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44 Perfect English Bulldog Mixes That You Will Simply Adore

44 Perfect English Bulldog Mixes That You Will Simply Adore

If you are looking for a chilled dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise and attention, then the English Bulldog might be the perfect choice for you, and let’s not forget to say… the extremely adorable choice.

These pups were originally used for a sport called bull-baiting, which has been banned now for a long time for obvious reasons. After that, these dogs have found themselves a new purpose — perfect family companions.

Bulldogs have been (and still are) England’s pride and joy, but their cuteness has also won many hearts in America, making them one of the most popular dog breeds across the pond.

Unfortunately, these pooches are prone to some health diseases due to their structure and shape, so the breeders have started to crossbreed English Bulldogs with many other breeds – creating, therefore, a lot of English Bulldog mixes that are much healthier.

f you are interested in learning more about them and their qualities, keep on reading because in the next couple of lines, we present you with the best, the cutest, and definitely the most adorable English Bulldog mixes in the world!

44 Adorable English Bulldog Mixes

It is not hard to figure out why English Bulldogs are so popular. If you still don’t know the answer, let me tell you — because they are unbelievably adorable.

Their most prominent feature has to be their wrinkly face and pushed-in nose. Because of this, many see them as cute and cuddly animals; however, those features make them one of the purebreds that have way too many health issues.

So, this is where the mixed breeds come into place. Bulldog mixed breeds were created to be able to preserve some of the best features of the English Bulldog and make them live a little bit longer.

We have done the difficult job of gathering important information about all English Bulldog mixes, and now your job is just to read and find yourself the perfect match among these beautiful mixes.

1. Bulloxer: English Bulldog X Boxer


Photo from: @pupliferosie

The Bulloxer (or Bull-boxer) is a common mix between an English Bulldog and a Boxer. These dogs are sweet and lovable, and a little bit goofy. You can expect to get licked a lot if you have this dog as a family pet.

Even though their muscular body can seem a little bit intimidating at first, as soon as you spend a little bit of time with them, you will notice how affectionate they actually are.

However, there are some things that you should be aware of when it comes to this mixed breed:

• They don’t like to be bored, and if so, they can get a bit destructive

• They can be prone to breathing issues that are common with brachycephalic breeds

2. Bullador: English Bulldog X Labrador Retriever


Photo from: @bauer_and_bo

The Bullador — the dog that should definitely be one of your top choices. Not only are they absolutely adorable and friendly, but also very brave and loyal, which means that they will protect you and your home whatever it takes.

They are medium-sized dogs that don’t require a lot of grooming since they have a short coat that stays in pretty good shape.

However, they require early socialization and training. Due to their headstrong streak, they may be better suited for owners who are experienced and know what they are doing.

3. Beabull: English Bulldog X Beagle


Photo from: @tankbennettthebeabull

We cannot skip Beabulls when we are mentioning cute, mix puppies. A mix of an English Bulldog and a Beagle results in a wonderful family dog that inherits the best qualities from their parent breeds.

Beabulls are friendly and curious, but also very loving and loyal. They need a moderate amount of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

They are much healthier than their Bulldog parent (with a lifespan of around 13 years), but still, they can have some health problems, such as hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

4. Bull Aussie: English Bulldog X Australian Shepherd

bull aussie

Photo from: @bullaussieluca

If you are perhaps looking for a working dog, then this is the mix that you should definitely consider.

Bull Aussies perform best if they have something to do. This also means that they will need a lot of exercise, but thankfully, they are pretty smart and easy to train.

That being said, they will be better suited for active families that will be able to provide them with lots of activities and fun. Other than that, these are really sociable dogs, and they will most likely get along with everyone.

5. English Boodle: English Bulldog X Poodle

english boodle

Photo from: @mollytheboodle

Are you one of those people who don’t like to have lots of hair around their house? If yes, then the English Boodle might be what you are looking for.

Even though they are not hypoallergenic, as their Poodle parent, these pups are still pretty light shedders since they usually inherit the curly coat of the Poodle.

Boodles are fun and playful dogs to have. They are also sociable, and will get along well with other humans and pets.

6. Bullmatian: English Bulldog X Dalmatian


Photo from: @kobebullmatian

The beautiful cross of the English Bulldog and the Dalmatian will most likely have worldwide-known black and white spots on its coat. These are medium-to-large dogs with high energy levels that require a lot of exercise and playtime.

Although they are quite a big breed, they are still very good with small children and other dogs. Affection and a loving nature are what make them awesome family pets, and because of their looks, they will definitely capture the attention of many.

7. English Bull Springer: English Bulldog X Springer Spaniel

english bull springer

Photo from: @_englishbullspringer

English Bull Springers are some of the best companion dogs out there. One thing that makes them really special is their docile, laid-back, and sweet nature.

Many will describe them as having a gentle soul that wants nothing else but a harmonious and good life with their family.

They can inherit either a soft and curly coat, or a short and fine one. Both of them are easy to manage, and don’t require a lot of grooming time.

When it comes to their coat color, it can vary significantly from dog to dog, but it will usually be in white, tan, black, or brown colors.

8. Bull Jack: English Bulldog X Jack Russel Terrier

bull jack

Photo from: @elvis_the_bulljack

Bull Jacks are typically small dogs with not-so-small energy levels. If you are planning to have a Bull Jack, then prepare for a huge amount of exercise and playtime.

This is extremely important for them since they don’t like to be bored. If they are bored, they might be destructive or bark a lot, which no one wants.

They have short fur, which is really dense, so they will need regular brushing to keep them looking good. If you are looking for a dog with personality, then the Bull Jack will not disappoint you.

9. English Bullhuahua: English Bulldog X Chihuahua

english bullhuahua

Photo from: @peytzz3512

We all know that Chihuahuas can have a little bit of a feisty personality, so what happens when this dog is crossbred with an English Bulldog?

Even though these two parent breeds have different temperaments, somehow their mix works well together, creating a friendly family dog.

It is not excluded that some dogs will not have a dominant personality that will require some training and proper socialization. However, if everything is done correctly, there shouldn’t be problems, and you can have a charming pooch.

10. Bull Pei: English Bulldog X Shar Pei

bull pei

Photo from: @gmoneykatz

The best thing about Bulldogs is their cute, wrinkly face, and that is exactly what Bull Peis inherit. When you mix this with the Shar Pei’s features, things just get better.

These pups are medium in size, but everything else comes in larger amounts. They are excellent guard dogs and companions.

They don’t require a lot of exercise, and because of their size, they are suitable for apartment living. They have a short coat that usually comes in a blend of colors, and doesn’t require a lot of brushing.

We have also gathered some more interesting Shar Pei mixes, so, check them out, too!

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11. English Bullpit: English Bulldog X Pitbull Terrier

english bullpit

Photo from: @minitruckin_apes

When it comes to any mix that is in any way related to the Pitbull, people can be very reserved since they expect them to be aggressive. Unfortunately, because of their reputation, which is not good, these dogs and all their mixes are not so popular.

However, this reputation is solely based on the poor training and socialization that these dogs receive, and if that is done properly, these pups will also be calm and collected, friendly, and overall good companions.

12. Bullkita: English Bulldog X Akita


Photo from: @koda_the_bullkita

The Bullkita is a large dog that requires a lot of space, so small apartments are a big no-no for them. They are known for being big droolers also, which you should be aware of.

Bullkitas are best suited for families that have a stable lifestyle, older children, and no other pets since they are not that good with small kids or pets.

This mix requires stability and a moderate amount of exercise and playtime. Other than that, they are strong dogs that are really loyal and playful most of the time.

13. Miniature Bulldog: English Bulldog X Pug

miniature bulldog

Photo from: @garrisonthebullpug

Miniature Bulldogs, the (English Bulldog Pug mix), are designer dogs that can also be called Bull-Pugs or Toy Bulldogs. No matter what they are called, they are always super cute, docile, and friendly.

However, unfortunately, these pups are not a healthy version of English Bulldogs at all. They usually inherit a lot of health problems from both parent breeds, such as respiratory issues or proneness to overheating.

When it comes to their appearance, they have the famous snout and wrinkles, and their coat can either come in various colors (fawn, brindle, white) or be spotted with more colors.

14. Englishweiler: English Bulldog X Rottweiler


Photo from: @beauvity

The mix of an English bulldog and a Rottweiler is a big dog. These mixes can be around 100 pounds if they take more of the Rottweiler genes, so that also means that they will need a lot of good dog food to keep them healthy and strong.

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Best Food For English Bulldog: 9 Healthiest Picks And More!

Usually, these pups are extremely lovable and enjoy spending time with their family. They don’t have a problem with other pets either.

The only thing is that sometimes, they can have a stubborn streak in them, which makes them a bit difficult to train.

They are energetic dogs that need a significant amount of playtime and exercise to keep them happy, which is very important if you do choose to get this mix.

15. Bullet: English Bulldog X Basset Hound


Photo from: @otto_thebullybasset

This mix is a dog with an interesting name and an even more interesting appearance. They have become very popular in recent years due to their lovable and playful temperament.

These dogs have quite an odd appearance, and are often described as funny-looking. This is because they often inherit the flat face of the English Bulldog, and the elongated body with short legs that is signature for Basset Hounds.

They require a lot of exercise and playtime to stay happy, so daily walks should not be missed. If you have a garden, it will be perfect for them because they will have a place to run around.

16. Busky: English Bulldog X Husky


Photo from: @otis_the_buskdoggy

The Busky — an interesting mix of two quite different breeds. These dogs with a cute little name are usually very energetic and alert pups.

They are friendly, intelligent, and playful, but are more recommended for owners who have experience with dogs and have an active lifestyle.

They will definitely need proper training and socialization because if they inherit a lot of Husky genes, they can be prone to some behavioral issues.

To prevent your pup from barking, chewing, or scratching, start early with training and positive reinforcement.

17. English Bullwhip: English Bulldog X The Whippet

english bullwhip

Photo from: @jessdiekmann

The English Bullwhip is a designer dog that is usually smaller in size, though this depends greatly on the dominant parent genes. Sometimes, they can grow to be medium-sized pups.

These dogs are often described as sensitive pooches that are better suited for homes that are quiet, and that don’t have small children.

However, they are quite active dogs that perform really well at sports. They do require proper training and socialization to prevent some behavioral issues that can surface, like aggression.

18. Mountain Bulldog: English Bulldog X Bernese Mountain Dog

mountain bulldog

Photo from: @stella_and_odin

The Mountain Bulldog is one of the giant dogs that can weigh around 120 pounds, so you probably already know that they require a lot of space. They are great family dogs — intelligent, social, friendly, and protective.

Thankfully, they are quite easy to train, which is a good thing if you are not an expert at training. They will get along really well with other pets if you have them, and also with other humans, either in your home or outside.

Their appearance may vary a lot depending on which parent gene is more dominant since they tend to lean toward one parent rather than an equal mix of both parent breeds.

19. English Bullcorgi: English Bulldog X Corgi

english bullcorgi

Photo from: @hope_and_pepper

The mix between an English Bulldog and a Corgi is a truly unique crossbreed. Their appearance may also vary significantly, but most of them are said to inherit the “dwarf” gene, meaning that they will have the recognizable short legs of a Corgi.

Although these dogs are pretty laid-back and gentle, if they inherit more Corgi genes, they will have significant herding instincts, which means that they will not exactly be good for small children since it could happen that they start to herd them.

20. English Bull Shepherd: English Bulldog X German Shepherd

english bull shepherd

Photo from: @beyla_puppy

English Bull Shepherds are usually medium to large dogs that are really strong and powerful. They are quite intelligent, devoted, and work-oriented dogs.

They perform best if they have some job to do, so they will be good as watchdogs and guards.

To keep their coat in good condition, regular grooming sessions will be needed.

Also, since both parent breeds have a somewhat willful nature – proper training, positive reinforcement, and mental stimulation will be keys to a happy and healthy Bull Shepherd.

21. English Frenchie: English Bulldog X French Bulldog

english frenchie

Photo from: @dalethebulldog

Most people will confuse these two breeds as one, but these are two different variations of Bulldog-type dogs. When you cross them, you get an English Frenchie. These are small dogs that have a short coat that doesn’t shed that much.

However, a big problem with this mixed breed is that they have a lot of health issues just like most brachycephalic breeds. Because of that, they are not suited for hot climates since they will probably suffer from overheating.

Other than that, they also may possess a little stubborn streak, which makes them a bit difficult to train, and will require an owner who knows what they are doing.

22. Catahoula Bulldog: English Bulldog X Catahoula

catahoula bulldog

Photo from: @charleston_chew_dogstagram

Catahoula Bulldogs are extremely rare dogs, with a muscular structure and an eye-catching appearance. They can vary in size from medium- to large-sized dogs.

The most impressive feature of these pups is their appearance, which will definitely turn heads wherever they go. Not only can they have a fascinating, colorful coat, but also different colored eyes, which will steal many hearts.

Their coat can be solid or have different patterns such as brindle, leopard, or merle.

23. Bullenees: English Bulldog X Great Pyrenees


Photo from: @grim_and_fang

This is another one of the unique mixes that are rarely seen. Bulleneeses are often described as gentle, loving, and protective.

Since the Pyrenees breed is an energetic dog breed, the Bullenees will probably be more active than Bulldogs, but not as much as their active parent.

They will also probably be great for families with children, but they will require an experienced owner, and those families that are more active and able to provide them with lots of exercise.

24. Bull Dane: English Bulldog X Great Dane

bull dane

Photo from: @mo.cooper

By mixing an English Bulldog with a Great Dane, you get a large dog that is very intelligent and loyal. Generally, they will inherit an athletic and strong build from their Great Dane parent.

This mix is known for being extremely affectionate. They enjoy spending time with you more than anything, so if you choose this dog, you must expect them to be mostly by your side.

They are not vocal dogs at all, but are really easy to train, and they pick up new tricks quickly.

Bull Danes have a great ability to read people very well, so they will be able to judge whether a new person at your house is an actual friend and a nice person.

25. Bullchow: English Bulldog X Chow Chow


Photo from: @reggieray2014

When you look at these two breeds, you immediately notice how completely different they are, so it is no surprise that their mix is very unique and different looking. If you are searching for something like this, then the fluffy Bullchow could be the perfect solution.

However, since they can get really big and powerful, they are usually recommended for more experienced owners and people with older children. These dogs like to spend time with their “pack”, and they should be rather affectionate.

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However, they also don’t mind being a little bit independent and spending some time alone, but definitely don’t leave them for longer periods since they may suffer from separation anxiety.

26. Bulldach: English Bulldog X Dachshund


Photo from: @butta_mochi_m

This designer dog is a funny mix of the laid-back English Bulldog and the feisty little Dachshund. It is always interesting to see what personality will prevail in this crossing.

They may either look more like the Bulldog parent or the Dachshund one, and the same goes for their temperament.

One thing is for sure – Bulldachs are going to be small dogs that are completely devoted to their humans. Since both breeds are friendly and intelligent, they will be easy to socialize and train.

They don’t require a lot of exercise, so if you are looking for a low-maintenance dog with a sparkly personality, then the Bulldach is just right for you.

27. Bulldober: English Bulldog X Doberman


Photo from: @major_the_englishdobie

The mix of an athletic Doberman and a calm Bulldog will result in a bright, alert, and very loyal Bulldober that will be an excellent guard dog.

Like many other dogs, they require early socialization. Even though they can be really loving and affectionate with their family, because of their guard-dog gene, they can also be aloof with strangers and somewhat aggressive with other dogs.

Your Bulldober will also require a high amount of exercise, so walks or regular visits to a park will be necessary for keeping him healthy and happy.

28. Bulldog Newfoundland: English Bulldog X Newfoundland

bulldog newfoundland

Photo from: @boris_newfoulandxbulldog

The Bulldog Newfoundland mix is quite a big dog that can be brave, goofy, and a bit inquisitive. Even though they are huge dogs, they are really affectionate and love to cuddle, so more often than not, they will find themselves enjoying your lap.

They have really high energy levels, so you should plan on taking them for long walks regularly.

Although they are intelligent dogs, they have proved to be a bit challenging to train since they like to be leaders of the group, so they will require a strong and firm owner who knows how to deal with them.

29. Golden Bulldog: English Bulldog X Golden Retriever

golden bulldog

Photo from: @ashleyridgephotography

We already know that nearly every dog mixed with a Golden Retriever is kind of the perfect dog, isn’t that right? Well, no surprise here — Golden Bulldogs are also very much the best mix as well.

This mix combines the good looks and sweet personality of both parent breeds, making a handsome dog with a cheerful and sweet temperament that many are looking for.

Many Golden Bulldog mixes inherit the wrinkly face and coat markings of the English Bulldog.

They are really loyal, eager to please, and great with children, which makes them wonderful family pets. Golden Bulldogs are extremely easy to train, and therefore, many of them work as service dogs.

30. Bullmastiff: English Bulldog X Mastiff


Photo from: @pradada_mastiff

The Bullmastiff is a large, mixed dog that is considered to be one of the best guard dogs in the world. They usually inherit a broad, wrinkled head, and a powerful body.

Although they are not as big as their Mastiff parent, they are still quite large and will require a lot of space.

Don’t let this size fool you – if properly trained and socialized, these dogs can be easy-going, calm, and friendly. They don’t require a lot of maintenance since their coat is short and easy to manage because it doesn’t shed a lot.

Their fur usually comes in fawn, red, brown, or brindle.

31. Bullpie: English Bulldog X Kelpie


Photo from: @cruze_the_cruzin_dog

This interesting mix with a cute name is a result of crossbreeding an English Bulldog and an Australian Kelpie. They are usually courageous and protective dogs, but also affectionate and good with children.

They will probably be a bit cautious with strangers, but they are not seen as threatening; however, early socialization and positive reinforcement will be beneficial to them and prevent bad habits from forming.

Because of their Kelpie genes, they can also be very good working dogs that do well in many fields.

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32. Bullhounds: English Bulldog X Irish Wolfhound


Photo from: @taynoxx

This is another one of the really interesting mixes on our list. While English Bulldogs are small and powerfully built, Irish Wolfhounds, on the other hand, are extremely tall, and some might say, lanky looking. Check some more Irish Wolfhound mixes, too!

It is hard to predict exactly how their mix will end up looking, but for sure, it is going to be a medium-to-large-sized dog. They will most likely inherit the tall and slim structure of the Wolfhound, but the coloring of the Bulldog.

33. Bull Zhu: English Bulldog X Shih Tzu

bull zhu

Photo from: @boomernorris

Since we have started with interesting-looking English Bulldog mixes, let’s also add this one on the list. These oddly-shaped dogs are a mix of playful Shih Tzus and friendly English Bulldogs. What is interesting about them is their appearance.

They usually inherit the muscled body of the Bulldog, and the sweet face of the Shih Tzu; however, their appearance may also vary. The same is with their coat colors and markings, which can be red, white, fawn, and also piebald, or brindle.

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34. Bull Heeler: English Bulldog X Blue Heeler

bull heeler

Photo from: @just_cooperthedog

The Bull Heeler is a smart and friendly mix of the English Bulldog and Blue Heeler (also called the Australian Cattle Dog).

As you may have guessed from the name, following the example of his parent breeds, the Bull Heeler is a great working dog that does best living on a farm or a ranch.

They are also affectionate, love to spend time with their humans, and will do great at obedience training and socialization.

35. Cockerbull: English Bulldog X Cocker Spaniel


Photo from: @pumbathecockerbull

Cockerbulls are extremely adorable and sweet dogs that will for sure melt your heart as soon as you see them. They are quite new mixed breed dogs that will be like your children.

These extremely affectionate dogs will form a close bond with you, and will require a lot of attention.

I’m sure with those sweet puppy eyes, you will not be able to resist them at all. The only problem is training as they don’t do well with orders (especially following them), so you will have to get creative and use many rewards.

36. Bulldog Schnauzer: English Bulldog X Schnauzer

bulldog schnauzer

Photo from: @keepingupwithsassy

A complete contrast to Cockerbulls and their stubborn nature when it comes to training are Bulldog Schnauzers, which are intelligent and easy to train. They are also gentle and, let’s say, placid.

The health problem that is most associated with this breed is obesity, and therefore, owners of this dog have to be really careful when it comes to their food intake. Because of this, they require a lot of exercise and playtime – at least 1 hour per day.

Take a look at some of the other amazing Schnauzer mixes, too!

37. Boston Bulldog: English Bulldog X Boston Terrier

boston bulldog

Photo from: @agnesthedestroyer

The combination of an English Bulldog and a Boston Terrier results in a smaller dog that is completely devoted to his family. They are usually friendly and loving pups that inherit the stout body type.

They are true family dogs that love nothing more than to spend time with their pack, either chilling or playing some games. The only thing that they don’t like is being left alone for too long.

With this mix, you should be careful of hot weather, and the possibility of a heat stroke, which can be deadly for your pup.

38. English Bull Staffy: English Bulldog X Staffordshire Terrier

english bull staffy

Photo from: @macy.girl.808

In the hope of creating a healthier breed, the English Bull Staffy was produced by mixing an English Bulldog and a Staffordshire Terrier. They are strong and brave, and therefore, great at protecting their property and family.

They are medium-sized dogs that don’t require a lot of grooming since they have a short and fine coat. However, they do require a lot of exercise and playtime since they have very high energy levels.

This is also absolutely necessary in order to keep them entertained and healthy.

39. English Presa Bulldog: English Bulldog X Presa Canario

english presa bulldog

Photo from: @adventuroushector

This is an interesting mix of a dog from the Spanish Canary Island, and a Bulldog originating from England. This is an extremely powerful mix that produces a large dog with excellent guarding instincts.

Since they have a common thick bone structure and a large head, they are often seen as intimidating.

They require a lot of space and plenty of exercise. Their coat is dense and short, and it probably will not require a lot of maintenance; however, if they inherit the Bulldog’s wrinkles, they will need proper care for that.

40. Smooth Foxybull Terrier: English Bulldog X Smooth Fox Terrier

smooth foxybull terrier

This is one of the mixes that is extremely rare, and therefore, there is also not much information about them.

Given the characteristics of both parent breeds, the Smooth Foxybull Terrier will most likely be a medium-sized dog that can inherit any of the parent traits, so they can be either very lively and energetic or easy-going and chill.

41. English Bull-Walker: English Bulldog X Treeing Walker

english bull-walker

The English Bull-Walker is the perfect family dog and companion.

The English Bulldog was crossed with a Treeing Walker surely because of their perfect health conditions. In the end, they got a lovable, kind-hearted, and protective pup that is the perfect choice for many families.

They want nothing else but companionship, so they will nearly always form a very close bond with their people and protect them at all costs. They are easy to groom, but require a lot of exercise.

42. English American Bulldog: English Bulldog X American Bulldog

Even though many people confuse them for the same breed, they are indeed two different dogs, and it is possible to crossbreed them, so meet the English American Bulldog.

They are the larger version of the English Bulldog, and are equally (if not more) friendly, fun, and loving.

Since both parents are brachycephalic dogs, you can expect to get a wrinkly, short face and a pushed-in nose that are characteristic of both breeds. Unfortunately, because of this, they are prone to serious health issues.

43. English Collie: English Bulldog X Border Collie

english collie

Photo from:

The English Collie is one of the sweetest English Bulldog mixes out there. They are very friendly and family-oriented, so most of the time, they will look for company and affection.

Sometimes, they can also have a little stubborn streak in them that causes them to have a strong personality.

Although they have a short coat, they shed a lot, and if you want to keep them clean and presentable, you will have to brush and bathe them regularly. Also, a good vacuum cleaner might be a good idea if you plan on having a clean house.

44. Cane Corso Bulldog: English Bulldog X Cane Corso

cane corso bulldog

Photo from: @riekew.fotografie

The Cane Corso Bulldog mix is a sweet boy that is going to melt your heart for sure. They are wonderful companions that will do anything to make you happy. Their best qualities are that they are loyal, easy to train, protective, and affectionate.

They have a lot of energy, so regular walks or trips to the dog park are required. Even though they are good with strangers and other dogs, early socialization is still a good idea to improve these qualities even more.

To Sum It Up

When it comes to English Bulldogs, the main concern is their health, and this is when English Bulldog mixes come into the story.

With crossbreeding, their health can be significantly improved, which will make them live a much longer and much happier life.

Not only can crossbreeds have improved health, but also all their beautiful characteristics can be mixed with even better ones from other dog breeds.

However, the thing is that you can never be one-hundred percent sure how a mixed breed will end up looking.

This is why we have gathered all of the important information about each English Bulldog mix out there, and hopefully, you will be able to get a nice picture about all of them, which will help you choose the perfect one that will match you and your lifestyle the best.

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