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26 Beagle Mixes, So Adorable To Die For

26 Beagle Mixes, So Adorable To Die For

Beagle dogs are one of the sweetest things in the canine world. People can’t resist their friendly characters and pawdorable looks. No wonder they’re used to creating so many wonderful mixed breed dogs!

Beagle mixes are all absolutely amazing dogs. No matter if they’re big or small, hypoallergenic or not, long-coated or short-coated, these 26 Beagle mixes deserve a spot in your heart.

Go through this list that PupVine has created for you and try to pick at least one Beagle mix that you’ll bring home today!

1. Poodle Beagle Mix: Poogle

poodle beagle mix sitting in the car
Photo from:

There’s a chance that your Poodle Beagle mix will inherit a curly coat and low-shedding traits from the Poodle parent. This makes them look like one of those pawdorable Teddy bear dogs.

Although these pups will resemble a Teddy bear, they may not be that cuddly. You see, the Poodle was always a hunting dog, and the Beagle was also bred to hunt in packs.

The breeding of two hunting dogs will result in a puppy having a strong prey drive. I recommend you take extra good care of your dog’s obedience training. The stubborn traits from the Poodle parent might prevail, and you could have a hard time training your Poogle.

2. Dachshund Beagle Mix: Doxle

dachshund beagle mix looking into camera
Photo from: @roshe89

Here’s another hunting dog mix!

Meet the Doxle (or the Dachgle). He’s got the face and the colors of a Beagle, and the long, sausage-shaped body like the Dachshund. Every Dachshund mix is an unusual dog, thanks to the elongated body genese.

Temperament-wise, Doxle dogs should be one of those sweet hybrid dog breeds. The Beagle parent is simply adorable, and the Doxie can be highly attached and needy. If you enjoy showering your dog with lots of attention, then the Doxle is the pup for you.

Doxles will be small dogs once they grow up, which makes them ideal for city living: Just make sure they don’t take stairs too often.

3. Chihuahua Beagle Mix: Cheagle

chihuahua beagle mix looking into camera
Photo from: @mooseontheloose_nc

The Cheagle or the Chihuagle is definitely one funny-looking doggo!

As another small dog on this list, the Beagle Chihuahua mix is one of the best pets for small homes and apartment living. They’re compact-sized, and they don’t need lots of exercise to tire them out. Cheagles are active and energetic, but they won’t jump off the walls. They’re happy-go-lucky pups, and you’ll enjoy their company, that’s for sure.

Although Chihuahuas can show signs of aggression, the calm nature of a Beagle will tone the aggression down. Still, their big ego and stubborn streak can swim up to the surface and you may end up with a bossy little fellow.

4. German Shepherd Beagle Mix: Beagle Shepherd

german shepherd beagle mix sitting on the couch
Photo from: @adventures_of_sulley_and_lilo

Both the German Shepherd and the Beagle are two popular dog breeds, but their hybrid puppy is definitely not that popular. Another unusual-looking doggy is the German Beagle (or the Beagle Shepherd).

If you ever see this hybrid canine, you’ll notice that they’re an absolute mashup of both parents. They’re small like Beagles, but their physical characteristics are a combination of Beagle and GSD genese. You can clearly recognize the German Shepherd’s facial features combined with the Beagle’s ears and big, round eyes.

Normally, Beagle Shepherds fashion GSD coat colors, but they don’t have the same coat texture. This is where Beagle genes come to shine, making the grooming of this mix a lot easier than grooming a GSD.

5. Cocker Spaniel Beagle Mix: Bocker Spaniel

cocker spaniel beagle mix looking into camera
Photo from: @cumbriaslarlcanineco

The Bocker Spaniel is definitely here to be a mockery! These dogs are a spectacular fusion of Beagles and Cocker Spaniels. You can’t see clearly distinguished lines of the two parents because where the Cocker traits end, Beagle features begin.

The Bocker Spaniel is a wonderful mashup of both breeds. Usually, these dogs are of bigger size, similar to the Spaniel parent. They’re athletic, energetic, and always ready for an adventure.

Unfortunately, the Cocker Spaniel parent sheds, so you can’t expect any hypoallergenic traits from the Bocker Spaniel. However, this doesn’t make them any less desirable. Bockers are terrific pets for people who are always out and about.

Want a puppy that will follow you on your daily adventures and share the same enthusiasm as you… pick a Bocker!

6. Basset Hound Beagle Mix: Bagel

basset hound beagle mix in the forest
Photo from: @snowy_bassethound_beagle

People often have problems with telling apart Beagles and Basset Hounds. However, when you compare a Basset vs a Beagle, you’ll notice that the differences are clear. Despite sharing some similar physical traits, these doggos don’t look that much alike.

But, when you combine them, you get one pawsome puppy – the Bagel. And, yes… that’s “Bagel”, as in the delicious breakfast.

Bagel dogs aren’t delicious, but they’re so sweet that you can almost nibble on them! All jokes aside, Bagel dogs look a lot like their parents, usually featuring droopy ears from the Basset side of the family, and a strong build.

From the Beagle’s side, these doggos usually inherit long legs and a wedge-shaped muzzle.

Bagel dogs aren’t too energetic, but they aren’t lazy either. They’re perfectly in between, and they stand hand in hand with other great family pets and Beagle mixes.

7. Pug Beagle Mix: Puggle

pug beagle mix standing on the lawn
Photo from: @sandipuggle

An average Puggle looks like someone took a Pug’s head and put it on a Beagle’s body. Yes, this is what Pugs would look like if their breed standard said they’re larger dogs.

The Puggle dog is one of those unusual Beagle mixes. These pups feature a Pug’s smushy face, small ears, and most often, any of the Pug coat colors. This means that your Puggle will have a short coat, and thus, be prone to some kind of skin condition, like the Pug parent.

The Beagle’s side of the family has given this mix its height and its sporty temperament. Since both breeds are pretty energetic, you can be sure you’ll have a doggo that won’t rest for a moment. The Puggle is always on the move, having fun, and trying to make you laugh.

Its clownish behavior won’t be toned down, and your Puggle puppy will always succeed at bringing a smile to your face.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix: Beaglier

cavalier king charles spaniel mix sitting on the grass
Photo from: @maplebaconbasil

The Beaglier sounds so regal!

Well, this is definitely one of those Beagle mixes with a wonderful appearance and a calm demeanor. If you’re looking for a sweet, cuddly family pet, then the Beaglier is the one for you.

Everything about this crossbreed pup is very elegant and with a dose of grace. Cavaliers are known as stunningly beautiful pets. But, it’s not the Cavalier coat colors that make them beautiful, it’s their small and compact size, as well as their lovely coat type.

Thanks to these strong physical characteristics, the Beaglier is highly likely to inherit the charming facial features and the small size of the Cavalier mom or dad.

On the other hand, this dog will have the short and sleek coat of the Beagle, and also its super-friendly temperament. Sadly, the droopy, curly ears usually don’t appear with this hybrid.

9. Yorkshire Terrier Beagle Mix: Borkie

yorkshire terrier beagle mix sitting indoors
Photo from: @lgzzyy

The Borkie dog surely sounds like a loud, yappy puppy. Well, they sure have this name right because the Borkie tends to inherit the strong vocal traits of its Yorkie parent.

Yorkie mixes are usually done with tiny, toy-sized dogs. Still, the Borkie is an exception. This is what happens when you breed a teensy-tiny dog with a bigger one.

As you might know, Yorkies are only seven inches tall, while Beagles are double their size. I’d be careful with overfeeding a Borkie just so they don’t develop obesity problems.

An average Borkie fashions the Yorkie’s long coat in lots of pretty Yorkie colors. Their size is 100% inherited from the Beagle and it usually doesn’t vary.

All Borkie dogs are considered as extremely loyal pets and excellent watchdogs. They’re alert, and they always make sure they have their eyes on their loved ones.

10. Corgi Beagle Mix: Beagi

corgi beagle mix sitting on the couch
Photo from: @theresastehula

Corgi mixes are always so funny to look at! I mean, how can you resist those short, stubby legs that seem to appear with each of their mixes? You just can’t.

The Beagi is one pretty pawesome Beagle cross. It looks like someone stretched out the Beagle, and took its long legs and replaced them with the Corgi’s. What this doggo didn’t lose is its energetic temperament and kind nature.

Beagi dogs are pretty rare, but once you get to meet one, you’ll see they’re beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside, too.

The only downside of this hybrid dog is the shedding part because both parents shed, but Corgis shed on a whole new level. If you’re not allergic, then don’t let this stop you from getting a Beagi puppy!

11. Golden Retriever Beagle Mix: Beago

golden retriever beagle mix lying on the floor
Photo from: @bradsdogs

Do Beagles come in any of the golden shades? They do if they’re mixed with a Golden Retriever.

Seems like the only thing the Beago has inherited from the Golden Retriever parent is the Golden’s coat color. However, we must not forget about the incredible friendly genes coming from the Golden parent either.

The Beago is also one of the rare Beagle mixes. You can consider yourself lucky if you have one. These dogs are marked as one of the friendliest, most incredible family pets of all hybrid dogs.

The Beago isn’t one of those low-maintenance dogs. They shed. They want to play all the time, and they need their daily exercise needs fulfilled. Only potential dog owners with lots of free time on their hands can handle a Beago doggo.

12. Labrador Retriever Beagle Mix: Beagador

labrador retriever beagle mix lying on the porch
Photo from: @margo_and_coco

Sounds like the mathador, doesn’t it? But, the Beagador is definitely not into cruelty of any kind. This Labrador Retriever Beagle mix has a heart of gold. Everything else about this hybrid comes as it has been shrunk down.

The Beagador appears to be like a smaller version of the Labrador Retriever. Rarely does any Beagador resemble the Beagle parent that much. Sure, the big, floppy ears appear to be a constant with this hybrid, and the characteristic Beagle smile can be present, but that’s it.

No wonder why many people have a Beagador mistaken for a mini Labrador!

13. Siberian Husky Beagle Mix: Beaski

siberian husky beagle mix sitting on the grass
Photo from: @heisahuskeybeaglemix

Beagle dogs don’t usually have light-colored eyes, but Beaskis do! This Husky Beagle mix usually inherits Husky eye colors, making their looks protruding and incredible. You almost get uncomfortable when looking them directly in the eyes!

But, this doesn’t mean that Beaskis are dangerous or intimidating. No… they are sweet and insanely friendly. Both the Beagle and the Husky are super sweet and kind with kids.

This hybrid may not shed insanely like a Husky, but they’re still not hypoallergenic, and they depend on regular grooming routines.

14. French Bulldog Beagle Mix: Frengle

french bulldog beagle mi on a leash
Photo from: @petvalu_iraneedles

Which of these Beagle mixes has a funnier name than “Frengle”?

Our French Bulldog Beagle mix buddy sure sounds like a funny guy. Well, having a parent with clownish behavior kinda ensures that the puppies will be the life of the party, too.

Frengle puppies are over-the-moon energetic and friendly, and they are always looking for fun things to do.

The Frengle has a block-shaped, short muzzle, which is very similar to the Frenchie’s. But, they’re not as small as French Bulldogs. These hybrids are muscular and agile, ready to climb any hill and keep on moving after the sun goes down.

Their energetic behavior shouldn’t be linked to aggression as neither the Frenchie is aggressive nor the Beagle.

15. Boston Terrier Beagle Mix: Teagle

boston terrier beagle mix sitting on the carpet
Photo from: @daisymaemay

Whether you call it a Teagle or a Boglen Terrier, one thing is for sure: this Beagle mix is super unique in its own way.

Teagle dogs are somewhat small pups, with thin legs and a slender body. They’re not muscular or mighty like some other pups on this list. Teagles resemble Bosties a lot, with their smushy face. It’s not unusual for these dogs to inherit standard Boston Terrier colors.

You can’t deny that these dogs make great friends, but they have a big downside: their stubborness.

16. Doberman Beagle Mix: Beagleerman

doberman beagle mix dog
Photo from: @photogirl172

The Doberman Beagle mix looks like someone forgot to crop and tape the Dobie’s ears. It’s not that we recommend this procedure, but it’s something that Dobermans are known for.

The Beagleerman usually features Dobie coat colors, with signature tan points. The muzzle is sometimes like that of the Beagle parent, but this pup resembles more of the Doberman mom or dad. Dobie genese must be too dominant over the Beagle genese.

Besides the friendliness of the Beagle parent, this pooch doesn’t really have a lot of Beagle traits.

17. Dalmatian Beagle Mix: Beaglemation

dalmatian beagle mix sitting on the grass
Photo from: @zeusthewondermoose

Despite the obvious difference in size and body shape, Dalmatians and Beagles are pretty similar. These dogs share the same head type, along with a long snout and pointy ears.

You can expect a lovely temperament from the Beaglemation. They’re kind to their humans, alert around strangers, and always ready for action.

By having such a unique parent breed, the Dalmatian can only result in super-pawesome puppies. Most Beaglemations either inherit the standard Dalmatian colors, or their spots.

What else they inherit from the Dalmatian parent is the proneness to ear infections and deafness, so keep an eye on similar problems.

18. Bulldog Beagle Mix: Beabull

bulldog beagle mix posing
Photo from: @islipanimals

That sad-looking puppy with huge, round eyes is the Beabull. But, don’t let its looks fool you – the Beabull is not a sad doggo. This is one of those laid-back Beagle mixes with an attitude.

The Beabull is a friendly dog and a great companion. Even though they’re rather small and not so agile, Beabulls are still good watchdogs, and they show signs of alertness all the time.

The visual appearance of these dogs depends on whether you’re crossing a Beagle with either the American Bulldog, the Johnson, or the English option. In both cases, a bulky body will be a characteristic.

19. Pomeranian Beagle Mix: Pomeagle

pomeranian beagle mix sitting in the car
Photo from: @harveymadamba

Pomeranians are known as teensy-tiny dogs. However, those little pooches you usually see peeking outside designer bags are teacup Pomeranians. Standard Poms are significantly bigger, and they can be bred with dogs like our Beagle.

The end result would be a small pupper… in this case, the Pomeagle.

This Beagle mix has high energy levels, and it is prone to showing affection all the time. They’re almost hyperactive, but always oh-so-friendly.

The Pomeagle isn’t a designer dog like his Pomeranian parent. Their looks can vary from scruffy-looking boys to pretty neat pooches.

20. Rottweiler Beagle Mix: Reagle

rottweiler beagle mix lying on the rug
Photo from: @paigespetservices6

That unusual-looking Rottweiler isn’t a Rottweiler at all! It’s a Beagle Rottie mix – also called the Reagle.

This is one of those mixed breed dogs that awfully resembles one side of the family more than the other.

The common ground for both parents is definitely their friendly temperaments. Beagles are good boys and girls, but Rotties are also known as super-friendly dogs. Of course, you should put them through socialization first in order to have a well-mannered family dog.

21. English Springer Spaniel Beagle Mix: Speagle

english springer spaniel beagle mix sitting on the beach
Photo from: @eddie_meet_world

As one of the finest gundogs, the English Springer Spaniel is an active parent, never wasting a moment in its life on meaningless playtime. These dogs like to have a purpose, and they won’t just lay in the corner and do nothing.

The Speagle mix puppy usually inherits these hardworking traits. This Beagle mix has one of the sharpest senses of smell, which can only mean one thing: the Speagle would be a terrific helper on hunting trips.

22. Jack Russell Terrier Beagle Mix: Jackabee

jack russell terrier beagle mix standing on the street
Photo from: @bobby5world

Terrier mixes should only be owned by active families. Why? Because these dogs are super frantic and energetic. If you don’t have time or experience, you won’t be able to handle a Terrier mix properly.

One of such dogs is the Jack Russell Terrier Beagle mix… the Jackabee.

As one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the Jack Russell parent has quite a reputation. Basically, all Jack Russell mixes have a reputation. They’re yappy and they can’t stay still for a moment, but they are also very loyal and devoted to their humans.

Persistence and lots of positive reinforcement is how you put these pups under control.

23. Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix: Australian Beagle

australian shepherd beagle dog  lying in the grass
Photo from: @yohanleecbaz

Maybe you should have more luck in mixing a miniature Australian Shepherd with the Beagle just to reduce the difference in sizes between the two breeds.

Speaking of differences, these two purebred dogs don’t share a lot of things besides their friendliness.

This medium-sized dog doesn’t have a standard when it comes to appearance, just like many other crossbreed dogs. The Australian Beagle can either look like the Beagle parent, with its short hair, or it can lean more to the Australian side and feature a longer coat.

24. Shih Tzu Beagle Mix: Bea-Tzu

shih tzu beagle mix sitting on the couch
Photo from: @innerchie

The reason why we have the Bea-Tzu is to try to achieve at least one Beagle mix with hypoallergenic traits. Thanks to the Shih Tzu’s hypoallergenic coat, that is possible. However, in what amount? How prone to shedding and triggering allergies are Bea-Tzu dogs?

Sadly, this is another field where we have no 100% accurate answer. Bea-Tzus either may or may not be hypoallergenic. But, Bea-Tzus are definitely one thing: utterly pawdorable!

25. Boxer Beagle Mix: Boxgle

boxer beagle mix playing with owner indoors
Photo from: @jacquelynmanhatton

Boxers are known as good guard dogs that don’t mind showing signs of affection to their owner anytime they need some cuddling. This mix is tough on the outside, but super sweet on the inside.

Well, it is tough if it resembles the Boxer parent. Usually, Boxgle dogs are pretty cute. They’re medium to large-sized dogs, and they tend to fashion standard Boxer colors.

You’ll be amazed by their smushy face and sweet, puppy eyes that you can’t say no to.

26. Pitbull Beagle Mix: Bullgle

pitbull beagle mix on a leash
Photo from: @thatonezachattack

The Pitbull Beagle mix (or the Bullgle) is definitely one of those dogs that look like purebred Pitbulls.

You’ll have a hard time trying to figure out what these dogs have inherited from the Beagle parent. In most cases, it’s the longer muzzle and floppy ears.

The Bullgle is a well-balanced pup that knows when it’s time to play and when to keep his guard up.

I’d recommend this Beagle mix only if you have older children or if you’re a single person. Beware of which breeder you pick as a lot of Pittie breeders have proven to be unreliable and prone to bloodsports.

To Sum Up…

So, which of these Beagle mixes do you like the most?

From Beagle Poodle mixes to Beagle Chihuahuas and Husky mixes, all Beagle mixed breed dogs are terrific in their own way.

What’s common for all these doggos is the level of friendliness they have, which always comes from the Beagle parent.

Beagles are lovely dogs, and mixing them with any other purebred dog can only create pawsome puppies!

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