Why Does My Dog Stand On Me:  7 Possible Reasons


1. It’s A Call For Playtime

Your dog standing on you is simply a learned behavior in which your pet is trying to get your attention and make you play.

2. They Want To Cuddle

Aside from laying in your lap, a dog lick is another way of showing affection.

3. Your Dog Is Clingy

Sometimes, this behavior can be overwhelming, especially when you need to leave the house for a couple of hours.

4. The Dog Might Be Sick

Some puppies are extremely clingy during sickness as they seek attention and help from their owner.

5. Asserting Protective Behavior

Dogs are human companions that will do anything to protect their humans if they sense upcoming danger.

6. They Are Trying To Communicate

You may think that your puppy is acting weird at times, but that’s just their way of communicating.

7. It’s Feeding Time, Hooman!

Some pooches have a funny way of showing that they are hungry and that it is time to feed them.