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How Much Do Yorkies Cost? Yorkshire Terrier Costs Explained

How Much Do Yorkies Cost? Yorkshire Terrier Costs Explained

Yorkshire Terriers are beloved small dogs with big hearts. This is a tiny dog breed that can have a high price tag, something that surprises many unsuspecting future dog owners looking for a new family pet.

Yorkshire Terriers originate from northern England, where the breeders combined many Terrier breeds to get this little but brave dog that was originally known under the name Broken Haired Scotch Terrier, but was also named the Toy Terrier due to its small size.

While originally bred to be a ratter, Yorkies quickly moved inside our homes, becoming the loveable lap dogs we know them as now.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was quickly recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), which officially registered it in 1878.

However, nothing we’ve said explains how much do Yorkies cost – a question that many aspiring Yorkie owners wonder about.

To fully understand the price of a Yorkie, you need to know more than just the initial price. Once you’ve bought your new family companion, you’ll be the one responsible for all his needs. This includes paying for dog food, medical bills, as well as any other expenses that might occur.

So, once you put all this into paper, how much do Yorkies cost to own?

If you’re among people who want to know this, you’re in the right place. We’ll let you know all there is about the Yorkie price and how much it takes to take care of them. This can help you understand the responsibility that goes with dog ownership, and whether you can afford these amazing pups.

Here’s what you need to know:

Yorkie Cost Chart

Since you’re here, you want to know how much do Yorkies cost. We’ll explain everything in great detail, but to let you know upfront what you can expect, we have prepared a cost chart that will let you know everything.

Here are some costs you can expect with your new Yorkshire Terrier puppy:

Puppy price$600 - $2,500
Dog food$45 - $90 a year
Treats$40 - $240 a year
Various supplies$55 - $650 a year

How Much Do Yorkies Cost?

Two Yorkshire terrier dogs on the walk

Despite its tiny size, Yorkshire Terrier isn’t a cheap breed of dog. Quite the opposite – they can be on the more expensive side of the dog price range.

In most locations, you can expect your Yorkie puppy to cost $600 to $2,500. However, it isn’t unheard of for this dog to cost a lot more – up to $10,000 in some instances!

This means that if you want to become a Yorkshire Terrier owner, you’ll need to prepare a hefty sum of money to buy one of these pups.

How Much Do Teacup Yorkies Cost?

Teacup Yorkies are even smaller dogs than standard Yorkshire Terriers. However, they belong to the same dog breed and share the same origin.

As they are a rather popular breed due to their small size, they will usually cost more than standard Yorkshire Terriers. The average price of a Teacup Yorkie is between $1,000 and $3,000, but some breeders will sell them at a higher price.

However, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: The breeding practices behind creating micro Yorkshire Terriers or teacup Yorkies aren’t always the best.

Many teacup Yorkshire Terrier breeders will breed runts to make sure the dogs stay small. Others might even crossbreed them with some other small dog breed, such as a Chihuahua.

While there is nothing wrong with getting a mixed breed dog, especially if he has the features you’re looking for, it’s important for a breeder to be transparent about what they’re selling.

You need to know the exact origin of a dog before you can know how to properly take care of him. Without this knowledge, there is no way of truly understanding how much do Yorkies cost.

What Affects The Yorkshire Terrier Price?

Yorkie dog standing outdoors in sun

While looking for the answer to “How much do Yorkies cost?” you might find yourself annoyed that there isn’t a single price listed as a Yorkie price.

This is because a price of a dog isn’t set in stone and many factors can influence it. This is why some Yorkshire Terriers will cost no more than $600, while others might have a price of $5,000 or more!

Here’s what these determining features are:

The Type Of Breeder

The first and most notable feature that will determine the price of your Yorkshire Terrier is the type of breeder you’re buying him from.

Not all breeders are the same. Their breeding practices are what can influence the price greatly. We’ll explain.

Puppy Mills And Pet Stores

First, you have puppy mills. Puppy mills are locations that serve for reproducing dogs and selling their puppies.

For puppy mills, also known as commercial breeders, dogs are nothing more than a way to earn money. Their goal is to produce as many Yorkshire Terrier puppies as possible as fast as they can.

Unfortunately, this will mean that most of their dogs don’t get the proper care or rest they need. Puppy mills will often over-breed their dogs without caring for the health of the mother dog.

Also, they’ll usually keep their dogs in unsanitary environments, where not only is it not clean enough, but dogs cannot get the proper socialization they need.

As such, most puppies that come from puppy mills have health problems and temperamental issues.

Puppy mills sell their pups at a very affordable price. This is because they don’t invest much in their dogs, and they don’t really care if the future dog owner can afford to take care of them.

If you see Yorkie pups being sold at pet stores, you should be aware that these dogs almost always come from puppy mills.

While we cannot tell you what to do or not to do, we would never recommend buying a Yorkshire Terrier from a pet shop or a commercial breeder.

yorkies in the gold autumn

Backyard Breeders

Next, you have backyard breeders. No, they do not breed dogs in their backyard, but many are not far away from this.

There are two types of backyard breeders:

1. The dog owners that have ended with an unwanted litter of puppies they are now trying to sell.

2. People who are breeding dogs but don’t have the knowledge nor the experience to do this the right way.

This isn’t to immediately say that all backyard breeders are bad. Most love their dogs greatly and take good care of them, which on its own makes them better than puppy mills.

However, these people don’t know proper breeding practices. Most won’t take their dogs for health screenings and they won’t be able to provide you with any paperwork.

With backyard breeders that have ended up with Yorkie puppies on pure accident, you can never be entirely certain whether the dog they’re selling is purebred.

It isn’t uncommon for backyard breeders to sell puppies mixed with Maltese, Schnauzers, or other small dogs. Many won’t do this on purpose. Some won’t know which dog their female Yorkie mated with!

Most backyard breeders will keep their prices lower compared to reputable breeders. They’ll usually sell their Yorkshire Terriers at a price of $1,000 – $1,500.

Reputable Breeders

A reputable breeder will keep their price high – but there is a good reason for this.

Reputable breeders invest a lot of money in their dogs. This includes screenings for various genetic health conditions, high-quality dog food, and approved breeding practices.

If you want to get a healthy dog, a reputable breeder is the way to go. These people will provide you with health clearances and other papers that will let you know the exact condition of the dog you’re planning on getting.

A reputable breeder will rarely sell their purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy for a price that’s lower than $1,500. This is because they need to make up for all the investments, while also charging for their professional services.

Disclaimer: Don’t just look at how much do Yorkies cost at a specific location and just assume that the breeder is reputable or not.

While it’s true that most of the expensive options will mean a dog is purebred and the breeder is reputable, the price shouldn’t be the only indicator of this.

For example, many backyard breeders will sell their dogs at a high price because they know they can. Not only will they earn more money this way – they might also find a larger number of responsible buyers this way.

One of the ways you can differentiate backyard breeders from reputable ones is the location of their listing. A reputable breeder will never sell their dogs on a website such as Craigslist. Most will let a word of mouth be their best advertisement.

You should also look at various amenities a breeder might (not) offer to you. This is the main way to know who you’re dealing with.


adorable yorkie playing outdoors

A licensed breeder will sell their dog with many papers and documentation. This can include pedigree, health clearances, health guarantees, AKC registration papers, and so on.

The more papers a Yorkie breeder provides, the better the quality of your dog. Also, this means fewer expenses from your side later on.

However, many breeders will charge for the papers they’re giving you. While most will give health clearances for free, any other paper, such as proof of bloodline, registration papers, or a health guarantee, might cost you some extra money.

Dog Quality

Not all dogs are of the same quality. No, we’re not talking about which dog makes a better pet. In the professional dog breeding world, a quality dog has a different meaning.

Most of the time, you can get a dog in pet quality and show quality.

Show-quality dogs are dogs that are up to the breed standard in their entirety. They are a prime example of what the breed should look like.

Many show-quality dogs come from long-lasting champion bloodlines. Their ancestors have won dog shows and made a name out of themselves. You might even consider them royals in the canine world.

If you’re looking for a show dog that can participate in the conformation ring, then you absolutely need to get a show-quality dog.

Of course, this also means that show-quality dogs come at a very high price tag.

Pet-quality dogs are dogs with a primary goal to be family pets and not much else. There is nothing wrong with this – quite the opposite. A vast majority of dogs you see on the street are of pet quality.

This is because there really isn’t a reason to get a show-quality dog if you don’t have the interest to participate in dog shows.

Most pet-quality dogs will come at a more affordable price compared to their show-quality counterparts.

Coat Color

cute Yorkie sitting

Photo from: @bon_hiladel

Coat color can greatly influence how much do Yorkies cost. Most rare colors are expensive, and the price of these pups can skyrocket.

For example, a parti Yorkie will easily cost you up to $5,000!

Not just that, but a coat color can let you know whether you’re dealing with a purebred Yorkie or a mixed breed one.

Colors that are considered standard by the AKC or any other major kennel club occur naturally in the dog’s genetics. If a dog comes in a color that isn’t recognized by the AKC, this can be an indication that the dog has been crossbred.

Litter Size

The size of a dog’s litter can also influence the price in more than one way.

In the case of Yorkshire Terriers, the mother dog will usually give birth to two to five puppies per litter, and she’ll have up to two litters a year. This is a fairly common number for many toy breeds.

However, this also means that the breeder won’t have many puppies to sell. As a result, they’ll have to increase the price to cover the costs of raising their dogs.

This small litter size is usually connected with birthing problems. Many toy breeds have problems during labor as their bodies have problems during birth.

Most of the time, a C-section and an intervention by a medical professional will be required to ensure the puppies are born healthy.

This means that breeding Yorkies is expensive on its own – a cost that a breeder needs to charge to the buyer.

Dog Breed Popularity

Finally, dog breed popularity will also determine whether the puppy will be expensive or affordable. This is a simple calculation: The market determines the price.

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that are popular in urban areas where many people live in condos or small apartments. As such, they’ll cost more in large cities and states where many people live in confined spaces.

Also, some dog breeds that gain viral popularity have increased in price due to the high demand. This is something we’ve seen with Corgis.

How Much Do Yorkies Cost Without Papers?

yorkie with a short hair stand on a dirt road

Many dog lovers think that the main reason why licensed breeders charge so much for their dogs is because they provide papers. This can make them wonder how much do Yorkies cost without papers and should they opt for these puppies.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies that don’t come with any papers are more affordable than dogs sold with documents.

In fact, most Yorkies without papers cost between $600 and $1,200. However, you can see them being sold at an even cheaper price – sometimes as low as $400!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Yorkie Without Papers

While this affordable price might sound appealing, there are a few reasons why you should never buy a dog without a single document.

No reputable breeder will sell you a dog without offering any documentation. As such, dogs without papers come from backyard breeders or puppy mills.

Of course, just because a dog is being sold without papers doesn’t mean he is necessarily bad. You can certainly find a high-quality dog even from a backyard breeder!

However, if your dog didn’t come with any documentation, you have no way of knowing his medical background or whether he is truly purebred.

While the purebred status isn’t important for most dog lovers, it’s essential to know this: If a dog isn’t purebred, he might be prone to many dangerous health conditions you’re not expecting, and his behavior might not be up to the breed description.

Some people are okay with this. Others, such as families with children, should always want to get a dog that is up to the breed standard – and the only way to know if he is is to buy a registered dog that comes with papers.

If you’re fine with getting a dog without papers, we’d suggest you adopt a dog from a shelter. There are many purebred dogs being abandoned every day. You might be able to find a Yorkie at your local humane society.

If you choose this option, you’ll only have to pay an adoption fee that will usually cost $50 to $500 – a significantly smaller price compared to buying a dog from a breeder, or even a puppy mill.

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How Much Does A Yorkie Cost Per Year?

Woman vet examining yorkshire terrier

Just because you’ve spent money on your puppy doesn’t mean you’re done with expenses. There are many other costs you can expect as a dog owner.

In general, you can expect to spend around $1,000 a year on your Yorkie dog. However, first-year expenses are always much higher. In fact, they can be as high as $13,000!

We’ll elaborate.

First-Year Expenses

In your first year of dog ownership, there will be some one-time costs that can pile up – but luckily, they won’t repeat once you’ve paid for them.

The first big cost is, of course, the initial puppy price.

Then, you need to count in all the dog supplies that you’ll need to buy. We’ll calculate these expenses later on, but just to give you an idea: Your puppy will need food and water bowls, a dog bed, a collar and a leash, and some dog toys from the first week of being in a new home.

There are also some veterinary expenses that are necessary when your pup is the puppy. The first one is the cost of vaccinations.

Your puppy will need to get at least three vaccines while he is a puppy. Most of the time, the first one will be covered by a breeder – of course, if you’re buying from a reputable one.

All mandatory vaccines that your pup will get during the first year shouldn’t cost you more than $150. However, there are a few more optional shots you can give your pooch, depending on your lifestyle. This is something you should discuss during a vet checkup.

Next to vaccination, your pup should also get medicine for heartworm and other parasites, as well as a microchip with your information on it.

Many breeders and even some state laws will require you to spay or neuter your dog as soon as possible.

Neutering is fairly affordable and it will cost you around $100, with some locations offering it at a price as low as $50.

Spaying is more costly, especially if you count in the recovery process which can take a while. This procedure can cost up to $300.

During the first year, you might also want to pay for pet insurance. This isn’t a mandatory cost but it could provide some security in the long run.

Pet insurance will usually cost you $565 a year if you have a policy that will cover both health problems and injuries. Policies that cover one or the other cost a significantly less sum – sometimes no more than $190.

The Cost Of Feeding A Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that eat a small amount of dog food. While this food should be of high quality, most brands from Amazon and Chewy will be just fine.

A Yorkshire Terrier will eat 60lbs of dry dog food per year. Yes, that means they eat less than half a pound of food each day. 150 calories are more than enough to get them through the day.

This means that dog food isn’t a big expense. You likely won’t be required to spend more than $90 a year.

Of course, you’ll also want to give your dog a treat from time to time. Compared to dog food, treats can be more expensive. In fact, they might end up costing you $240 a year – almost three times more than you’d pay for food.

Dog Supplies Cost

You’ll need to provide your dog with some supplies. The problem with calculating how much do Yorkie supplies cost is in the fact that many supplies don’t have an expiration date. You buy them, then use them until they break or wear out.

When you first go dog shopping, you can expect to spend between $150 and $650 on all dog supplies. This includes food and water bowls, house training pads, toys, bed, crate, harness, ID tag, and anything else that you might think of.

Try to be reasonable when buying pet supplies. You don’t want to buy some extremely expensive stuff just because it looks cute or because it comes from a famous brand.

However, you also shouldn’t buy the cheapest things, as such items are rarely long-lasting.

Medical Costs

Your dog will require some health care, and this will cost you.

After his first year, your dog should have at least one annual health check. Depending on what the vet does, this checkup should cost you between $250 and $650.

Older dogs will usually fall into the higher price range, as they’ll require some blood work and stool checkups.

The problem arises if your pooch happens to develop some health issue. This can cause vet bills to pile up, and this can sometimes be challenging to pay.

Some health problems are long-lasting. While the medicine doesn’t cost too much, you might have to give it to your pup every day for as long as he lives.

Others might require expensive surgeries that can end up costing you more than $10,000!

This is why it’s important to buy a dog with health clearances. Sure, you’ll pay a higher initial sum, but you’ll make sure your dog is healthy and free of most genetic health conditions.

​While this doesn’t mean your dog will never get sick, it highly reduces the chances of genetic illnesses. In the long run, you’ll actually save more money than you’ve invested in buying a dog from a reputable breeder.

Additional Costs

Yorkshire Terrier Sitting In Green Grass

Finally, there are some additional costs that aren’t mandatory but are worth considering. Here are some of them:

Dog walking is a good investment for people who cannot walk their dog every day. A 30-minute walk usually costs $15 – $25.

Professional dog training isn’t mandatory for Yorkies, but it is advised. If you take your dog on 5-7 private lessons, expect to pay $750 to $1,000. Try to squeeze in at least one group session that will likely cost you $150 to $200.

A professional dog groomer can help you take good care of Yorkies delicate coat. An entire session for small dogs that includes bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and brushing (sometimes even a haircut) costs $40 on average. You should take your Yorkie to a groomer 3 to 6 times a year.

Dog boarding is for dog owners who travel and cannot take their dog with them. This can cost $25 to $85 a day.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Worth The Price?

Yorkshire terrier playing in the park on the grass

Now that you know how much do Yorkies cost, you might wonder, are they worth this high price? The best answer would be:

It depends on what you’re expecting from your dog.​

No matter the price, all dogs make amazing pets. Canines are loveable companions, no matter the dog breed or the price tag they carry.

However, if you’d like a small dog with specific characteristics, then you should definitely invest in a healthy dog that comes from a reputable breeder.

When you pay a breeder, you’re creating a connection that will last for as long as your dog is alive. Also, you’ll ensure that your dog lives as long as possible while also saving money on expensive vet bills.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you’d like to pay money for an expensive dog or not.

One word of advice, though: Don’t buy a dog that you cannot afford to take care of. Dogs are living beings with their needs and they depend on you.

While accidents and struggles can always happen, try to make a calculation and understand how much do Yorkies cost. Include the care costs, as well.

If you can afford them, Yorkshire Terriers make amazing family companions. We are certain you won’t regret choosing them.

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