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7 Best Boxer Breeders In California You Can Trust

7 Best Boxer Breeders In California You Can Trust

Boxers are among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Boxer is the 11th most popular breed worldwide!

The American Boxer dog is a strong working dog that is highly intelligent and courageous, although sometimes a bit goofy. While they have a somewhat bad reputation, they make amazing family dogs. However, because of their dominant personalities, you need to buy them from reputable breeders only.

So, what if you live in California? Are there any good Boxer breeders in California?

Yes, there are!

The Boxer breed is rather popular in California, which is why there are several great Boxer breeders in the state.

If you’re looking to purchase a Boxer puppy but don’t know where to start, here are a few great Boxer breeders in California you might want to check out:

Boxer Breeders In Northern California

boxer photographed by the beach

Many of the great breeders we’ve found are located in Northern California. Most will ship to the other parts of the state and even outside of California, so don’t worry if you don’t live nearby.

Here’s what they are:

Soleil Boxers

This kennel is owned by Katrina and Richard Sun, and it’s located in the East Bay area. It was founded in 2002 when both of its founders were still in college.

The duo takes breeding very seriously, which is why they only have a few litters every year. Their priorities are to ensure the health of all dames and sires, and they try hard not to overbreed them.

They specialize in producing both family dogs as well as working dogs and show dogs. They carefully plan all of their litters, and they take into consideration all aspects that the ideal Boxer has to have, including temperament, conformation, and health.

All of their parent dogs are AKC registered, with amazing temperaments and superb health. In fact, they have listed all the health results publicly on their website, so you can know exactly what qualities they have. This transparency is one of the reasons they’re so reputable.

All of the breeder’s litters are publicly listed on their website, and the kennel keeps it regularly updated. They have a contact form that all aspiring Boxer owners can fill out, and a representative from the kennel will get in touch with them.

Lastly, Soleil Boxers have an open-door policy. In other words, if, for any reason, you cannot take care of your Boxer dog anymore, you can return it to them, no matter how long you’ve had them. They’ll endeavor to find all their dogs a new home.

Website: Soleil Boxers

Black Dymond

This breeder is located in the small town of Gait near Sacramento. They produce show-quality Boxer puppies that are entirely up to AKC standards. When breeding, they focus on health, temperament, and longevity.

They are located on a 5-acre plot of land, giving their Boxers enough space to run around. All of their puppies are crate-trained and obedience-trained. They do all they can to ensure you get the best quality dog possible.

This dog breeder also conducts all the necessary health testing on their dogs, ensuring you get a healthy Boxer pup, free of genetic disorders.

The application process is straightforward, which makes everything a lot easier and more approachable. They have an application form on their website that you can fill out. Once you do, someone will contact you and put you on a waiting list.

You don’t have to pay a deposit to be on the waiting list. However, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit once the puppy you’ve selected reaches 6 weeks of age. Otherwise, the dog will be put up for further sale.

The only thing that could make the adoption process challenging is if you want your Boxer puppy to be of a specific color – for example, brindle. The breeder doesn’t focus on breeding puppies of a specific color, and this is something you’d have to talk about months in advance.

Website: Black Dymond Boxers

Email: [email protected]

Boxer Breeders In Southern California

boxer looking out the window

There are other amazing Boxer breeders located in Southern California, and many are near the Los Angeles area. Just like the breeders from other California regions, they’ll usually ship across the state – but make sure to check this out with each breeder individually.

Here are some of the best Boxer breeders in Southern California:

Telstar Boxers

This might easily be one of the most reputable Boxer breeders in California. Telstar Boxers are home to more than 75 AKC Boxer champions. This includes 2 Dams of Merit and even 8 Sires of Merit!

Telstar Boxers are located in San Diego, and they were founded by Jennifer and Gene, who have more than 35 years of breeding experience. In fact, this is one of the oldest Boxer kennels we could find!

They have a unique Boxer program that focuses on producing Boxer puppies that will become amazing show dogs. They are structurally sound, healthy, and with an ideal temperament. This also makes them top-quality family dogs if this is what you’re looking for.

The breeder’s website is always up to date with all current and planned litters. This is where you can also find information on their pricing and policies.

Website: Telstar Boxers California

Email: [email protected]

Anden Boxers

This is a small but professional Boxer breeder in California that specializes in breeding family companions and working dogs. To achieve this, they strive to improve the dog’s temperament, intelligence, health, and the correctness of the Boxer structure. They follow the AKC purebred standard, although they don’t prioritize show dogs.

All of Anden’s Boxers are AKC registered, and many have won national championships. They have all the information about their dogs listed publicly, including the health testing records and lineage.

Their puppies are bred and raised in the center of the family home, so they are provided with a loving and caring environment that can help them develop the best temperaments possible.

They also expose all of their puppies to all sorts of sounds and sights, so they can easily adjust to new environments. All of their dogs are fed with a natural, raw dog food diet, as they believe this will keep these dogs close to their ancestors and make them grow strong.

They don’t breed often, so they only have a couple of litters yearly. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you’ll have to wait up to 14 months before getting your Boxer puppy! However, as they are members of the American Boxer Club, Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley, and the Buena Ventura Dog Training Club, this might make their dogs worth the wait.

Encore Boxers

boxer puppy

Photo from: @theboxerworld

Encore Boxers is a kennel that has been operating since the 1970s. They have been raising select Boxer puppies according to a breeding program that they developed for years.

Their goal is to produce top-quality and healthy dogs that will be a happy addition to anyone’s family. Because of this, their dogs have wonderful temperaments and are perfectly socialized. This helps reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with finding a great forever home.

The kennel is owned by Cheryl Cates, who ensures all of their dams and sires receive excellent veterinary care. All of their puppies are dewormed and have received the necessary vaccinations and genetic health testing.

Encore Boxers have produced more than 100 AKC champions and 18 Producers of Merit puppies! In other words, they have great bloodlines that are destined for success if you decide to participate in dog shows.

Their dogs come with AKC registration papers, a health guarantee, and even their favorite chew toy! The breeder offers lifetime support for all of their dogs, and they will be there for you if you need any help with raising your dog.

Website: Encore Boxers California

Email: [email protected]

Baldwin Boxers

These breeders come from Devore, Southern California. They breed top-quality Boxer puppies that have excellent health and temperament as well as show conformation. Their goal is to produce ideal Boxers that can excel as both show dogs and companion dogs.

At the same time, this is one of the many active Boxer breeders in California. They are well-known in the show dog community and have won many awards not just in the US but also in Canada!

All of their puppies are AKC registered and clear of any health and genetic conditions before they are allowed to participate in their breeding program. Their puppies have been raised with love and care to ensure they are well-socialized and properly taken care of.

All of the available puppies can be found on their website. To purchase them, you’ll have to fill out the questionnaire and wait for the breeder to contact you. If you are eligible, you’ll be placed on a waiting list.

Each of their puppies comes with a health guarantee, as well as lifetime support. If you don’t live in California, they might still be able to ship your new pet to you – just be sure to discuss this with the breeder beforehand.

Website: Baldwin Boxers

Email: [email protected]

CinniBon Boxers

CinniBon Boxers were recognized in 2019 as the kennel that produced the most Boxer champions in the USA. They are home to more than 35 AKC Boxer champions!

All of their dogs are tested for hip dysplasia, eye problems, CERF, ARVC, OFA, among other things. Only if all the test results are fine can these dogs enter their breeding program.

Their puppies begin the socialization process when they are between 3 and 14 days old. During this time, the breeder conducts neurological stimulation exercises that help boost their confidence.

The breeder’s goal is to produce well-behaved puppies that will fit into family dynamics. Because of this, they might not be able to meet all of your preferences on the puppy’s coat color, markings, or sex, but they’ll try to compromise.

All of their puppies come with their first vaccination shots, veterinary checks, a microchip, chip registration, and AKC registration papers. Shipping options are a possibility, but this has to be discussed with the breeder. Expect to wait at least 6 months before you get your new puppy.

Website: CinniBon Boxers California

Where Else To Look For Boxer Puppies In California For Sale

boxer dog lies in leaves

If for any reason, none of the Boxer breeders in California we’ve listed are adequate for you, or if they don’t have any litters available, don’t despair! There are a few more places you might want to check out. Chances are you will find your new buddy there.

Here’s where else you can look:

Adopt-a-pet: This well-known and reputable website helps find new homes for many pets, including purebred Boxers.

AKC MarketPlace: The AKC is the place you want to contact if you want to connect with responsible breeders that sell purebred dogs. On its marketplace, you can find puppies for sale listed by AKC-approved breeders. Some of them might be in the California area.

Petfinder: This is a good adoption site, and you might find a purebred Boxer there. However, keep in mind that adopting a dog isn’t the same as buying it from a reputable breeder and that no one can guarantee whether the dog is truly purebred or a mixed breed.

Should You Adopt Or Purchase From Boxer Breeders in California?

There is something truly special about knowing that you’ve taken in an abandoned dog and provided him with a new home. Granted, this is the most ethical way to get a pet. So, is this a good way to become a Boxer owner?

While it’s all up to your preferences, we have to mention a few downsides of adopting a strong and protective dog that might have somewhat stronger aggression toward other animals than some other canines.

When you adopt, there is no way of knowing the history of the dog you’re taking in. Chances are he’s been abused and that he might have some triggers that can make him behave aggressively. This can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced with large, strong dogs or if you have kids in the household.

Similarly, you won’t know the medical history of your new dog. Unless you’re ready to pay for expensive genetic testing, there is no way of knowing whether your dog has an increased chance of developing severe health problems.

Dogs that you purchase from reputable Boxer breeders in California have been medically tested, so you’ll know you’ll get a high-quality Boxer that has been well taken care of. Not just that, but most breeders will ensure these canines have undergone some basic dog training, so they can easily adjust to new homes without displaying any bad behavior.

Some people might think that the best Boxer breeders in California sell their dogs at too high a price. They might even try to find a more affordable place to purchase their dog from.

Backyard breeders are some of the people you might run into. These individuals sell their dogs at a much lower price than reputable breeders. However, this is because, most of the time, they are inexperienced in raising puppies.

They don’t necessarily mean bad. These are simply dog owners who have ended up with an unplanned litter of puppies that they now want to sell. However, they don’t test their dogs for genetic conditions, and most don’t know how to train puppies. This is why they are not the best option.

Other places to find Boxer puppies for sale are pet stores and puppy mills – however, we would strongly advise against this. These locations don’t care about their dogs; they only want to produce as many puppies as possible and profit from them.

Because of this, most puppies that come from pet stores and puppy mills have behavioral issues. Many will also have underlying health conditions.

In short, don’t try to be cheap when purchasing a Boxer puppy. What you don’t pay in initial costs, you’ll likely pay later in veterinary bills or even more.

As you can see, there are many advantages to purchasing a Boxer from a reputable breeder. Of course, as we’ve already said, the final decision is up to you.

Either way, all dogs are good dogs, and Boxers make amazing family companions, as long as you know how to properly train and socialize them.

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