Why Does My  Dog Cry When Carrying Toys? – 11 Reasons and 2 Solutions

Playing Vocalization

Dogs can simply cry while carrying their toy because that’s how they like to play at that moment.


One of the reasons dogs can get frustrated while playing is their innate desire to bury their valuable possessions.

Excitement Vocalization

Some dog breeds are more prone to show their excitement through vocalization. This type of vocalization is more common in puppies.


Your dog might be in pain, and the reason they are crying while they have a dog toy to soothe themselves.

False Pregnancy

The maternal instincts start to show up as the female dog chooses a particular toy to carry while crying.


Possessiveness can be seen in a form of crying, growling, barking, nipping, and sometimes lunging.


While their owners are away, some dogs find comfort in their favorite toy and carry it away crying.

Hunting Vocalization

When they think of their toys as prey, for example, some small animals, dogs cry when they carry them.

Attention Seeking

Dogs start crying with a toy in their mouth, looking for ways to get your attention! It usually works!

Naturally Loud

Next time you see your doggies crying when carrying toys, it might be a strong pack and hunter gene in them that makes them do it.

Teething in Pups

This can be uncomfortable for your puppy. It is not exactly a painful situation, but it can cause some behavioral changes in a dog.

Determine The Cause

Pay attention to when and how does your dog cry. Then determine if it is going through teething period, attention-seeking, separation anxiety or something else.

Figure Out If You Dog Is In Pain

If you are not certain, taking your dog to the vet is the option. The veterinarian can check your dog and make sure everything is alright.