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8 Best Cavapoo Haircuts For Your Dog + The Grooming Tips

8 Best Cavapoo Haircuts For Your Dog + The Grooming Tips

Cavapoo haircuts done right would make your doodle look more adorable if that is even possible.

This lovely mixed breed is a combination of purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and purebred Poodle which makes this dog a perfect choice if you have small children.

It’s also widely considered to be one of the best doodle breeds out there.

These puppies love to be around people; they are smart and playful and probably will stay cute and small their whole life.

To make them look extra cute, some regular grooming needs to be done.

Now, where to start?

We bring you 8 haircut ideas and some essential tips that will help you find your way and decide what suits your puppy best. Let’s begin.

8 Cutest Cavapoo Haircuts Explained

Like other doodles – cockapoo, goldendoodle or maltipoo for example – cavapoos look good in many hairstyles. Check it out.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Photo from: @cavapoo_tails_llew

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for doodles and it looks adorable on any doodle breed. So, you don’t need to dwell upon if it is going to fit your cavoodle – it will. You can hand over your dog to your skilled groomer and relax.

This kind of cut has its rules and every professional groomer will know how to adjust it to different breeds.

The characteristic of this cut is that hair length is kept the same on the body part and legs but a bit longer and rounded over the face. It is up to you to decide how short you want it cut but it is often kept between 1/2 and 1 1/2 inches.

The transition between the head and body is carefully blended with scissors. When properly done, your mollycoddle gets this adorable teddy bear look.

2. Lamb Cut

Photo from: @thedoghousetottington

This type of dog haircut, also among the most popular ones, is more of a traditional type. It is easily applicable to all doodle breeds, especially those with stronger Poodle genetics blessed with curly hair.

It is considered to be a medium-length cut with more than 1 inch cut on body parts. The hair around the legs is left longer while it is rounded around the feet and even with the pads. The ears are also left with longer hair while the face is carefully trimmed. This way you get a sweet lamblike look which especially works great on white dogs.

4. Summer Cut

Photo from: @cavapoonamedbailey

This is one of the most basic and very practical Cavapoo haircuts made for hot summer days. It is not as attractive as some other cuts but it will definitely make life easier both for you and your Cavapoo puppy.

Having a thick furry coat when the temperature soars isn’t very practical, so dog owners often resort to this low-maintenance way of styling for the summer months.

Hair is cut 1/2 inch long or less, all over the body and face. The plus side is that you can avoid difficulties with matting and tangles which go with long hair.

You’ll probably have to undertake regular grooming as this cut requires regular upkeep to keep it short and tidy. Watch out not to play too much with the clippers because you don’t want to shave your dog!

This Cavapoo puppy cut choice for hot summer days and nights will provide you with some extra merry tail wagging.

5. Lion Cut

There are some Cavapoo owners who prefer lion cuts when doing dog grooming. This means leaving the dog’s hair around the neck, on top of the tail and around his feet extra long.

Maybe it is not the most suitable choice for your doggy if it’s outdoors a lot but you can give it a shot if you want to try something a little different.

6. Topknot Cut

Photo from: @dashingdogsaz

Topknot means exactly that – creating a furry but carefully trimmed poof on the top of your Cavapoo dog’s head. This should be done properly because you want your dog’s hairstyle to look neat, not unkempt. This is rather a posh style!

7. Shih Tzu Cut

Photo from: @livilouthecavapoo

Doodles are surprisingly well able to pull off this cut that’s seemingly reserved for the same name dog breed.

This haircut features shortening the body parts hair to about 1 to 2 inches in length, trimming the facial hair, and leaving the hair around the ears and head long but tidy and rounded. If you choose to leave the body hair a bit longer, then be prepared for some extra daily brushing of your Cavapoo’s hair.

Home grooming in this case may be a bit challenging if you are unfamiliar with this style, so it’s probably best to leave it to the experts. A tip for avoiding misunderstandings is to take a picture with an example so there won’t be any confusion.

8. Puppy Cut

Cavapoo Puppy Cut

Photo from: @cavapoo.doris

This type of cut will make your adult dog look puppylike – and that means a whole lot of cuteness and loveliness. Hence, this is one of my favorite Cavapoo haircuts.

To achieve this look, the dog’s hair needs to be trimmed to 1 1/2 inches long all over the body and legs and optionally the head and face too. You can decide to leave it longer.

This haircut is beloved not only because it looks adorable but also because it is very practical to maintain.

Colorful Ears

Maybe you want a change in your dog’s looks but don’t want to change his haircut. Try something edgy by dying the hair on its ears blue, green, or pink. Make sure that the dye you use is suitable for dogs then sit back and enjoy as people make positive statements about your dog’s appearance!

Also, make sure you brush your dog’s coat daily between groomings and you will successfully prevent matting.

This is a quick and easy way to upgrade the look of a doggy that’s always on the go and is ready for fun in the sun.

Cavapoo Haircuts: Useful Grooming Tips

There are a few basic grooming tips and tricks that you need to know to upkeep your Cavapoo’s looks and make sure it always looks fresh and tidy. Read this tutorial for some guidelines.

Which Kind Of Cavapoo Coat Are You Dealing With?

Depending on your dog’s parents’ and grandparents’ dominant genetic traits, we can differentiate three types of Cavapoo coats.

Curly Coat

A curly coat consists o’feel-like, curly hair, that is also low-shedding. This is a feature inherited from a Poodle parent, and is caused by backcross breeding so it appears in F1b, F1bb, F2b and F2bb Cavapoo generations. It is most prone to matting so regular brushing is a must, but on the plus side, these coats are hypoallergenic which makes them ideal for people dealing with allergy issues.

Straight Coat

If your Cavapoo puppy is genetically half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle mix, it probably has long, silky-soft hair. It is prone to shedding due to its undercoats.

This type of hair is characteristic of first or F1 and second or F2 Cavapoo generations. The good side is that it’s slightly easier to maintain this type of coat, nevertheless, you should be ready to use your vacuum cleaner a lot.

Wavy Coat

Do you want a fluffy Cavapoo coat that doesn’t shed too much but at the same time isn’t prone to matting and tangling? Well, you have just described a wavy coat. Despite its undercoat, this type has it all.

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How Do I Know When to Start And How Often To Groom?

The first haircut should happen while the dog is between 2 and 3 months old.

Make it a basic trim just to tidy up and habituate your dog to this activity with as little stress as possible.

However, grooming can begin immediately after the arrival of your furry friend at your home. The best way to make it a pleasant experience is to make it a ritual for you and your dog.

Purchase a quality brush and don’t let your dog play with it or bite it. This way, he will adopt this as a daily activity and won’t be aggressive when visiting professionals.

In general, considering the natural growth rate, brushing should be done every day, nail clipping once a week, hair trimming every 6 to 10 weeks, while bathing depends on a lot of factors such as the dog’s age, hair length, health, and lifestyle. More active dogs who like to play outside would probably get dirty more often which means more baths.

Visiting professional groomers usually happens every 6 to 12 weeks.

When To Ask For Professional Help

Professional grooming showrooms often provide a complete grooming service that facilitates the process. This is the case especially if you are a new dog owner, still having insecurities about all you need to do to provide your dog with optimal care.

It is not easy to achieve the desired haircut when you try to do it on your own, especially if you are still trying to master the required skills. If this is the case and you want to pull off a more demanding haircut, it is probably best if you look for some professional help.

In the beginning, your Cavapoo might give you some trouble and refuse to cooperate so the professional approach could help in habituating him to this process.

An experienced groomer will also notice possible changes on your dog’s skin such as rashes, bruises, lumps or injuries.

Grooming At Home

If you have decided on DIY grooming, here are a few tips to make the process easier.


Between grooming sessions, schedule a bathtime. Gentle dog shampoo helps to remove dirt and debris from the hair and helps to keep a healthy skin and coat. Besides, this is the only way to remove any unpleasant smells. After all, everyone loves a good after-bath feeling and you want to keep that colorful fur nice and shiny.


Brushing is a pillar in the daily grooming routine. Quick brushing all over the body and then running through with your fingers through some less easily accessible places between toes, ears, and tail should be done every day. This is the way to prevent matting and tangling and one of the best methods to remove debris from hair. Once in a while, for example, weekly, dedicate time for more thorough brushing head to toe.

Nail Trimming

Nails growing too long can cause injuries, pain and even infections, so keep in mind that nails grow quickly and need to be cut regularly. The more your dog is indoors, the more often his nails will need to be clipped.

For additional help, you can check our advice on how to sedate a dog for nail clipping.

Essential Tools For Grooming At Home

The proverb says, “A man is only as good as his tools”. Having all the right tools eases the process a lot. These are the essentials you need to have:

• Shampoo

Make sure it is formulated for dogs and considers your dogs skin and coat condition and type.

• Brush

This is the mother of all grooming tools and should be of high quality considering its daily use.

• Nail clippers

Another frequently used tool that should be of high quality.

• Ear cleaning tools

Ear hygiene done right is crucial in preventing infections.

• Comb

Helps you to cope with knots and tangles and groom around eyes, ears and paws.

• Dog clippers and scissors

Scissors should have rounded tips for safety reasons. These tools are essential for creating a tidy haircut.

• Detangler spray

If your Cavapoo coat is prone to matting, you should use a spray before brushing and combing.

In Conclusion

These adorable dogs can pull off almost any look. Have fun trying different Cavapoo haircuts but do remember that grooming does add an extra cost to doggo maintenance.

Also, the most important part of the process is properly taking care of your dog’s coat.

This may sound like a lot of work for one dog lover to get done, but with the right approach, it becomes a pleasant, fun experience both for you and your dog.

’Till the next groom! Have fun!

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