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Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix: A Breed That You Must Explore

Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix: A Breed That You Must Explore

Crossbreeds and mixed dog breeds are becoming more popular by the day. People have decided to use the dog breeds of their preference and to combine them with other dog breeds of their preference in order to create the ‘ultimate’ dog that they have always wished for.

Interesting name, we can say at least. Thai, Ridgeback, Pitbull, and Mix – they have a higher meaning that we will discover together, as time goes by.

We will discuss all of the information that can be useful to you – the origin of this dog, personality, health, price, how this dog responds to other dogs/animals, whether it is a good family dog, etc. In short, I will introduce you to this dog breed.

Before buying a Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix puppy, you have to be completely introduced to the dog breed you are about to own. And that’s what I’m here for!

Is There A Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix?

ridgeback pitbull mix

Photo from: @koabalboaa

When discussing the ultimate dog breeds that are recognised as such, we tend to go towards the official organizations that have the right to approve or disapprove a dog breed.

However, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix is a fairly popular dog breed for breeders worldwide, and also a pretty popular dog breed for dog lovers.

Don’t worry, there really is a Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix in existence, and general owners together with dog breeders do like them, therefore they are breeding them purposely – in order to create this dog breed and to raise its popularity.

In the last few decades, there are often new Pitbull mixes thriving amongst dog lovers. Make sure to also check on the Pitbull Dalmatian mix and the Shih Tzu Pitbull mix!

Where Do Thai Ridgeback Pitbulls Come From?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a brave hunting and guarding dog breed from southern Africa with an intriguing history.
The least we can say is that this dog breed has two purebred dogs as parent breeds.

The breed we know and love today was developed through the mating of dogs that European immigrants had imported to South Africa as well as Rhodesia (present Zimbabwe).

The prominent ridge of hair that runs all the way along the dog’s back is characteristic of the Khoikhoi breed and is from which the breed derives its name.

Many dog owners think mixed-breed, crossbred dogs and mutts are healthier than purebred animals.

It’s crucial to remember that your specific mix’s health depends somewhat on the health of its parents; we’ll discuss health in more detail later. This is why picking a reputable breeder is so important.

Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Vs. Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix

thai ridgeback pitbull rhodesian ridgeback

Considering that both the Thai Ridgeback and the Rhodesian Ridgeback can create a powerful canine crossbreed, there are not many differences between the two.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix is, however, more often of a red coloured coat, while the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix is more often blue/gray.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix is a more popular dog breed, since the Rhodesian Ridgeback is more popular than the Thai Ridgeback.

Origin Of The Thai Ridgeback Vs. Origin Of The Pitbull

When discussing the origin of this mixed dog breed, we need to include both parent breeds of this crossbreed, so we can get a better look into the history of this dog.

Thai Ridgeback Origin

Though the Thai Ridgeback’s exact ancestry is unknown, we can be sure that this breed originated in eastern Thailand.

The roots of the Thai Ridgeback definitely leads back to Thailand, where the breed has been most likely rooted in and developed throughout the age. It is thought to have originated more than a thousand years ago as a Funan Ridgeback Dog.

The Thai Ridgeback seems to be a mystery canine whose past is the subject of many theories. Even the source of its ridge is mysterious. However, the Thai Ridgeback was used as a cobra hunting dog for Thai families, and was also a great family pet.

According to research, the mutation that caused this effect to the Rhodesian Ridgeback also happened in Asia and Africa.

The Rhodesian is a native of South Africa, the Phu Quoc was produced in Vietnam, and the Thai Ridgeback is from Thailand. The Ridgeback family includes all three of them: The Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Thai Ridgeback, and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback.

Pitbull Origin

The Pitbull is a breed that originated from a large dog breed of powerful canines that were often used in the blood sports of bear and bull baiting. However, the breed’s origin is connected to 19th century Britain, tracing from an old bulldog breed.

The majority of dog breed specialists agree that rather than describing a specific breed, the term “pitbull” more appropriately represents a breed type.

The AKC-recognized breed which mostly fits the Pitbull breed type is the American Staffordshire Terrier. Designer mixed breed dogs, like the Pitbull Ridgeback hybrid, are popular nowadays. In recent years, designer mixes have gained popularity as pets.

However, there are also a few types of Pitbulls, that can all be bred with the Thai Ridgeback, in order to create this dog breed.

How Rare Are Thai Ridgebacks?

The Thai Ridgebacks are generally a rare dog breed, as the Ridgeback family of dogs is also a rare one. Since this dog originates from the area of Thailand, it is a popular dog breed in that country. But beyond the borders of Thailand, it is a rare dog breed.

Many people have never actually heard about this specific dog breed, or Ridgebacks in general. I mean, most people worldwide have heard about a golden retriever (both English or the American Golden Retriever) or a labrador, but not all of them have heard about a Thai Ridgeback.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull mix is seen more often than the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix.

Even more rare than the Rhodesian Ridgeback is the Thai Ridgeback.

The popularity of Ridgebacks is not at its peak, therefore, neither the Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix nor the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix are popular dog breeds.

What Does A Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix Look Like?

thai ridgeback pitbull mix dog

Photo from: @koabalboaa

To determine the average looks regarding the height and the weight of this mixed dog breed, we have to think about both of the parent breeds of this dog.

The Thai Ridgeback has always been a hound-type of dog, known for its prey drive and ability to be a great guard dog, that ranges in size from medium to large but is usually on the medium side.

Males weigh around 85 pounds and are between 22 and 24 inches in height at the shoulder. Females average around 20 to 22 in height and they weigh approximately 70 pounds.

The fur is on the shorter side and is shiny, and the color ranges from beige to rusty gold. The majority of Ridgebacks are of one color or monochromatic, although some may have white markings.

The American Staffordshire Terrier breed standard calls for a powerful, muscular dog that reaches a maximum of 17 to 19 inches in height at the shoulder area. There is a certain weight range specified in the breed standard. The breed’s average weight is 60 to 80 pounds. However, they can be on the bulkier side and weigh more.

Therefore, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix can be from 19 to 24 inches tall, and around 70 to 80 pounds in weight. This is a powerful canine that has great muscle tonus, and a body that is symmetrically built to support that muscle mass.

The musculature of the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix is mostly similar to the Pitbull’s, with this dog breed being popular for its bodybuilder looks.

This mix usually has an elongated Pitbull-looking head with up-straight ears. They have rounded eyes that are usually yellow, hazel, brown, or black. Many of the owners decide to crop their ears and tails at birth.

Coat Colors Of A Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix

As the Pitbulls can appear in almost every color that is known to the dog kingdom, so can this breed mix!

A Thai Ridgeback is usually monochromatic or at most, in two colors: one darker one with patches around the chest area.

Just like the Thai Ridgeback, the Rhodesian Ridgeback comes in many colors.

Therefore, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull can appear in these coat colors: monochromatic (solid color, being of one color), two-coloured, tri-coloured, or merle.

The usual solid colors of this dog breed are: champagne, white, chocolate, gray, blue, black, gold, or red. However, when of two colors, it is usually a mix of any of these solid colors with white patches around the chest area.

It can also appear in brindle, which is a known pitbull short coat color.

Merle coat

Thanks to the Pitbull/bull terrier genes, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull can also appear in a merle coat color. The merle coat is something that every future dog owner should pay attention to, because it could be an indicator of some future health problems.

A Pitbull Thai ridgeback puppy, if in merle, should have a parent check. If both of the parents turn out to be merle, the puppy may be prone to some health concerns such as deafness and/or blindness and possible problems with movement coordination.

However, if only one parent is a merle, there shouldn’t be any major health issues in the future.

What Is The Height Of A Thai Ridgeback?

A medium sized dog is definitely something that a Thai Ridgeback is usually considered. On average, their height reaches between 20 and 24 inches at the shoulder area.

Is A Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix A Good Dog?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull is considered to be among one of the best dogs. It is also an energetic dog, which best suits family members that like outdoor activities, and that generally live an active lifestyle.

This dog needs a lot of exercise in order to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Since the Thai Ridgeback parent was originally a cobra hunting dog, it does have a strong prey drive, therefore, it needs a lot of training using positive reinforcement methods to stay out from trouble.

Since our mix has a hunting dog breed as a parent, make sure to give it a cool hunting dog name!

Long walks are recommended to keep the Pitbull Thai Ridgeback’s energy levels on the lower side. However, this is a loyal dog whose manners cannot be doubted. The American Bulldog gene gives it watchdog traits, making the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull a great guard dog.

However, it is probably not the best dog breed for first-time owners, keeping in mind its prey drive and the need for early socialization and training. Especially if you are someone who lives alone and does not have much time to spend training this dog and spending time with it, you should probably skip this dog breed.

However, if you put enough time and effort into a Pitbull Thai Ridgeback puppy, you will have one of the best dog companions out there, for sure. They will always be protective of you, give you their undivided attention, be great family dogs and even greater guard dogs.

What Is A Good Dog For A Family And Is This Breed One?

A good family dog is considered to be protective of its family, yet gentle enough to be around both young and older children.

You will always be sure, when your kids are with your pet, that they are completely safe. The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull is a dog breed that will guard its family with its life, literally. If it feels as if the tiniest danger is nearby, it will warn everyone and try to keep them safe.

This dog breed needs a lot of exercise since it is a breed that comprises bull terrier blood. They are a highly active breed, so long walks is the least that this dog expects from you.

If you have older children who live an active lifestyle, for example, if they like to run or take walks, let them take the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull out for them to have fun together. Your child will be in the safest possible company, yet they will have the time of their life with the best dog.

Is The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix A Healthy Dog Breed?

thai ridgeback pitbull

Photo from: @koabalboaa

Being of two purebred dog parent breeds, the Thai Ridgeback and the Pitbull with all of its bull terrier blood in it, the Thai Ridgeback can be nothing less than a healthy dog breed.

They are considered a healthy dog breed since there have been only two illnesses/health problems seen through the generations of this crossbreed.

This energetic dog does not have many health problems that are life threatening or that are prominent with all Thai Ridgeback Dogs or Pitbull Dogs.

However, the two health conditions that can possibly affect the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix are:

Dermoid sinus

Hip dysplasia

Dermoid sinus is a health condition where a neural tube defect called a dermoid sinus (DS) is typically observed on the back, neck, and/or tail of your dog. Dermoid sinus is thought to be a birth defect that mostly affects Ridgeback breeds, though there is some evidence that it can also affect other dog breeds. When these tubes do not form properly, they may well become inflamed and possibly create an abscess. They are intended to drain away cellular debris, fat, and hair.

Hip dysplasia, an irregular development of the hip joint in dogs, can eventually result in lameness and joint arthritis in more extreme situations. It is a polygenic (genetic) trait that is influenced by the outside world. It is typical of numerous dog breeds.

Aside from these two health problems, the breed does not suffer any significant health problems and is generally considered a healthy dog breed.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Ridgeback Pitbull Mix?

Since both parent purebred dog breeds are generally considered one of the healthiest dog breeds, the crossbreed of these two dog breeds has a considerably good lifespan.

The lifespan of a Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix can be anywhere from 12-16 years. That is all thanks to the dog breed being a crossbreed, since crossbreeds are generally known to have longer lives than purebreds.

The longer lifespan also has to do with its minimum health concerns. This is an active dog that likes to exercise and move around, which adds to the health management.

Adding a great dog food to its daily life can improve the quality of this dog’s life, and also giving it some chew toys to keep its dental care on point can be a great asset to this dog’s lifespan, because it can prolong it. You can feed this dog with one of the best Dog Foods for Pitbulls, since they have proven to react best to it.

Taking care of the health of any living being, automatically creates a longer lifespan.

How Much Is The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix?

Since this dog breed is not so popular as to have its own breeders worldwide, we need to take the average prices of both the parent breeds to get a clue of what this dog breed may cost.

The average price for a Pitbull or any bull terrier is around $1,800, while the average price of Thai Ridgebacks is around $1000.

Therefore, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix is usually around $1300 dollars, if bred by a breeder.

However, it is sad to say, but you can find these dogs at local shelters. Since they are not the best picks for first time owners, they are often left at local shelters to find another forever home. Not only local shelters, but rescue groups also report saving this crossbreed from harsh conditions that they have lived in.

You can always opt for adopting a Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix from a local shelter, or to get in contact with a rescue group and to check if they have this dog mix.

Sadly, when people stop caring about their dogs, or when they buy a dog that they don’t know much about, they tend to give it away, or let it loose to freely roam the streets, which is dangerous for a pup that was only taught to be a family dog.

Is The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix Approved by the AKC?

pitbull thai ridgeback mix at the beach

Photo from: @koabalboaa

The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix does not fit into the category of dogs that are approved by the American Kennel Club.

Ridgebacks, however, together with Pitbulls/bull terriers, are an approved dog breed that has a long history of being recognised dog breeds by the AKC.

The Thai Ridgeback Pitbull mix is too newly made a dog breed to have a chance to be approved by the American Kennel Club. Maybe in the future, when people do see the beauty that this dog breed carries with its personality, they will make this dog breed more famous.

With this dog breed becoming more famous, there will be chances for this dog breed to be approved by the AKC. Just like Labrador doodles, or any types of doodles, which are recent crossbreeds recognised by the AKC, our Thai Ridgeback Pitbull Mix does carry a chance to be recognised in the distant future.

Final Thoughts

If you are not living a particularly healthy lifestyle that is full of various sport activities, you should explore some of the other mixtures. With engaged, involved owners that have the time and commitment required to own this mix, the Thai Ridgeback Pitbull hybrid thrives.

This is a type of dog breed that will be an extremely loyal family dog, and which will be the greatest guard dog out there. Adopt or buy one, and your property won’t need any kind of alarm systems to keep it safe from intruders.

From a young age, proper socialization and training are crucial. Watch your dog near other animals and young children. Select a trustworthy breeder who checks their dogs for genetic medical conditions, and stay away from purchasing a dog from an online advertisement without first seeing it.

This dog will need your attention, and if you live a hectic lifestyle with not as much free time, it is better not to consider owning this dog breed. However, if you live within a large family and always have at least one person who will be around the house, and able to play or take long walks with this high energy level dog, you will be just fine.

If you have never adopted a dog from some kind of shelter or rescue organization, maybe this would be a chance for you to do so. Giving a rescue dog a new home is a pleasurable event for the dog as much as it is for you too.

They will be forever thankful to you, and will show it with their unconditional love, affection, and devotion.