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9 Cutest Bernedoodle Haircuts For Your Dog (With Pics)

9 Cutest Bernedoodle Haircuts For Your Dog (With Pics)

The Bernedoodle dog breed is definitely a charming dog adorned with a wonderful and unique coat that needs a little more attention than other dog breeds’ coats.

This dog breed, a mixture of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog, was bred to be a companion of great temperament. They picked up all the best from both parent breeds in order to make the perfect family dog.

For a doodle’s long coat, it is essential that you take care of it in the proper way, which means that your pet needs regular brushing and grooming. This includes your cute Doodle’s haircut.

Whether you decide to visit a professional groomer, or you bravely decide to do it yourself, we prepared a list of the most adorable hairstyles for your pup that you can show to a groomer or watch and follow while doing the (hopefully) best haircut your Doodle ever had.

Keep reading and let me show you which Bernedoodle haircuts we chose to be the cutest ever!

9 Dashing Bernedoodle Haircuts

We understand that for Bernedoodle owners, their companion can be a bit high maintenance, and that choosing the right hairstyle can be quite challenging, but with these Bernedoodle haircut styles we prepared for you, your search is over right here, right now.

Let’s check them out!

1. Bernedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Bernedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

We’ll start with the Teddy Bear cut, which has been very popular for a long period of time. If you want your Doodle to look as cute as he can be, this is your go-to option.

This haircut is defined by clipping a dog’s hair in a length of about one and a half inches. The head hair is made into a fluffy, roundish shape, while the feet are in oblique shape. It’s up to you to also scissor the Doodle’s ears just like its head hair into a fluffy, roundish shape to make a full Teddy Bear look.

2. Bernedoodle Mohawk Cut

Bernedoodle Mohawk Cut

Photo from: @thepawspakaysville

The Mohawk cut is a very rare, but special hairstyle you can see on Bernedoodles. How is this haircut styled?

Well, the groomer first does the Kennel Cut first – he clips the hair to make a very fluffy impression, then leaves a line of hair on the top of the Doodle’s head, which is the so-called Mohawk.

For a more interesting look, some dog owners want that line longer and even dyed, so there is no doubt that this Mohawk cut would make anyone look twice.

3. Bernedoodle Winter Cut

Bernedoodle Winter Cut

The Winter Cut is a typical hairstyle for winter months, and places where it is colder than usual. It is supposed to keep your dog warm, with slightly longer hair all over its body. What is it like?

The chest, legs, and face have one inch of hair, while the rest of the body hair is between 1.5 and three inches trimmed. The pads are cut with a 40 blade, and the hair of the feet is the same.

Don’t choose this haircut if you live in a warmer climate, so you don’t cause overheating. You should also be aware that if you choose this hairstyle for your pup, you’ll visit the groomer more often because their longer hair will get matted and tangled.

Make sure that you explain to a groomer what length of hair you want on your pooch, so there is no misunderstanding.

4. Bernedoodle Lamb Cut

Bernedoodle Lamb Cut

The Lamb Cut is, in my opinion, the cutest hairstyle on a Bernedoodle because it looks so neat and clean. This hairstyle is the best pick if you have a Bernedoodle with a curly coat.

The hair is a little bit longer and fuzzy on the body, just like the hair on the legs. The tail, feet, and face are trimmed closely, but a fuzzy knob of hair is left on the top of the head and around the ears.

5. Bernedoodle Kennel Cut

Bernedoodle Kennel Cut

Photo from: @nin.grooms

The Kennel Cut is common short hair, which means that the dog’s coat is the same length all over its body. This haircut will save your dog from matting, dirt, and tangles.

It is very easy to keep this haircut because it is essentially shaved all over the body. Plus, it is safe to say that with this hairstyle, your dog will definitely not overheat.

6. Bernedoodle Puppy Cut

Bernedoodle Puppy Cut

The Bernedoodle Puppy Cut fits not only puppies, but also adult Bernedoodles. This hairstyle is defined by hair that is even all throughout the dog’s body – about one to two inches long.

The aim of this style is for the dog’s coat to look fluffy and layered along the sides of the body. The hair on the head is also in layers, but you can choose what length you want your doodle to have. There is no doubt that your dog will look absolutely cute.

7. Bernedoodle Summer Cut

The Summer Cut is a type of Winter Cut, but the dog’s coat is shaved shorter all over its body, so that you prevent it from overheating during warmer months. The length of the hair is one inch on the legs, less than an inch on the body, and keeping the longer hair on the tail.

This usual hairstyle for Bernedoodles is a great choice if you live in a warmer climate and your dog loves activities. Some dog owners trim their Doodles when the spring comes, so their fur has time to grow back just when the colder months arrive.

8. Bernedoodle Poodle Cut

Bernedoodle Poodle Cut

Photo from: @modernavepetparlor

The Poodle Cut is just like the Lamb Cut – perfect for doodles that took their curls from their Poodle parent. This hairstyle is essentially clipped short on the legs and body, while there is longer hair left on the dog’s chest, ankles, upper back, and head.

This haircut is fluffier, and although you picture the Poodle most of the time, this looks adorable on Bernedoodles, especially if they have strong curls.

9. Bernedoodle Lion Cut

Although this is a very popular hairstyle for Pomeranians, the Lion Cut can be seen on Bernedoodles as well. This haircut is defined by clipping the hair closely on the body, chest, and legs, but leaving knots of hair on the head, neck, tail, and feet. Like that, it looks like a lion’s mane.

If you decide to give your doodle this haircut, make sure that you visit a professional groomer who already knows this type of hairstyle, so your pooch can have the best haircut ever.

Bernedoodle Coat Types

Bernedoodle sitting on grass

Now, a little bit about the Bernedoodle’s coat. From the Bernese Mountain Dog, a doodle can pick up a thick double coat, while their undercoat can be wooly and their outer coat can be a bit longer and bushy. His long hair will probably need daily brushing because he sheds a lot.

His poodle parents have one coat of hair that contains heavy, curly hair. Because of the Poodle’s genes, your Bernedoodle’s hair will be prone to matting and tangles. Unlike Bernese hair, Poodle hair doesn’t shed much. So, unregular dog grooming will irritate your dog and he will definitely not be happy about it.

Let’s see what coat types the Bernedoodle has because which hairstyle will look the best depends on them.

Straight Coat

Dogs that have the straight coat have a fuzzy look and a loose wave – they don’t shed a lot, and are very easy to keep and take care of, but they need regular brushing to avoid tangles and mats while showing off the wonderful coat colors.

Curly Coat

Dogs that lean mostly toward the Poodle parent have curls that don’t shed much, but also need everyday brushing in order to prevent tangles and mats.

Wavy Coat

Dogs that have a wavy coat have neither straight hair nor curls. Their hair is somewhat wavy, and requires brushing in order to keep the coat neat.

Bernedoodle Grooming – DIY

Bernedoodle sitting on dock outside

If you are not interested in professional grooming, we prepared some tips and tricks you’ll definitely need if you decide that you’ll do a grooming session at home. First things first, let’s see what tools you’ll need before you can start the grooming process:

• grooming table

• slicker brush, pin brush, or bristle brush

• comb

• shampoo

• dog hair clippers

• nail clippers

• grooming scissors

• detangler sprays

• thinning shears

• cleaning tools

• shampoo

Now that you are properly equipped, we can start with grooming tips. What should you do?

• Regular brushing: As we know, a Bernedoodle’s hair is easy to mat and tangle. Regular brushing will prevent all that, so make sure that if you have time, brush their hair on a daily basis.

Baths before cuts: You should definitely give your Doodle a bath before you decide to trim their hair.

Time for Bernedoodle Haircuts: Whether you do it at home or you visit a professional groomer, it is essential that you give your dog haircuts.

• Trimming their nails: You should trim your doodle’s nails every week. If your doggy shows any signs of fear, you can use our tips on how to sedate a dog for nail clipping.

• Cleaning their ears: To avoid ear infections, make sure to clean your dog’s ears every time you give them a bath.

• Cleaning their eyes: You should clean your doodle’s eyes every day.

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Final Thoughts

Bernedoodle walking on grass

Did you know that out of all doodles, such as the Goldendoodle, the Labradoodle, and the Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodles are healthier than their purebred parents? There is no doubt that you got yourself the perfect puppy!

No wonder you are interested in giving your doodle the best haircut ever. I hope that this list of the 9 cutest Bernedoodle haircuts will help you decide which grooming style is the right match for your companion.

It depends on your preferences and your will to make your dog stand out, but make sure that you pick the right haircut based on your local climate, so your dog will not only look great with a new haircut, but will also be very comfortable with it.

And do keep in mind that, unless you’re doing the haircuts yourself (always best to ask a groomer to do it), they will end up adding to the Bernedoodle maintenance cost, so only do it if it’s within your budget.

With their loyalty that they inherited from the Bernese, and their intelligence that they inherited from the Poodle, a haircut from this list will be just icing on the cake!

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