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Best Dog Breeders In British Columbia: 14 Superb Breeders

Best Dog Breeders In British Columbia: 14 Superb Breeders

Are you trying to find the best dog breeders in British Columbia ? Well then, we are both on the same mission. We have been looking for them too. And, we have found a lot of them.

They all breed different breeds but they are all deeply committed to both their calling and business. And, that was the filter we used in order to put these breeders on our list of the best ones.

Feel free to take a look. Maybe you will find one for yourself. Maybe, when you see all these cute and stunning dogs, you will be ready to take that big step in your life and get yourself a new best friend.

Puppies For Sale In British Columbia

Finding the best dog breeders in British Columbia was a delight of a task. Because there are so many of them. And, I am so glad that we found that there are so many people out there who put a lot of effort into ethical breeding.

In every part of British Columbia, there is a quality breeder with quality dogs. And, you can choose from a variety of breeds. I mean, only if you have not already made up your mind and found your favorite one.

So if you haven’t, then take a look at this list, because you never know, it could change your life for the better.

1. Puppy Patch Labradoodles

Labradoodle puppy sits on a wooden base

First on our list of the best dog breeders in British Columbia, are these Labradoodles breeders . Indeed, this is a breed that fills your heart without even trying! Let’s meet these cutie-pies!

Ken and Anete started their breeding program back in Prince George , eight years ago. It is a family business. It has to be, because today they have twenty breeding dogs , both male and female. Their puppies are in the house, while the breeding dogs are at guardian homes most of the time.

It is not just dogs who live here. There are three kids, three dogs, and a lot of puppies. Everyone is involved. The kids do some cleaning, training, and playing with the dogs, and are just as good at it as the grown ups are.

Why would you consider adopting one of these cozy and fluffy dogs? Well, they have hypoallergenic and anti-asthma coats, and most importantly, they could be your best friend for life.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on to the site and fill in the application form!

Goldendoodles , Labradoodles, and Doubledoodles cost $3500, while Bernedoodles cost $4000, plus taxes. If you don’t live nearby, there is a shipping option, even to Asia and Europe.

Puppy Patch Labradoodles Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Australian Labradoodles , Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles

Breeders Name: Ken and Anette

Location: Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Puppy Patch Labradoodles

Facebook: Puppy Patch Labradoodles

Instagram: Puppy Patch Labradoodles

2. A Golden’s Love

Golden Retriever puppy sets on green grass

The second breeders on our list of the best dog breeders in Quebec are rated as the best Golden Retriever breeders in this region.

As with many other reputable breeders, the puppies here are raised in the house and each one is considered as a family member.

Golden Retrievers have a golden soul. They have many roles, including being therapeutic dogs or leading blind people. We do not normally connect Golden Retrievers and aggression . They are like angels in dog form.

Bliss is the owner here and knows that nutrition is the main component for healthy growth. Healthy growth, in turn, means less worries during vet health examinations.

If you want a Golden Retriever that is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club , has had his health tested, and will be a loyal family pet , give these guys a quick call and find out more.

A Golden’s Love Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Golden Retriever

Breeders Name: Bliss Cormons

Location: Mission, British Columbia , Canada

Phone: +7782989145

Website: A Golden’s Love

Instagram: A Golden’s Love

3. Misty Trails

Havanese walks on the green grass

The love for dogs has lasted for over 20 years here. The reason why Misty Trails are among the best dog breeders in British Columbia, is their traditional approach to breeding and dog show results.

They associate themselves with the TEAM breeding program. They are a group of six breeders, who have all gathered to improve the Havanese breed. They are CKC registered and they cooperate fully with four veterinarians. And, they are strictly against puppy mills.

They aim to provide a top quality dog before they move to their new home . This means producing puppies with good socialization, sound temperaments, expected long lives, and good health.

You can reach these people and find out more by visiting their website and sending an email via their website form.

Misty Trails Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Havanese

Location: Vancouver Island , British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Misty Trails

4. Wildflower Labradoodles

An Australian Labradoodle puppy stands in the park

Among the best breeders in British Columbia there is one wildflower. And, they are all about breeding Labradoodles .

It all started with Lily, back in 2012. She was a puppy with all the positive Labradoodle traits. That meant brains, loyalty, vividness, and very cuddly.

That is how breeding became a full time job for Karen, when she replaced her office job in the city with a calm life in the countryside.

Karen is very serious about vaccinations , deworming, and overall health testing . She wants to make sure that every dog has proper health testing to reduce the possibility of hereditary diseases. All of her dogs have a health guarantee .

If you decide to adopt one of these cute dogs, contact Karen via phone or leave a message via email. She likes to meet the new families of her precious little paws. Meetings can be arranged when the dogs have reached the age of four weeks.

And, she prefers you to pick up dogs, because shipping can be stressful. Puppies cost $3300 and you need to fill in an application. They are ready for their new loving family at seven weeks of age.

Let this furry ball of love expand your heart!

Wildflower Labradoodles Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale : Australian Labradoodles

Breeders Name: Karen Hill

Location: British Columbia , Canada

Phone: +2508036504

Email: [email protected]

Website: Wildflower Labradoodles

5. Vancouverite Bulldogs

French Bulldog lies down and rests

Bonjour! If you are looking for a purebred French Bulldog, then this is the place to stop and take a look. They are among the best breeders in British Columbia and they are very eager to help you out.

Their Frenchies are raised within the family, because this is a family business and everyone is involved in it. They even say that they are a little bit spoiled. The Frenchies play with children and adults and they are well socialized.

At Vancouverite Bulldogs, they always try to ensure a perfect match between a puppy and a new family. Because this will be a lifetime adventure and a long time for family companions .

All dogs have microchips , vaccinations, and dewormings . They are bred within the breed standard . The Cost of a French Bulldog is usually pretty high, but you should ask the breeders to let you know the exact price.

Vancouverite Bulldogs Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: French Bulldogs

Location: Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada

Phone: 778-918-5558

Email: [email protected]

Website: Vancouverite Bulldogs

Facebook: Vancouverite Bulldogs

6. Van Isle Cavapoos And Cavalier King Charles

Cavapoo puppy runs across the field

These are utterly sweet and endearing dogs, who make the most stunning companion dogs. As it happens with many small dogs, these too have a firm temperament. They are not much of a barker.

Since genetic diseases are very common in these breeds, great attention is put into their testing and reducing the transmission of any harmful genes. All their dogs are also completely checked by the veterinarian and get all their standard procedures, such as vaccines , dewormings, and microchips .

Everything is done naturally here. After the conception, a great effort is put into providing proper nutrition for the mother. After birth, any handling of the new puppy is minimal. Socialization begins when the mother shows signs that her puppies are ready.

They do not do shipping and you can only come to pick up your puppy. And, choose them. Because they are trying to make the best match of two personalities. The puppies are ready for their new home once they are eight weeks old.

Van Isle Cavapoos And Cavalier King Charles Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Miniature Poodles , Toy Poodles , Cavapoos, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Location: Nanaimo , British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Van Isle Cavapoos And Cavalier King Charles

7. Hollyberry Hollow

black Standard Poodle sets around the garden

Hollyberry Hollow is located on a farm and they have a small breeding business there. That does not mean that they take it any less seriously. They are CKC registered for breeding Standard Poodles .

Their dogs have it all. Sound temperaments, great health, and they are bred by high breeding standards.

These are dogs with a pedigree . They are all OFA for hips and elbows. The temperament of these dogs is calm and they can be therapy dogs. Not to mention, they are outstandingly beautiful. Poodle haircuts are something that are out of this world.

You have to be very lucky to get one of these. Only two litters are produced each year and there is a waiting list.

These breeders are also part of the United Kennel Club (UKC) and Badass Breeders , which means they follow a code of ethics for breeders and fulfill the requirements of it.

Hollyberry Hollow Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Standard Poodles

Location: Thetis Island, Chemainus, British Columbia , Canada

Phone: +2505883369

Email: [email protected]

Website: Hollyberry Hollow

Facebook: Hollyberry Hollow

Instagram: Hollyberry Hollow

8. Someday Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers puppy walks through the garden

The next breeder on our list of the best dog breeders in British Columbia , are not just breeders but also a dog training academy. Let’s meet them.

Be prepared to wait, because everybody in British Columbia wants one of these Labradors. And, they come in all colors. Yellow, black, or chocolate – you choose.

CKC registered and tattooed before departing to their new home , they have six weeks of insurance and a thirty month guarantee to say that there will be no problems with eyes, elbows and hips.

These dogs are super versatile. They hunt, they are great in competition and conformation, and they do K9 detection. They are able to work with people with autism and diabetes. And, they will do tracking.

But, their favorite role is that of a family dog and they make the best companion you can imagine.

Besides selling puppies, they also offer obedience, gun dog, and service dog training for your dogs.

Someday Retrievers Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Labrador Retrievers

Breeders Name: Linda Cline

Location: 5657 Beaton Rd, Kamloops , British Columbia , Canada

Phone: + 2503711218

Email: [email protected]

Website: Someday Retrievers

Facebook: Someday Retrievers

Instagram: Someday Retrievers

9. Bamard Kennels

A Rottweiler puppy stands in the woods

The Rottweiler is a working dog and that is what these breeders are trying to preserve and improve. They want to hit the breeding standard and move the limits. That is why they offer superb Rottweilers with superb bloodlines .

They have a highly ethical breeding program. It is based on the Code of Ethics of CKC. And, when it comes to practice, they also follow CKC rules. That is why you will get a health guarantee that ensures a long living and healthy dog.

That is not where their service stops. They also offer boarding at their kennel .

Inform yourself thoroughly about the Rottweiler, because it is not a breed for everybody. You should know Rottweilers signs of aggression. But, if you do decide that they are the dog for you, then it would be a very good decision to get one from here.

Fill in an application and wait for their call. Because you will have to undergo an interview. At Bamard, they are very selective about whom they sell their puppies to. They want to know if you are aware of what kind of breed you are dealing with.

These dogs are all vaccinated and dewormed, they also have all their CKC paperwork and a pedigree . They also have a two year health guarantee . And, you get full support from the breeders .

Bamard Kennels Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Rottweiler

Breeders Name: Steve Empey

Location: 3136 Wilkinson Rd, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island , British Columbia , Canada

Phone: +2507323723

Email: [email protected]

Website: Bamard Kennels

Facebook: Bamard Kennels

10. Luxe York Of Canada

The Yorkshire Terrier puppy lies outstretched

Luxe York of Canada is offering truly luxurious Yorkshire Terriers . These dogs are all CKC registered and they are utterly cute. These Yorkies have all their vaccines , dewormings, and microchips . And, it is guaranteed that they will have no health issues for a year.

There is only a limited number of puppies, so you better check on the waiting list. You are not the one who chooses the puppy. Instead, you are chosen. These breeders take their job seriously and they want to make a perfect match.

You can get your dog at fourteen weeks of age. And, you get full time support included in the price. Are you wondering how much do Yorkies cost ? You will have to ask for a price because it depends on many factors, such as pedigree , parents, colours of the coat, and sex. But, I will tell you that it ranges from $4500 to $7000.

Luxe York Of Canada Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Yorkshire Terrier

Location: Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Luxe York Of Canada

Facebook: Luxe York Of Canada

Instagram: Luxe York Of Canada

Twitter: Luxe York Of Canada

11. Swisskiss Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs puppy runs across the field

At Swisskiss they have been breeding “loyal loving companions” since 1989. Their aim is to preserve the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, with his noble traits and considering his temperament, structure, health, and instinct. And most importantly, his genetic diversity.

These breeders are small, but they have big goals. And, a long tradition. They are true breeders who breed for the betterment. This means carefully examining if there are any hereditary diseases, maintaining pedigree, and keeping up with a breeding program .

They are members of the Canadian Kennel Club , The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada, and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

If you have made up your mind and you really want to purchase a Bernese Mountain Dog, then fill in a questionnaire and put yourself on their waiting list. Because there is a lot of interest in these dogs. You should ask for the Bernese Mountain Dog cost at Swisskiss.

Swisskiss Bernese Mountain Dogs Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Breeders Name: Madeline and Geoff

Location: Victoria, British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Swisskiss Bernese Mountain Dogs

12. Lagotto Kennels

Lagotto Romagnolo puppy sits in the grass

At Lagotto Kennels, they raise quality Lagotto Romagnolo dogs. These dogs are meant to be perfect show, companion, and working dogs. And, they have been raising these superb dogs since 2008.

Maybe you have heard of this breed. They are also called the Italian Truffle Dog. They are very valuable as working dogs because they search for truffles (very expensive mushrooms) around the Adriatic coast.

These dogs give people so much love and are highly sociable. But, they also seek a lot of attention. The best part about them is that they do not shed.

Since these breeders are striving for quality, they have a limited number of puppies, so it is best to put yourself on the waiting list if you want one.

These dogs live in a home environment. It is a rural place where there is plenty of free space for running and playing. There are three people who take care of these dogs. Bridget takes care of their training, Ernie takes care of the technical conditions, while Sylvia is a retired medical technologist and takes care of any medical aspects.

Lagotto Kennels Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Lagotto Romagnolo

Location: 1560 Winchester Road, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia , Canada

Phone: +2507526633

Website: Lagotto Kennels

Facebook: Lagotto Kennels

13. Kamia Kennels

Norwegian Elkhounds puppy

Norwegian Elkhounds are a breed that requires a lot of space and a cold environment, which is provided at Kamia Kennels . They are close to the USA/Canadian border.

Their goal is to raise a perfect companion Elkhound for your family. If you want to find out more, then you should reach out to these people by contacting them via phone number, email, or the old-school way – via letter.

Kamia Kennels Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Norwegian Elkhounds

Breeders Name: Merv Carlson

Location: 6016 Athelston-Hartford Rd, Grand Forks, British Columbia

Phone: +2504425856

Email: [email protected]

Website: Kamia Kennels

14. Alpine West Entlebuchers

Entlebucher Mountain puppy stands and looks in front of him

In the loving environment of a family house, these people raise Swiss Mountain dogs. And if you want to get one, you must prove yourself as a loving and caring future owner.

Their dogs are handled since they are born, which means neurological stimulation, and they are encouraged to do activities and play. They are trained to be agile and obedient. Both mental and physical stimulation is provided.

They work with European Bloodlines . And, they are CKC members, as well as National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA) members.

Their dogs pass through OFA tests for hips and CERF examinations for eyes, as well through PRA tests. They are focused on temperament, conformation , health, and agility.

The waiting list is long and you will have to wait for one year for your new best buddy. So, fill in that application as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a Swiss Mountain Dog over the border, check out the Top 4 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders In The United States

Alpine West Entlebuchers Breeder Details

Breeds For Sale: Entlebucher Mountain Dogs

Breeders Name: Jennifer Wasmuth

Location: Langley , British Columbia , Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Alpine West Entlebuchers

Facebook: Alpine West Entlebuchers

Instagram: Alpine West Entlebuchers

YouTube: Alpine West Entlebuchers

Final Verdict

Finding a reputable breeder is serious business. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to find one in Ontario or Alberta or Quebec or British Columbia, it’s an important job. Luckily, our task to find the best dog breeders in British Columbia was quite easy, since there are so many good ones.

We searched in Langley , Surrey , Vancouver , Nanaimo , Prince George, and many other places around BC and all of them have at least one reputable representative.

That is awesome because it is very important to promote conscientious breeders who take care of the ethical aspects of breeding . We hope that this list will help you to find the best dog for yourself.


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