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Maltese Breeders In Ontario: Best 5 Choices

Maltese Breeders In Ontario: Best 5 Choices

The Maltese, the Spaniel Gentle, the Bichon, the Maltese Lion Dog… These are all synonyms! They’re all one dog breed – the Maltese!

A popular choice with families, the Maltese will charm you with their sweet temperament and lovely appearance. If you’ve decided to get one of these pups, then you’ll definitely need good Maltese breeders in Ontario.

I do have to warn you that I could not find many breeders of the Malt in this area. That is, I couldn’t find any reliable breeders you’d be satisfied with.

The group of breeders that I did find is trustworthy people with puppies of superior quality. I’m sure you’ll be able to find the ideal Maltese puppy with some of these listed breeders.

If not, better place yourself on their waiting list because you won’t be able to find anyone better than JB, Polaris, Mapleview, Willowbrook, or Pieridae Mercers in the entire province of Canada!

Trust me – their puppies are absolutely worth the wait!

Maltese Puppies For Sale In Ontario

If you want Maltese pups that are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club, and puppies of good health, then you must check out the following breeders!

1. JB Little Maltese Reg’d

Maltese puppy in grass

A family team of Maltese lovers from Kakabeka Falls is one of the finest Maltese breeders in Ontario and the rest of Canada. These are stone-hard professionals driven with their love for the sweetest little dog breed – the Maltese.

Not only do they breed Maltese pups, but they also groom and prepare Maltese dogs to come to dog shows and wear blue ribbons!

JB Maltese pups have often won Best in Show, Best Specialty Show, as well as many toy-group competitions, and Best of Breed awards.

As you can see, JB is focused on producing stellar Maltese pups.

Outside the show ring, JB Maltese pups are equally successful. They’re beloved companions and sweet dogs you just want to hold tightly.

JB Maltese puppies come from hand-picked breeding stock from all over the world. Their pups are microchipped and registered with the CKC.

What truly bought me with this breeder is their commitment to puppy training. When you get your JB Maltese, he or she will already be litterbox trained!

Barbara, from JB Maltese, wants you to know that their pups have been submitted to various health tests. They’re free of any hereditary conditions and parasites.

Once you get a JB Maltese, you’ll also get a big family where love and support are all that matters.

Breeder’s details

Website: JB Little Maltese

Phone: (807) 633-8289

Email: [email protected]

2. Mapleview Maltese

Maltese walking on grass

For over 28 years, Mapleview Maltese has been in the breeding business, learning, improving, and building a foundation of a breeding program you can trust.

There was nothing easier for them to fall in love with than the Maltese dog breed. These pups are beyond sweet and attractive. And, that’s the reason why many families decide to get a Maltese.

Mapleview Maltese dogs come from a small, family-oriented breeder. Their breeding program is strict and selective. Only the finest examples of the breed can be used as their breeding stock.

That’s why each Mapleview puppy comes with a two-year health warranty on any major hereditary condition. Also, a nice puppy package will be provided to help you and your puppy with the transition.

This is not a professional kennel. All breeding takes place inside the family home. This ensures that the puppies are handled from the moment they breathe their first breath. They’re socialized and playful, just like Maltese pups should be.

To get one of these gorgeous babies, you’ll need to have a budget of $3,500. If you take into consideration what you get, and you get a premium Maltese, then this price isn’t hefty at all!

Purebred dogs will always cost more. But, pure Maltese pups will also bring more than some crosses like the Maltese x Poodle, or Morkie puppies (Maltese x Yorkie)

Breeder’s details

Website: Mapleview Maltese

Address: Barrie, Ontario

Email: [email protected]

3. Willowbrook Kennel

Maltese running outside

Normally, I tend to recommend breeders who are focused on breeding at home. Occasionally, breeders have proven themselves worthy of my time, so I figure that you’re going to love them, too.

That is, until I found out about Willowbrook Kennel. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with kennels if they’re clean and spacious. Kennel dogs should have plenty of room to roam and feel free. If you add a state-of-the-art kennel by Willowbrook, that’s a jackpot!

The reason why I added Willowbrook to this list is their superior professionality and commitment to breeding only the soundest Maltese puppies. Also, their variety of Maltese-related breeds is another bonus.

Besides purebred Maltese pups, Willowbrook breeds adorable Yorkie crosses and Toy Poodle crosses, as well as Maltipoo puppies.

All these puppies are loved and showered with care. They’re perfectly healthy, with all their first shots, and they are free of all parasites. Willowbrook puppies are the happiest pups you’ll find in the area. They’re not show dogs – they’re companions that will enrich their new home.

Given the fact that this is a freshly-renovated kennel, you can only expect nothing less than perfection with Willowbrook. If you don’t believe me, you will believe your eyes once you visit them in West Montrose.

Breeder’s details

Website: Willowbrook Kennel

Address: 1232 Northfield Drive East, R.R. #2 West Montrose, Ontario, Canada, N0B 2V0

Phone: 519-664-0645

Email: [email protected]

4. Pieridae Mercers Maltese And Papillons

Maltese running on grass

For over 26 years, Mercer’s Papillons and Malteses have been winning dog shows and making their forever home a happier place. This is where the story of your happy, healthy puppy begins.

At Mercer’s Maltese and Papillons, you’ll find not only babies for adoption, but also retired dogs that need a new chance and a loving home for their senior years. It’s not unusual to adopt a retired mom and her puppy into the same home. Why don’t you give this a try?

No matter which option you choose, I have to inform you about a few things about Mercer’s breeding practice. This is one of those breeders who doesn’t believe that over-vaccinating is a good thing. Mercer’s pups are minimally vaccinated, but are still sound.

The focus of their breeding program isn’t constant vet checkups or treatments for all sorts of things. They have a rather natural approach that you’re gonna love.

However, not everyone can adopt a Mercer Maltese. They’re very strict with their adoption policy, and they will only allow you to adopt if you tick some of the boxes they have. For example, Mercer prefers that you adopt their Maltese into a home where there’s already another small dog.

This will ensure that their Maltese puppy will have company when you’re not around, and that it won’t suffer from anxiety.

Also, if you don’t have a home with a fenced yard, adopting a Maltese will not be an option for you. At least, not with this breeder.

I encourage you to think well before adopting a Malt puppy. I understand you probably love them for being hypoallergenic, but these pups are so much more than that!

Breeder’s details

Website: Pieridae Mercers Maltese And Papillons

Phone: 905-797-3074

Other: Contact form

5. Polaris Maltese

Maltese sitting on carpet

Polaris Maltese is the name behind an exclusive Maltese breeder. Here, they breed and raise Malt puppies for companionship. But, winning dog shows isn’t something these pups aren’t used to.

Polaris is one of those hobby breeders who doesn’t have many available puppies per year. They’re focused on quality, not quantity. That’s why if you want a Polaris Maltese, you’ll have to be put on their waiting list.

Contact the breeder for information on the pricing, and to be placed on their puppy list. Otherwise, you’ll hardly get a little Polaris companion.

These dogs have been submitted to genetic testing, and they have Embark certifications. All of them also have health guarantees, and come free of parasites.

All in all, Polaris Malts are near perfection. If you visit their Facebook page, you’ll see that for yourself. Honestly, I was pawsitively surprised with how stunning these dogs look.

You’ll hardly find better Maltese puppies in the Toronto area. So, better rush in and contact the breeder!

Breeder’s details

Website: Polaris Maltese

Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook and Instagram


Maltese lying on grass

How Much Should A Maltese Cost In Canada?

Purebred Maltese dogs aren’t cheap. That’s something you should know before you even think of adopting a Maltese. These are small, almost teacup dogs, with fragile frames and delicate temperaments. In addition, they’re from Europe, which adds to their price.

The Maltese price in Canada usually starts at around $2,000. I’ve seen puppies that are usually listed for $2,500. I know this is pricey compared to some dog breeds. But, Maltese pups are still more affordable than Pomeranians, Bichons, Shih Tzus, or other tiny or teacup dog breeds.

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Why Are Maltese Pups Such Good Pets?

There are many reasons why a Maltese pup should find a home with you. They’re one of the sweetest, smallest, and most spectacular dog breeders known in the canine kingdom. Here’s why they’re so pawesome!

Hypoallergenic Dogs

The biggest reason why many people decide to adopt a Maltese is their hypoallergenic status. Malteses aren’t a groomer’s nightmare. You do have to brush them regularly, but heavy shedding is not an option with these pups.

It is proven that Malteses don’t trigger severe dog-related allergies, and they can easily be adopted into a home with allergic people.

Long Lifespan

These fluffy, white pups are blessed with quite a long lifespan. In addition, they’re blessed with being very healthy.

If you take good care of these pups, you can expect them to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. That’s truly pawmazing!

Delightful Temperament

Think of Maltese as delightful and polite dogs. They’re kind-natured, and they seem to have good relationships with everyone, no matter if they’ve just met them.

Maltese are joyful – not aggressive. These pups are as soft as white clouds and as sweet as cotton candy.

Why The Maltese Might Not Be Your Ideal Pet

Of course, there will be some traits about Maltese that you might not like. Maybe one of the listed “issues” could cause a real issue with you and steer you away from adopting a Maltese.

Tiny And Fragile Body

Let me tell you something: Maltese aren’t dogs for families with little kids, or for those who don’t realize how fragile these pups are. You can’t play roughly with a Maltese. Their tiny bones might break, or you could cause other severe health complications.

Don’t leave your kids unsupervised with Maltese. Also, teach them how to handle tiny dogs before you bring your Malt home.

Separation Anxiety

If you live alone and don’t have someone to take care of your Maltese while you’re at work, you have three options. First, find a doggy daycare. If that’s not available for you, or you don’t have anyone reliable to watch your dog, bring him along to work with you.

Maltese are tiny, and they don’t need a lot of maintenance.

Or, simply don’t get this dog breed. Separation anxiety is more severe than you think. It causes stress for dogs, and you might end up with chewed shoes or torn pillows.

Hard To Housebreak

Potty training and housebreaking are two major lessons your Malt must master. But, I must warn you – Maltese are extremely hard to housebreak. You’ll need nerves of steel to get through this process.

Better arm yourself with patience before you bring a Maltese pup home.

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To Sum Up…

Maltese standing on grass

From Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, to Kitchener, Mississauga, and Brampton, you won’t find better Maltese breeders in Ontario than these listed here.

These are people who actually care about producing sound puppies. They’re breeding Malts to show other families how wonderful it is to own them. They’re not doing this for the sake of profit or popularity. And, that’s exactly why I recommend them!

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