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5+ Boxer Breeders In Texas With The Best Breed Standards

5+ Boxer Breeders In Texas With The Best Breed Standards

If you’re looking for a strong, fast, and energetic canine, the Boxer will be the best choice for you!

This type of dog has been high in demand during recent years, which is why there’s a more significant number of breeders in the U.S.

There are plenty of Boxer breeders in Texas, which makes it much more difficult to find a trustworthy one.

However, there’s no need to fear, as this list covers the best breeders in the Texas area who care about these beautiful animals just as much as you and I do.

If you want to find Boxer puppies in Texas that’ll steal your heart right away, these are the breeders that are worth your attention!

6 Best Boxer breeders in Texas

1. Ram Boxers.

boxer puppy playing with stick

This is everything but the usual kennel, according to its owners. Of course, most trustworthy breeders will confirm that they take great care of their dogs and puppies, but this facility seems to take their business to another level.

First of all, although this is considered a family “business,” for Ram Boxers, dogs are rather family members than money makers. This is also proved by the beautiful “Memory Lane” section on their official website, which honors doggies that are no longer with them (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

Now that you know they’re not a puppy mill (neither are any facilities from our list!), you’re more than welcome to learn more about the kennel and their puppies.

Essentially, Ram Boxers was among the first Boxer breeders in Texas (according to the data we found so far). The owner of the breeding facility says that he inherited the love of Boxers from his mother, who had one as a kid in the early 60s.

The love for canines is proved through the excellent care this breeding program provides to each puppy, especially when it comes to health.

Every Boxer pup is tested for:

• Elbow Dysplasia

• Thyroiditis

• Hip Dysplasia

• Degenerative Myelopathy

• Cardiac testing

They provide great health care to all their canines, which they consider as family pets.

This aspect of considering every canine as a part of the family is essential for the breeder and the future dog owner. This way, the breeder prepares each pup for a loving home and the role of a companion.

Ram Boxers invests a lot of time and effort into raising dogs with great personalities, emotional stability, and good overall health.

Before you get your Boxer puppy, you’ll receive the necessary documentation, including health certificates and vaccination cards.

But, documentation is not the only thing you’ll get with your doggie. The breeder will prepare a full package of goodies for your pup that will contain a toy and a blankie with the smell of its litter, a food starter kit, a carrier bag (very practical), etc.

It’s important to mention that Ram Boxers are a part of the American Kennel Club (AKC), as well as of the American Boxer Club.

This is an additional guarantee that you’re getting a dog from a certified and acknowledged breeder.

However, they’re not the ones that are supposed to meet the requirements. Actually, according to their rules, no person or family can own a canine from their program unless they have a back yard with a fence.

Therefore, if you don’t own a large yard with a fence, there is a high chance you won’t get your new dog at this place.

Breeder details:

Official website: Ram Boxers Texas

Telephone number: 817 296 0010

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

2. Boondocks Boxers, Texas.

two boxer dogs sitting on deck

Every trustworthy breeder cares for their dogs more than for their profit. Boondocks Boxers definitely proves that this statement is complete truth day by day.

The owner of this kennel, Lisa Gammill, has an amazing amount of love for boxers, which is why she decided to breed them and make other Boxer enthusiasts happy according to her words on the kennel’s official website.

As she stated, after multiple bad experiences with “trustworthy” breeders, Gammill decided to take the matter into her own hands and start breeding her own Boxer puppies.

The kennel vows to sell only healthy puppies raised in a comfortable environment filled with love and cuddles.

Every puppy is a part of the family. This way, the puppies go through the first phase of socialization and get used to family life.

Boondocks Boxers does everything to make sure each of their puppies is happy and healthy. Regular checkups of adult dogs and their puppies are a guarantee for the safety of your future pet.

However, they don’t run away from the fact that some Boxer puppies might have congenital issues that can’t be discovered before they’re all grown up. Still, the breeding kennel claims that they never skip the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals examinations for hip and elbow dysplasia, along with all other crucial health tests.

If you prefer European Boxers more than the American versions, you’ll be able to choose some of the best European canines in this kennel!

But, if you’re indecisive or you like the characteristics of both dog types, you can also get yourself a European American Boxer mix.

The owners of this kennel claim the cross between Euro and American Boxers contains the best from both sides, including a strong muscle frame, a height advantage, and a small muzzle.

You can get all information on their website, but if you have any additional questions, you can contact the kennel via phone or by filling out the contact form on their official website.

Breeder details:

Official website: Boondocks Boxers

Telephone number: 903 588 5742

Address: Saltillo, Texas

3. MerBar Boxers, Texas.

Boxer dog standing on grass outside

If you’re looking for a Texas Boxer, search no more! Every breeder from this list is praiseworthy in its own way, but when it comes to MerBar Boxers, they’re amazing in every way!

The kennel has been active since 2002, and has been producing only the best pups in the last 20 years. High quality, good health, great parent dogs – all these things describe the Boxer puppies that come from this kennel.

Most importantly, each canine from this facility is treated as a family member before anything else, which is one of the basic principles of socialization.

This type of breeding and raising the pups ensures that these dogs are more than ready to become your new pet and your children’s best furry friend!

As a part of the AKC’s H.E.A.R.T. initiative, the owner of MerBar guarantees the health of her Boxer puppies with health certificates and various health tests.

Of course, she’s aware that things might go wrong later during the canine’s life, which is why this kennel offers a lifetime return warranty.

However, this guarantee doesn’t apply to dogs with health issues. This owner will do her best to keep these doggies off of the street.

Therefore, if a family member discovers an allergy, or you can’t keep the canine for any reason, this kennel will gladly accept the dog, so it doesn’t end up in the wrong place.

Of course, to avoid this becoming a regular practice, MerBar requires every future owner to fill out a “Puppy Questionnaire,” which will determine which puppy is the best fit for the person.

After completing this task, the future Boxer owner needs to make a down payment to enter the waiting list.

MerBar’s AKC Boxer puppies for sale are ready to go when they’re around seven weeks of age, and after the first health checkups, examinations, and vaccinations.

The price of the puppies can go anywhere from $1,500 to $3000. The cost is determined by the quality of the bloodline, the coat color, and the ancestry.

For example, a show-quality canine will cost more than a white one, which is generally considered a fault rather than an official shade of almost any dog breed.

The thing I love the most about this breeder is that they offer help to everyone willing to begin the Boxer breeding journey.
Ethical breeding and breed standards are crucial for MerBar, which is why they want to help others breed their precious puppies the right way!

Breeder details:

Official website: MerBar Boxers

Telephone number: 936 443 6977

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Montgomery, Houston, Texas

4. DS Boxers, Texas.

two boxer dogs sitting outside

It’s nice to know there are plenty of wonderful places to get a family pet from; places where animals are treated the right way, like family, not only as a way to make a quick buck.

DS Boxers’ breeders care more about raising a friend for life for a future Boxer owner rather than the “perfect” canine for a dog show.

According to the owner, everything started about 20 years ago when she and her son got their first Boxer pet. She has been in love with this dog breed ever since, and she claims that she has the same amount of love for these doggies even today!

Although this is more of a hobby breeder, the kennel provides the future pet owner with all documentation and health certificates. However, the owner claims that most doggies are already spoiled because of all the love and cuddling they receive.

If you decide to get a puppy from this breeding program, it’s essential to apply as soon as possible because they usually don’t have more than a couple of litters throughout the year.

When it comes to the price, most pups cost differently according to the bloodline, coat color, and registration.

The price can go anywhere from $1,250 to $2,250 (the most expensive one is generally a champion-bloodline descendant with all conditions fulfilled for the registration).

If you’re not from the Texas area, don’t worry… the breeder can ship the puppy to your place wherever you are in the U.S. The cost of transportation will be added to the overall price you pay for your future pet.

If you possess a female Boxer and would like her to have her own puppies, you can use the stud services at this kennel. All you have to do is contact them and make an agreement.

Breeder details:

Official website: DS Boxers

Telephone number: 254 383 3653

Address: Kempner, Texas

5. Black Champion Boxers.

boxer dog running on grass

With more than 30 years of experience in Boxer breeding, the owners of this kennel, Ron and Debbie, are still loving every aspect of their jobs. They pass their love for Boxers onto their grandchildren as well!

After spending time in Arizona, the couple decided to come to Texas and continue their family business, which has been going strong for the last 19 years in Decatur.

A 20-acre field is the perfect place to breed these wonderful animals.

Although they don’t run away from doggies of colors like brindle or the reverse version, they do prefer black Boxers ready to become champs!

All puppies from this kennel have been tested for various diseases and conditions, had their dew claws done, and are vaccinated.

There’s no need to fear when it comes to dealing with children – these Boxers are child-friendly and able to adapt to any new environment.

However, like most Boxers, they do have high energy levels, which is why these dogs are more suitable for homes with bigger back yards.

Breeder details:

Official website: Black Champion Boxers

Telephone number: 940 841 2754

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Decatur, Texas

6. K & J Boxers.

boxer puppy playing on deck by lake

This is one of the small breeding programs that started as a family business, and it has been running successfully for years.

K & J Boxers has been focused on the breeding of purebred Boxers for almost 20 years.

According to the owner, every Boxer is health tested and has its dewclaws and tail finished at their local vet.

This breeder gives a one-year health warranty on every puppy, as well as the registration documents.

Breeder details:

Telephone number: 903 378 30 96

Email address: [email protected]

Address: Honey Grove, Texas

Price of Boxer puppies in Texas

Boxer puppy walking on grass

If you’re looking for Boxer puppies in Texas for sale, you’ll be able to find them at multiple places from Houston to San Antonio!

All you need is a love for Boxers, good will, and somewhere between $1000 and $3000, depending on what you’re looking for.

A higher-quality canine is more on the expensive side, especially if it comes from a trustworthy breeder. Of course, it’s always better to pay more money and get what you’re looking for rather than paying $500 for a scam.

Finding a new home for these pups is quite easy, as they’re high in demand. Most potential owners end up on waiting lists for months before they’re able to take their new pet home.

It’s important to mention that the price of the puppy isn’t the only investment you’re going to make. Food, health checkups, a bed, toys, pet insurance, additional examinations, and other necessary things will generally be either monthly or yearly expenses.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to take proper care of your Boxer and provide it with everything it needs, you might find a Boxer owner who can share their experience with you.

If you don’t have any Boxer owners around you, you can try finding them online (via forums, hashtags, etc.).

Wrapping Up

I hope that at least one of the Boxer breeders in Texas from this list suits the needs of you and your family. It’s crucial to find a reputable breeder who’s not running a puppy mill or trying to profit at all costs.

Boxers are an amazing breed, and they are very popular because they can easily adapt to new families and environments. They’re also great with children, although they do require physical and mental training.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted with any of the Boxer breeders in Texas that are mentioned in this article.

However, if you’re not sure which kennel is the best choice for you, share this article with your family members and make a joint decision!

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