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Cavapoo Colors: 11 Coat Colors You’ll Fall For

Cavapoo Colors: 11 Coat Colors You’ll Fall For

The Cavapoo, Cavadoodle, or Cavoodle is a designer dog breed, a crossbreed of two purebred dog breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the miniature or toy Poodle, first bred in Australia. This adorable little mixed breed puppy has the best of both worlds: exceptional physical traits and a friendly character.

As with any other hybrid dog, you can expect genetic traits from both sides of the family. Since the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has four standard colors (black and tan, black and white, Blenheim, and Ruby), and the Poodle has over 10 varieties of colors, the Cavapoo colors will be a mixture of the parents’ colors. This little Poodle mix will range from the deepest shades of black to dark brown, tan, red, apricot, and bi or tri color options.

The Cavapoo has a fluffy and curly coat that’s as soft as a cotton bud. The coat comes in a variety of colors. Keep reading to learn a thing or two about the standard Cavapoo colors.

Cavapoo Colors Chart

Black CavapooTri-color Cavapoo
White CavapooBi-color Cavapoo
Red CavapooPhantom Cavapoo
Tan CavapooSable Cavapoo
Apricot Cavapoo
Chocolate Cavapoo
Gold Cavapoo

Tri-Color Cavapoo

Photo from: @chickie_the_cavapoo

The tri-color Cavapoo consists of the following colors: apricot, red, tan, white, and black. These colors can be placed anywhere on the body and sometimes appear in patches. The coat color depends on the puppy’s DNA. Some Cavapoo puppies from the same litter may have different coat color combinations.

Most tri-color Cavapoos have black as their main coat color, followed by white spots on the chest and stomach and tan or apricot markings on the feet, mouth, and eyebrow area. These markings are quite similar to a Yorkie and are referred to as parti-color instead of tri-color.

These Cavapoos are rare. The main reason behind this is the actual breeding process. You’ll need a multi-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a multi-colored Poodle, and that’s something you won’t find easily.

Bi-Color Cavapoos

Photo from: @bobbie_theblackcavapoo

The bi-color Cavapoos are a combination of black and white, red and white, tan and white, apricot and white, or any other two-color combination. Bi-color Cavapoos are quite common since the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is usually bi-colored too.

These dogs usually have black, tan, or white bodies. Their eyebrows, feet, cheeks, inside of their ears, chests, and under the tail area are of a different color.

Black Cavapoos

black cavapoo puppy

Photo from:@roka_cavapoo

Some Cavapoos can be born with an all-black coat that might stick around for their entire lives.

A solid black coat means no other coat colors are visible. This is a rare Cavapoo since the black gene is a recessive one from the Poodle parent.

Also, if you breed two dark-colored Cavapoos, you can’t expect the entire litter to be of a solid color.

White Cavapoos

Photo from: @billiecavapoo

Solid white Cavapoos have a splash of other colors such as apricot, tan, red, and black. Completely white Cavapoos are rare and almost impossible.

To get a white Cavapoo ,you need to breed a Cavalier King Charles with a white Poodle. Breeders usually breed a Blenheim-colored Cavalier King Charles, but once again, completely white Cavapoos are almost a miracle.

Red Cavapoos

red cavapoo

Photo from:

A Red Cavapoo can be dark, solid, or light-colored. The red coat color comes in several hues, including chestnut and strawberry blond.

Because of the ruby-colored King Charles, red is a common Cavapoo color.

If you mix these with apricot-colored Poodles, you’ll get red Cavapoos. This coat color usually comes with white spots.

Tan Cavapoos

tan cavapoo puppy

Photo from: @miko_the_cavapoo_

Tan Cavapoos have a solid coat with a bit of white, black, or apricot. This is another common coat color because of the black and tan or ruby-colored Cavalier King Charles.

If you mix a cream or apricot Poodle, you’ll get tan Cavapoos. These puppies are much lighter in color than red Cavapoos.

Apricot Cavapoos

apricot cavapoo

Photo from: @jaggerthecava

The apricot coat color is a combination of gold and peach tones. This coat color can be completely solid or have hints of color depending on the parents.

Usually, the golden color is inherited from the ruby-colored Cavalier King Charles. Apricot Poodles may also give birth to apricot Cavapoo puppies, but a full litter of the same apricot coat color is rare.

Chocolate Cavapoos

Photo from: @walter_thecavapooo

Chocolate Cavapoos have solid chocolate colorings on their bodies, including white patches on areas like their toes, foreheads, or chests. The gene that causes this coat color is recessive, rarer than the genes that cause red Cavapoos or apricot Cavapoos.

To get this coat color, the breeder must breed with a brown or a black Poodle.

Gold Cavapoos

gold cavapoo

Photo from: @peanut_cavapoo_

Cavapoos with gold coats aren’t really that gold. In fact, their dark-colored coat color just appears lighter in the sun, resembling a golden color.

This color is dominant on the coat, followed by white areas on the nose, chin, forehead, chest, and toes.

You can say the gold Cavapoo is similar to an apricot Cavapoo.

Phantom Cavapoos

The phantom coat color is a combination of brown, tan, and black, scattered all over the dog’s body, but mostly on their cheeks, nose, legs, chest, and under the tail.

Some Cavapoo puppies with a phantom coat have white markings on their bodies.

The phantom color is always inherited from the phantom Poodle. This is not a coat color recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

However, breeders still breed phantoms since they’re so unique.

Sable Cavapoo

Photo from: @princessfloofyface

A sable coat is a combination of black and tan markings featuring undertones that appear as the puppy grows older. Sometimes, silver and brown spots can appear on the coat.

Sable Cavapoos are rare, but their unique coat color will become lighter over time.

Changes In The Color Of A Cavapoo’s Coat

When you’re picking out a Cavapoo puppy, the first thing you will notice is the puppy’s coat color. But, it’s not the coat color that should make the decision for you, as the color might fade and change slightly over time.

Usually, Cavapoos keep their first coat color. This term is also known as “holding.” But, sometimes, the coat color gradually becomes lighter or darker as the puppy grows up. This is called “clearing.”

Also, sometimes, the puppies’ coat color will stay the same in some areas, usually the nose and muzzle.

We always recommend picking a darker-colored Cavapoo because the chances are high the color will fade.

Why are there so many Cavapoo colors?

The answer is pretty simple.

There are so many Cavapoo colors because the parent breeds, the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles have so many coat color options. The King Charles has 4 standard coat colors, but the Poodle has an incredible 10.

The math’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

How To Take Care Of A Cavapoo Puppy Coat

Thanks to the Poodle parent, the Cavapoo is considered a hypoallergenic dog. These fluff balls are small fluffy dogs since their coats are soft and curly. They don’t shed, but loose hair does get trapped underneath the coat. Meaning, you will need to brush them regularly to prevent hair from building up and causing matted fur.

To care for such a coat means you need to find time to brush it regularly to prevent mats from forming. A matted coat forms pretty fast and becomes painful for the dog. Sometimes groomers even have to shave the coat to remove tangles and mats.

To prevent this from happening, create a brushing schedule for your Cavapoo puppy. Brushing is a way of bonding. You won’t only be keeping its coat clean, but you’ll be spending quality time with your pup.

Besides regular brushing, bathing is also a must, especially if your dog spends a lot of time outside. The curly coat will pick up dirt and tiny twigs.

Where To Buy Or Adopt A Cavapoo

If you want to buy or adopt a Cavapoo puppy, you should start your search at your local animal shelter. Yes, it is rare to see a Cavapoo puppy at a shelter, but it sometimes happens. But, be quick! Cavapoos are so adorable that rarely will any one of these pups spend more than a couple of days waiting for adoption.

But, if you don’t want to wait and search everywhere for a Cavapoo puppy, you should contact Cavapoo breeders near you. Don’t be discouraged if some breeders don’t have the specific Cavapoo color you want or require you to be on a waiting list. This is completely normal since Cavapoos are designer dogs.

Make sure you do a thorough check before buying a Cavapoo puppy from a breeder. The breeder must be reliable and take good care of their puppies and dog parents. Cavapoos don’t have any major health issues. What they do require is early socialization and lots of attention to prevent separation anxiety from kicking in.

To help you with the search, we’ve come up with several lists of good, reputable breeders across the states. Here’s which breeders you should trust in California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Which Cavapoo Color Will You Choose?

Now that you understand the standard Cavapoo colors, you can decide which color you prefer. But, many future Cavapoo owners really don’t care about the coat color. They only care about the friendly character these dogs have.

When you keep in mind the coat color might become lighter or darker with time, you’ll see why Cavapoo dog owners only care about these dogs’ loving personalities.

But, just for fun: which Cavapoo color do you like the most?

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