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Black And Tan French Bulldog: The Pure Beauty

Black And Tan French Bulldog: The Pure Beauty

French Bulldogs are simply pawdorable. But, black and tan French Bulldogs are even more special.

With their shiny black coat, lovely tan markings, and the super sweet Frenchie temperament, these pups are beauties that will make you stop and admire them.

However, this pure beauty is also a rare beauty. Gee, I wonder why…

Does it have to do with the acceptance of their coat color?

We’re about to see.

Tell Me About The Black And Tan French Bulldog

black and tan french bulldog in nature

The combination of black and tan is quite common with some other dog breeds. Let’s stop for a second and remind ourselves of the black and tan Doberman, then there’s the popular German Shepherd, as well as the Rottweiler, the Dachshund, etc. 

The mentioned breeds usually come in the black and tan combination. But, our French Bulldog buddy doesn’t. This color combo is not standard for this breed. So, we can say the black and tan French Bulldog is a rare beauty. 

What do these Frenchies look like? Surely, there’s more information on their coat than just the colors. We can talk about the color distribution… how’s that?

There’s almost a pattern of repeating colors for black and tan Frenchies. These dogs usually have a black base coat, with tan markings above their eyes, and on their lower legs and cheeks. Some pups have tan markings on the chest, with a small patch of white hair.

About Frenchie Colors

three french bulldogs outdoors

Speaking of approved and non-approved Frenchie colors

Do you know which colors are allowed by the AKC’s breed standard? I was quite surprised by some, but some were pretty obvious.

According to the American Kennel Club, the following colors are allowed with the French Bulldog breed:

  • Brindle
  • Cream
  • Brindle and white
  • Fawn
  • Fawn and white
  • Fawn, brindle, and white
  • White and fawn
  • White and brindle
  • Pure white

As for the colors that aren’t recognized, we have:

Surprisingly, a lot of the mentioned non-approved colors are quite popular, like chocolate and sable Frenchies.

As far as the patterns are concerned, the Club will only recognize brindle, piebald, black markings, white markings, and black mask.

Being approved by the American Kennel Club means your puppy has a clear background, without any crossbreeding involved. However, we can’t say that for non-recognized colors like blue and merle.

Is The Coat Color Linked To Character Issues?

owner playing with his french bulldog in the park

Well, the thing with non-accepted coat colors is that they’re considered a result of crossbreeding some time in the past. We can’t be sure when the mixing happened or which breeds were involved, but one thing is for sure: it has left an impact on future litters.

The results of mixing in the past can be seen in a dog’s coat color, unusual patterns, proneness to specific health conditions, as well as on its temperament.

French Bulldogs normally don’t have any major temperamental issues, but still, each Frenchie is an individual. There might be some differences from pup to pup regarding the way they react in certain situations.

Problems with their character aren’t that obvious. Some Frenchies like our black and tan Frenchie buddy might either be more serious or not so prone to goofy behavior. Some might be a handful to train because they’re so stubborn. 

Genes from some dog breed that was crossed with the French Bulldog might prevail, and you’ll have a dog that behaves differently than standard Frenchies do.

Generally, French Bulldogs should be extra friendly and sweet. They’re the ideal family dogs, and they enjoy being surrounded by people and other animals. What’s so great about these dogs is that they are real clowns, and love playing to entertain themselves and the people around them.

Does The Coat Color Have Any Effect On The Dog’s Health?

french bulldog looking into camera

The same rule we had linked to temperament can apply to the dog’s health status. If there’s any trace of it coming from different breeds, a Frenchie might experience certain health complications that aren’t common for this breed.

French Bulldogs aren’t the healthiest dogs, but they aren’t too sick either. Just as any other breed, they’re prone to health issues that might compromise their overall wellbeing. Take good care of them and they will live the maximum of their lifespan.

Normally, Frenchies are prone to:

Some unrecognized coat colors like merle or white can cause issues with sight and hearing, mostly in other breeds. The lack of pigment in the hair, especially in the ears, might cause deafness in Frenchies. 

Our black and tan French Bulldog doesn’t experience such color-related issues, but I’d still be on the lookout if I were you. You never know when the genes from the past might kick in.

How Pricey Are Black And Tan French Bulldogs?

black and tan french bulldog puppy lying on the floor

Rare colors are always pricier than standard ones. And, if it’s accepted by the official AKC, the price can go sky high. 

But, the black and tan Frenchie isn’t approved by the AKC. They’re rare, and are a result of crossbreeding some time in the past. 

Still, this doesn’t prevent people from going crazy about these dogs. I’m not saying they’re not worth it, but the hype shouldn’t exist. Unreliable breeders will do everything it takes to earn more money. Listing dogs as rare will bring them closer to their desired amount.

There’s a developed marketing behind listing rare coat colors like the black and tan French Bulldog. They’re classified as exceptional and beautiful. They truly are, but they’re missing one thing: their coat color is faulty according to breed standards of Frenchies. 

I see no point in listing a black and tan Frenchie for $7,000 or more. These aren’t show-quality dogs, and they could never be. They will never have official AKC papers. The price is just too pumped up compared to the average Frenchie price.

Are Black And Tan French Bulldogs Difficult To Groom?

cute black and tan french bulldog looking into camera
Photo from: @lolly.frenchieboo

Black and tan Frenchies aren’t too difficult to groom. They don’t get dirty easily like their buddies, white Frenchies, and their coat doesn’t tangle like with fluffy Frenchies.

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t demand lots of grooming, a Frenchie might be it. This is a huge plus for these dogs. 

French Bulldogs come with a wonderful sleek coat, sometimes with the exception of long-haired Frenchies. Grooming them is the same for every possible Frenchie color. What you need to take care of is their bathing schedule. 

Since these dogs are super prone to skin infections and irritations, you shouldn’t bathe them too often. Also, make sure you always clean their wrinkles, especially around the face.

As far as brushing is concerned, you should be able to devote yourself to brushing sessions two to three times a week. Use a bristle brush that will give your Frenchie’s coat some shine. If you need more grooming supply recommendations, I suggest you check this out!

How Hard Is It To Train A Black And Tan Frenchie?

cute french bulldog puppy in a basket

There’s really no difference in training a brindle Frenchie and a black and tan Frenchie. They’re both food-motivated and eager to please. Still, training a Frenchie will demand lots of time and dedication because their focus might wander off. 

Frenchies can be a bit stubborn, so if you notice such signs, make sure you nip it in the bud. Having a dominant Frenchie is not fun at all. How can you take them seriously when they look so goofy?

French Bulldogs should be trained using positive reinforcement. They thrive when being trained with lots of treats and praises. It makes them feel like superstars. 

I suggest you repeat the most important parts of the training, especially when you’re potty training a Frenchie to ensure everything sticks together.

Where Can I Find Good Black And Tan Frenchie Breeders?

cute french bulldog puppies looking into camera

Good breeders are always difficult to find. You’ll either stumble upon some insanely expensive dogs, or find a breeder who doesn’t care at all about their dogs. No one wants to buy a puppy from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder who sells only to make profit.

To avoid such people, PupVine has done a few pieces on the best Frenchie breeders in the States.

Here’s a list of Frenchie breeders you should check out:

Final Words

Yes, the black and tan French Bulldog is a true beauty. They’re small, dark, and handsome, and an absolute delight to own.

You can definitely get a black and tan Frenchie if you don’t mind the fact that they’re not recognized by the AKC. If you want just a pet, not a show animal, or you don’t mind a bit of crossbreeding in the line, these good boys and girls could be the ideal dogs for you.

Black and tan Frenchies are undeniably sweet pups. You’ll see that the moment you bring one home.