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Teacup Pekingese: Appearance, Temperament, Grooming, And More

Teacup Pekingese: Appearance, Temperament, Grooming, And More

Anyone who has been looking for a dog that tolerates living in an apartment well has surely come across a Pekingese. This small, sweet, and graceful toy dog comes from China, and has been the favorite dog of Chinese emperors throughout history.

The Pekingese, or Peke, as it is called by some people, is a highly adaptable dog, infinitely loyal to its owner, an excellent watchdog, and an intelligent dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Pekingese as a dog breed in 1906.

Okay, we all know Pekingese are irresistible. But, do you know what a teacup Pekingese or a Sleeve Pekingese is? Are you familiar with this even smaller and cuter version of the Pekingese?

What is a teacup dog in general? Well, when you see a cute, small dog and you think you can not imagine anything cuter than it, you should see the teacup version of this dog! So, teacup dogs are smaller versions of their standard dog breed.

Usually, teacup dogs are bred from smaller dog breeds, so today, we have, for example, the Pomeranian teacup dog, the Chihuahua teacup dog, and the Pekingese Teacup dog, which we will be talking about.

So, let’s get down to business!

What Is A Teacup Pekingese?

Teacup Pekingese sitting on the floor

Photo from: @jcdogrepublic

This is not a dog breed on its own. It is a Pekingese that was bred to be even smaller from the standard Pekingese.

I am sure you have seen people carrying small dogs inside their bags. Well, chances are you’ve seen a Teacup Pekingese! This dog is so small that it can easily fit in your hand or in your purse.

If it’s raining outside, or if it is too hot, we can easily help these dogs to be comfortable by just putting them in our bag.

What Is The Difference Between A Teacup Pekingese And A Regular Pekingese?

The average height of a standard Pekingese will go from six to nine inches, and they usually weigh between seven and 14 pounds. This, of course, does not mean that all dogs that are under this height and weight range are Teacup Pekingese dogs.

However, this dog is smaller than the standard Pekingese, and that is their main difference.

The standard Pekingese does not have a high energy level, and it will be perfectly fine with cuddling with you on the sofa for the entire day. It could even be described as a lazy dog breed.

Today, we will find out if the miniature version of this dog has this same character trait!

How Do We Get A Teacup Dog?

Teacup dogs have become pretty popular in recent years. Many celebrities have one of the teacup dog breeds, such as the Teacup Maltese, the Teacup Yorkie, the Teacup Poodle, the Teacup Shih Tzu, etc.

Not only celebrities, but other people have also fallen in love with little dogs. Many backyard breeders today might even try to sell smaller dogs as teacup dogs, so it is necessary to be careful here. Not every tiny dog is a teacup dog.

Some breeders use inbreeding methods of the smallest dog from the litter with another small dog with the goal of producing a litter with the smallest dog possible. Some of these small dogs that are being used for breeding might have some health conditions.

Due to this, teacup dogs can inherit certain health issues. Some of the most common health problems in teacup dogs are respiratory problems, heart disease, blindness, and canine epilepsy.

In some cases, teacup puppies are the result of mixing two different breeds of dogs. For example, if you look up the Lhasa Apso mixes, you will see that there is a mixed dog called a Lhasanese, which is a mix of a Lhasa Apso with a Pekingese.

Furthermore, there are many Pomeranian mixes, and we are not surprised since this dog is so irresistibly cute! And, you don’t have to imagine a combination of a Pomeranian with a Pekingese since we already have it, and it is called a Peek-A-Pom!

Therefore, not all teacup dogs are purebred dogs. Maybe a Teacup Pekingese you came across is actually a Pekingese mix. So, you should also pay attention to this while you are looking for this pooch.

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Teacup Pekingese: Basic Info

Teacup Pekingese is sitting on his bed

Photo from: @berkeleyyumi

What does the standard Pekingese look like? This dog is small, but it has a strong build and a compact body. Its head is large when compared to its body. The ears of this dog are shaped like a heart, and its eyes are round and large.

Pekingese dogs have a long, double coat. The undercoat is soft and thick. Their coat comes in many colors, while those acceptable by the American Kennel Club are: biscuit, black, black and tan, cream, fawn, gray, red, sable, and white.

They can also come with white markings or have a black mask.

Is the Teacup Pekingese the same as the standard one, but only in a mini version? Let’s find out!


At first glance, you might think that this dog is a Poodle mix. They are tiny, and have a soft, long, and fluffy double coat.

Some people even call this dog the Lion Dog, thanks to its looks.

Their face is flat, their eyes are usually brown, and their ears are in the shape of a heart.

They are very small dogs, but their bodies are compact.

How Big Does A Teacup Pekingese Get?

The average height of this dog goes from four to six inches. So, a Pekingese dog breed is a small dog, but as you can see, the mini version of this dog is even smaller!

This dog is so small that you can carry it in your hand all around. This has many advantages, but some disadvantages, too.

By being so small, you should always be careful about where your dog is at a certain moment since he can get hurt easily. Sometimes, you might even have problems noticing where this micro teacup dog is hiding!

How Much Does A Teacup Pekingese Weigh?

Can you imagine a smaller dog than a Pekingese that usually doesn’t weigh more than 14 pounds?

Well, this mini Pekingese weighs between three and six pounds! Probably the smallest dog you will ever see… am I right?

Coat Colors

This miniature Pekingese has a silky and long coat.

They can come in many colors, such as brown, black, brindle, fawn, and gray.

Besides these standard colors, these dogs can also have white markings, or a black mask. The black mask is a feature that can also be seen in some other dog breeds, such as in the Boxer, the German Shepherd, the Pug, and the Whippet.


If you are thinking about becoming an owner of one of these little dogs, but you or some of your family members suffer from allergies, you must be asking – Is this small dog hypoallergenic?

Many people will say that there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog, but still, we are aware that some dogs are better options for people with allergies. On the other hand, some dogs are not recommended for them due to their heavy shedding.

For example, Yorkshire Terriers are considered to be hypoallergenic. A Boykin Spaniel’s shedding can be described as moderate, while Labradors are known as extremely heavy shedders.

What about a Teacup Pekingese’s shedding? Since this dog has a double coat, it does shed. He is not a heavy shedder, but still, he requires regular brushing.

So, if you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog, this mini Pekingese would not be an ideal option.


This teddy bear dog is one affectionate, loyal, and independent dog. It is most likely that this dog will get attached to one person, and will remain loyal to him for the rest of his life.

He can be a marvelous family dog, but he is a better option for people who don’t have small children.

He is also very protective, and will bark loudly at strangers. This makes him a great watchdog, but loud barking can be quite annoying, so every Teacup Pekingese should be properly socialized.

This dog is not aggressive, but he might try to attack unknown people if he feels threatened by them.

Lifespan And Health Concerns

Teacup Pekingese walks the sidewalk

Photo from: @berkeleyyumi

The estimated life expectancy for a Teacup Pekingese is 12 to 15 years.

This small dog can be your favorite companion for a long time, just as long he has quality life conditions, adequate nutrition, and regular vet checkups.

However, as we already mentioned, teacup puppies are prone to certain health issues. Let’s see what diseases are more likely for these small dogs to develop.

Breathing Issues

Dogs with a flat face and a short nose are likely to develop certain breathing issues. One of the most common for this small dog is Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome.

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome refers to a disturbance in the dog’s airways and the irregular growth of the cartilaginous rings that make up the dog’s trachea. Because of this, the dog breathes harder.

The symptoms of this disease are the dog’s difficulty with breathing, snoring, coughing, and shortness of breath.

If the condition is serious, it is possible to perform a surgical procedure that will alleviate the dog’s breathing difficulties. This medical condition is also present in some other dog breeds such as Pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Boxers.

Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease

Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease is a cardiovascular disease that occurs in smaller dogs.

This disease is hereditary, and is most often associated with breeds such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Lhasa Apso, the Dachshund, the Shih Tzu, and the Pekingese.

This condition refers to the degeneration of the heart’s mitral valve, which is one of the four heart valves on the dog’s heart.

If the dog suffers from this disease, the degenerative valve prevents the blood from returning back to the atrium of the dog’s heart. Over time, the dog’s left and right atrium become enlarged. In the most severely affected dogs, the final outcome is heart failure.

It is precisely because of hereditary diseases like this that it is very important to see proof of genetic testing of the dog, and the dog’s parents before you buy.

Ear Infections

Other health conditions that can often be noticed with these small dogs are ear infections.

Some of these dogs may have frequent ear infections, which means they are likely to take antibiotics frequently.

Ear inflammation in dogs can either occur as a result of an infection or it can occur as chronic inflammation. If you notice that your dog often scratches his ears, or if his ears are swollen and red, it is very likely that it is an ear infection.

To save these dogs from the trouble of ear infections, it is important to learn how to clean Pekingese ears in the best manner.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

When one of the intervertebral discs in the dog’s spine becomes damaged, the dog’s movement becomes difficult.

Older dogs are more likely to suffer from this disease, but unfortunately, some are susceptible to this disease at a younger age. In addition to the Pekingese, this group of dogs also includes the Dachshund, the Shih Tzu, and the Basset Hound.

Intervertebral Disc Disease is quite severe, and a dog suffering from it can experience terrible pain. In the worst cases, paralysis can occur. If the disease progresses, it must be treated with surgery.


This small dog needs to be brushed as often as possible. As a matter of fact, daily brushing would be perfect. This is the best way to avoid tangles in this dog’s fur.

Bathing should be taken from time to time depending on the state of the dog’s fur. Since this dog is so small, keeping it clean should not be hard.

His ears and teeth should be cleaned regularly to avoid ear infections and dental problems.


Teacup Corgis and Teacups Huskies need adequate nutrition for them to be happy and healthy puppies. A Teacup Pekingese needs this as well!

Small dog breeds like this have significantly less food needs than some larger dogs, which is normal and expected.

It is advisable to feed this little Pekingese several times a day with smaller food portions. It would be best if this puppy had a meal every four to five hours. If your little Pekingese refuses to eat dry food, it is advisable to boil chicken for him.

The food for this dog should contain ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, and eggs.

Having a small dog does not mean that it has no needs. It is very important to choose food that is specially aimed for small dog breeds.

With miniature dogs like the Pekingese, it is even more important to take good care of the food they eat, and how often they eat it. As you can see, there are several health conditions that these dogs are prone to, so adequate nutrition and regular vet checkups are basic in this dog’s care.


It can be said that this dog does not require too much exercise. At first, you probably think that it would suit you since you won’t have to worry about whether your dog gets his daily dose of exercise, especially on those days when you don’t get anything done.

However, it is necessary to be careful so that the dog does not become too lazy, which cannot be good for his physical or mental health. Therefore, it is advisable to take this little Pekingese for a short walk once or twice a day.

Also, playing with you will be a great source of exercise for him. With the help of a couple of dog toys, you can easily make your dog’s everyday life more interesting, and at the same time, provide him with mental and physical exercise.


This small pooch needs proper dog training. They do not like strangers, and they might even act hostile towards them. So, you can use our advice on how to socialize an aggressive dog.

It may sound funny to you now, but small dogs can actually show more signs of aggression than larger dogs. The thing is, in this way, they are trying to defend themselves. Also, sometimes they are not even aware of how small they are.

The Teacup Pekingese is probably not a dog you will be taking to dog shows, but still, basic obedience training is necessary. This dog is intelligent, and he might even surprise you with all the tricks he is able to learn quickly!

Teacup Pekingese Puppies For Sale

adorable Teacup Pekingese

Photo from: @berkeleyyumi

So, we all can see how irresistible teacup dogs are, and how they are getting more, and more, and more popular. But, when searching for these micro-sized dogs, it is necessary to first look for their health guarantee rather than their size.

Responsible breeders of teacup dogs are not very easy to find, and this is one of the most important factors concerning the high price for teacup dogs. This small dog can cost you from $500 up to $1,500.

The price can get even higher if this dog is a dog of famous pedigree or of a champion bloodline.

A reminder: before buying a puppy, always consider adoption! Mixed dog breeds, as well as teacup puppies can often be found in shelters. Even if you think you are one-hundred percent sure about your dog’s health because you are buying a dog from a breeder… not all breeders are trustworthy.

Not to discourage you – the truth is that there are many reliable and reputable breeders across America. However, breeding teacup puppies is an especially sensitive matter and, if you intend to buy this dog, then thorough research is really necessary.

What you should immediately ask the breeder is for evidence of the genetic testing of the parents of the puppy you intend to buy. As we have seen, teacup puppies can often have genetic diseases.

We suggest you take a look at the official website of the Pekingese Club Of America to find out more information on buying or adopting a Teacup Pekingese.

Should I Get A Teacup Pekingese?

So, we got to know all the important features of this miniature dog. But, is this dog the ideal option for you?

We can make a solid list of pros and cons for this adorable pooch.

The Teacup Pekingese is a wonderful companion, especially for elderly people. It is slso good for people who live alone or for people who live in an apartment. Even if you don’t have a very active lifestyle, this dog will be satisfied with spending time with you in your home.

He does not need a lot of exercise, and short daily walks will be enough for him. Of course – give him a lot of attention and cuddles! One thing to bear in mind is that this dog is not a fan of strangers, and he will probably bark at them a lot!

So, proper socialization is necessary for this miniature lap dog to become an obedient dog.

If you have small children, this toy dog will probably not be the best option for you. This dog is very fragile, and it can easily get injured while having a play session with kids. He needs to be taken care of, and he requires a lot of grooming.

Having this in mind, I am sure that you can make the final decision as to whether this dog is the right dog for you and your lifestyle.

At The End

Many dog lovers nowadays are becoming more and more fond of the teacup dog breeds. They are adorable, loving, and cuddling, and they make a wonderful life companion. The Teacup Pekingese is not an exception to this dog group!

This small dog will be the best choice as a house dog for people who don’t spend much time away from home. These dogs do not need much exercise, but they will need a lot of your attention!

If you can adapt your lifestyle to the needs of this small pooch, you will find a best friend in it. However, we hope that after reading this article, you are aware of this miniature dog’s needs and health problems he might develop.

Owning any dog should be taken as a serious commitment, especially a fragile and sensitive dog like this teacup breed is.

So, if you see yourself as a proud owner of this small bundle of joy, we hope you will be welcoming one in your home as soon as possible!

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