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Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Ontario: 10 Awesome Choices

Best Bernedoodle Breeders In Ontario: 10 Awesome Choices

Do you live in Ontario, Canada? Are you thinking of getting a cute pup for your family? And, do you want a family-suitable dog, such as a Golden Retriever? Can I recommend something a bit different, but just as cute and loveable?

If you are ready for a cute adventure, look at these Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario! The choice is respectable, and I believe anyone can find something for themselves.

Just give yourself in and dive into the soft and fluffy world of super adorable Doodles. You will primarily find some super fine Bernedoodles, but there are a few cute additions.

The breeders here are doing their best job in love-matching sassy Poodles and markant Bernese Mountain Dogs, and it has been shown as a very successful match with a lot of cute offspring.

Doodles of all kinds have such wonderful traits like low shedding, a hypoallergenic coat, smartness, and good looks.

Bernedoodles have picked up the best from both Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs and mixed it into super-adorable smooshy matches. And, it is a match one simply can’t resist.

So, I invite you to stay here, scroll on, and enjoy!

Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale In Ontario

1. GoldenBelle Kennels

bernedoodle puppy sleeping on carpet

Come and meet the first Bernedoodle breeder in Ontario on our super adorable list. Get ready to feel overpowered with cuteness.

The choice is fine here. There are Bernedoodles, and also Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Cuteness comes in three sizes here.

Did you know that there are many mini Doodle breeds? And, you can find three of them here. They have the standard version, mini doodles, and also a super-shrinked version, the petite doodle.

How To Get A Puppy

The first step you need to do to get yourself a companion dog is fill out a puppy application for the desired breed and size. These breeders advise you to read about breeds to find out which one you want.

You will get a dog that has a four-year health guarantee, which is awesome, and not to forget that their dogs get all vaccinations, deworming, and heartworm prevention. They also get microchipped before they are handed to you.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Lucknow, Ontario, Canada

Phone: +15194509820

Email: [email protected]

Website: GoldenBelle Kennels

2. Karah Kennels

bernedoodle puppy in the park playing with a ball

You said you were looking for a family pet? Look no more. At Karah Kennels, you will find perfect designer Doodles.

Look at the best Doodle breeds for every kind of owner so you can decide which one to choose. This is an important step because you will want all of them. You can choose Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles.

How To Get A Puppy

First, you should get in touch by sending a message. Then, if you are still interested in getting a puppy, the next step is to fill out a puppy application.

All of their dogs are very carefully cared for because they have one goal – to provide you with happy and healthy puppies. Check out the rest of the purchasing process that these reputable breeders require.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Napanee, Ontario, Canada

Phone: +16134840488

Email: [email protected]

Website: Karah Kennels

Facebook: Karah Kennels

3. CCL&B

cute bernadoodle puppy posing

CCL&B stands for Canadian Chocolate Labradoodles and Bernedoodles, and that is pretty much what these dog breeders are all about. They are mostly about chocolate, to be honest.

Among all the Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario, these are maybe the sweetest. When it comes to Bernedoodle colors, you can choose dark brown, milk chocolate, brown, cafe colors, and lavender.

How To Get A Puppy

If you want an F1 Bernedoodle or a special blend of an American and Australian Labradoodle, then hurry to fill out their puppy application.

These standard Bernedoodles have an extra trait – they are hypoallergenic… not to mention that each dog has passed all of its health tests. The price of their tricolor Bernedoodles is $4500.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: CCL&B

Facebook: CCL&B

Instagram: CCL&B

4. Maple Breeze Kennels

bernadoodle puppy sitting on a lawn

Maple Breeze Kennels found a place for themselves in the middle of our list of the best Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario.

Tim Wiebe, along with his family, is providing a home sweet home on their big farm for their sweet Doodles. And, what kind of Maple Breeze Kennels would they be if there were no maples around?

How To Get A Puppy

What distinguishes these breeders is their approach to breeding dogs as well as puppies. They look at this process as an opportunity to teach children to be responsible for all of God’s creatures.

So, if you like this approach, and you have made up your mind about getting one of these Bernedoodles that are as sweet as maple syrup, then you better put yourself on their waiting list.

Afterward, fill out the puppy application, and prepare around $3000 depending on the color.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Listowel, Canada

Phone: +15194966651

Email: [email protected]

Website: Maple Breeze Kennels

5. Silver Lining Doodles

bernadoodle puppy lying on the grass in the park

All of their focus is on raising perfect family dogs that will have outstanding temperament, appearance, and health. What more could you ask for?

You will find Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles here. Check them out. You will also find cute Aussiedoodles with adorable haircuts, and trust me… Bernedoodle haircuts are just as cute.

How To Get A Puppy

The first step is the hardest one here. You have to decide if you want a medium Bernedoodle or maybe a mini Bernedoodle. Oh, and it gets harder because they also have Tiny versions.

After you have decided, it is time for the puppy application. Their prices go from $4000 and up. There is also a waiting list so be prepared for that.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Silver Lining Doodles

Facebook: Silver Lining Doodles

If you are looking for the best Mini Bernedoodle breeders in the United States, check them out here.

6. Halton Hills Doodles

bernadoodle puppy sitting beside a ball in the yard

These Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario are like five-star premium hotels for all sorts of Doodles. They like to say that they have premium dogs.

Dare to meet cute Sheepadoodles, Labradoodles, and Bernedoodles. These sweethearts are being raised with a whole lotta love on a farm where they can be free-spirited and happy.

They are used to adults and children alike, and they have been exposed to all sorts of situations.

How To Get A Puppy

What do you get in the puppy package once you have the opportunity to buy a dog? They can offer you a puppy for $3500 minimal, with all the additional features.

These features include a one-year health guarantee, confirmations of vaccinations, dewormings, and a microchip, and a puppy pack containing his personal stuff.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: North Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Halton Hills Doodles

Facebook: Halton Hills Doodles

7. Willow Brooke Bernedoodles

bernadoodle puppy running in the yard

Ron Kuepfer, and his family and his dogs, enjoy life on a large property surrounded with enchanting flora. And, the dogs also like farm living.

They have been recognised by the Dogs Journal, which has placed them on the list of the Best Bernedoodle breeders in the world.

You will find medium and standard Bernedoodle here.

How To Get A Puppy

What you will get is a Bernedoodle whose parent Bernese Mountain Dog was raised by the breed standards. Also, its Poodle parent is raised by its breed standards.

Their dogs have either a wavy or curly coat, and if you have ever wondered if Bernedoodles shed, the answer is very little, which is another positive trait.

There is a puppy application on their website that guides you through the process of purchasing a dog. You will also get a health guarantee proving all the necessary vaccinations, deworming, and microchipping.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Baden, Ontario, Canada

Phone: +15195805865

Email: [email protected]

Website: Willow Brooke Bernedoodles

Facebook: Willow Brooke Bernedoodles

8. LMT Bernedoodles

bernadoodle puppy lying on the lawn and posing

Next on our list of Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario are located in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. They would like to let you know that their aim in breeding is to leave a healthy legacy behind them.

When a breeder has that kind of intention, then you know they are a reputable breeder. Besides being conscientious, they also have a lot of experience in breeding, along with a true passion, which is maybe the most important part.

So, here, you have the whole package.

How To Get A Puppy

First things first, you have to introduce yourself. So, hoppity hop to their site and fill out their form, which is the initial way to contact them. Or, just give them a call and learn the details.

These dogs cost approximately $3000, and you will have to put down a deposit so that the breeders can be sure you are genuinely interested in their dogs. Then, it is time for the puppy contract.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Phone: +2896855578

Website: LMT Bernedoodles

9. Supreme Labradoodles & Bernedoodles

adorable bernadoodle puppy lying on the ground

These are really among the supreme Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario. They can be considered experts as they have more than 14 years of tradition and love for these pups.

It was love between one standard Poodle and one Bernese Mountain Dog that produced their first puppies.

So, you will definitely find the standard version here, and if you are looking for a medium-sized dog, they have them, too.

They believe that dogs are more than just dogs.

How To Get A Puppy

First, you should call them to show interest in one or more of their dogs. They will give you instructions on how to behave with your new Doodle, and also inform you about everything so that you can decide whether that is your cup of tea.

Then, for the price of $3800, you will get your new ball of delight and a new best friend. He will come with a two-year health guarantee, and all vaccinations, deworming, and certificates.

If you want cuteness overload, I recommend visiting their website because there are a lot of cute pictures there.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada

Phone: +5197787352

Website: Supreme Labradoodles & Bernedoodles

10. Riverview Bernedoodles

cute wet bernadoodle puppy in the garden

Last on our list of Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario is Riverview Bernedoodles. They won’;t reveal much about themselves, but here is what we know.

They have three dogs: River, Cooper, and Bella, and they are the foundation for upcoming litters.

How To Get A Puppy

You will have to make a deposit, and then when the dog becomes pregnant, you will get a notice to prepare yourself for the arrival.

The price is determined when the litter is delivered. And, when you choose your puppy, you will have to sign a puppy contract.
After eight weeks, you can take your new furry friend to your and his forever home.

Details About The Breeder:

Address: Corunna, Ontario, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Website: Riverview Bernedoodles

Facebook: Riverview Bernedoodles


Did you enjoy our list of the finest Bernedoodle breeders in Ontario? Aren’t they super cute? I just can’t decide which breeder I like the most. They are all awesome.

The best thing is that you can choose which color you would like your Bernedoodle to be as well as its size. There is also a choice between mini, petite, medium, and standard.

All in all, this was one fun and fluffy ride through Ontario’s sweetest and most precious spots. I hope that you enjoyed it, and that you are even more inspired to enrich your life with a new furry best friend.


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