7 Dog Vomit Colors That Make Owners Worry

Brown Vomit Color

Blockage, poop ingestion, or dog food/kibble ingredients that simply didn’t sit well on the dog’s sensitive stomach.

White Vomit Color

Empty stomach, motion sickness, Foreign object ingestion, kennel cough, bloat or pancreatitis are some of the possible causes for white or foamy vomit in dogs.

Yellow Vomit Color

Common causes of yellow dog vomit include acute conditions such as foreign object ingestion, an empty stomach, and heatstroke, it is also a common cause of several chronic illnesses.

Green Vomit Color

In addition to eating grass, dogs consume different green vegetables like brussels sprouts and kale, which turn their vomit and poop green.

Red Vomit Color

The red color in dogs is always a medical emergency that needs medical surveillance and care. It indicates possible internal bleeding in the dog’s body.

Black Vomit Color

The black vomit color can quite possibly be a sign of ulcers in the dog’s digestive tract, as well as injury, inflammation, or ingestion of poisons.

Gray Vomit Color

Gray dog vomit color may show that your dog’s stomach is empty or upset. Liquid at the beginning of vomiting episodes, but it can turn foamy if the dog keeps vomiting.