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Is A Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix A Reliable Dog Breed?

Is A Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix A Reliable Dog Breed?

Are you looking for a canine that has traits of a guardian, but also makes a good family dog? The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix is a breed that fits into this remit.

This is a rare breed that is not quite popular in the United States. The main reason is that this crossbreed has a short history, and the breeders are still perfecting their bloodline.

These brindle puppies come from two dominant dog breeds: the Mountain Cur, and the Pitbull. The latter is not AKC recognized, and usually goes by the name American Pit Bull Terrier.

Cur Pitbull Mix puppies are watchdogs, working dogs, and hunting dogs with a very active lifestyle. This mixed breed demands daily exercise and long hours of work.

Cur Pitbulls are mostly recommended to experienced owners as their nature is unpredictable at times, and the breed is still not as researched as other dog breeds.

What Is A Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix?

mountain cur pitbull mix dog on a leash

Photo from: @boonethepitcur

The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix represents a mix of a Pitbull and A Mountain Cur. Both of these dog parents are medium to large breeds, characterized by extensive watchdog and hunting traits.

This is generally a healthy dog with 12-16 years of lifespan. The breed is between 18-25 inches tall, and weighs around 35-60 pounds.

A short-haired coat is their ultimate trademark, and it is easy to maintain. The breed doesn’t require frequent grooming, as they qualify among the low-shedding canines.

This breed has picked up the traits of both of its dog parents. On one hand, puppies are active, playful, have a high-barking level, and require long walks during the day.

These are the traits of the Mountain Cur puppy, as this hunting dog qualifies among the most active breeds in the world.

On the other hand, Cur Pitbull puppies that inherit the majority of Pitbull genes might be reserved, moderately active, and it is not unusual to qualify them among shy dog breeds.

The Cur Pitbull’s ancestors on both sides have a history of being violent and aggressive. However, puppies subjected to an early process of socialization have proved to be excellent family dogs.

Meet The Parents: A Pitbull And A Mountain Cur

mountain cur pitbull dog lying on a porch

Photo from: @reese_the_doge

Considering the parent breeds of the Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix, this is a very interesting designer dog. There are not so many Pitbull mixes that have as active a background as Cur Pitbulls.

The Pitbulls are usually mixed with other bully and terrier breeds.

However, Pitbull puppies are also considered as being partially a crossbreed. This is due to the fact that these canines are a mix of bully and terrier breeds, that don’t have a unique bloodline.

We have several types of pitbulls, such as a teacup Pitbull, or a Gator Pitbull.

Even in the U.S. these canines are registered under the name American Pitbull Terrier. Still, the American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed.

Both dog parents are healthy, agile, and have a high level of energy. However, the Mountain Cur puppy is much more into training that includes running and walking.

These puppies are task-oriented and have a high obedience level. On the other hand, Pitbulls are stronger by default, and excel in weight pulling training.

Let’s take a close look at both Pitbull and Mountain Cur dog parents!


pitbull dog in the park

These puppies are bred in the majority of U.S. states, such as Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas.

However, the Pitbull breed originally comes from the United Kingdom. The breed was initially known as the Old English Bulldog, and it was in the 1800s when the dog was initially used for bull-baiting, and dog fights.

Even though breeders nowadays sell Pitbulls as family dogs, their history is still out there. This breed, aside from being a guard dog, is one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

They have a strong jaw, and a deadly grip. The recommendation is to never leave this dog in a dog park alone, as they are easily provoked and see other dogs as enemies.

This, of course, does not apply to well-trained and socialized dogs, but owners still need to be on alert.

Pitbulls are not an AKC recognized breed. However, the American Staffordshire Terrier is an AKC registered canine that shares more than fifty percent of its traits with the Pitbull.

Inexperienced dog owners mix up these two, even though they are not the same dog breed.

Pitbulls are significantly smaller than Mastiffs, and the breed has a longer lifespan.

Mountain Cur

mountain cur dog swimming in the river

A Mountain Cur resembles the Black Mouth Cur dog, but it has its own unique path. These canines are hunting dogs by default, which means they have a high energy level.

The canine qualifies among the most active dogs in the world and seeks a lot of work.

Tennessee and Kentucky were the initial home of these canines. The breed has been a popular watchdog, often being raised on farms and in the countryside. Aside from hunting, the dogs were widely used for herding.

This canine is an AKC recognized purebred dog that has excellent health.

Even though they are not categorized among the healthiest dog breeds in the world, this canine doesn’t face many health problems.

There might be minor ear infections or hereditary diseases, such as hip dysplasia, but they don’t affect the overall lifespan.

They are 18-26 inches tall, and their weight doesn’t exceed 60 pounds.

Mountain Curs are a lot easier to train than Pitbulls. They show exquisite intelligence, and the breed is naturally human-oriented. This means you will have no problem training your puppy obedience and socialization.

However, the breed is not recommended to inexperienced owners as they might show aggression and be self-destructive, especially if owners don’t take the position of a leader.

Cur Pitbull Mix: The Origin

The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix is not a puppy with such a long history. The breed is only a few decades old, as this mixed-breed dog is still finding a way into dog owners’ hearts.

These canines are not as popular as other dog breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers, or Poodles.

They were originally used in rural areas as working dogs, herding dogs, and watchdogs. This is due to their excellent watchdog traits, as the puppy is always on alert, barks loudly, and shows hostility to unknown people.

However, more and more people are getting familiar with Cur Pitbulls, and you can see them nowadays in cities, too.

These puppies are preferred by sportspeople, or people who have an active lifestyle. Breeders are putting a lot of effort into turning this puppy into a house dog, but the breed still needs long outdoor activities.

This is one of the best dogs for hiking, running, and walking.

The history of the Mountain Cur Pitbull goes back to its dog parents. Pitbulls were originally agile, strong, and, at times, aggressive dogs that have a low tolerance level for strangers.

On the other hand, Mountain Cur puppies show extensive watchdog traits as they were originally bred for housekeeping and hunting.

The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix needs a lot of positive reinforcement and proper training.

The best way is to start from puppyhood, as it is much harder to implement social techniques in the latter stages of their life, and in no time you will be Googling: ‘‘How to socialize an aggressive dog?’’

Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix Appearance

mountain cur pitbull mix dog outdoors

Photo from: @boonethepitcur

The Cur Pitbull appears as a medium to large sized dog. It has a short, smooth coat that doesn’t shed so much, which means the breed is low-maintenance, and requires less frequent grooming.

It is harder to find reputable Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix breeders than those who breed other popular dogs, especially due to the fact that this is a designer dog which, just like all designer dogs, doesn’t have an AKC recognition.

They have an athletic body physique, which allows them to perform exhaustive activities, such as running, hiking, or herding.

They appear a little bit bigger than Pitbulls, but their body is not as muscular as theirs.

They have long legs, good body posture, and the breed has excellent potential for conformation shows. The fact that these hunting dogs are intelligent, and task-oriented makes them favorable for agility contests and dog shows.

The implementation of various training techniques, such as dog training collars, snacks, and a dog leash is a plus in the overall Cur Pitbull training process.

Size And Factors Affecting It

Generally, Cur Pitbulls share the Mountain Cur proportions. This means they are within the Cur proportions, give or take.

This is an ideal weight for the Mountain Cur Pitbull mix, so the recommendation is to keep your puppy within these proportions.

These canines are not usually overweight, as they have a very active lifestyle and spend most of their energy outside. However, if you have a Cur Pitbull indoors as a family pet, be aware that extra weight doesn’t do your puppy any good.

These canines require well-prepared meals that contain a proper representation of macronutrients.

Dogs involved in high-level activities require extra amounts of protein in order to preserve their muscular physique. Homemade dog food for Pitbulls or Mountain Curs is fine, but the recommendation is to take advice from your vet first.

Quality food is essential, especially when puppies are only a few months old.

Puppies that have more Pitbull genes tend to be slightly shorter than a regular Cur Pitbull.

Coat Type And Color

The most popular colors in this mixed breed are: brown, red, brindle, or blue. However, puppies with a higher representation of Mountain Cur genes also tend to be yellow, black, fawn, or buckskinned.

Brindle coloring is probably the most popular in Cur Pitbull mixes, though.

These puppies have a short coat that doesn’t demand high maintenance. Cur Pitbull canines are qualified among the non-shedders, or low shedding, dogs, which is a plus if you’re planning to have one of these puppies inside a house.

However, just like any other dog breed, Mountain Cur Pitbulls require regular grooming, monthly baths, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

The last requirement is especially important due to the fact that puppies can suffer from ear infections. Regular grooming will help you detect the problem sooner and take timely action.

During the grooming process, you can always use brushes for Pitbull puppies as their coats are similar.

Cur Pitbull Mix Temperament

Unfortunately, we can’t say that Mountain Cur Pitbull puppies are easy-going dogs that have a calm nature. On the contrary, these canines come from two very aggressive dog parents.

This especially refers to Pitbulls, which are known for their violent history.

Reputable breeders put the Pitbull breed at the top of the list of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world. Some statistical data shows that this breed has more violent outbursts than all the other breeds put together, which is kind of worrying.

However, Pitbulls, as well as their offspring, can be excellent family dogs once they go through the process of early socialization. ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) is something you may want to consider, too.

Mountain Cur Pitbulls need early obedience training as they can show stubbornness and disobedience in the latter stages of life. Their behavior can be self-destructive at times, especially if not properly trained.

However, the puppies show loyalty and watchdog traits towards an owner, they are eager to please and show obedience once the bond is established, and they make lifetime companions.

Cur Pitbull’s Reserved Nature

Cur Pitbull’s reserved nature is a trait picked up from the Mountain Cur canine. They come across as a little bit shy and reserved, which can have a negative outcome.

When lacking socialization, Cur Pitbulls can become aggressive towards strangers and people they don’t spend much time with.

This is an independent dog breed that has no time for being on their own for several hours. The reason for this lies in the fact that these puppies have been bred as outdoor dogs.

However, once they are trained and socialized, these canines show affection towards their families.

Combined with their exquisite intelligence, you can have a lifetime of fun and happiness with these pups. Owners who are a little bit more enthusiastic can even train their dogs for dog shows and agility contests.

On the other hand, pet parents who prefer staying at home or having a simple play time in a dog park can make up various activities using interactive dog toys, such as frisbee fetching, tugs, or you can create your own agility course.

Bear in mind that the more you invest in your puppy’s behavior, the more you will get in the long run.

Are Cur Pitbulls Aggressive?

mountain cur pitbull dog sitting in the park at sunny day

Photo from: @bruce_themountainpitbull

This Pitbull mix can show aggression at times. These puppies are hunting dogs, which means they are prey-driven and often misperceive smaller animals, or other pets.

This is just their nature that demands hundreds of hours of training, socialization, and positive reinforcement.

Other reasons why Cur Pitbulls come across as aggressive are: improper breeding and training, lack of activity, solitude, breeding for dog fights, their naturally slow adaptation process, and late obedience training.

This breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners, who may train their puppies improperly. The dog needs a leader – an owner with a strong personality that shows no fear. Furthermore, an owner needs to provide suitable exercise.

These canines need to spend their high levels of energy somewhere. Otherwise, they become self-destructive and aggressive.

Lack of socialization can also be another reason for aggression in Cur Pitbulls. This is a breed that spends most of their time outside.

However, owners who don’t spend enough time with their canines might be at risk of ending up with a dog that will be aggressive towards humans, and other animals.

A note to you is to always vaccinate your puppy, as well as to consider spaying/neutering. Behavior changes after vaccination might be undesirable, but in the long run you will have a healthy puppy with a lower risk of being aggressive.

The Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix Health Issues

mountain cur pitbull dog lying on the couch

Photo from: @mrs__meadows

Even though Mountain Cur Pitbulls are not in the category of the coolest dog breeds, they are the kings and queens of athleticism and sports.

That’s the reason why these puppies are healthy dogs that display few major health problems.

On the other side, just like any other dog breed, a dog may face several minor health issues, such as dog allergies, infections, bacteria, or dog injuries.

Let’s take a closer look at other possible health issues!

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia in dogs can be an exhaustive health condition. Even though the possibility of your Mountain Cur Pitbull puppy getting this disease is low, you need to subject a dog to regular vet exams and tests.

Hip Dysplasia is manifested in irregular hip joints, a bunny walk, and an inability to run or jump properly.

The condition can be worsened by overwhelming activities, so the recommendation is to stay away from exhaustive training if your puppy suffers from hip dysplasia.

This is a hereditary disease, which can be detected at an early stage of life. Reputable breeders are one of the best solutions in this regard.That way you will avoid possible hereditary diseases and will get a healthy puppy instead.

Heart Problems

Heart problems in dogs can occur in the latter stages of life, but this can also be a hereditary issue. There are numerous factors that impact potential heart disease in your puppy. The first is feeding habits.

These canines need a well-established feeding chart that contains healthy nutrients. No junk food is good for your puppy, nor are the leftovers from your table.

Replace these two with healthy snacks that you will use as positive reinforcement during training.

Another factor that can impact heart problems is lack of activity. This is especially emphasized in Mountain Cur Pitbulls as the breed is, by default, active and loves spending time outside.

Don’t make a couch potato out of your canine as this is not its natural habit.


Another hereditary disease that can affect your Cur Pitbull puppy is cataracts. This condition happens when the lens clouds and causes gradual or total blindness.

Cataracts in dogs can also be caused by diabetes. There is a high possibility that your dog will display cataracts if it also suffers from diabetes. That’s why it is crucial to keep your pet healthy and take care of its feeding habits.

Cataracts can be treated medically, and one of the most common treatments is surgery. However, keep in mind that this procedure is not cheap, as the price often reaches around $2500-$4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

mountain cur pitbull dog sitting in front of camera indoors

Photo from: @bruce_themountainpitbull

1. Is A Mountain Cur A Good Family Dog?

Mountain Cur dogs, as well as Cur Pitbull Mix dogs, don’t naturally qualify among family dog breeds. This is due to the fact that both puppies were bred as hunting dogs and watchdogs.

However, the proper socialization training, as well as early obedience training, can turn this strong canine into an excellent family dog.

The breed shows loyalty and loves completing tasks, which can be used as a positive way to implement proper obedience training.

Puppy owners need to be consistent and dedicated in order to do so.

2. Is A Cur Dog A Pitbull?

The Cur dog breed represents a club of several dogs, among which the Black Mouth Cur, or the Mountain Cur, are one of the most popular.

They, however, share some traits with Pitbulls, such as strength, short coat, coat colors, agility, and aggressiveness.

People with an untrained eye can sometimes mistake Pitbulls for Cur dogs, but they differ in many things.

Pitbulls are not usually crossbred with Cur dogs that much. A Rottweiler Pitbull Mix or a Pitbull Pug Mix are more common options in the canine world. So, we can conclude that Cur dogs don’t share their bloodline.


To conclude, we can say that the Mountain Cur Pitbull Mix breed is a breed to think carefully about.

The dog is usually recommended to more experienced owners, but the main reason why you should – or shouldn’t – consider buying this puppy is your own lifestyle.

If you’re an active person that spends a lot of time outside, then the Cur Pitbull is a canine for you. If you are, however, an introvert, or a person who prefers a calm, family life, then the recommendation is to search for a more suitable dog breed.

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