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White French Bulldog: All About This Unique Frenchie

White French Bulldog: All About This Unique Frenchie

Many people have fallen in love with French Bulldogs because of their adorable looks. They are available in every color, even white, making our white French Bulldog a special pooch.

Despite being less prevalent than other color variants like Cream Frenchies, White Frenchies as well as all Frenchies in general have recently gained a lot of popularity.

This coat color makes them unique, and quite different from other French Bulldogs, as well as dogs in general since there aren’t many dog breeds that offer a completely white dog.

This in-depth article will cover a variety of causes for the white coat as well as any health problems they may be predisposed to. 

This light coat may be caused by a variety of hereditary reasons. These comprise the markers for many diagnoses, such as albinism, leucism, as well as having a merle coat that is a story of its own.

But, there are some significant health risks associated with this unusual coat, such as, among many others, hearing, eye, and skin conditions.

You, as a future dog owner, or in this case… a white French Bulldog owner, should be aware of the possible health problems that your dog might face. Therefore, we are going to discuss all of the possible health issues as well as all general info about this dog breed.

What Is A White French Bulldog?

white french bulldog sitting on the grass
Photo from: @britney_l_beatabitch

Underneath that luxurious, beautiful white exterior, a French Bulldog is nevertheless a purebred dog breed, just as any other French Bulldog.

As opposed to the more typical brindle, cream, fawn, and perhaps other coat coloring combinations, this dog only has a white or mostly white coat.

The concern of whether a dog with a white coat is indeed an albino dog is one that numerous new and prospective French Bulldog lovers often have in mind.

This is a great inquiry to make while looking for a white French Bulldog, and it definitely gives the dog breeder a sense that you really want to know all about your dog, and to take the best possible care of it.

The presence of a white coat in a French Bulldog can really result from a variety of hereditary causes, which cannot be influenced. The least frequent is the albino factor.


Regardless of its name, the French Bulldog was developed in Nottingham, England, in the middle of the nineteenth century. 

Throughout that time, lacemakers in the region produced a lot of toy-sized Bulldogs in an attempt to carefully breed smaller canines.

As a consequence, the toy bulldog was adopted as the logo for this industry. 

Numerous workers left England during the collapse of textile production, and moved to the French countryside, where people bred these progressively smaller dogs, giving them special characteristics.

Although the breed originated in England, it was developed and perfected in France, eventually becoming the French Bulldog that we recognize today.

Understandably, the Toy Bulldog swiftly won over the hearts of the French as well, and their fame soon expanded to Paris.

As a result, many were shipped from England to meet the requirement. These dogs were given the French moniker “Bouledogue,” which translates to “ball and mastiff”.

Frenchies were cherished by both the affluent and the powerful in French society, especially the rich Americans who admired them so deeply that they started transporting them to the United States in 1885.

There is no data on the most popular colors of French Bulldogs at the time, although it was probably a matter of taste.

Physical Characteristics Of A White French Bulldog

White French Bulldog standing on snow
Photo from: @ohmydoglondon

These Frenchies are classified as mid-sized canines because they are square, powerful, and compact. Their sharp, uncropped bat ears would be the very first feature to capture your eye upon first glance.

A Frenchie’s facial creases create an attentive expression overall in addition to her most noticeable characteristic. Its black eyes are where its skull is bound to fall apart, but its ears are flat.

French Bulldog males are taller than females, as is the case with other canines. The average male can reach a height of 12 inches from the withers, compared to a female’s 11 inches. 

Frenchies weigh nearly the same in both males and females, and a French Bulldog should weigh between 25 and 27 pounds to be considered healthy. The breeders don’t think it’s acceptable to have a Frenchie that weighs more than 28 lbs.

A French Bulldog has a short, fine coat, similar to English Bulldogs. However, compared to its English siblings, a Frenchies’ coat feels brighter and smoother. Additionally, the majority of French dogs don’t have a double coat. 

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Behavioral Traits Of A White Frenchie

Frenchies have clown-like personalities, and are unbelievably happy, despite the fact that they may initially appear a little cranky and serious.

These canines can shape themselves into anything their master wants because of their tremendous innate desire to please them.

For instance, if their human is extroverted, these dogs can participate in daily hikes and energetic play activities without displaying any sign of fatigue.

On the contrary, if the owner is an old person who enjoys reading a book while reclining on the couch, the dog will spend the entire day sitting next to the couch to ensure that the owner doesn’t feel lonely.

They can be trusted around young children and elderly persons because of this, although interaction supervision is still necessary.

These Frenchies might initially be a little wary of strangers as well as unfamiliar dogs, but eventually, they’ll warm up to them.

The nicest aspect of French Bulldog personalities is that they have the smallest tendency to bark and dig excessively.

The white French Bulldog will typically be very calm and peaceful, but if it recognizes a new face, then it might bark to warn its owner. They make superb watchdogs and dreadful guard dogs due to this trait.

They may live with other animals in a home because they don’t have a strong prey drive. Your Frenchie, however, could become envious very quickly if it notices that its owner’s focus is being diverted.

Is The White French Bulldog A Healthy Dog

White French Bulldog sitting by the window
Photo from: @cocainelovetheladies

Despite the popular assumption, not every white French Bulldog has health difficulties, despite the common notion that white dogs are predisposed to illnesses.

Due to their narrow nasal passages, all Frenchies are prone to brachycephalic syndrome, in addition to a variety of other documented health issues that can affect any pure French Bulldog of just about any color.

The skin and eyes of a French Bulldog with albinism will possess a pinkish hue. Albinism is a genetic condition that causes a total or partial absence of the melanin pigment within their eyes, skin, and fur.

Many pure dog breeds acquire the flat-faced (or brachycephalic) snout shape, including the white French Bulldog. The shape of their snout is unrelated to coat color. Whatever color your Frenchie might be, it will still have a flat face.

 It is connected to the breed standard that outlines the ideal appearance for French Bulldogs.

It’s crucial to understand that brachycephalic canines could experience chronic, terminal health conditions.

Are White French Bulldogs Deaf?

There is no concrete evidence to support the common belief that white French Bulldogs with albinism are deaf.

Any color of a French Bulldog with the distinctive bat ears might develop hearing issues, which can have a number of root reasons.

According to a study on hereditary deafness, French Bulldogs can be born deaf, although the risk of this happening seems to be higher when the dog has white fur.

There is one exception – that being the White Merle French Bulldog, also referred to as a dual Merle French Bulldog, which carries two dominant Merle alleles.

For such a Frenchie, the likelihood of developing deafness, eyesight problems, or both is high. This is the major justification for not breeding two merle Frenchies, and a good breeder will steer clear of it.

Taking Care Of A White Frenchie

a woman holds a white French bulldog in her arms

You should keep up with your French Bulldog’s maintenance, just as you do with all French Bulldogs. Because Frenchies generally have sensitive skin, it’s crucial to keep their skin folds completely dry and clean.

Dermal sensitivity is much more common with white Frenchies. To avoid irritating or harming their skin, use a soft brush while brushing them.

Naturally, their white coat will become dirty more quickly than other colors. To keep your dog appearing his best between wash days, you might have to give your buddy a quick wipe.

Make absolutely sure the skin of your dog is sun-protected. This goes beyond applying sunscreen to their nose or other conspicuous body parts. Preferably, you should shield the body of your dog from the sunlight.

Avoid applying human sunscreen on dogs since they are poisonous. You can get a sunscreen that is suitable for dogs that you can apply across your French Bulldog. Some of them also serve as a coat conditioner that they can leave in.

Sun protection clothing can shield your dog from UV radiation if they have sensitivities that prevent them from using sunscreen. Online stores sell dog clothes that protect against UV rays.

In particular, if your dog has light-colored or blue eyes, remember to protect their eyes. There are items like sunglass covers, caps, and visors that you may buy to protect your dog.

Final Word

One of the most well-known little dog breeds in the world, particularly among urban inhabitants, is the white French Bulldog, which is distinguished by its enormous bat ears and even temperament. 

White Frenchies are well-renowned for being extremely intelligent, loving, and stubborn. In addition to this, they are fiercely devoted to their family and owner. As a result of the noise they produce when an intruder approaches your home, they make fantastic watch dogs.

The snout is incredibly short, and the skull is huge and square, with fine lines wrapped over it.

Watch out for indications of hearing loss in your white French Bulldog, particularly if your puppy only has one compromised ear. It’s not often immediately apparent. 

The majority of breeders will be informed if one of their pups has a hearing issue, but faults can still occur. If you acquire a Frenchie from a local shelter, they will have also conducted a screening, although a dog with hearing loss can just seem poorly behaved.

Underneath the flawless, dazzling coat, the body is lean and muscular. The kind, intelligent Frenchie is a cutie. Frenchies are quiet dogs that rarely bark, yet their attentiveness makes them good watchdogs.

They are content living alone, in pairs, or with families, and don’t need much outdoor activity. They are kind toward other animals, and take pleasure in meeting new human acquaintances.