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9 Time-Tested Reasons Why You Should Never Own Dachshunds

9 Time-Tested Reasons Why You Should Never Own Dachshunds

This is not one of those classic stories of discouragement where you end up wondering: “Should I get a dog in the first place?” or “Why do I need all this?” 

Dachies are far from discouraging you, but as a long-time owner, I have some reasonable heads up that might help you get a clearer picture.

So, let’s Dach it up!

#1 Say Goodbye To Dreamy Nights

dachshund dog stands on it's legs and barks to owner

I can’t even count the number of nights spent awake next to my barking Dachie – Cooper. There is really little that you can do about this. Dachies are simply too vocal. And, too noisy!

Eventually, you get used to it (if you have solid earplugs), but the question is – will your neighbors mind? These miniature canines just never get tired of barking, especially at night. 

If you live in a small city apartment or a studio, and you’re thinking about getting a Dachshund – rethink it!

#2 Off-Leash Is Never Gonna Happen

dachshund on a leash standing in the grass

Walking your Dachie off leash in dog parks or basically anywhere in nature is just not going to happen. Both male and female Dachie puppies are prey driven, dog driven, cat driven, leaf driven, and even wind driven. 

I remember losing my Cooper boy for a couple of hours in the woods two years ago. Just when I thought that this might be a good chance to initiate off-leash training – there… a raven flew by. And, Cooper went missing. 

Eventually, he got tired of chasing it around and came back.

There are just too many distractions for this cute puppy. Even on their most obedient day, they will find something funny to go after. 

Therefore, if you’re a nature enthusiast, and you’re dreaming about having nice, long walks with your companion – you gotta do it on-leash. Or, get a more obedient dog.

#3 You’re Not The Boss, They Are

dachshund puppy holding blue toy ball inviting owner to play

Don’t get me wrong – Dachies are great family dogs, but boy, are they stubborn! They just love having their own way at all times. And, one extra thing – they don’t like being moved against their will!

Here’s a funny video of Cricket, a female Dachshund that resents her owner for trying to move her while she was resting.

The downside of such behavior is the fact that Dachies can even get aggressive out of protest. That’s right! If you attempt to move them – they growl. Then, they bite!

#4 Forget About Working Late

woman working at home on computer with her dachshund dog

You should probably give up the idea of adopting a Dachshund if you have a way too busy working schedule. These canines just don’t like being left alone, even for a couple of hours.

The well-known condition called separation anxiety is quite common in these miniature pooches. 

But, here’s the catch! Their anxious behavior doesn’t magically end once you enter the house. Quite the contrary – this dog breed continues to display self-destructive behavior even when you are around.

Chewing, scratching the floors, growling, hiding, and escaping are just some of the manifestations of this undesirable behavior.

#5 They Literally Have Too Much On Their Back

dachshund dog running and jumping

For starters, you should never think of a Dachshund puppy as a classic hunting dog. Yes, they are prey-driven and amazing small-game hunters, but they’re just not capable of going as strong as some larger breeds.

They are literally overwhelmed by simple jumping or climbing stairs. This is due to their long back and short legs, which makes them unique.

Have you ever heard of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease)? This is the number one health issue Dachies cope with, and it isn’t the result of improper parenting. 

If your preference is an “indestructible” dog – better stay away from Dachshunds.

#6 They Run, And Then They Run Some More

dachshund running and jumping in the yard

Let me be totally honest with you. Just because this is a small dog breed doesn’t mean that Dachies don’t have big appetites in terms of exercise.

Yes, they don’t have a desirable physique for some extraordinary performance, but that doesn’t stop them from craving outdoor activities. Basically, these canines need at least an hour of good exercise during the day where they can burn off their energy.

If you fail to deliver, you can expect your Dachie to be aggressive, self-destructive, and way too moody. If you’re just looking for a laid-back dog breed – Dachies shouldn’t be your first choice. They run… a lot!

#7 So Long, Rainy Days!

dachshund dogs in the backyard looking at the rain

Have you ever heard of WBS (wet belly syndrome). This condition is specifically related to the Dachshund dog breed, and it represents the dog’s fear of getting wet. 

These canines simply don’t like going outside on a rainy day. Instead, they will do anything in their power to stop you from initiating exercise under those circumstances. 

But, why don’t they like water? 

Well, to be honest, would you go outside if you knew you just couldn’t avoid being entirely splashed by mud? That’s how hard it gets for Dachies. 

If you’re a desperate romantic and you just love wandering around out in the rain – don’t get this short-legged dog breed. Instead, you can try a Retriever! Those are the boys who appreciate a good splash!

#8 Your Remote Is Their Chew Toy

dachshund dog in yellow t-shirt is lying on couch  with remote control between paws

One of Cooper’s all-time favorite chew toys is a remote control. To this day, we are perfecting the skill called “not to chew everything I use”, but unsuccessfully. 

Aggressive chewing is a common phenomenon in these dogs. It derives from their hunting history, and reminds them of prey. This goes both for males and females, even though the latter might be slightly better behaved.

Eve Adamson, the nine-time best-selling New York Times author, in her piece, “Dachshunds For Dummies”, claims that female Dachies are somewhat gentler than their male counterparts, but even they are set in their own ways.

There are two solutions in this regard. First – move your TV into a neutral room. Second – give another breed a chance instead!

#9 They’re Exclusively City Boys And Girls

woman and dachshund dog sitting on the bench in the park

Having a Dachie in the country is never a good idea. This is due to their high socialization needs, as Dachies require at least weekly socialization with other dogs and other people.

Instead, they might get quite needy and hard to deal with. 

Bear in mind that this is a highly intelligent dog breed. Instead of spending the most part of their day with one toy or one human – they need various activities. Hence, socialization!

Still, You Gotta Give Them Credit For…


You gotta give them credit for loyalty. Despite everything you have read so far, Dachies will stick with you through thick and thin. That’s why they fairly deserve the spot on the list of the best family dogs in the world.


Even though they might be set in their own ways, these pooches will probably make you laugh more than make you angry. 

At the end of the day – everything I truly remember with Cooper is days of laughter, fun, and sasiness. 

Social Skills

They might not be the easiest dogs to potty train, but the truth is Dachies are masters of socialization! They can easily get you in social circles and make friends for you.

This is a naturally sociable dog breed that loves spending time with all types of people and all types of dogs. The downside, though, is that they get too friendly too soon. Consequently, they can end up being hurt by a much larger or more aggressive dog.

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Yes, dogs are capable of being empathic! In her piece, Stacey Colino claims: “Dogs also have ‘affective empathy’—which is defined as the ability to understand someone else’s feelings—toward people who are important to them.”

And, Dachies are first in line to express this emotion. These doggos are capable of catching any sort of emotion, including deepest sorrow. In a strange way, these pooches are capable of helping you cope with the most depressing period of your life.


It is quite difficult to find the right words to conclude such a sensitive topic. So, let me begin with the following… yes, Dachies are quite demanding, high-maintenance, and sometimes even impossible to bear with.

But, at the same time – they are kind, loving, affectionate, and empathic. 

It is really up to you to decide whether or not to start the Dachie journey. You, and only you, know where you stand and how much you are capable of. 

The truth is that Dachie puppies are definitely not for everyone, but then again, your truth might be a little bit more truthful!

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