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Cane Corso Eye Colors 101

Cane Corso Eye Colors 101

The Cane Corso is a large dog that surely catches everyone’s eye. Its presence is just mesmerizing. Its large body is filled with muscles, and because of that, it can sometimes look pretty intimidating.

They make amazing guard dogs, and they will scare anyone who tries to get into their territory, but generally, these dogs are truly gentle giants. They have amazing personalities that make anyone fall in love with them.

Just like any other breed, the Cane Corso has an American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard. Within that standard are many rules on how a Cane Corso should look, including its coat color, eye color, and general appearance.

This helps future dog owners to know if the breeder is breeding purebred dogs, and if they are taking their job seriously by picking the best bloodlines out there.

In this article, we will be going through all the rules when it comes to a Cane Corso’s eye colors. We will list all the eye colors that these dogs can have, as well as colors that are not within the breed standard.

Cane Corso Eye Colors

Some people might find it surprising that such things like eye color can be a showing factor as to whether the breed is purebred or if it has some health issues. The Cane Corso is a specific breed that can have only certain eye colors.

If the color of its eyes is anything else other than the colors that are within the breed standard, you may have a problem. This might not be that big of a problem for people who get their Corso to be a family pet, but for people who are considering taking their dog to shows, it is very important.

The Standard Eye Colors VS. The Big No-No’s

Forbidden eye colors are not that known among people. You may think to yourself: How can an eye color be a thing that can disqualify your dog from a competition? Or, how can one eye color be okay for some breeds, while for others, it is not?

Well, if you are considering getting a Cane Corso dog, you need to know that some of the eye colors are a big ‘no’ for them. Don’t worry – we are here to give you all the details on this topic.

Eye Colors That Are Accepted For This Breed

When it comes to this dog breed, it is important for them not just to have dark eye colors, but dark coat colors as well. Later on in the article, we will list some of the coat colors that these dogs can come in, but you can always read our Cane Corso coat colors article for more details.

It is said that a Cane Corso dog that has a lighter coat will have lighter eyes, while the ones with a darker coat will have darker eyes. There is always an exception to this rule, but it is important for the eye color to be some shade of brown.

Here are some of the eye colors that your Cane Corso can have.

Amber Eyes

cane corso with black coat and amber eyes

This Cane Corso eye color is considered to be the most desirable according to the AKC breed standard. They do come in a couple of shades, but it is almost unnoticeable.

Amber eye color is the most common out of all when speaking about this breed. When you see a puppy with amber eyes, you can know that you found a reputable breeder.

Gold Eyes

cane corso with amber eyes

When you read ‘gold eyes’, you may think of something magical, but this is just a name for eyes that are somewhere between amber and light brown color. You can also call them ‘brown eyes’, which a lot of people who don’t have that much knowledge on this topic may.

But, they are called ‘gold’ because there is some difference between golden eyes and standard brown eyes when it comes to the Cane Corso. Since the darker browns are more acceptable for this type of dog, this is one of the lighter shades that is accepted.

Brown Eyes

cane corso puppy with brown eyes

Brown eyes come in different shades, from very dark to lighter shades. Brown eyes are the most accepted within this dog breed. The darker… the better. Cane Corso puppies will rarely have dark brown eyes, but it is not impossible.

You need to know that puppies will change eye color as they get older so if your puppy has light brown or even blue eyes, they will most likely change as they grow up.

Cane Corso Eye Colors That Are Not Within The Standard

An interesting fact is that there are more eye colors that are not within the breed standard, but that can occur. Some are more important when it comes to show dogs while other colors may indicate some problems.

Here are some of the colors that can make your dog disqualified from a show or can be a factor that shows that your doggy might have some problems.

Blue Eyes

cane corso puppy with blue eyes

Blue eyes are considered to be a bit of a controversy within this breed. They can never have blue eyes when they are fully grown dogs. Cane Corso puppies can be born, and are most likely to be born with blue eyes, but they never stay that color as they grow up.

If you see that a Corso has blue eyes, it means that it is some type of a defect, and that your dog will not be able to compete and will face disqualification from a competition.

Blue eyes are not a big indicator that your dog has some health problems. This is usually a genetic defect that can occur either because of the not-so-good bloodlines being used by the Cane Corso breeder or because the dog is mixed with another breed.

You have a breed like the Pitbull that can have different eye colors. They mostly come with brown eyes, but a blue-eyed Pitbull is something that is not considered to be a genetic fault.

Red Eyes

cane corso with red eyes

Do cane Corso dogs have red eyes? Well, the most logical answer is no. There is no breed on this planet that can have red eyes. There are a couple of reasons why some people refer to their dog’s eyes as red.

When a Cane Corso has a dark coat and amber eyes, it can create an optical illusion that the dog has some sort of red coloration within the eyes. But, when you take a second and more up-close look into their eyes, you will see that the color is actually amber.

Another reason why the dog’s eyes truly turn red is some sort of an eye condition. The most common eye issue that this breed is prone to is cherry eyes.

This type of red is really noticeable, and you will be able to clearly see that this dog has some issues that need to be cured as soon as possible. The red will appear around the eyes, and even the white part of the eye will turn red.

This is a clear indicator that this is not a natural eye color, but something that is bothering your dog.

Yellow Eyes

cane corso with yellow eyes

There are a couple of things that are said about yellow eyes, which are often called ‘Yellow bird of prey eyes’. The first thing that may pop in your mind is that they will look even more intimidating and ˝cool˝ if they have yellow eyes. This, of course, is based on the individual’s preference.

A lot of people love to see big, dark dogs that have yellowish eyes, but unfortunately, for some people, this is not within the breed standard. But, if you want to get a Cane Corso that will be a family pet, you may not care about the breed standard.

A dog from a reputable breeder will most likely not end up with yellow eyes. It is very hard to find a dog with a specific eye color because the eyes can change, and this should certainly not be the main reason why someone wants to get a dog.

Another misconception about yellow eyes is that it gives the dog better night vision. This myth is connected to the fact that a lot of nocturnal animals have yellow eyes. Even with those animals, the color of their iris has nothing to do with the quality of vision.

A Cane Corso with yellow eyes can be considered as one in a million. Even if you find one, it should not be used for further breeding because this is considered a mutation.

Cherry Eyes

This is not technically an eye color – it is more of a health condition that this breed can face. This is a problem that involves the prolapse of the third eyelid tear gland. The third eyelid (or, in other words, the nictitating membrane) is something that a lot of animals, including dogs, have as additional protection for their eyes.

It has a tear gland that, in normal conditions, is not that noticeable. When the tear gland gets inflamed, it will become red and swollen, and it will resemble a cherry; hence, the name Cherry eyes.

This is a genetic condition, and the Cane Corso is one of the breeds that is prone to this problem. Sometimes, surgery will be needed. Don’t try to heal it by yourself – always ask for advice from a vet.

Other Eye Problems That Are Common With The Cane Corso Breed

cane corso with a cherry eye

There are some eye issues that these dogs are prone to. Some are more common while others are rarer, but they all need to be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.

Cane Corsos have some health issues that they are more prone to, but in this article, we will be going through the issues that are connected to the eyes.


The easiest way to describe this condition is that the dog’s eyelid turns inward. When this happens, the eyelashes start to rub against the eyeball. This causes a lot of discomfort for the dog, and it can get very painful.

There are two types of entropion:

Activated Entropion. This type of entropion happens as a result of photophobia. Because of this, chronic spasm m. orbicularis palpebrarum occurs. This can also be a result of some type of scarring of the eye. or eczema.

Congenital Entropion. This type of entropion is caused by genetics, or in other words, it is genetically passed on to the dog by its parents.

Entropion can be either very severe or mild, but whatever the case is, it needs to be healed as soon as possible. It can cause some huge problems for the dog if it is left untreated for a long time.


When reading these types of health issues, it can sound confusing because they do sound very similar, but they are actually opposite problems. When it comes to ectropion, it is a different state than entropion.

This eye condition means that the eyelid will be rolled outward. This can happen to your dog if it has some eyelid injuries or scarrings. This also causes your dog to be in discomfort, and can even be very painful for him.

The eye will be more susceptible to infections, and if left untreated for a long time, it can cause some even more serious eye issues, including blindness.

Goopy Eyes

This is a common problem that Cane Corsos have. Goopy eyes make them look a bit sad because the eyes tend to change their shape from the usual almond shape. However, this should not concern you.

Another thing that this condition connects to is the thick discharge around the eyes, which can be concerning. There are many things that can be a cause of this, and some of them are infections, allergies, or other irritants.

Cleaning your dog’s eyes with salt water that is diluted will make him more at ease. Make sure to boil the water beforehand, and let it cool down so it will be more sterile. If you leave the discharge for a long time, it can cause some serious problems.

Even if you clean your dog’s eyes with salt water, always take him to the vet just in case the dog needs some type of cream or medication.

Puppy Watery Eyes

Big eyes is something that you will clearly notice in Cane Corso puppies, and we think this is adorable. When they are puppies, they will often have some watery discharge, and it can make them look like they are sad and crying, but don’t worry – they are not.

This is especially prominent in the first couple of weeks of a puppy’s life. After some time, this will go away by itself. This does not mean that something is wrong with the puppy. It is an occurrence that is strongly connected with this dog breed.

The watery discharge can also mean that your puppy is allergic to something or that it has some infection, but it is usually followed by other symptoms like redness in the eyes, coughing, and seeing your puppy being in distress.

Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy eyes is one of the most common problems that occur within the Cane Corso breed. This is quite noticeable because you will be able to see this whitish or grayish patch in their eyes. It can affect either one or both eyes.

It can be caused by any of the already-mentioned eye problems or some type of eye injury. You should take your dog to the vet as soon as you see this type of discoloration because it can cause cornea damage.

Cloudy eyes can also be a sign that your dog has cataracts.


cute cane corso puppy

What Is The Most Common Cane Corso Color?

We saw that the Cane Corso can have a small number of eye colors, but don’t worry – their coat colors make it up in that field. There are many Cane Corso coat colors, and we will list all of them.

Formentino Cane Corso

– Black Cane Corso

– Blue Cane Corso

– Red Cane Corso

– Gray Cane Corso

– Fawn Cane Corso

– Isabella Cane Corso

– Chocolate Cane Corso

– Straw Cane Corso

– Black Brindle Cane Corso

– Gray Brindle Cane Corso

– Chestnut Brindle Cane Corso

There are many combinations of these colors and pigmentations. The black Cane Corso will mostly have a white patch that is more or less noticeable. A fawn coat can come in lighter or darker shades. Different colors also tend to come either darker or lighter, but just in the right amount so it is not considered a different coat color. This depends on the dilute genes that are more expressed in some dogs.

These dogs don’t come in merle colors. There is a thing such as a white Cane Corso, but it is not within the breed standard. This can either mean that the dog has Albinism or that cross breeding has been done.

These dogs can have a dark or a lighter muzzle. They can have a black muzzle that is usually connected to the darker coat colors, and they can have a gray mask that is connected to the lighter coat colors.

This, of course, can vary, and it is not the same with every dog.

Do Puppies’ Eyes Change Color?

Cane Corso puppies are usually born with blue eyes, which can be confusing for some people since they do not have blue eyes when they are grown. The occurrence of blue puppy eyes is due to a lack of melanin.

After four to six weeks, their real color will start to show. The process of eye color change usually lasts for three months, but it can also take about six months. During this period, the dog will develop the eye color that they will have for the rest of their life.

What Are Cane Corso Dogs Like?

These dogs tend to have a lot of misconceptions surrounding them because they have great and intimidating appearances. Here are some facts about the breed that you need to know before getting a dog.

They make amazing family pets. They are super friendly dogs that love their owner unconditionally. They will do anything for them. They love to receive a lot of cuddles, and play with other animals.

They are not aggressive dogs. Just like any other dog, they need early socialization and training. If you don’t give them that, plus enough exercise, they can develop some signs of aggression.

– They are an old Italian breed that were bred to be working dogs, which they still are. They love to have daily tasks to fulfill. They are one of the Mastiff-type dogs and, as already mentioned, these ones are developed in Italy.

– Cane Corsos are not very cheap dogs, and you need to be prepared to open your wallet because these giants can eat quite a lot. If you are wondering about the cost of a Cane Corso, and how much you will need to spend on them, you can click on this article to get more details.

– Cane Corsos do shed, and they are not hypoallergenic. If you have severe allergies to dogs, you should check out a different breed.

– They tend to have some health issues. Since they are large dogs, they tend to have problems with pasterns and hip or elbow dysplasia. Take your dog to the vet often so you can prevent some of these issues.

– A Cane Corso’s average lifespan is around 10 to 12 years.

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To Sum It Up

When talking about a dog’s appearance, eye color is usually not the thing we tend to notice except if you see those light-blue mesmerizing eyes. You may not have even known that eye color can be a factor that can get your dog disqualified from a show.

There are some Cane Corso eye colors that are accepted and within the breed standard while others are not. We hope that we helped you with this, and that now you know what to pay attention to, especially if you plan on having a show dog.


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