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4 Things You MUST Know About The Teacup Maltipoo

4 Things You MUST Know About The Teacup Maltipoo

Ahhh… The feeling of a dog’s paw on your face at the break of dawn. Sniffs and licks to get you hyped for the day. What dog did you imagine while reading this? We hope it was not a St. Bernard.

Some take coffee in the morning, others tea . In case you are looking to take a Teacup Maltipoo, read on and be enchanted by the Disneyesque character of this small dog.

Teacup Maltipoo Feature Checklist

When you were a child, did you have a favorite teddy bear to find comfort in after a bad day? Adults need comfort too, and what better to provide it than one of the cutest dog breeds.

There are many breeds akin to the Teacup Maltipoo. Strong heritage from a Teacup Maltese dog and Poodle gifted us the Maltipoo breed.

A Maltipoo (obviously), Yorkie, toy Poodle, regular Poodle, Maltese, Cockapoo, Cavapoo or Pomeranian might tickle your fancy but they are NOT a Teacup Maltipoo.

The next kennel you walk into will be the last one for a while. We are on a mission to help you get your new puppy, so let us start off with a song.

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1. Eenie Meenie Maltipoo

Teacup Maltipoo relaxing in his bed

Read the name and you will probably figure out what glorious dog breed combo this is. Just to be safe, the Teacup Maltipoo is two tablespoons of Teacup Maltese and one and a half Maltese. Stirred, not shaken.

Other known names of this fur baby are toy Maltipoo, mini Maltipoo but you can call it tiny Teacup too.

Honey, I Shrank The Dog

Size inheritance can be attributed to the Teacup Maltese and the wavy surfer-look coat too. The pizazz and posh stance belong to the Poodle gene.

The under 10 inch height of this small breed helps it achieve excellent marks for life longevity. On average, the Teacup Maltipoo lifespan is anywhere from 9 to 15 years.

Weight-wise they should not weigh more than 9 pounds, and everything above that is reason for worry. The small size helps in noticing weight changes rather easily, so being overweight can be prevented.

Maltipoo Dog Fashion Week

Bred for portability and infinite fur customizability, the Teacup Maltipoo takes after the Teacup Maltese when it comes to size but the Poodle gives it the necessary puff in the coat.

You probably saw all kinds of crazy and creative hairstyles on the Teacup Maltipoo. Their coat is the right amount of soft with a little bit of grunge. One very convenient feature of that fur is barely any Maltipoo shedding action. Yay.

Coat colors include a clean white, mocha creamy and apricot sundae. The rarer colors are extravagant too but are, more often than not, an outcome of mixed Maltese and Poodle breeds.

The Maltipoo and Teacup Maltipoo were bred as a style companion. If you are a dog lover, a stylish dog will be a double whammy!

2. Hanging Out With Others Too

Little Maltipoo puppy is walking in green grass

A key aspect of getting a dog is informing yourself on how much socialization it needs or likes. Still, there are various shapes of socialization and your dog should learn to adapt to different environments.

The micro Maltese Poodle mix adores prancing around and being one of the big dogs so here is what you can do to make sure it has fun.

Dog Park Chess

Both Malteses and Poodles are extraordinarily smart dogs. Purebred Poodles are some of the best dogs for dog courses and rank highly on the trainability scale.

The Maltese dog owners will confirm that intelligence and trainability are also impressive.

So, the Teacup Maltipoo ought to surprise you with its wits and desire to learn new and entertaining things.

Keep in mind that their size prevents them from doing some acrobatics the parent breeds are comfortable with. Lower the bar for gymnastic jumps and Olympic leaps!

Mainly “marketed” as a designer dog and for carrying in bags and purses, this dog will not fare well in dog parks where significantly bigger dogs play. Their tininess and sensitivity could get them injured when playing with a large dog.

Dance Nights At Home

After a hectic day at your pet-friendly office or an exhaustive walk, you come home to relax. Your Teacup Maltipoo still has some energy left in it.

This scenario is not common but if it does happen, we can see Teapoo (do not judge our naming policy) providing fun for you and your family.

In the process of seeking attention, the Teacup Maltipoo will give you a Dancing with the Stars show in front of the TV. Sometimes, you will not even need to reach for the remote. Just turn your Teacup on.

Snuggling and pampering are some of their favorite activities. Too much solitude at home will fall heavy on their little shoulders and separation anxiety is a real issue for them. Imagine being so small and bored – we would all have it.

3. Can I Catch A Cold Or Flu?

Adorable Maltese and Poodle mix Puppy

Does the Teacup Maltipoo have any major health problems? Conditions that you have to be aware of before buying?

We will touch on congenital conditions, unethical breeding, vaccination, AKC recognition, life expectancy and more.

A Vicarious Life Requires Health Guarantees

What is a health guarantee? Well, those are given out by breeders, especially those who crossbreed. The goal is to provide a certified paper confirming the dog does not suffer from any genetic condition or other health issue.

Puppy mills in most cases do not provide a health guarantee because their breeding is unethical anyways. Never buy from a puppy mill.

When you first get your puppy, you should always visit a vet to check the health status and put your mind at ease. The vet will probably let you know when to schedule vaccination too.

You Will Suffer Me For Another X Years

All in all, the Teacup Maltipoo has an exemplary life expectancy of 9-15 years. This is no surprise as both Malteses and Poodles have decent health and can live perhaps even longer.

Once you choose your Teacup Maltipoo puppy you can only add more because this one is a marathonian.

Uh-oh, What Is Wrong With My Teacupoo?

Generalized Tremor Syndrome

Previously, we mentioned health issues in Teacup Maltipoos occur due to the breeding intent – fashion and looks. This means that most conditions affecting Teacups have to do with genetics.

Generalized Tremor Syndrome makes your dog’s body shake uncontrollably. This syndrome is most likely caused by a CNS disease.

It presents itself in dogs who are young, usually a puppy, but can occur in adult dogs too. The symptoms can showcase as mild as imperceptible or incredibly severe to the point where the dog cannot perform basic physiological functions.

Good news is, there is a treatment that cures this condition. Most commonly, veterinarians prescribe prednisone or some other corticosteroid and symptoms can disappear in as short as seven days.

Dogs with underlying health problems can have more severe symptoms and maybe even require hospitalization.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

Present in humans too, this condition causes joint inflammation due to hampered blood flow into the head of the femur bone.

Without blood, the femur head becomes weakened and falls in on itself. As proper function is lost, the irritation caused in the joint manifests very painfully and lowers limb mobility.

Smaller dog breeds are more susceptible to Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, however it is not exclusive to them.

If you notice your Teacup Maltipoo whimpering and/or has difficulty walking immediately visit a vet to rule out this disease.

Patellar Luxation

Poor small dogs never get a break. This is most common with tiny breeds and the condition can exist without causing pain to the dog.

What happens is, the dog’s knee joint does not align the two connecting bones properly. The condition can be treated depending on the degree of luxation. The cause is most likely congenital and should be easy to diagnose with a physical exam followed by scans.

If you see your dog limping, make sure to go to the vet and scratch patellar luxation off the list. To ease your dog’s life, in case it has problems moving around, do not put thick rugs or leave large things where it often walks. This can prolong your dog’s life for a few years.

Other Conditions

We named the common ones in small dogs but there are many more. Of course, we hope your puppy never suffers from any condition but it is good to be informed and proactive.

Teeth problems can occur in dogs that have small mouths. Sometimes there is no space for proper teeth growth so the risk of infection and further issues is exacerbated.

Eye problems happen even to the best. Often, dogs’ eyesight starts worsening either with age or due to a congenital disease. If your dog stumbles or gives the impression of clumsiness, visit a vet.

Epilepsy affects many breeds, regardless of size. It is the most frequently occurring condition in dogs. Keep an eye out.

4. Find Me Here And Find The Truth

Adorable Maltipoo puppy enjoying the wind in a backyard

Teacup Maltipoo Breeders

Choosing the Teacup puppy from a well-renowned kennel will save you time and money but also a lot of nerves. Always see photos of the place or, best case scenario, go and scout the place.

Make sure you get a health guarantee and do not refrain from asking the breeder any question that pops in your mind. They probably know more about the breed than you could find on the internet.

Most of the breeders in the US have the option of sending your puppy to you (if you are in the US or Canada) but we advise always going to pick it up.

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The trip will be much more comfortable for the puppy. There is no reason not to kick things off the right way.

You might find out you love taking trips with your pooch and make it a habit.

Raising A Designer Dog: Teacup Maltipoo Puppies

A Teacup Maltipoo puppy’s new home does not need to be spacious. A perk of their size is being able to get enough activity in an apartment too.

More often than not, buying a bed for such a small dog is a waste of your money. They prefer cozying up with you on the couch, in your lap, basically wherever they fit.

What you will need to invest in is tiny food! Their already pocket-sized mouths and teeth cannot handle commonly available kibble or even treats. As a puppy it will require some specialized food but as adults they might manage the regular sized puppy dog food.

Teacup Maltipoos’ mini stomachs are susceptible to liquified poop if their diet is mostly wet food. Combining it with dry food is alright as long as it does not have much water content.

Vaccination should be done from weeks 6 to 16 every 2 weeks. Weeks 6 through 8 are for Distemper and influenza and bordetella, 8 to 10 DHPP with the non obligatory lyme disease, coronavirus and leptospirosis shot.

Twelve to fourteen weeks they get a vaccine against rabies and, after that, the standard shots months apart until fully grown.

Designer breed dogs can sometimes be bought in pet stores too but if you decide to take that course, check the store’s legitimacy and breeding practices.

Famous Last Words

Toy dogs like the Teacup Maltipoo can be easy maintenance if taken care of. They express big love through a small body, so you are not at risk of getting splatted by their weight.

Your home is going to thank you on this choice because, unlike a Labrador retriever or husky, this pebble of a pet will not wreck all the plants you have in your home, chew your sock and slippers or wreak havoc on the decorative glass and pottery.

The biggest concern with toy dogs is their health. However, if you purchase or rescue a Teacup Maltipoo from a reputable place with health guarantee, life should be marvelous.

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