasonic sound, and it also has a high-power flashlight, which helps you warn your dog of his unwanted barking even in the dark.

When you point the device at your dog and press the button on the device, you will see your dog’s body vibrate. You cannot hear the sound, but you can notice your dog’s reaction. A dog’s hearing range is the basis for this anti-barking device.

Together with the device, you should use commands such as ‘No’ and ‘Don’t do that’, so with the help of this little device, you can go through basic obedience training with your pooch.

According to one review, this device helped a dog owner put an end to his dog’s barking, and also made his dog stop fighting other dogs.

We will also mention one detail that might be seen as a disadvantage for some people. This device can only be used on one dog at a time. So, you have to point it directly to one dog to see it work.

8. ELOPAW Dog Barking Deterrent Devices

ELOPAW Dog Barking Deterrent Devices
Key Benefits:
  • Three frequency waves
  • Battery fully charged in one to two hours
  • Battery can last up to 12 days
  • Comes with an adjustable wrist strap
  • Small device that fits in a human’s palm

The ELOPAW dog barking deterrent emits ultrasonic sound at 25 Khz, which means that people cannot hear it, but dogs do, and this high-frequency noise makes them uncomfortable.

The battery is durable – it can last up to 12 days. When the battery is low, the function button will become red. This device is an outdoor bark control device that covers an area of 16.5 feet.

Together with the barking control, this device can also help you teach your dog to behave nicely in public.

Before you use the ultrasonic function, you can first press the button that will make the device beep and, in this way, warn your dog not to bark. With some dogs, the beeping sound will be enough, and you might not even have to use the ultrasonic sound.

It is necessary to bear in mind that this device can only function without any obstacles in the area, and it needs to be pointed directly to the dog.

9. UANAX Outdoor Barking Control Device

UANAX Outdoor Barking Control Device
Key Benefits:
  • Three range levels (low, medium, high)
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Covers up to a 50-foot range
  • Can be put anywhere in the yard

The UANAX anti-barking device is an outdoor barking control device that looks like a birdhouse. You can easily put it anywhere outside – on a tree or on a fence. It not only works with your dog, but it can help you if you have problems with your neighbor’s dog barking!

It works with the help of ultrasonic technology that warns dogs that their barking is undesirable behavior. This barking control device activates automatically on the sound of a dog barking in such a way that it emits an ultrasonic sound.

This device has three different range levels. The first one is low, and goes up to 15 feet the medium one goes up to 30 feet and the high range covers a 50-foot area. Our advice is first to test your dog for a couple of days to see how it reacts to this device.

UANAX is meant to be used outdoors, so it is weatherproof. If you are not a fan of electric shock to help control your dog’s excessive barking, this product might be the one for you.

A 9-volt battery is necessary for this device, but it is not included, which is an important detail you should know. You can, of course, purchase this type of battery anywhere.

Like any other ultrasonic device, UANAX will not function with dogs that have hearing difficulties.

Final Thoughts

We love our dogs more than anything, but there are some moments when we think their behavior is out of control. One of them for sure is incessant barking.

If it seems that you have tried everything, but it just does not work, we advise you to find your solution on our list of anti dog barking devices.

From so many devices available, you might feel lost and not sure which one would be the best option for your pet. Well, this depends on many factors such as your budget, your dog’s barking problem, and the kind of device you find to be the most appropriate for your dog.

You are the one who knows your furry friend the best. For some people, the training collar will be the perfect solution, while some others will prefer ultrasonic anti-barking devices.

So, we suggest you take other people’s reviews into consideration as well as our advice on every one of these devices. After you have done that, we are sure that you will know the best solution for your dog!

It is time to put the barking under control and get a good night’s sleep without loud barking interrupting you!

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