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Best Dog Breeders In Massachusetts: Top 14 Choices

Best Dog Breeders In Massachusetts: Top 14 Choices

Congratulations! You’ve made the greatest decision. You’ve decided to get yourself a new family member. But, which dog do you choose among many gorgeous dog breeds?

We are here to make the process of getting a dog much easier. With our list of 14 best dog breeders in Massachusetts, we hope that things will be easier for you.

As you certainly know, choosing a reputable dog breeder is not an easy thing to do, as you must pay attention to many not-so-great breeders and puppy mills. You can also buy a puppy in a pet store; however, when you buy a puppy from a breeder, you know that the puppy is well taken care of at an early age.

A reputable breeder needs to provide you with a purebred puppy that is growing in a healthy and loving environment, while focusing on the health and temperament of the dog.

PupVine has done the research for you – the only thing that you need to do is choose a dog breed, then a breeder from this list, so you can get on their waitlist as soon as possible.

Puppies For Sale In Massachusetts

Now, let’s see which of the best dog breeders in Massachusetts we found for you!

1. Silver Brook Labs, Ludlow

happy Labrador Retriever sitting outside

Silver Brook Labs, located in Ludlow, is a breeder who has been raising and producing Labrador Retrievers of various colors such as silver, champagne, yellow, chocolate, fox red, black and charcoal.

Labrador Retriever puppies are born and raised in their home, and they are socialized from an early age, surrounded by the owners and their children. From the third day to the 16th day, they start neurological stimulation.

The veterinarian comes to their house to check the new puppies because they care about their well-being. Their focus is on producing a dog that is friendly and calm, and free of genetic diseases.

That means they test their dogs via OFA for hips and elbows, as well as CERF for eyes. They pay attention to the bloodline of their dogs to make sure that the puppies will be of the finest pedigree.

Each puppy is AKC-registered and guaranteed against any genetic problem.

The safety of their litters and their dogs are their priority, so they don’t allow visits to their kennels.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Ludlow, MA

Website: Silver Brook Labs

Phone number: 413-478-6260

2. Tysadies Boxers And Bulldogs, Barre

Tysadies Boxers and Bulldogs is a breeder who takes pride in breeding both Boston Terriers and Boxers. Their breeding program focuses only on high-quality breeding stock.

The Tysadies Boxers and Bulldogs breeders are trying their best to produce dogs that will be healthy, have a great temperament, and a wonderful conformation.

They are a small, home-based kennel where the dogs enjoy the love and care of their owners – this way, you can be sure that the puppy is well-socialized and has a great time with these breeders.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Barre, MA

Website: Tysadies Boxers and Bulldogs

Phone number: 978-355-6217

Email: [email protected]

3. Sapphire Goldens, Lakeville

Red Golden Retriever sitting on grass outside

Sapphire Goldens is a registered Golden Retriever Club Of America, Yankee Golden Retriever Club, and American Kennel Club breeder that is producing and raising Golden Retrievers.

They pay attention to the health and happiness of their Goldens. They started their breeding in 1994, and they chose to breed three litters a year.

They strive to own champions some day; however, their girls are all from champion pedigrees. Each puppy is hip, elbow, heart, and eye cleared.

You can be sure that their puppies are wonderful, healthy, and true to the breed standard, and they will never let you down.

If you choose this dog breed, check out how often you should bathe a Golden Retriever in order to take proper care of your furry friend.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Lakeville, MA

Website: Sapphire Goldens

Phone number: 508-946-4169

4. Windsong Shih Tzu, South Weymouth

Windsong Shih Tzu is a small breeder that focuses on quality; not quantity in the Shih Tzu puppies they produce. This breeder carefully selects their breeding stock in order to breed wonderful, healthy puppies with a great temperament.

The puppies are spoiled and taken care of in their home where they grow with children. The puppies are tested for several health issues, such as liver and kidney function, and the breeder offers a written health guarantee against genetic defects as well as terms and conditions for the puppy and his new family.

The breeding stock is all top-quality bloodline, which gives us a guarantee that the puppies will be healthy, great companions, and cute.

Many of the Windsong Shih Tzus have become certified therapy dogs in nursing homes and in children’s hospitals. That is not strange since Shih Tzus are great with children.

With a Shih Tzu puppy, you get a puppy pack that consists of:

• A pedigree

• A record of shots and dewormings

• A written contract/guarantee

• Instructions on feeding, grooming, and housebreaking, along with information about vaccines, natural flea and tick prevention, etc.

• Prepaid training session with Jennifer Kesner

Breeder’s Information

Location: South Weymouth, MA

Website: Windsong Shih Tzu

Phone number: 781-335-3989

5. Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC, Ashby

Bernedoodle Winter Cut

Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC definitely deserves a place on our list of the best dog breeders in Massachusetts. This breeder breeds a cute mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle – the Bernedoodle.

The puppies are raised in a kennel-free environment, they have a lot of space to run free, and they are taken care of by a qualified veterinarian.

To ensure that the puppies will become confident adult dogs, they receive early neurological stimulation. Also, each puppy will undergo temperament aptitude testing to ensure that the puppy goes to the right family.

In order to apply, you need to fill out the application form on their website.

Check out Bernedoodle haircuts to see how you can style your new furry friend.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Ashby, MA

Website: Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC

Phone number: 978-956-4838

6. Doodle Litters, Taunton

Doodle Litters, in Taunton, is a good breeder that takes pride in breeding F1 Goldendoodles, F1bb Goldendoodles, F1b Labradoodles, and F1 & F1b Bernedoodles that are all expected to be tricolored.

Their focus is on socialization and early intervention, along with being well-raised and crate trained. At five weeks of age, they start working with puppies so they are ready to go to their new home with great temperament and respect towards humans.

Coats and sizes of puppies can vary depending on the parents. The coat can be curly or wavy, and the colors are white, brown, light cream, red, bi-colored, or tricolor. The deposit for each puppy is $500.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Taunton, MA

Website: Doodle Litters

Email: [email protected]

7. Huckle Hill Jack Russell Terriers, Bernardston

Jack Russell Terrier sitting on grass

As the name says, this small family breeder produces top-quality Jack Russell Terriers. Located in Bernardston, the breeder is only producing a few litters per year in order to ensure that each puppy gets the same amount of love and care.

The puppies are well socialized as they grow with children and other dogs. As this dog breed is lively and very clever, they require a good amount of training. However, they can also be very affectionate.

Each puppy will have a wonderful temperament, and will have their vaccinations before they go to their forever home.

Check out their website to see all their available puppies.

Also, check out the Jack Russell lifespan to see how long you and your new friend will be together.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Bernardston, MA

Website: Huckle Hill Jack Russell Terriers

Phone number: 413-648-9866

8. Millstone Kennel, Assonet

Millstone Kennel is a breeder from Assonet, and they produce quality AKC-registered Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Labrador Retrievers.

As they raise their puppies in their home, you can be sure that these puppies are growing in a loving and happy environment. The puppies come with one month of free pet health insurance, and a health guarantee.

On their website, feel free to check out all of their available puppies, and their prices. Also, be ready to fill out a puppy questionnaire.

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Breeder’s Information

Location: Assonet, MA

Website: Millstone Kennel

Phone number: 774-281-3981

9. Brookside Cavalier, Rowley

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels sitting on grass

Brookside Cavalier is one of the responsible breeders that must be on our list of the best dog breeders in Massachusetts. They breed the soundest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the United States.

Their dogs live in their home as family members, and their breeding dogs are available to meet when you come to visit your new pup.

Their dogs are DNA tested to ensure that you are getting a quality-bloodline puppy, and you get the test results as well of the parents’ pedigree, which offers a great health guarantee.

Each puppy is microchipped, pre-spoiled, and imprinted from birth. With their puppies, you’ll have a dog that will live the healthiest life possible, and be a true companion to their owner.

This breeder works with Autism Speaks, the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, Northeast Therapy and Service Dogs, and the Massachusetts and Maine SPCA. There are also many more.

Feel free to check out their site to see more information.

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Breeder’s Information

Location: Rowley, MA

Website: Brookside Cavalier

Phone number: 978-526-7754

Email: [email protected]

10. Pacheco Kennels, Raynham

Pacheco Kennels has been breeding the highest quality AKC Vizslas and AKC Labrador Retrievers since 1972.

Their home is on 10 acres, which provides a great environment and good conditions for them and their puppies. They believe that all animals deserve to be as happy as they make us, and they deserve true love and care.

This breeder donates 1,000 pounds worth of dog and cat food to shelters in need.

If you decide to get a Vizsla puppy, check out the Vizsla growth chart to see how big they can be.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Raynham, MA

Website: Pacheco Kennels

Phone number: 508-254-8444

Email: [email protected]

11. Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs, Northborough

Australian Cobber

Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs is a breeder, located in Northborough. This breeder takes pride in breeding service dog-level Australian Cobber dogs in their loving home.

Their breeding program includes dogs from Rutland Manor, which is the originator of this wonderful breed that is developing more and more. Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs focuses on sound breeding practices, excellence in their puppies, and the highest standard Cobberdogs.

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As the puppies are raised in their loving home, they get proper care and socialization – all that a healthy and happy puppy needs.

This breeder’s goal is to produce the greatest therapy, service, and family companion Cobberdogs. This breeder is a proud member of the MDBA.

If you are considering getting one of their puppies, you should complete the application process on their webpage.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Northborough, MA

Website: Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs

Phone number: 508-878-3945

Email: [email protected]

12. Vom Rheinland German Shepherd Dogs, Plymouth

Vom Rheinland German Shepherd Dogs is a small hobby kennel that has existed since 1994. Located in Plymouth, the breeder produces the best German Shepherds possible.

They take pride in being the first kennel in the United States to produce a National Universal Champion and a Brevet Ring Sport Champion.

As the breeder breeds for quality, they focus only on one breed. Make sure to contact the breeder to get on their waitlist.

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Breeder’s Information

Location: Plymouth, MA

Website: Vom Rheinland German Shepherd Dogs

Phone number: 508-746-0492 / 774-454-3214

Email: [email protected]

13. Cavachons From The Monarchy, Monson

Bichon Frise standing outside

Cavachons from the Monarchy is a reputable breeder located in Monson, and they take pride in producing Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Their breeding dogs are all AKC-registered, and their puppies are raised in a home with a loving family that adores them. This sets them to be healthy, and with a wonderful temperament.

The great thing about these dogs is that they are low-shedders, which means they are great for those with allergies.

If you are in the New England area, you are free to get in touch with them and their guardian program to find out more details about their dogs. They are happy to help with any question that may arise.

Check out Bichon Frise colors, and maybe then you’ll decide that this dog is perfect for you!

Breeder’s Information

Location: Monson, MA

Website: Cavachons From The Monarchy

Phone number: 413 454-2692

Email: [email protected]

14. Oletown Australian Shepherds, Western

Last, but not least on our list of the best dog breeders in Massachusetts is Oletown Australian Shepherds, located in Western. They are proud breeders of AKC/UKC/ASCA Australian Shepherds.

As a small hobby breeder, they have only one or two litters per year, and they take the breeding process very seriously. First and foremost, they breed for good temperament, sound conformation, and for being true to the Aussie standards.

This breeder loves to show the dogs in conformation shows. They follow Dr. Dodds vaccine protocol, and the puppies are fed with a no-grain diet and sometimes raw food, along with vitamins and probiotics.

Before the Aussie puppies leave this breeder, they will be:

• Vet checked

• Eye tested

• Have 1 to 2 sets of shots

• Dewormed several times

• Potty trained

• Guaranteed against hereditary and congenital diseases

Don’t be afraid to check out this breeder in order to get the perfect Aussie puppy.

Breeder’s Information

Location: Western, MA

Website: Oletown Australian Shepherds

In Conclusion: Best Dog Breeders In Massachusetts

I think that it is highly possible that you will find your perfect furry friend among this list of the best dog breeders in Massachusetts.

We listed the most responsible and reputable breeders that we could find, so you don’t have to worry about finding a good breeder.

The only thing you need to do is to think about the dog breed that you like the most, and the one that is possible of being the perfect fit.

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