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These 11 Mischievous Dog Breeds Are Famous For Their Unique Quirks

These 11 Mischievous Dog Breeds Are Famous For Their Unique Quirks

Now, here’s a hot topic to talk about! If you’re already a proud dog owner, you know how sassy and mischievous our pets can get. But, what if they’re constantly and consistently mischievous? 

That’s right. There are some breeds that simply can’t get enough of their own way. They’re not necessarily bad or aggressive for that matter – they just enjoy being naughty.

Are you ready to see the list?

Let’s take a ride and check if your pet’s one of these eleven roguish canines!

#1 The Siberian Husky – Between Sassiness And Mischievousness

siberian husky in the park
Source: Pinterest

It was Morgan 1 who said that Siberian Huskies are, indeed, an original and unique breed. While that’s factual and undeniable, you need to be aware of the other side of the coin.

This working dog naturally has a lot of energy. In order to burn it off, a Husky needs at least an hour of high-intensity exercise. If you fail to deliver on this, you risk making your Siberian pet super mischievous. 

Here’s another important Husky matter that I would like to articulate – they’re not always harmlessly sassy and mischievous. A Siberian Husky can be an extremely dangerous and aggressive breed, especially if not trained properly from an early age.

Pairing them with smaller dogs or children without previous training can sometimes have deadly repercussions.

#2 Bulldogs Understand Your Point From Their Bed

bulldog leaning on coffee table
Source: Pinterest

How many times have you looked at your Bulldog and thought: “Here’s one lazy couch potato!” Well, my point exactly!

As much as Bulldogs are irretrievably beautiful, they’re not exactly the most obedient breed. And, the answer lies in their laziness to do basically anything!

They’re simply enjoying the best of life laying around and taking all-day naps. Okay, they sometimes wake up to judge our outfits or a ridiculous idea of taking them out. And, despite all this – they still love us! They just have a funny, sassy way of showing it. 

In conclusion – if you want a dog with whom you’ll share your early mornings, long hikes, and mysterious adventures – better look for another breed. A Bulldog will sleep through all of that.

#3 Beagles Are Determined – In Their Stubbornness

beagle making mess in the house
Source: Pinterest

While many claim that Beagles are the worst dogs to have around, I wouldn’t exactly put it that way. They’re not naturally bad, aggressive, or harmful in any way – they just love having things their own way.

There are two major reasons why these pooches get mischievous from time to time. The first is related to their hunting nature. As hunting dogs, Beagles are easily distracted and prey-driven

As soon as they see a small prey, a cat, or even a leaf falling down from a tree – they’ll get intrigued! This is not a bad thing if you’re a hunting enthusiast yourself. By getting a Beagle, you will get a decent hunting companion.

The second reason is rooted in their natural independence. They’re not exactly the dogs that are eager to please their owner so badly. You either love them for who they are, or not. 

#4 When Rabbits And Squirrels Are Around, Dachshunds Are Done Playing

cute dachshund lying on the couch
Source: Pinterest

Despite their totally opposite looks, Dachies and Beagles behave like distant cousins, as both share some pretty common values.

With their long back and short legs, you may think that these German furballs are not the most active dogs in the world, but you’d be wrong. They’re extremely active and tireless dogs that won’t satisfy in a calm, sterile environment.

They need an active family to fool around with. Otherwise, Dachies get cranky, noisy, and destructive, which is the next level of their mischievousness. 

Their occasional high-maintenance is the reason why breeders don’t recommend them as first dogs.

Walking a Dachshund off-leash is almost a mission impossible, as he gets easily distracted and driven by the simplest things. The Dachie’s enthusiasm is definitely not something you see every day.

5 Greyhounds Are Sweet, Mischievous Darlings

cute greyhound playing with a toy
Source: Pinterest

I must say, putting a Greyhound on this list was not an easy choice. They’re not naturally high-maintenance or needy. Quite the opposite – if you’re looking for a first dog to adopt, love, and cuddle – I would definitely recommend you the Greyhound.

Their mischievousness can be characterized more as a tendency to get your attention. Once they adapt to family life – they become extremely goofy and playful. But, in order to get there, you need to take a softer approach.

Greyhounds are known as a shy breed that needs some time to adapt to new circumstances. And, even when they’re comfortable and cozy in a new home – they’re still not the most sociable breed towards strangers.

#6 You Don’t Tell A Pomeranian What To Do – They Tell You

fluffy pomeranian looking angry
Source: Pinterest

Surprised to see a Pom on the list? Well, apparently, even the cutest of dogs can become sort of mischievous at times. But, when it comes to Pomerianians, their mischievousness comes in the cutest way possible.

The thing that makes a Pom hard to maintain is his natural clinginess. 

These dogs have “small dog syndrome”, thinking that they’re the center of everyone’s attention for the most part of the day. Missing out on giving them the needed attention can often result in dissatisfaction and disobedience.

The other side of the coin is their proneness to separation anxiety. In many cases, their mischievous behavior comes as a result of being separated for too long from their owner.

Last, but not least – Poms use their cuteness and innocent looks to manipulate. Sure, they’re affectionate, but when they’re too affectionate, you know they’re up to something!

#7 A Non-Working Border Collie Is Always A Bad Idea

border collie playing outdoors
Source: Pinterest

If you’re thinking about getting a Border Collie as a pet, bear one thing in mind – these doggos are workaholics! Both Collies and some of their mixes require a lot of work during the day; otherwise, they get super-bored and mischievous.

Collies are used to herding, which is why it is sometimes hard for you to direct them to do the things you want. It’s usually the other way around.

They easily misperceive the situation and attempt to herd kids, other pets, or other dogs in parks. As sassy and cute as this might look – their herding dominance is not always harmless.

Other than that, I can say with confidence that Border Collies are decent family pets that can be a lifetime of fun! You just need to train them first.

#8 “Don’t Push It, Hooman” Is The Shih Tzu’s Motto 

shih tzu in the car
Source: Pinterest

While many Shih Tzus can be mischievous due to their natural character and the Napoleon Complex syndrome, that’s not the case with all of them!

The Shih Tzu’s mischievousness at times represents a really big deal. They can get disobedient due to severe trauma or poor socialization

Even though that doesn’t come off alarming and red-flaggy, I would recommend you revise your environment and parenting methods before labeling your dog as “simply mischievous.”

In other cases, these puppies are just too happy to be around and about. They love being surrounded with large groups of people, which often leads to general sassiness and mischievousness. 

If that’s the case with your Shih Tzu, and you just don’t know how to deal with it, I highly recommend dog toys. They’re an excellent motivation and training tool, and at the same time, they reduce drooling. 

#9 Chihuahuas Are Curiously Mischievous

funny chihuahua in the bed
Source: Pinterest

Well, the list would be totally incomplete without a Chihuahua on it! And, I mean this in a totally positive way. 

These canines are mischievous, but that’s just part of their charm. Both male and female Chis are highly sensitive dogs that require special care and attention as they are – special dogs!

That being said, you can expect your Chi to behave like a cat indoors. They are naturally curious, which results in the ultimate mischievousness and disobedience. They will come to you when they want… not when you want them to. Ring any cat bells?

Still, I need to give these pooches credit for being affectionate and loyal companions. At the end of the day – you will be their first occupation and refuge. 

To get there, all you need to do is treat them with respect, and never make fun of their diminutive size! That’s where they snap.

#10 Pit Bulls Need Some Time Growing Up

pit bull looking into camera
Source: Pinterest

Most Pit Bulls are most difficult to deal with at their young age. All they really need to stop being mischievous and high-maintenance is growing up

However, not so many people see Pits that way. They’re widely misperceived and misrepresented as aggressive, hostile, and dangerous. 

According to Delise 2, the media plays a huge part in “disseminating information” about dog aggression to “further an agenda unrelated to the improvement of the human/dog bond.”

Other than their juvenile sassiness, Pits are simply bursting with character, which often leads to their goofy behavior for the sake of satisfying their loved ones. They love pleasing their owner, as well as spending some quality time frolicking around in dog parks. 

All of this doesn’t even qualify as serious mischievousness, but rather as harmless wickedness. Still, I would definitely advise you to subject your PIt puppy to early obedience and socialization training, as these pooches are sometimes unaware of their own power.

#11 When Trained Improperly, Malteses Are Up To Mischief 

maltese dog running
Source: Pinterest

One thing is for sure – Malteses are exclusively bred for companionship purposes, and they excel in what they do! 

These cute, tiny little boys represent the perfect addition to families. Sassiness, eagerness to play, and an amazing look are just some of the traits you will find in these South-European dogs.

If you’re wondering how such a cute and innocent-looking dog can turn into a mischievous beast, I’ll be honest with you – it can’t! Or, better said – it won’t! A Maltese’s mischievousness is not necessarily exhibited in bad behavior or outbursts, but in a simple protest.

There are only two reasons why this can happen. The first one is related to their natural self-defense instinct

Maltese puppies are well-aware of their tiny size, and they act very protective because of it. They would rather be disobedient than let anyone tease them or approach them in a belligerent, hostile manner.

The second one is the matter of their spoiledness. Once they enter the world of cuddling – they won’t get out easily.

Final Thoughts

These eleven dog breeds are not the only ones that we can call mischievous. In fact, every family dog has its own unique quirks that won’t seem like that big of a deal once you fall in love with him.

But, then again… there must be a winner of this category, and the winners are definitely the canines listed above. Despite their fantastic family potential, they just love to spice things up every once in a while and get your attention. 

Just remember – most of their mischievous actions are love-motivated. So, can we really blame them?

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