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11 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs You Can Have

11 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs You Can Have

Beagle puppies amaze us with their high level of adaptability and the great relationship they have with children. But, why Beagles are the worst dogs you can have, you ask? 

Well, there’s a long list of reasons why these canines don’t make such great companions.

The purpose of this article is to give you clear insight into the Beagle’s character, as well as to put the fantasy that Beagles are impeccable pets to an end. 

Despite their decent family traits, these canines are also high-maintenance, especially for first-time dog owners. Why? Let’s take a look!

Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs

Generally, the Beagle breed of dog, as well as Beagle mixes, appear as adorable pets that come with a sassy character. But, is that enough for passing the family dog test?

Unlike some other breeds, these purebred canines have a complex nature, and a whole set of disadvantages. Many Beagle owners have a hard time training and socializing their pets due to the independent character these 13- to 15-inch-tall pooches have.

But, what are the other reasons that make these canines such a failure? Here’s a list of eleven rationales that every Beagle enthusiast should read prior to purchase!

1. They Are Prey-Driven

beagle puppie playing outdoor with plant

Even though the Beagle breed qualifies among the least aggressive dog breeds in the world, don’t forget that this is still a hunting dog! That being said, you can expect your Beagle pup to have a high prey-drive.

The reason why Beagles are the worst dogs at times is because these small scent hounds are hard to keep off-leash, especially in dog parks. 

They have a natural hunting instinct, which is why they would rather go chase small animals than accompany you in simple frolicking in the park.

These behavioral problems are common for all Beagles, which is why the breed requires early obedience training. 

The only way to make a decent pet out of your puppy is if you start training it early. Training an adult Beagle is a difficult road that takes a lot of patience, time, and nerves.

2. Beagles Are Extremely Active

Alongside their hunting nature, these canines are extremely active dogs! They won’t be satisfied with a lazy schedule, which is why you should not buy this dog unless you plan to spend a lot of time exercising it outdoors.

Beagles that are not given enough exercise during the day can be extremely bad dogs as they dig holes, chew, bite, and scratch when frustrated.

Don’t be surprised to see an inactive Beagle being upset, destructive, or aggressive. These are extremely temperamental dogs that communicate their emotions clearly. If you’re wondering why your pet is acting weird all of a sudden – revisit its daily schedule!

3. They’re Excessive Shedders

beagle with owner and his sheded fur in hands

That’s right! The reason why Beagles are the worst dogs to have indoors positively correlates with the fact that they don’t belong to the club of hypoallergenic dog breeds

Despite the fact that Beagle dogs have a short, smooth coat, they are still excessive shedders, especially during seasons.

If you’re planning to purchase this small breed, then prepare yourself for extensive house cleaning. These canines leave their fur balls all over the place.

The best way to keep your Beagle bearable is if you brush it at least two times a week. Anything less than that will make the whole grooming process more difficult.

On the other hand, Beagle canines don’t require frequent baths. Bathing them every few months or so will be enough. They, however, require ear, paw, and teeth cleaning as they get dirty a lot when taken outside.

Their high prey-drive and extensive hunting character make them true wanderers, which is why they won’t mind getting into mud, sand, or any kind of dirt.

4. They Are Too Clingy

Don’t be surprised if your dog won’t leave your side. This breed is extremely clingy, and it can suffer from severe separation anxiety. Even though they don’t die to please their owner, Beagles love spending time around them.

These canines got used to hunting in packs, which is why they make true pack animals. If you have a much too busy schedule that requires traveling or being away from home for more than a day – don’t get one!

Despite the fact that Beagles can be great dogs that love to cuddle, they are not the best news when put up against solitude. These loving dogs can’t stand the idea of being alone, which is why puppies that suffer from separation anxiety can display destructive behavior and aggression.

If you already have one in your home – training your dog solitude would be a smart choice. Try adapting your dog to interactive chew toys, TV dog shows, or create an entertaining playground where it can feel purposeful and occupied.

5. They Are Stubborn Dogs

cute beagle puppy running over meadow

The fact that these canines belong to a hunting group of dogs makes them harder to train. In fact, Beagles are categorized among one of the most difficult breeds to train as they love having their own way.

These canines have a lot of energy, which is why it is hard to calm them down in the first place. Furthermore, if you don’t start right away with socialization and obedience training classes – your puppy may be a lot more stubborn during its adulthood phase.

Generally, these pooches are good dogs around kiddos and other pets, but they may be just as stubborn around their owner. They don’t have a natural need to please as they have an independent nature, and they get distracted easily.

That’s why the training process may look exhausting and unbearable at times. Still, if you want to make a decent pet out of your Beagle canine – equip yourself with extra patience.

6. Not So Easy To Train

Unfortunately, this high-energy breed is not actually the easiest dog to potty train nor to obedience train. That’s why Beagles are the worst dogs to have in homes as they may defecate or urinate all over the place.

You may have a lot of challenges in the attempt to make a decent pet out of your Beagle.

Even though the breed itself is quite intelligent, these canines have a naturally distracted character. Unlike some guard, shepherd, or rescue dogs, a Beagle dog needs a lot more proper training during their puppyhood.

In case you are a first-time Beagle owner and you need some help in this regard, getting advice from a professional dog behaviorist wouldn’t be the worst choice.

Quite the contrary – experienced behaviorists might help you learn how to take the role of the leader, as well as which training techniques can help you normalize your dog’s behavior.

7. They’re Voracious Eaters

Cute Beagle dog eating food from blue bowl at home

You would be amazed at how much of a foodie this small dog is. That’s right. These pooches are known to be extremely food motivated, which is why it wouldn’t be odd to see them steal food from you every once in a while.

Beagle canines are indeed voracious eaters that require a properly established feeding chart. If you don’t comply with their feeding needs, your dog may face severe health problems such as obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.

Despite the fact that these canines are in the club of the healthiest dog breeds in the world, poor treatment in terms of dieting can lead to severe repercussions. Diabetes is one of them.

That’s why instead of giving them table scraps, you should focus more on developing a healthy feeding schedule.

Use their food-motivated character against them as an obedience training tool. That might come in handy!

8. They Easily Get Bored

Many people describe these pooches as one of the best family dog breeds in the world. However, they don’t seem to explain how Beagle dogs get easily bored! Unfortunately, that’s factual!

These canines don’t fit into any sort of family as they are extremely active, and they seek a variety of activities. People with a quite lazy lifestyle may find their puppies’ constant quest for activity overwhelming.

If you want your Beagle to be as decent as possible, you may need to subject it to consistent training, exercise, and mental stimulation. 

These pooches love being mentally challenged, which is why engaging them in dog games, such as hide and seek or dog puzzles is highly recommended.

On the other hand, people who don’t quite prefer busting their brains in order to entertain their puppy may have a problem. Beagles that don’t receive a proper amount of mental stimulation on a daily basis may become frustrated or self-destructive.

9. May Be Way Too Vocal

cute beagle jumping outdoor

The ‘‘Why doesn’t my dog bark’’ dilemma won’t be a problem if you have a Beagle in your house. Quite the contrary – you may experience a lot of loud, excessive barking as a Beagle owner.

Having these canines in a small apartment or a city studio is not the best idea as they are extremely vocal and loud.

There are several things owners can do to try to reduce their dogs’ excessive barking. For starters, try ignoring them.

Furthermore, try getting your Beagle to burn off as much energy as possible. Puppies that receive a proper amount of daily exercise are less likely to be vocal for the rest of the day. It’s simple – they will be too tired to do so.

Lastly, you can try engaging your dog in various stimulation games. Puppies that occupy themselves with an interesting activity may not feel the need to bark.

If you don’t seem like managing their excessive barking, then this is probably not the best breed for you.

10. Destructive At Times

Both male and female Beagle puppies may be destructive at times, which is why Beagles are the worst dogs to have inside a house. Their destructive behavior will be the reason for their scratching, chewing, and digging.

The reason for their destructive behavior has a plethora of explanations. Still, the most common thing that makes Beagles destructive is separation anxiety. These pooches can’t stand the idea of being alone, which is why you shouldn’t get one if you won’t be around.

Another reason for their destructive behavior is an inadequate exercising schedule. Don’t ever make a lazy couch potato out of your Beagle companion! 

These canines need at least an hour or an hour and a half of high intensity exercise during the day. Anything less than that can trigger frustration, anger, and destruction.

Lastly, your puppy may be destructive due to improper parenting. If you’re lacking positive reinforcement in your training or you prefer to be way too harsh with your dog, expect your Beagle to reciprocate with the same amount of cruelty.

11. Easily Scared

Cute Beagle puppy on sofa indoors

Despite the fact that these pooches are temperamental – they are not exactly a fearless, scary dog breed. Quite the contrary… these pooches are extremely fearful, which is why they don’t make the greatest guard dogs either.

They may be cautious and on alert, but they won’t engage in any sort of dispute, especially with larger dogs. They will rather run away and find a shelter.

Due to their poor watchdog traits, these canines may easily face some sort of trauma. Loud noises, yelling, or screaming are not the ways to address your Beagle companion. Even a slightly enthusiastic approach can scare these pooches away.

How To Make A Decent Pet Out Of Your Beagle

The first step towards a decent puppy is buying your Beagle from a reputable breeder. This way, you will save yourself from spending extra money on early vaccination, deworming, and health exams. 

At the same time, the possibility of getting an already-socialized puppy will be higher.

Furthermore, in order to make the best dog possible out of your Beagle – you will need consistency, patience, and a lot of work. If this seems too much right from the start, then the best option would be to find yourself a less demanding breed.

If, however, you struggle with your dog’s behavior, sometimes getting professional help from a dog behaviorist isn’t the worst idea.

Now, let’s see what the best five things are that you can do in order to make your Beagle a more bearable pet.

1. Obedience Training

beagle performs commands on the green grass

Obedience training is probably the greatest favor that you can do for yourself when having a Beagle in your home. These pooches simply need to be taught obedience as they are too much trouble if not properly trained.

The best time to start this process is early puppyhood. Puppies at eight or ten weeks of age are old enough to start adopting their first lessons.

Try using obedience training tools, such as dog training collars, leads, muzzles, or whistles. All of these supplements can help you to a certain extent, but don’t overuse them. 

Some canines may be traumatized by extensive usage of training gadgets, which is why it is best if you use them moderately.

2. Socialization

Every dog needs early socialization in order to adapt to certain environments and circumstances. Beagles are no exception! These canines need early socialization training in order to avoid excessive outbursts in the later stages of their life.

Puppies that were taught to live next to other dogs, pets, or people are more likely to be more friendly and social in the future. Consequently, their negative behavior will be significantly reduced.

Engaging Beagles in interactive games or entertaining them with interactive dog toys are excellent ways to stimulate their social skills.

On the other hand, puppies that lack socialization will be much harder to live with.

3. Positive Reinforcement

Adorable beagle puppy cuddling with female owner

Positive reinforcement is probably one of the best training techniques that you can use to get the best out of your puppy. That being said, try praising, petting, and rewarding any time it finishes a task successfully.

Furthermore, try creating a kind, nurturing environment where your dog will feel safe. Provide your puppy with a plethora of dog toys. This way, you will reduce the possibility of your dog getting frustrated, especially in times of solitude.

On the contrary, avoid yelling and screaming. These pooches are easily scared and traumatized, which is why yelling at them won’t help you teach them manners. You will only create a negative effect.

4. Play Games With Them

This is not a lazy dog breed. Quite the contrary – these scent hounds require attention and interaction with their owner throughout various sets of activities. Keeping these pooches closed for the most part of the day will only bring out the worst in them.

Instead, walk your Beagle as much as possible. These canines are happiest outdoors as they love investigating, smelling, and exploring.

Furthermore, you can always play interactive games with them. These pooches love being mentally challenged, which is why games such as hide and seek, puzzles, or treasure hunts are ideal ways to keep them happy.

5. Keep Them Entertained When Home Alone

Dog Beagle featching a toy indoors in bright interior

Probably one of the best pieces of advice that one might give you regarding Beagles is – never keep them bored in times of solitude. These pooches are professional escape artists, which is why it is highly likely that your Beagle will escape as soon as it feels bored.

On the other hand, puppies left inside apartments may feel frustrated and anxious in times of solitude. Chewing, scratching, breaking, and digging are just some of the ways your dog will express its deepest frustration.

To avoid all these things, you should train your dog solitude gradually. On the first day, try leaving the room for about thirty minutes. As the time goes by, increase the length of time spent without your puppy. 

During this process, you could use tools such as dog TV shows, interactive toys or chew toys.


There are a plethora of reasons why Beagles are the worst dogs to have around. Starting with their clingy nature all the way to their loud barking – these pooches are not exactly the ideal dogs to have in small apartments or inside a busy schedule.

Prior to Beagle purchase, you should carefully study all the pros and cons of having this breed and then make a decision. If you’re more inclined to a lazy, easy-going lifestyle – then the advice is to look for a more adequate breed.

If, however, you are looking forward to buying an extremely active breed, then this is the dog for you!

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