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How Much Do Yorkies Cost: Is This Breed Expensive?

How Much Do Yorkies Cost: Is This Breed Expensive?

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If you are on the lookout for a Yorkshire Terrier, it won’t take long for you to discover that this is quite an expensive dog breed. But, if you haven’t had the chance of coming across a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, you might be wondering just how much Yorkies cost.

Well, reputable breeders can charge anywhere between $800 and $10,000 for a purebred Yorkie pup.

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs, which means that the female typically only whelps one to four Yorkie puppies at a time. Teacup Yorkies can have even fewer offspring in their litter.

Compared to larger dog breeds that can birth a dozen or more puppies at a time, these numbers are fairly low. Combine that with the popularity of regular and teacup Yorkies and you can see where their expensive price tag comes from.

In this article, we explore all of the different elements that play a factor in the price of a Yorkie. Also, we will offer some tips on how to recognize reputable breeders and stay away from backyard sellers.

How much does a Yorkie cost?

How much do Yorkie puppies cost with papers?

Yorkie dog standing outdoors in sun

For a dog to be considered purebred, its lineage must be documented through a recognized breed registry. In the United States, the most well-known, popular, and reputable breed registry is the American Kennel Club (AKC). In Canada, it is the Canadian Kennel Club. And, in the United Kingdom, there is the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Other breed registries exist, but none is as strict and selective as the AKC. So, if you are looking for a Yorkie that has a pedigree, then finding a breeder with American Kennel Club registered puppies should be your first step.

There are a few types of Yorkies such as the Biewer, the Teacup, and the parti Yorkie, but only one breed of Yorkshire Terriers is recognized by the AKC. Puppies registered with the AKC are undoubtedly the most expensive ones out there. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find a healthy, loving companion for a lesser price… one that is not as expensive as a true purebred.

The cost of a purebred Yorkshire Terrier registered with the AKC can drastically vary depending on the many factors listed below. But, on average, a breeder with an AKC license will charge around $1,200 and $1,500 and upwards per puppy. Also, keep in mind that most of these breeders request a non-refundable deposit during the application process. The deposit is usually around $200 or $300.

The $10,000 price tag that we mentioned above is mostly unheard of for a typical person looking for a pet. Generally speaking, this price tag is only associated with the most elite bloodlines that will be used as show dogs in the most exclusive competitions, or else in champion-line breeding.

How much does a Yorkie puppy cost without papers?

Yorkshire Terrier Sitting In Green Grass

A good quality puppy will cost you from $300 to $800 and up. The price of the puppy is one of the best ways to spot a backyard breeder.

While reputable AKC breeders usually charge between $1,200 and $1,500 for a typical Yorkshire Terrier Puppy, backyard breeders tend to range on the lower end of the price tag. Also, they are always more than willing to negotiate the price if they think a sale is likely.

However, even if you want a pet without any papers, try to go with a reputable breeder. Responsible breeders do not cut any corners when it comes to their puppies’ health, and since Yorkies are prone to many health problems, they are your best chance of getting a healthy puppy. Paying a little more at the start can save you more money in the long run in veterinary visits and bills.

If you really want to have a Yorkie and don’t want to deal with irresponsible breeders, but the price tag is a little out of your reach, you can always choose to rescue one. While it may take you several thousands of dollars to purchase a Yorkie from a breeder, respected rescue organizations and adoption centers will charge you only a fraction of that cost.

Adoption fees can range from as little as $100 to $800, with all the necessary vaccinations included. Ideally, it would be nice for these organizations to simply give the pups away to good homes, but they have to cover their operating costs, supplies, and facilities.

Why are documents so important?

yorkies in the gold autumn

Even though Yorkies with papers come at a steeper price, there is a reason why people prefer them over ones without papers. This increase in cost is because papers guarantee that a Yorkie is purebred.

It isn’t just a formality. These documents include information on the puppy’s siblings, parentage, kennel number, and breeder information.

There are two benefits to this information. First, you can easily find out what qualities the puppy will inherit, from size to coat color. Second, you can be assured that your puppy has a clean bill of health with no hereditary illnesses from either parent. If the litter is healthy, then there is a high chance that your puppy has a strong genetic background.

Lastly, you have it on authority that this information is true. The real reason why documented Yorkies cost more is that their breeders have paid to have their background verified, not including the time and effort it took on their part. This is definitely the safer route when it comes to ensuring that you won’t have any problem in the future. A Yorkie without papers may have hidden health problems.

How much do teacup Yorkies cost in the USA?

Yorkshire terrier playing in the park on the grass

Some breeders will use the tagline “teacup” as a means to put a higher price on a puppy. But, in reality, you should pay less for these undersized pups because they do not conform to the breed standard. As such, they might have health issues that will inevitably cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Online breeders always try to take advantage of those who are unaware that teacup Yorkshire Terriers are not a true breed of dog. These people might end up paying upwards of $2,500 to $5,000 for these miniature Yorkies.

If you’ve set your eye on a petite Yorkie, you should do your research and find a good breeder. If a Yorkshire Terrier breeder uses the term “teacup”, then you should steer away from him and go with one who acknowledges the health risks associated with breeding toy dogs.

It is possible to find a smaller Yorkie that still conforms to the breed standard. Just keep in mind that anything smaller than four pounds means that the puppy is likely inbred. This lack of genetic variation can lead to physical mutations, a suppressed immune system, and behavioral problems.

How much do teacup Yorkies cost in Canada?

There are many breeders in Canada who sell teacup Yorkies. Similar to the ones in the United States, you can expect to pay upwards of $2,500 to $5,000 for a Teacup Yorkie puppy.

Factors that influence the price of Yorkies and teacup Yorkies

Two Yorkshire terrier dogs on the walk


The heritage of the dog will be one of the most important factors of its price. Highly sought-after breeders usually have several males and females that they breed on a regular basis. But, it is also not uncommon for them to fly a specific stud hundreds of miles to breed with a female.

AKC champions are often used for breeding and, as you might have guessed, puppies of these award-winning canines come at high prices. Sometimes, the difference between a $1,000 dog and a $10,000 dog is just in their bloodline.


In most cases, females cost more than males. This usually comes down to the fact that females are more in demand than males, but often, people prefer females for the chance of breeding.

However, most breeders have a neuter/spay contract, so further breeding would be out of the question anyway. If pups come from the same litter, then the difference in the price between a female and a male can be around $300 to $500.


The American Kennel Club only recognizes four color combinations in the breed standard. Also, the coat must be fine, glossy, and silky in texture. If your Yorkie’s coat is coarser, then it might sell for a less expensive price compared to a Yorkie with a silky coat. On the other hand, if your puppy’s locks would be the envy of Hollywood celebrities, then rest assured that the price will skyrocket!


At birth, a purebred Yorkie will be black and tan. Within the first few months, this should gradually change to one of the three AKC-recognized Yorkshire Terrier color combinations. Those are the following:

• black and gold

• blue and tan

• blue and gold

There are also a few nonstandard variations of the breed such as the white Yorkie, the chocolate Yorkie, or the tri-colored Parti Yorkie, which can be white, brown, and red mixed in. But still, these are nonstandard colors, and the price for these dogs should be lower.

However, this is not always the case. Some breeders use these nonstandard colors as an excuse to increase the price tag. Keep an eye out for breeders who breed dogs for specific colors rather than having the goal of producing the healthiest puppies in mind.


Although the breed standard dictates the Yorkie to be between four and seven pounds, some breeders attempt to sell smaller Yorkies for a higher price. This is due to smaller or teacup Yorkies being high in demand.

On the other hand, if you want your dog to participate in events such as agility courses, then Yorkies on the higher end of the scale would be a better choice. Bigger Yorkies will also be less expensive since they are not as high in demand.

Health condition

​​Last, but certainly not least, the health condition of the puppy is perhaps the most important factor that you should consider before choosing your first Yorkie.

By this, we mean that if you come across a Yorkshire Terrier that has good papers, comes from a good bloodline, and the price range is around $1000, then you should think twice about completing the sale.

You should be cautious at the very least because there must be something seriously wrong with these puppies. And, the most probable thing is the Yorkies’ health condition.

This is why you should always take the time to get to know the parents of the puppies. You should also ask the breeder if there have been any medical conditions with both Yorkie parents.

The best way to know whether or not the breeder takes good care of their dogs is by visiting the kennel yourself. There, you can take a look at the overall environment of the place. Make sure that the parents are fed high-quality dog food as this will greatly impact how their offspring turn out.

Also, how the parents look will tell you a lot about their puppies. This is applicable when you deal with less-known breeders… ones that don’t have reviews that a potential buyer like yourself can check and judge from.

Yorkies, in general, are very tiny and delicate, and because of this, getting a healthy Yorkie puppy is a crucial thing. Even the slightest health problem can be a serious risk for them. Plus, just like other dog breeds, Yorkshire terriers are prone to hereditary and non-hereditary illnesses now and then.

Therefore, if the pup has a weak immune system, it is much more likely to develop more diseases later on in its life.

Location of the breeder

Unless you are buying a Yorkie from a breeder near you, you can expect to deal with the additional cost of transporting the pup to your home. Most breeders prefer that new owners come in person to their facilities, which can be beneficial.

You can personally meet the pup and its parents, and see what conditions they are kept in. But, traveling to pick the puppy up in person is not always possible.

If the breeder is a significant distance away from you, and the puppy needs to be transported by air, you are looking at at least another $300 in cost. If the pup can be driven, then most breeders will determine the price based on mileage.

If you are unable to make the trip, and your breeder doesn’t offer transportation services (such as driving the dog themselves or at least arranging logistics), you can always hire a pet transport company.

Services offered by these companies are not exactly cheap, meaning you will be looking at a minimum of $200. But, chances are this number will reach closer to the thousand-dollar mark based on various factors such as air vs land, length of trip, cost of gas, insurance, and other smaller fees, such as supplying crates and health certificates.

Backyard vs. licensed breeder

Given what you’ve seen so far, you might think that breeding dogs is an excellent way to make money. But, breeding dogs is actually a very expensive occupation.

Many breeders hardly break even after the cost of immunizations, supplies, facilities, food, veterinarian bills, and medical costs are added up. In fact, because of their small size, breeds such as the Chihuahua, the Maltese, the Miniature Poodle, and the Yorkshire terrier often require a C-section, which costs around $2000.

Regardless of all of these costs, many inexperienced and unskilled people breed dogs with the sole purpose of making money. These backyard breeders either try to sell the puppies online so they can avoid having potential buyers come to their “facility”, or sell directly to pet stores.

Because of this, the AKC and the CKC (in Canada) have their licensed breeders sign a contract that will not allow them to sell puppies to pet stores. The majority of backyard breeders advertise puppies for sale that are “registered” or “have papers”, but before you give them your money, be sure to ask about the registry and see the registration form with your own eyes.

Prices for adopted or rescued Yorkies

cute yorkie in nature

As you’ve seen so far, the price range of Yorkshire Terriers can be quite high. Luckily, going to a kennel or a breeder isn’t your only option.

There are many Yorkies at rescue shelters that are waiting for a caring dog lover to give them a new home. If you choose this path, then you can help a homeless dog and save money while doing it.

The average price for rescued Yorkie Puppies is less than $150.

The amount you save on a rescued pup leaves you with plenty of cash to spare for food, toys, and comfort items.

Tips for buying a Yorkie puppy

adorable yorkie playing outdoors

If the price of this popular breed hasn’t discouraged you and you still wish to own one of these dogs, then here are some tips to guide you through the sale.

Open communication

Being on the same page as the breeder goes a long way in this process. Yorkie breeders don’t have to get a license, so there is really no clear way to separate unqualified breeders from qualified ones.

By openly communicating with the breeder, you can insert yourself into their life, which gives you an opportunity to observe them closely. How do they handle the business side of the sale? How do they handle documentation? How much do they know about Yorkie standards? What is their history and experience with purebred Yorkies? Do they respond with the right answers when you ask them specific questions about behavior, habits, genetic dispositions, vaccination history, and appearance details?

These are all things you should bear in mind whenever you want to make a decision on what breeder to choose. Also, before you complete the deal, make sure to ask if there is a return guarantee or not.

Do your due diligence

When you start looking for a Yorkie puppy, don’t make the mistake of choosing the first breeder you find. As with any other purchase, you need to do your research and compare your options.

So, try to select highly recommended breeders and discuss the process with them. After that, try to arrange face-to-face meetings.

All of this takes time and effort, but it is well worth it. Don’t let things such as distance influence your final choice. Introducing a new pet in your life is not a decision you want to rush.

Instead, take your time and visit several facilities. Always keep in mind that breeders are also salespeople. This means that even though they are telling the truth while answering your questions, they are still trying to seal the deal.

You need to step into their turf and check out their facilities first-hand. Never take their word for it. Make sure that the puppies are kept in a clean and comfortable environment because it influences both their mental and physical well-being. Each puppy should have an individual kennel with a water and a food bowl.

A reputable and professional breeder will have no problem showing you their facility. These people have nothing to hide. So, if a breeder acts shifty or tries to avoid this stage, then the chances are they are just trying to make a sale and probably have unethical breeding practices.

Don’t go to puppy mills

One thing that is worse than going to an irresponsible breeder is going to a puppy mill. Puppy mills are large companies that produce puppies in subpar conditions and are only in it for turning a profit.

They mass breed puppies and should be avoided at all costs, not just because of their unethical breeding practices that are harmful to the mother dogs, but also because the living conditions for the puppies are terrible.

The pups in these facilities are not taken care of, and most of them become traumatized in the earliest stage of their life. The lack of socialization and personal space combined with rough handling makes the young canines anxious. In addition, the unsanitary conditions in which they are kept mean that many puppies develop illnesses like parvovirus and giardia.

The practice of over-breeding dogs without medical testing or thought of the puppy’s health results in litters filled with genetic illnesses and health issues that develop as they grow. If you choose to buy from such places, you choose to promote the inhumane business practices that keep puppy mills running. As with most other things, the supply exists because there is demand.

cute Yorkie sitting

Photo from @bon_hiladel

Early visitation

Once you choose a breeder, and also one of their puppies, make sure to pay them a visit. Many pet parents skip this stage.

But, just because the puppy is too young for you to take it home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see it. Observe how your chosen one interacts with its littermates. This can give you hints about the puppy’s personality and sociability.

If you haven’t decided on a puppy yet, this will give you the opportunity to see which puppies are the most active or shy, and then you can pick one depending on your preference. Early visitation also allows you to check if there are any medical or behavioral concerns in your Yorkshire Terrier or its siblings.

On top of that, being involved from day one ensures that the breeder completes all vaccinations and treatments, such as parasite and heartworm removal. If your new furry friend doesn’t get the required checkups at this stage, then you will have to finance them yourself.

These are the breeder’s responsibilities; however, asking whether they will cover them before paying and collecting all relevant medical papers is yours. Also, if there are any vet appointments that aren’t included, you should know what they are. Don’t be afraid to ask for information and help if you are new to owning a dog, or a Yorkie, in particular.

Health check

Even though medical papers are a requirement, you should also physically check your puppy before taking it home. Checking the overall health condition of a pup includes getting a closer look at its eyes, ears, fur, back, and rear.

If there is discoloration in the coat or any other abnormality, then this is the time to detect it. A sick puppy will probably show visible signs of illness.

Personal connection

All things aside, you are looking for a companion to care for and love. So, when you move past the details of tail height, fur color, and size of the pup, it all comes down to the personal connection you develop with the puppy.

Choosing with your heart will never lead you astray. It doesn’t matter if the puppy is active or shy if you feel a strong bond growing from the first time you see or hold it.

Every dog lover knows the joy that comes from playing with a happy pooch. And, there are few things that are better than the energetic embrace from a pup whose whole world revolves around you.

A Yorkie may be a smaller dog, but the love they hold for their owners is immeasurable. There is nothing more special than holding an adorable puppy in your hands knowing that it is yours to love and cuddle for many years to come.

How expensive is this breed? Final thoughts

Adorable Yorkie dog standing outdoors

By reading through this article, you now have a general idea of how much Yorkies cost.

And, there is no doubt that Yorkies can cost a lot of money. Depending on your desires, they can even reach a price tag of $10,000 or more.

Factors that influence the price of Yorkshire Terriers vary and also depend on the demand for them at any given time. But, you should now be equipped with the knowledge of everything that you should look out for when buying one of these adorable pets.

Whether you buy a champion bloodline Yorkie or you opt for one without papers, you will end up with a cuddly creature that will hardly ever leave your side. Just remember to stay away from backyard breeders and puppy mills for the dog’s sake and yours as well.

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