Dogo Argentino Growth Chart: 7 Facts About This Giant Dog

Dogo Argentino Newborn Puppies

When your Dogo Argentino puppy just gets born, it’s the duty of his mother to take care of him while you take care of her.

Dogo Argentino Juvenile Period

The Dogo Argentino should have some basic leash and behavioral training as well as having developed some social skills and restraint.

Dogo Argentino Adulthood

Some Dogo Argentino reach mental maturity at the same time as they become adults, but some continue to be playful.

Dogo Argentino Senior Years

It's time to start swapping from adult food to dog food more oriented toward senior dogs, softer and easier to digest.

Plan Your Dog's Diet

Make sure to do a healthy and balanced diet as obesity is no laughing matter for a large dog like the Dogo Argentino.

Daily Level Of Exercise

Dogo Argentino usually need a lot of daily exercise to meet their needs given their natural affinity to being large and muscular.

Average Lifespan Of A Dogo Argentino

Despite his impressive size, the Dogo Argentino can live a relatively long life thanks to being a naturally healthy dog breed.