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43 Border Collie Mixes: Remarkable “Canine Einsteins”

43 Border Collie Mixes: Remarkable “Canine Einsteins”

If you want a friendly, well-rounded, and smart family dog then the Border Collie is perhaps the perfect choice for you.

These lovely, good-natured, and workaholic pups continue to be one of the most popular small dog breeds that, over and over again, amaze new owners with their intelligence.

When it comes to their intelligence and working abilities, they are definitely among the highest-ranking dogs, and therefore an excellent choice for crossbreeding.

While it is really difficult to predict exactly how a certain mix will be in the end, there is one thing that you can expect for sure — a well-balanced and lovable puppy that will not miss out in the brains department.

If you are interested in Border Collie Mixes, check out the adorable Collie combos we have prepared for you. You never know, maybe one of them is the perfect pooch you have been looking for.

Border Collie Mixes That Will Steal Your Heart

Do you want to know what Border Collie mixes exist, and what they look like? Because we definitely do!

It is not easy to choose the perfect mix that will be everything you are looking for while also having the best possible traits of both parent breeds. And it is definitely not easy to find all the information about each mix out there.

So, to learn what Border Collie mixes exist and the most important information about them, keep on reading and prepare to see some beautiful mixed puppies that may steal your heart — but, don’t blame us for falling in love…

1. Borgi: Border Collie X Corgi


Photo from: @chunkythaborgi

We will start with a smarty-pants which is probably one of the most perfect mixes of cuteness and intelligence. What more can you expect when you mix two extremely energetic and clever purebreds.

Let me introduce you to the Borgi, a mix of Border Collie and Corgi — a world’s favorite dwarf among dogs (even Queen Elizabeth loves these short-legged pooches).

Borgis are definitely herding dogs since they inherit herding genes from both parent breeds.

They usually have the coat and the coloring of Collies, but the body shape of Corgis, and an overall amazing personality with a cheeky smile. With Borgis as pets, you are guaranteed to have a very energetic dog that brings a lot of joy!

2. Bordoodle: Border Collie X Poodle


Photo from: @teddy.and.lupa

These are probably the most famous Border Collie mixes, and with their curly-haired coats, probably the cutest too.

Bordoodles are smart, easy to train, and obedient but also very energetic dogs that require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. They are also sometimes called Borderdoodles, but the short version Bordoodle is now more common.

They are perfect for families that are equally energetic and able to provide them with the perfect amount of stimulation they need.

In return, this Border Collie and Poodle mix will be the loyal and affectionate companion that everyone can only wish for.

3. Border Jack: Border Collie X Jack Russel Terrier

border jack

Photo from: @wilsonterriertrouble

Border Jack — a really unique mix of two unlike pairs that results in a hybrid that is a highly intelligent, obedient, and trainable dog. These outstanding qualities make them wonderful family pets.

However, they are also pups with high energy levels that require a lot of daily exercise (and I really do mean a lot, so keep that in mind!). Their natural herding instincts make them ideal farm dogs.

They usually have the coat and markings of the Border Collie but the body of a Jack Russel Terrier, making them much smaller than purebred Collies.

They may have a smaller body but not a smaller heart, because they will definitely make a close bond with you and your family and be great companions.

4. Bordernese: Border Collie X Bernese Mountain Dog


Photo from: @whistler_bordernese

Compared to the mixes that we have mentioned before, Borderneses are larger-sized dogs and much stronger. They make great watchdogs because of their innate loyalty and will protect their family and territory really well.

Borderneses have a lot of energy and stamina and require a lot of exercise. They have a thick coat that can come in white, black, and brown colors and can sometimes shed a lot.

Even though they are big and strong, they can still be sweet and gentle giants that shower you with kisses and love.

5. Collie Cocker: Border Collie X Cocker Spaniel

collie cocker

Photo from: @otis_thegoodestboi

A Collie Cocker is a smaller-sized mix of cute Cocker looks and a wonderful personality. These dogs are wonderful with children and good with strangers, and most importantly, they love their family and cuddles so much.

Due to their parentage, they can be great watch and hunt dogs but are mostly loving companions to their families.

Like many other Collie mixes, they require plenty of exercise. However, if you have time and patience for them, they will be not only cute but also delightful and friendly pets.

6. Border Newfie: Border Collie X Newfoundland

border newfie

Photo from: @travis.bear.badboy

Again, one of the larger-sized Border Collie mixes, the Border Newfie is often called a gentle giant due to its friendly and affectionate nature.

You will have to deal will a lot of hair since their fluffy coat does shed a lot. Because of this, they would probably be better off living in a colder climate.

They love the outdoors, so a garden or outside activities is a must for them. However, because of their size, they are not fans of a lot of hurried exercises, so a nice calm walk is probably the perfect solution for them.

We have also listed some other amazing Newfoundland mixes, so take a look at them, too!

7. Borador: Border Collie X Labrador Retriever


Photo from: @calbert.the.borador

The Borador is a larger-sized mix of two very active parent breeds. They can either inherit the retrieving instincts of a Labrador or herding instincts of the Border Collie, but it is possible to have both of them.

No matter what, they will need plenty of exercise and attention, so will probably be better suited for active and experienced families.

It is important to find the Borador puppy from a reliable breeder in order to get a well-raised and trained pup that can be a fabulous addition to your family.

8. Border Point: Border Collie X Pointer

border point

Photo from: @cocoamedia

Border Points are medium-to-large-sized dogs that are definitely working dogs. They are quite a popular choice among dog owners since their loyalty and obedience are traits that many are looking for.

Border Points, due to their high-energy levels, need at least 1 hour of exercise to keep their body and brain healthy. They usually have a short coat from the Pointer that sheds moderately, but the black and white colors from theCollies.

They don’t lack the intelligence and are really easy to train or teach them a new job.

9. Golden Border: Border Collie X Golden Retriever

golden border

Photo from: @this_sweet_pup

It seems that every mix of a Golden Retriever with some other dog makes a quite popular crossbreed, and it’s no surprise that the Golden Border is among them.

These are highly intelligent and trainable balls of energy with a charming and friendly personality.

They love the company of humans or other pets, but they just don’t like being alone. Their coat can be either black and white like a Collie or golden like a Retriever.

Other than that, an elongated snout, almond-shaped eyes, shaggy tail, and hanging ears are their trademark look.

10. Border Schnollie: Border Collie X Schnauzer

Border Schnollie

Photo from: @alvin.not.kamara

Both parent breeds are high-energy dogs, so of course, the Border Schnollie is no exception. They will need a lot of exercise and some jobs to do. However, they can also be a little bit stubborn at times, so will need an owner to keep them in check.

They will usually take the body of the Schnauzer but the colors and markings of the Collie.

So, in the end, you get a medium-sized dog with an athletic built, wiry Schnauzer coat texture and floppy ears. Schnollies can also often inherit the whiskered snout, which gives them a special look.

11. Border Aussie: Border Collie X Australian Shepherd

border aussie

Photo from: @heidi.the.borderaussie

If you are looking for a beautiful dog that is also good at herding, then this Border Collie x Australian Shepherd mix is a good choice and worth checking out.

They are ideal for a ranch or farm life and will do their job perfectly. However, they need a lot of really intense workouts to stay happy and healthy.

With proper training and early socialization, these dogs will be not only perfect working dogs, but also great companions and lovable family friends.

Usually, they will have Aussie colors, making them look really impressive and mesmerizing.

12. Shollie: Border Collie X German Shepherd


Photo from: @winnie_woo_theshollie

Another one of the ideal herding dogs that will be a great protector of your home. These are highly intelligent dogs that need a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

They will often attach to one person they see as their master but will also be loyal to the whole family.

Since Shollies (Border Collie and German Shepherd mix) are quite big shedders, they will need a significant amount of grooming.

Usually, they take the colors of both parents (black, brown, and white), but the patterns of German Shepherds, with sticky-up triangle ears as the recognizable feature.

13. Border Beagle: Border Collie X Beagle

border beagle

Photo from: @theborderbeagle

The Border Beagle is one of the most popular Border Collie mixed breeds.

These easy-going and laid-back pups are known for their affectionate and enthusiastic personalities, which makes them great companions and family members that are extremely fond of children.

This Beagle mix will probably have a longer coat and the familiar large, goofy and dropped-down ears.

As Beagles are great scent hounds and Collies are great herding dogs, the mix of the two creates one of the greatest and most versatile dog breeds, which is precisely why they are so popular.

14. Border Heeler: Border Collie X Blue Heeler

border heeler

Photo from: @hey.joeydog

The Border Heeler is an excellent working dog, which is of course expected since both parent breeds have excellent herding instincts.

They are smarty-pants indeed and extremely active. With this mix you have to have time for a lot of exercise and activities; otherwise, they will not be happy.

These dogs also possess the best qualities of good family dogs, such as loyalty, affection, protection, and friendliness.

With proper socialization, they are also really good with children. They will probably look like an equal mix of both breeds.

15. Border Springer: Border Collie X Springer Spaniel

border springer

Photo from: @kero_perrencio

The Border Springer is of the newest mixes that appeared in recent years. Their looks and temperament may vary still, but usually they will have the body of a Springer Spaniel and the coloring of Border Collies.

Other than a sweet face, they will have an equally sweet personality. A playful, loving, and obedient dog that craves human attention and love, this mix is also really intelligent with great hunting and working genes.

16. Border Staffy: Border Collie X Staffordshire Terrier

border staffy

Photo from: @arrow_theborderstaffy

A hybrid with a cute name but an extremely courageous nature, the Border Staffy is a mix of the playful nature of the Border Collie and the die-hard loyal and protective nature of Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

These dogs have a lot to offer but require a strong and dominant owner that will guide them.

With proper socialization, they can also be a really sociable mix that loves to hang out with family, and with proper training, they will be perfect guardians of the home.

They usually have a shorter coat that can include any coloring due to the colorful nature of the Staffordshire parent.

17. Boxollie: Border Collie X Boxer


Photo from: @larni_boxerbordercollie

If you are looking for an affectionate and sweet doggo that will be a great addition to your family, then the mix of Border Collie and the Boxer is perhaps the perfect choice.

These pups also have a uniquely comical trait and will be able to make the people around them laugh all the time.

They are also great and brave watchdogs that will protect the ones they have a strong bond with.

Boxollies have medium to short coats that can come in three colors: brown, black, and white. Most of the time, they are easy to maintain with daily brushing and exercise.

18. Border Pyrenees: Border Collie X Great Pyrenees

border pyrenees

Photo from: @finnthegreatcollie

These beautiful designer dogs are one of the largest and rarest combinations when it comes to Border Collie mixes.

Border Pyreneeses have the thick coat of the Great Pyrenees, which is more suited for colder climates; otherwise, it can be too hot for them. These pups will definitely need a lot of space since, as we have mentioned, they are quite huge dogs.

Regardless of their size, they are still sweet and loving dogs that absolutely adore children and will most of the time come for a cuddle and some lap time. They are also extremely protective and loyal, like many Border Collie hybrids.

19. Bodacion: Border Collie X Dalmatian


Photo from: @lunathebodacion

The Bodacion is quite a rare designer dog, and not your typical everyday mix. However, they are absolutely adorable and will steal your heart as soon as you see them.

They are medium-sized dogs with a short, black, and white coat that often also has iconic Dalmatian spots.

These hybrids are energetic and great working dogs that thrive when given something to do. Usually, they will have a protective instinct and most of them also have an independent streak and don’t mind being left alone.

20. Ski Border: Border Collie X American Eskimo

ski border

Photo from: @tomo_the_dogo

Ski Border is a friendly and energetic mix of two very charismatic breeds: Border Collie and American Eskimo. They are super friendly, playful, and always bursting with energy.

When you combine these traits with intelligence and a devoted nature, these dogs might be a perfect choice for you. However, you have to be prepared for a lot of activities to keep them entertained.

They usually have a medium-length, double coat that can come in various colors.

Don’t forget to shower these Borders with love and affection, and in return, you will get a sweet companion that will thrive in this environment.

21. Great Border: Border Collie X Great Dane

great border

Photo from: @runa.2016

If you don’t mind large and tall dogs, then check out this Border Collie and Great Dane mix. These are one of the tallest mixes we will mention today, so keep in mind that they will need a lot of space.

If you have a small apartment, I’m afraid this mix is not for you.

Great Borders are fantastic with families as they are obedient, easy-going, and intelligent. However, because of their size and strength, they require some training. Usually, they have a black and white coat that is sleek and shiny.

22. Bordermute: Border Collie X Alaskan Malamute


Photo from: @layla.the.bordermute

Bordermute is one of the rarer Border Collie mixes that can often be confused for a Husky because of how similar they look. However, Bordermutes are a little bit larger than Huskies and a bit heavier.

They are one of the better-looking mixes, with dashing looks and even better personalities. They are often described as an elegant and sophisticated breed.

If you are able to commit to a lot of exercise and intense activities, you will have a pet that is loyal and lovable.

Just make sure that you have a leash with you if you plan to go out with them because sometimes they can be a little bit difficult to control.

Check out some other amazing Alaskan Malamute mixes!

23. Borderland: Border Collie X Shetland Sheepdog


Photo from: @silva_maria

Borderlands are a fluffy and playful breed that require a little bit more time for grooming sessions. They can have black, brown, cream, or white coats that they inherit from both parents, but they are always fluffy and voluminous.

Besides their herding instincts, they are also very intelligent and sociable. Because of this, they make great companions for families with children and get along really well with even young family members.

Check also some other Shetland Sheepdog mixes!

24. Border Collie Pit: Border Collie X Pitbull Terrier

border collie pit

Photo from: @lucyrosethecolliemix

As is the case with many other Pitbull mixes, this Border Collie Pit mix can have a very negative reputation among many pet owners.

Unfortunately, they can be seen as overly mischievous, independent, and full of energy, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, if you do understand this breed and know how to properly train them, your life will be filled with love and sweet and funny moments.

Their infectious smile will steal your heart immediately, and I am sure that you will not be able to resist their lovable and sweet temperament.

25. Collieweiler: Border Collie X Rottweiler


Photo from: @bianukij

If you want an energetic and strong protector of your property and home, this mix of a watchdog and herding dog is perhaps the perfect choice you can find.

These larger dogs are very intelligent, and need significant physical and mental stimulation.

It is better to keep them busy all the time because if they are bored they might show their destructive behavior. Besides that, they can be affectionate dogs that love to cuddle with their owners and see themselves as lapdogs.

26. Brittany Border: Border Collie X Brittany

brittany border

Photo from: @marieevans01

Brittany Border is also one of the rarest mixes on our list. They are indeed energetic dogs that constantly look for some kind of action, so you have to be prepared for their personality.

Sometimes it seems as if they never sleep, so they would be the best choice for equally active families that enjoy having dogs like this.

They can inherit either of the colors of parent breeds, so you will find them both black and white but also sporting orange and liver coloring. Some mixes also sometimes inherit a stubby tail from the Brittany gene.

27. Borderstiff: Border Collie X Mastiff


Photo from: @blackvelvetmafia

This mix is yet another large mix, with pups being 150 pounds, if not more. So, taking this into account, they definitely need plenty of room. They will usually inherit the Mastiff’s body features but the coat of the Border Collie.

The Borderstiff’s coat will most probably be really dense, quite thick and come in black and white colors. Even though these are one of the giants among dogs, they are still considered lovely and sweet.

They are indeed well-balanced dogs that can be energetic and courageous at times but also friendly and lovable. If you don’t mind the size, go find yourself one of these beautiful dogs that can provide the best of both breeds.

28. Vizslie: Border Collie X Vizsla


Photo from: @3_doggos_and_a_cat

This cute little pooch with an even cuter name is a cross of one parent that is an excellent gundog and the other which is an awesome herding dog. Vizslies are truly versatile dogs, that are good at everything that is presented to them.

However, the thing they love the most is definitely their humans. They are so sweet and love to spend time with their owners no matter what.

However, it is possible that they might suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long.

Regarding their appearance, they are known for a coat that can be black, red, or white, and long ears.

29. Kelpie Collie: Border Collie X Australian Kelpie

kelpie collie

Photo from: @benthekelpiecolliex

This extremely energetic and rare breed is the one on our list that has the foxiest look. They have a somewhat wild look with a mixture of black, white, and red colors.

Due to their high energy levels, they love when they have something to do, so regular exercise is a must. If they also have a firm leader who knows how to deal with them, they will most definitely thrive as pets.

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30. Borsky: Border Collie X Siberian Husky


Photo from: @stessy_jolie

Borsky or Bordersky is a cute Border Collie and Siberian Husky mix. They are fluffy dogs that often inherit the looks of the Husky parent.

Borskies are a little bit less stubborn than Huskies can be but will likely have the same amount of cheekiness and talking abilities. If you are familiar with Huskies, then you know what I mean.

They definitely require an active family that is able to provide them with a lot of daily exercise to satisfy their energy levels. Other than that, the Borsky is for sure a beautiful mix that will win many hearts.

31. English Borsetter Collie: Border Collie X English Setter

english borsetter collie

Photo from: @emmasdoggygrooming

English Borsetter is quite an uncommon hybrid that is achieved by crossing the Border Collie with English Setter. This is quite an energetic dog that was bred for the sole purpose of working.

Since they need a lot of exercise, they mostly are not suitable for apartment living and are happier if they have a garden or a yard to run around.

Although they were bred to be working dogs, and it is possible that they inherited herding instincts from Collies, with proper socialization and training, they can develop appropriate behavior and thus be perfect family companions.

32. Border Collie Bernard: Border Collie X Saint Bernard

border collie bernard

Photo from: @urhorizon

Many pet owners will say that this is one of their favorite Border Collie mixes, which makes sense since they are really skilled and versatile. These dogs are docile, friendly, intelligent, and very protective.

They will do anything to protect their loved ones from intruders or danger, which is why many choose them for their pets.

They are extremely versatile and possess the best qualities from both parent breeds, so they excel in activities such as agility, herding, hunting, search and rescue, and scent detection.

They require moderate grooming and physical activity to keep them healthy and happy.

33. Afghan Collie: Border Collie X Afghan Hound

afghan collie

Photo from: @memphishumane

This wonderful mix called Afghan Collie is a really rare, exotic, and versatile dog. They usually inherit the thick coat that is specific to Afghan Hounds and their qualities of herding and hunting.

Other than that, Afghan Collies have many other talents: tracking, retrieving, sighting, agility, obedience, detecting, and others.

They are medium to large dogs that have a long, shiny coat that can come in various colors, like white, brown, gray, black, blue, and reddish-brown.

Because of their unique and graceful qualities, you should never pass on the opportunity to have this pooch.

34. Akita Collie: Border Collie X Akita

akita collie

Photo from: @shimako.the.pups

Since both of the parent breeds are extremely energetic dogs that require a lot of exercise, it’s no surprise that Akita Collies are also a really active dog that need plenty of exercise each day.

Sometimes they can be a bit aggressive due to the Akita background, but in most cases, the Border Collie genes counteract that, making them friendly, loyal, and loving.

They are large dogs that can be around 130 pounds when fully grown, so remember that if you plan to get this mix and you don’t have a lot of space at home.

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35. Collie Chi: Border Collie X Chihuahua

collie chi

Photo from: @walter_the_chollie

This is a quite rare mix. However, it has grown in popularity in recent years. Both parent breeds are extremely intelligent, so the Border Collie and Chihuahua mix also sports above-average intelligence, which makes them fast learners.

They require plenty of exercise, as most of Collie mixes. These dogs can inherit both herding instincts and also a familiar aggressive nature of a Chihuahua. However, if properly trained, they will get along with others really well.

36. Collie Chow: Border Colie X Chow Chow

collie chow

Photo from: @lebowskithefloof

Border Collie and Chow Chow mixes are a beautiful and cute combination of two popular breeds. They are both super-intelligent and loyal, which means this mix also has these wonderful qualities.

These pups have a long coat which unfortunately sheds a lot, so you should be prepared for a lot of brushing and grooming. Also, they require a lot of training and mental stimulation.

Sadly, these mixes can suffer from hip dysplasia, so it is recommended to add supplements to their dog food and adjust the amount of food according to their size and weight.

37. Collie Dacher: Border Collie X Dachshund

collie dacher

Photo from: @insomniboi

The Collie Dacher or Border Weenie, is a mix of two completely different dog breeds. The dog that is created by this crossbreeding is an active and affectionate pup that is extremely lovable.

With love, proper training, and exercises, these dogs can be wonderful pets.

Even though it is hard to tell exactly what these pups will look like, the Dachshund gene is usually more dominant, and they inherit their small body and little legs.

The coat often resembles Collie’s fur and is usually bi-color or even tricolor, mixing white, brown, and black.

38. Catader Collie: Border Collie X Catahoula

catader collie

Photo from: @missbreeana

This is quite a unique and handsome mix of two purebreds that ends up in an extremely friendly and sweet-natured dog. They are also very gentle and calm and have an awesome ability to help people relax when they are around them.

They are family-oriented, very protective of their family, and, most importantly, are wonderful companions. They also require a lot of exercise and activity during the day since they love to keep moving.

39. Collie Puger: Border Collie X Pug

collie puger

Photo from: @ove_loki_x

Border Collie and Pug mixes are very vigilant, loving, and friendly dogs. They get along with children and other pets, which makes them a good choice for a family pet.

Early socialization is a must for them, but they are intelligent and easy to train, so there shouldn’t be a problem. They can also be good watchdogs since they usually bark at unknown people.

If you plan to have this mix, you should be aware that they may suffer from separation anxiety and therefore don’t like to be left alone for a long period of time.

40. English Collie: Border Collie X English Bulldog

english collie

Photo from:

English Collies are one of the sweetest mixes out there. They are very friendly and family-oriented dogs. However, if they inherit the Bulldog gene, they also might have a strong alpha personality.

They can also be quite independent and manage well on their own, but, more often than not, they will still look for affection and company.

They have a short coat but shed a lot, so regular brushing and bathing are required if you want to keep your house clean. You might also want to invest in a good vacuum and cleaning products.

41. Collieshitzuer: Border Collie X Shih Tzu


Photo from: @pawsforthoughtboutique

These are exceptionally clever, devoted, and loyal companions that are well-behaved. They also make great watchdogs since they are good at observing their surroundings and thus detecting potential danger.

Sometimes they can have a little stubborn streak, but they are easy to train, and if training is done correctly, they will be wonderful pets.

They also require a lot of exercise, like most Collie combos, so it would be best if their families are also high-energy and active.

42. Collie Whippet: Border Collie X The Whippet

collie whippet

Photo from: @annahalfwhip

Collie Whippets are a medium-sized dog. It is difficult to predict what the puppies will look like, but usually, they have a coat of medium thickness that can come in various colors, and sheds more than their Whippet ancestors.

The mixes most often end up as well-behaved, friendly, and loving dogs that are great companions and family pets.

They are higher energy dogs – although not as much as Collies – but they still require a moderate amount of exercise.

43. Doberman Collie: Border Collie X Doberman

doberman collie

Photo from: @hudsondoberman

To end on a working note, we present you with a Doberman Collie or Dobbie for short. This mix is an agile, alert, and athletic dog that is not only an intelligent and great working dog but is also extremely loyal to their family.

As with both of their parent breeds, they are excellent at guarding and herding, which doesn’t surprise at all if you know anything about dogs. However, they are still affectionate dogs that love to cuddle.

If you are looking for a perfect mix of working and loving dogs, you will not regret going with this beautiful mix.

Final Thoughts On Border Collie Mixes

One thing that most Border Collie mixes have in common is that they are extremely intelligent and energetic dogs. They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy, but thankfully due to their smart nature, most are really easy to train.

So, if you are looking for a dog that will excel in both the looks and brains department, there is no better choice than some of these Collie combos. Hopefully, this list was able to provide you with the perfect pooch that you were looking for.

Keep in mind that you should always be able to provide these mixes with a significant amount of exercise and activities. If you are not, please reconsider getting any of them.

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