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10 Best Boxer Breeders: Places To Buy Your Future Puppy

10 Best Boxer Breeders: Places To Buy Your Future Puppy

So, you’re thinking about getting a Boxer dog? Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice as Boxers are typically loyal, devoted, happy dogs. They are intelligent, fearless, and confident, with a friendly and playful disposition. It’s no surprise that this lovely pooch sits at #11 in the American Kennel Club’s top 200 dog breeds!

They are high-energy dogs that need plenty of exercise. Although they can be headstrong, their playfulness and energy level make them pretty easy to train.

However, you now need to think very carefully about where you get your Boxer puppy.

Now, you might think that all breeders are equal, and that a dog is a dog no matter where it comes from. Sadly, this is not the case. Choosing the right breeder is possibly the most important factor when it comes to getting your puppy.

This guide will explain why before going on to list some of the most respected Boxer breeders in the USA. They are by no means the only ones, but these select few have earned their reputation over the years, and they give you a fair idea of what a good breeder looks like. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of who you can trust and what signs to look out for when approaching a breeder to buy your Boxer puppy.

Boxer Puppies For Sale Online

boxer running through field

This seems like a good place to start as millions of people now buy online, and the trend is only going to increase over time.

Let’s be clear from the very start: don’t buy your puppy over the internet.

First, it’s very likely to be a scam. Unscrupulous sellers may look legitimate and sound convincing, using sites like Facebook and Craigslist to post pictures of cute pups. In many cases, the puppies don’t exist. These pups are sometimes even listed as being free, with just the shipping costs to pay. Thousands of unsuspecting people have parted with their cash, but the pup never arrived. Unsurprisingly, it then becomes impossible to contact the seller.

Even when the pups are real, it is highly likely that they will be the product of a puppy mill. These are despicable places run by people who are only interested in profit. The dogs are often kept in filthy, overcrowded kennels, and fed sub-standard food in order to keep the costs down. You won’t have any health guarantee, and the owners will have no health screening programs in place to ensure that the parents are suitable for breeding.

Even if you manage to buy your Boxer pup online, and he seems healthy enough, there’s still the question of his temperament. You will have no idea of what the parent dogs were like, and no clue as to how the pup has been treated. It’s also likely that the pup will be young – far too young to be parted from his mother. Unscrupulous breeders just want the cash and they want it as soon as possible. Caring for a litter of pups costs money, so they want them off their hands. Reputable breeders will hang on to those precious pups for as long as twelve weeks (we’ll find out why in a moment).

For all these reasons and more, it’s best to avoid buying your pup online if at all possible.

Sources indicate that there are as many as 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. You can do your bit to help shut them down by using reputable breeders.

How To Find A Reputable Boxer Breeder

boxer standing in grass

Thankfully, there are many to choose from!

For the most part, Boxer breeders are trustworthy and respected. But, as a buyer, how can you tell the good from the bad?

The best place to start is with organizations, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Boxer Club, as they will have lists of approved breeders. However, you should be aware that AKC registration is not the same as being an AKC-approved breeder. Anyone can register a dog with the AKC, and this does not guarantee that the pup is healthy or is a top-quality dog.

You can also do your own research, check testimonials and reviews online, and get word-of-mouth recommendations. Don’t fall for breeders who will sell you a Boxer mix!

Once you have narrowed your list down to a handful of possible Boxer breeders, you should arrange a visit to the kennels. Genuine, reputable breeders will welcome this, and they will be happy to show you around their facility. They will answer your questions, and will be keen to know more about you and your lifestyle. They might want to know why you want this particular breed, where you live, what kind of house you have, whether you plan to leave the dog alone for many hours at a time, and whether you have a secure yard. This is important as it shows that they care about the welfare of their pups!

Try to build a rapport with the breeder as they will be a valuable source of help and advice later on. Check how the adult dogs interact with them. Do they seem happy or are they nervous? Are the dogs comfortable with you being there? Are the kennels clean, and do the dogs look healthy and well kept?

As mentioned earlier, good breeders keep the pups with the mother dog for up to twelve weeks after birth. This is to allow time for them to be weaned naturally and for the mother’s role to be completed. Some will allow the pups to leave as early as six weeks, but they should ideally never be parted from their mother before this time.

Obviously, most people like to have a pup when it is tiny, cute, and cuddly. You might feel that you’re missing out by waiting until they are twelve weeks old, but it does have a positive impact on the dog later in life. Reputable Boxer breeders will use this time to ensure that the pups are socialized and exposed to a wide range of experiences in order to prepare them for what might lie ahead.

This makes your life easier as your pup will settle into your home more easily and will be less likely to react badly to different scenarios and circumstances. Do you have pets in the home? Then, your puppy will be happy to meet them! You certainly won’t get this with a pup you buy online.

Good dog breeders will handle deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, and socialization. They will provide you with a pedigree, copies of the parent’s health certificates, and a one-year health guarantee.

One final note on Boxer breeders is that some will sell them as family dogs while others will be geared more towards show-quality or working dogs. Some breeders will happily provide all three, but it’s best to be aware of this before buying. One thing is for sure: they will all be purebred Boxers.
So, where do you find the best Boxer Breeders? Read on to find out!

Boxer Puppies For Sale Near Me

boxer dog lies in leaves

It makes sense to keep it local as you’ll probably want to keep costs down as well as avoid the inconvenience of traveling too far in search of your perfect pup.

Also, we need to consider the puppy in question as some don’t take well to traveling long distances.

However, if you don’t have any Boxer breeders in your area (or no reputable ones!), then you may have to be prepared to travel. Never be tempted to compromise by using a disreputable breeder or one that you’re not happy with just to avoid traveling! You will probably come to regret this decision sooner or later.

As we already said, you may find Boxer dogs for sale on Facebook, in your local newspaper, or on sites such as Craigslist. They might be close by, but it is never worth choosing this option over a reputable breeder.

If you’re fortunate to have one or more reputable breeders nearby, then feel free to connect with them, but you may have to go on a waiting list. You might feel frustrated by the delay, but these aren’t puppy mills that are churning out dogs for cash. Properly run breeding programs allow plenty of time for the mother dogs (known as dams, while the males are sires) to recover fully.

Now that we have this covered, let’s take a look at some of the best Boxer breeders.

Boxer Breeders In Wisconsin

two brown boxer dogs

With more than twenty years of experience as Boxer breeders, the husband and wife team, known as Boxnen Boxers, have built a healthy reputation.

In this time, Minna and Chris have used their expertise to produce the highest quality working dogs, companions, and show dogs.

Each pup is extensively socialized and exposed to different experiences such as camping, elevators, tunnels, rivers, etc. They are also introduced to a range of surfaces and textures to make them familiar with the feel.

The pups start life in a cozy home setting, along with other pups and animals, which prepares them for transition into your home when they are ready to leave. The potty training (or housebreaking) process will practically be done for you.

Every dog is health tested for elbow and hip dysplasia (joint problems) as well as for degenerative myelopathy (relating to the spine) and cardiomyopathy (heart problems).

One commendable fact that sets Boxnen Boxers apart from the others is that they don’t dock their pup’s tails. While this might be a problem for those who prefer to stick to the traditional breed standards, docking is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as it is deemed cruel and unnecessary.  Many countries have banned the practice, and it is restricted in others as it serves no practical purpose and is purely cosmetic.

Chris and Minna are clearly devoted to their dogs, and they are certified Reiki animal healers!

If you like the sound of them, here are their contact details:

Website: Boxnen Boxers

Address: 5530 State Road 116 Omro, WI. 54963

Phone: Chris (920) 858-2548

Minna (920) 427-2709

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders In Texas

adult boxer dog standing

When you see a Boxer Breeders’ website stating that their most important goal is to produce dogs that are healthy and happy, it’s a sure sign that they are safe to use.

Of course, you need to check them out further, but Boondocks Boxers, in Saltillo, Texas, looks like a safe bet.

The American Kennel Club seems to be happy with them, giving Boondocks a glowing report in their bi-annual inspections.

Lisa Gammil, the force behind Boondocks, explains her reasons for becoming a Boxer breeder in the mission statement section of the Boondocks website. She simply wants others to enjoy the experience of sharing a home with these wonderful dogs. However, she definitely learned the hard way that not all breeders are reputable! This bitter experience fired her determination to become a trusted and honorable Boxer breeder of the highest order.

Lisa uses extensive health testing, and she will never knowingly sell a sick or inferior pup. She acknowledges that problems can occur unexpectedly, and she will always work with the client to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Boondocks never sells to puppy mills, pet stores, or brokers (people who act as a 3rd party to sell puppies on), and they will always accept pups back from clients rather than see them go to a shelter, a rescue, or a dog pound.

For more information, contact them here:

Website: Boondocks Boxers

Phone: 903/588-5742

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders In New York

boxer lies in autumn leaves

The New York area is blessed with several excellent Boxer breeders, but one that stands out is Avalon Kennels, Reg., which is part of the AKC Breeders of Merit program.

Established in Lafayette, New Jersey, in 1995 as a small hobby breeder, Avalon Kennels, Reg. has owned or bred around 70 champions, both in the Boxer breed and in the Smooth Fox Terriers. Some of these dogs have won several best in show awards in the U.S. as well as in other countries.

Its mission is to continually seek to improve and enhance the health, temperament, and conformation of its dogs. Keeping up with advances in health testing and nutrition is of paramount importance. Avalon Kennels, Reg. has a strict puppy placement program to ensure that each dog goes to the right home, whether it is a companion dog or a show dog.

In the end, all that these breeders want is to give their dogs a long and happy life in a loving home.

They also offer a stud service to approved females, and all their dogs are thoroughly screened and health tested. They are open and honest about this service, and they welcome any questions or queries. All test results are available for viewing on request.

For more information on this, and about pricing and future litters, or any other questions you may have, you can contact them here:

Email: [email protected]

Website: Avalon Kennels,Reg

Boxer Breeders, Pennsylvania

boxer dog on a beach

Out of the many Boxer breeders in Pennsylvania, Hawk Valley Boxers is one to watch. With more than 25 years of experience, Hawk Valley Boxers has earned a reputation for producing good-quality Boxers, consistently winning the coveted 5-Star Breeders Award from the American Canine Association.

The facilities are regularly inspected by the AKC, which allows the pups to be registered.
This is a small breeder that places the emphasis on the dog’s personality and character, producing an average of one litter each year.

Hawk Valley prefers to place its pups with people who have previous experience with the Boxer breed, or those who have at least read about them extensively in order to gain some knowledge before taking one into their home.

Pups come with a 30-day health guarantee, and an optional 1 year congenital defect guarantee. You’ll also get a bag of puppy food to start you off, and each pup will be checked out by a vet who will provide a certificate to state that the pup is dewormed and up to date with its shots.
This breeder takes a non-refundable deposit of $200, and for prices and further information, you’ll need to contact them here:

Website: Hawk Valley Boxers

Phone: 484-818-9037

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders, Georgia

boxer puppy close-up photograph

Tucked away in the Southeastern corner of Georgia, you can find di Vandalo Boxers… a small, family breeder with a real passion for these loveable dogs. After owning two rescue Boxers and falling completely in love with them, the family realized that both dogs had serious health problems, probably as a result of poor breeding.

So, they set up their own program as a way of trying to change this.

Nicole, who runs di Vandalo, feels that over the years, the American Boxer has declined in some way, lacking the qualities that the European Boxer has.

So, she has made it her mission to improve and reinvigorate the breed by introducing European lines into the breeding program.

All of di Vandalo’s pups are extensively socialized, including exposure to cats, small dogs, and rabbits, as well as being introduced to children, adults, and a range of household experiences.

Each pup is checked over by a vet, vaccinated and dewormed, and comes with a puppy starter kit (including puppy food, treats, and toys), an 18-month health guarantee, AKC registration, and is microchipped.

You can be placed on di Vandalo’s waiting list (an average of 9 months) for a deposit of $50, or you can pay a non-refundable deposit of $400. Puppy prices range from between $1,400 and $2,500.

You can contact them here, but due to the overwhelming volume of requests, Nicole prefers initial contact via email:

Website: di Vandalo Boxers

Facebook: Nikki Vandalo Boxers

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders, California

adult brown boxer dog

Out of the many Boxer breeders in the California area, Black Dymond Boxers is definitely one you should check out.

Their website has a clean, efficient feel, and it is packed with information about all the champions they have bred, and the awards each dog has won over the years.

One very encouraging thing is the list of veterinarians and specialists they use to keep their animals healthy and happy as this shows that they care about their welfare.

Another good sign is that Black Dymond strives to produce show-quality dogs, but they acknowledge that the show ring is only a small part of each dog’s life. First and foremost, these are family members that deserve love, comfort, and a happy, active life.

Their own dogs are never kept in kennels, but are part of family life. Conformation is important, but health, longevity, and temperament come first!

Average prices for pups are between $1,500 and $2,500 depending on whether the dog is show quality or not. Each pup is socialized, and it is desensitized to a range of noises and experiences in order to reduce the possibility of a bad reaction later in life.

You can contact them here:

Website: Black Dymond Boxers

Phone: 916-595-2462

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders In Florida

boxer sitting on a bench

At JCS Boxers, the focus is on family. It’s a family-run business, where the pups are raised as part of the family for the first few weeks of their lives in a peaceful, relaxed, and caring environment.

Extra attention is given to the mother dogs, with a special diet supplemented with top-quality nutrition from Royal Canin. The aim is to keep the mother as healthy as possible, boosting her nutrition several months before breeding and right through the process of birth and weaning. Because of this, their pups stand the very best chance of being in good health.

The team at JCS Boxers is proud of the fact that they only use 100% natural breeding methods. Their breeding program is highly selective and strictly managed to ensure that all pups are healthy and happy. They are also proud of their record of producing champion bloodline European boxer puppies that are healthy and happy, and that preserve the best attributes of the breed.

To back this up, they have a whole host of 5-star reviews that place them as ‘Best-rated and most trustable Boxer breeders in Florida’.

If you want to see an example of just how beautiful, healthy, and happy their dogs are, you can take a look at their YouTube channel (JCS Boxers) or check out their Facebook page. For more information, here are their contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @JCSBoxersmiami

Phone: (305) 690-1817

Boxer Puppies For Sale In Ohio

boxer puppy close-up

What could be better than finding a reputable breeder? Finding one with a great story!

And, that is just what HavenWoods Boxers has.

Based in Marion, Ohio, HavenWoods Boxers is run by Manda, who got her first Boxer on Christmas Eve when she was 5 years old. From that time onwards, she has been devoted to the breed, and she started rescuing Boxers along with her boyfriend, Bobby, who soon came to share her passion. In 2001, they started breeding Boxers using specially selected pups.

This small-scale breeding program has thrived and grown over the years, earning HavenWoods Boxers a reputation as a trustworthy and reputable breeder.

When you visit their website, their love for this breed is crystal clear. They specifically mention puppy mills, pet stores, and brokers, firmly inviting them to stay away, as HavenWoods Boxers will only sell to loving families who offer a forever home.

Another point in their favor is that Manda is strongly opposed to the procedures of removing dew claws and tail docking. In a passionate few paragraphs dedicated to the subject, she highlights the stress, pain, and trauma caused by these unnecessary procedures that leave the pups screaming in pain as they are regularly performed without anesthesia. This isn’t just her opinion, as Manda backs up her claims with several reports from animal experts.

Manda finishes with a heartfelt wish that tail docking and dew-claw removal will soon be banned in the U.S. as it is in most other countries.

The selection process is pretty strict, and it requires a $300 reservation fee once you have been approved. The pups are raised in a loving home environment, and Manda will provide you with pictures so that you can follow your pup’s progress right up until the moment you get to bring your new family member home.

HavenWoods Boxers aims to produce pups that are ‘healthy, happy, and well socialized, with wonderful temperaments’, and by all accounts, this is exactly what they do. They also ensure that all pups are up to date with their shots, and are dewormed prior to leaving the kennels. One nice touch is that they send the pup with a favorite chew toy and a blanket (that carries the scent of its mom and siblings) to help them settle into their new home quickly.

The following sentence sums up HavenWoods Boxers nicely: ‘We strive to produce puppies that will forever enrich the lives of their new families as they do ours every day!’

If you want to contact HavenWoods, it’s probably best to use their Facebook page (@Havenwoods) as you will get a quicker response. Otherwise, you can use the following methods:

Website: HavenWoods Boxers

Facebook: @HavenWoodsBoxers

Phone: 740-262-4534

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders in Illinois

two adult boxer dogs

Boxer breeder and behaviorist, Adrian Moreno, began his quest to create the perfect Boxer when he was in his teenage years. Since 1990, under the name Chicagoland Boxers, he has collaborated with clients and enthusiasts who have bought pups from him in order to improve and maintain the Boxer breed.

This program has allowed him to extensively monitor all the stages of development as well as to note any changes in temperament. Few people have been able to produce such in-depth studies on these issues, which sets Adrian apart as something of a specialist.

Using his knowledge and expertise that has been gained over 30 years, he has produced a bloodline that is exceptionally healthy. They are free from most of the genetic defects that often plague the breed, they have an increased lifespan, and they are also free from cancer. Now, that is an impressive feat!

To add to Chicagoland Boxers’ credit, Adrian only produces natural Boxers. This means that they come with a tail, and their ears and dew claws are intact. This policy was introduced in 2001 after Adrian came to accept that the processes are painful, traumatic, and completely unnecessary, and that they can also have a negative effect on the pup’s health as it develops. If you have any queries on this subject, he is more than willing to explain his decision by telephone. The website stresses that you should not request that your pup be docked as he will not comply with this under any circumstance.

If you are interested in finding out more on this topic, read our article on Boxer ear cropping.

Chicagoland Boxers is dedicated to producing dogs of the highest caliber through natural methods. They strive to enhance the breed’s natural capabilities while retaining their essential personality.

The theme of being ‘all natural’ extends to the dog food that they use, teaming up with Rafoba, the highly-respected raw dog food brand. This company uses only the best quality human-grade ingredients to ensure that they are safe and nutritious. These foods are formulated to match the dog’s natural diet as closely as possible.

Getting a raw food diet right is pretty difficult, though many dog lovers try this themselves. If you make a mistake, you can easily put your dog’s health (and life) at risk. Rafoba has perfected the process in order to provide excellent food that is safe, healthy, and packed with all the goodness that your dog needs.

Chicagoland Boxers’ website makes it clear that these are special dogs that require special owners who are worthy of them. Adrain isn’t going to just give his dogs up to anyone! If you’re really set on getting a Boxer because you appreciate and love this breed, then you’re in with a chance. If you want to bring out the best in them, not just as a family dog and a companion, but also in terms of their abilities in obedience, agility, and protection, then Adrian will match you up with the right pup. Just looking for any old dog, possibly a Boxer? Then, Adrian will encourage you to look elsewhere. It isn’t elitism or snobbery; it’s someone who values his pups and is guarding his investment.

You can find Chicagoland Boxers on YouTube and Facebook (@ChicagolandBoxers), or you can contact them here:

Website: Chicagoland Boxers

Facebook: @Chicagoland Boxers

Call or Text: 847-791-7749

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders In North Carolina

boxer holding a stick

Some people might see a red flag when they read that someone is a ‘hobby breeder’, but it isn’t always a bad thing.

For example, Tara O’Connor, of Euro Boxx Boxers, regards herself as a hobby breeder as she does this purely for the love of the breed and not to make money. In some senses, this describes all reputable breeders!

Tara’s main aim is to focus on health, temperament, and type. To this end, Euro Boxx has imported some of the best champion bloodline Boxers from Europe to help improve American bloodlines.

This method has produced exceptionally healthy dogs with fewer genetic health problems.
Each pup comes with a 2-year health guarantee, and all of Tara’s dogs are specially bred to be suitable for children with special needs. As a mother of a child with Asperger’s, Tara knows firsthand how a dog can be a wonderful companion for children with special needs.

This has led her to produce dogs with the perfect temperament – loving, affectionate, and gentle with kids.

The Euro Boxx Boxers’ website has a section on how to find a good breeder, which is worth a read as it supports much of what you’ll find here in this article. The fact that Tara includes this section is another sign that she can be counted among the list of reputable Boxer breeders!

Here are the contact details if you are interested:

Website: Euro Boxx Boxers

Phone: 704-786-7124

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders in Arkansas

close-up photograph of a boxer dog's face

Mountain Crest Boxers have been producing show-quality dogs for many years, although they stress that every dog is first and foremost a member of the family and not a means for winning trophies!

They breed 100% European Boxer puppies, and they are rightly proud of their pure lineage. Strict health testing is applied throughout the breeding program and no dog is used if it doesn’t make the grade.

This allows Mountain Crest to be one of the few Boxer breeders to offer a full 5-year health guarantee with each pup.

On top of this, the pups are extensively socialized by using the rule of sevens. This method exposes the pups to a series of scenarios, experiences, sounds, textures, etc. For example, they might be introduced to seven different types of surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, grass, wood chips, gravel, and soil. This is applied to places where they eat, people they are introduced to, different objects, different locations, and so on. This process will be in addition to behavior training, meaning that your pup will be a pleasure to own and will fit right into your home.

Mountain Crest really cares for their dogs, and they always put their health and welfare first. They limit the number of litters that each dam produces, and they will never push them too hard. If they feel that a particular dog has produced enough pups, they will retire her. This doesn’t mean that she just goes anywhere. Every retired dog, male or female, becomes a part of the ‘spoiled and pampered Boxer brigade’!

Each Mountain Crest Boxer is treated as a part of the family, which is exactly as it should be.

Like all reputable Boxer breeders, they reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone they don’t feel comfortable with. They never sell to malls or pet stores, and they never release puppies before they are eight weeks of age.

If you feel that your values match theirs and you want to know more or make inquiries about their pups, you can contact them here:

Website: Mountain Crest Boxers

Facebook: @Mountaincrestboxers

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Puppies For Adoption

boxer standing by the pool

Photo from: @callumtheboxer

Of course, aside from using Boxer breeders, you could adopt a puppy from a shelter instead.

The AKC and the American Boxer Club can help here, too, as they can provide contact details for Boxer rescue centers all across the country.

At any one time, there are around 3 million dogs in rescue centers in America that are all desperately in need of a home, and many of these will be Boxer dogs. Some will be there because of the death of the owner, while others will be rejected purely because the owner was unprepared, inexperienced, or too apathetic to invest in training, care, and socialization.

It is also possible that these dogs will have been mistreated, making them fearful and aggressive.  With the right love and attention, they can be gradually brought around to become well-adjusted and loving animals once again. This takes a special kind of person, with a lot of patience and tenacity.

It’s unlikely, but not impossible that you’ll find a young puppy here as most of the dogs will be fairly mature. While this can make the transition period more of a challenge (as the dog will have developed behaviors and habits of its own), it does avoid the puppy stage, which can be very trying, and usually the most expensive period in the dog’s life.

Final Thoughts

brindle boxer looking at the camera

Photo from: @boxergram

A good breeder will take many factors into account before accepting you as a potential buyer of one of their pups. You should cooperate as much as possible and be honest – after all, the pup’s continued health and happiness are essential. This isn’t just about you getting a dog… it’s about making sure that the dog gets the best home. There is a chance that a breeder will refuse to sell to you if you don’t fit the criteria.

For example, although Boxer dogs make great family pets, they are not suitable for apartment living because of their high energy levels. An older adult Boxer may be able to cope with this, but not a puppy or a young dog. A breeder may well say no to you if you plan to raise your new puppy in a cramped apartment with no outside space.

They may also refuse to sell if you intend to leave your pup home alone for extended periods throughout the day. Boxers are highly social, and they don’t cope well if left alone for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.

While this may be upsetting and annoying, remember that it is done with the best intentions and isn’t intended to be offensive. If possible, look at the reason behind this decision and try to make some appropriate changes.

In the end, it’s about everyone being happy, including the dog. It’s in your best interest to be honest with the breeder and to foster a good relationship. They will usually be happy to keep in touch so they can follow the pup’s progress. After all, they have invested time, effort, money, and a lot of love into this little life, so it’s only natural for them to take an interest in their development.

If you understand all of this, that’s great! Our guide gives you only a handful of the many Boxer breeders out there, along with reasons that make them stand out as being reputable and trustworthy. As well as reading this, it is essential that you do some further research and find one in your local area.

And, once you’ve got all of this out of the way, you’ll soon have your beautiful new Boxer pup to enjoy for many years to come.

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