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Key Answers To Why Does My Rottweiler Follow Me Everywhere

Key Answers To Why Does My Rottweiler Follow Me Everywhere

As a fairly large and powerful dog breed, Rottweilers are often misunderstood. Many people believe they are very intimidating and dangerous, but deep down, they are one of the most affectionate dog breeds that have wonderful temperaments. 

It is not uncommon at all for these dogs to exhibit very clingy behavior, which is why many Rottie owners ask themselves, why does my Rottweiler follow me everywhere?”

You might find it extremely weird or even annoying at times, but there are many logical reasons why your pooch might be acting this way. Let’s learn a little more about the Rottweiler’s behavior and all their little quirks.

7 Reasons Why Your Rottweiler Follows You Everywhere

woman and her dog hugging in nature

A lot of people say that if you have a dog, you can say goodbye to your privacy, or you’ll never be alone again. In most cases, this is completely true since a lot of dogs can be extremely clingy or attached to their owner. 

The Rottweiler is no exception; moreover, they are one of the breeds known for their affectionate and clingy behavior. Let’s see what the cause of this very cute behavior is:

1. Your Rottie Loves You So Much 

The first and probably the most common reason why your dog is so attached to you is that he simply loves you so much that he wants to spend every second of his day with you. You are everything to your Rottie, and this is his way of showing it. 

Dogs are pack animals, and for one family dog, you and the rest of your family are his pack… his everything in this world. Your dog probably sees you as his parent, and someone whom he respects and whom he should follow everywhere. 

Dogs can also imprint on people, just like cats and some other animals. Between 3 and 12 weeks of age is usually considered the imprinting period. 

This is a very sensitive period in the puppy’s life where he learns about the individuals around him, and is capable of forming a special relationship with a certain person. 

If you got your Rottweiler very young, it could be possible that he imprinted on you, and now he sees you as his all-time favorite person and immediate caregiver. 

2. Positive Reinforcement 

It is also very common that this kind of clingy behavior is a result of positive reinforcement and learned behavior in dogs. 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), positive reinforcement is a training technique that involves rewarding your dogs for certain behavior or things they do right. 

Usually, this kind of reinforcement is done purposely with treats and your dog’s favorite food, but it can also happen accidentally. 

Let’s imagine this… your Rottweiler suddenly starts to follow you around the house, and when you notice him, you greet him happily, give him attention, pet him, or probably even start to play with him. 

This might seem like nothing to you, but your dog’s brain works differently. He is probably thinking something along the lines: “Hey, I followed him, he gave me attention, this must be what I need to do from now on”.  

If this happens multiple times, your dog will soon learn that if he wants something from you, he needs to either follow you around or be with you all the time. 

3. It’s Natural Behavior For Rotties 

man cuddling rottweiler dog indoors

Some dog breeds are simply more clingy than others, and Rottweilers are definitely one of them. Although it might be hard to imagine, Rottweilers are definitely “velcro dogs”

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Due to their long history of being amazing guard dogs, they are naturally protective and extremely loyal to their family. 

They are very people-pleasing dogs, and they can be extremely connected to their owner. So, one of the reasons why your Rottweiler follows you everywhere might just be that he is trying to protect you from any danger. 

4. Separation Anxiety/Anxiety Disorder

Dogs that are usually very clingy and develop this rather unhealthy attachment often suffer from separation anxiety or some kind of anxiety disorder. 

Dogs are usually very sensitive to changes in their environment, so even a small alternation in their everyday life can cause them major stress and anxious feelings

Your Rottweiler might be following you around because he is sensing that you are leaving, and he doesn’t want you to. 

Moreover, when you come back to the house, he will most likely follow you around everywhere because he doesn’t want you to leave him anymore. 

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, and you have to go to work every day, you need to find a solution to keep him entertained and happy; otherwise, he might become depressed. 

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5. They’re Social Butterflies 

We can say that Rottweilers are little social butterflies. They can be pretty aloof with strangers, but when it comes to their family and the people they like, they will want to be around them all the time. 

Rottweilers like to know what is going on, even if that means following you to the bathroom and waiting for you to finish your shower, for example. 

Your Rottie can be so attached to you that he only wants to hang out with you and play. Since he doesn’t understand that you also have other obligations, he will try to follow you everywhere and be a part of all your everyday chores. 

6. Woof, Woof… I Have To Tell You Something

woman hugging her rottweiler in the park

If your Rottweiler is suddenly following you around, it can be that he is trying to communicate something to you.

If you notice that your dog is trying to nudge you in a certain direction, or he is showing some other signs such as rumbling or barking while he is following you, it is most likely that he wants to tell or show you something. 

It can be that he is hungry, thirsty, or that he needs to go to the bathroom. In other cases, if your Rottie is unusually clingy and attached to you all of a sudden, unfortunately, he might be unwell and needs to go to the veterinarian. 

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Some dogs can even sense that something is not alright with their owner, either physically or mentally, so they become unusually clingy, trying to comfort you and show you their love and affection. 

7. They’re Bored

Lastly, your Rottweiler might be following you around because he/she is bored and craves attention and entertainment. Rottweilers are usually pretty good with being alone, but just as any dog in the canine world, they need their mental and physical stimulation. 

Rottweilers are a very active breed of dog, and they need at least two hours of exercise a day, which means that you need to secure lots of fun for these furry pooches. 

If your dog does not receive enough exercise, it might become destructive and depressed, so if you want your Rottie to stay happy and healthy, you need to make sure that he spends a lot of quality time with you every day. 

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To Sum It All Up

If you want to do something about your clingy dog, you definitely need to find out why your Rottweiler follows you everywhere. Rotties are extremely smart, and can be easily trained; however, you cannot start with training if you don’t know the exact cause of a certain behavior. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you, and you’re one step closer to figuring out why your Rottweiler is so attached to you. 

I know that this can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially if you really need to do some chores and your big dog is bothering you, but please remember that in most cases, this kind of behavior is simply the result of his enormous love for you. 

It is a great privilege to have something in this world that loves you in this way, so please cherish it while you still have the chance. 

Does your Rottweiler follow you everywhere? Tell us all about it in the comments below. We love to hear your stories. 

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