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The Mini Whoodle: A Full Guide To The Cutest Designer Dog

The Mini Whoodle: A Full Guide To The Cutest Designer Dog

What in the Whoodle is going on? Oh, it’s a mini Whoodle! Okay, but, what is a mini Whoodle? Well, we’re here to tell you all about this teddy bear dog that will make you go “aww!”

Out of all Poodle mixes, the mini Whoodle is quite possibly the cutest one!

Of course, there are other Doodle dog breeds like the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Cavapoo that are irresistible which makes it difficult to choose the most adorable one.

Like the majority of mixed breeds, mini Whoodle puppies inherit the best of both worlds. Their coats make them look like walking teddy bears, and their personalities make everyone fall in love with them!

I won’t let you in on all of the mini Whoodle secrets just yet, but I am sure that you are going to have fun reading about this incredible little mixed-breed dog.

Are you ready for some Whoodly Doodly puppies? I bet you are!

What Are Mini Whoodles?

mini whoodle dog sitting on a meadow on sunny day

Photo from: @henley.miniwhoodle

Meet the mini Whoodle — a regular Whoodle, but smaller in size. Of course, this is one of those soft Poodle mixes, but it is a pretty rare one.

The mini Whoodle is a combination of a purebred miniature Poodle and a purebred soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.

That said, the Whoodle can also be a result of crossing a toy Poodle with a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. But in that case, we would call it the toy Whoodle.

If we were to cross a standard Poodle with a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, then we would get the standard Whoodle. But, today we are interested in the miniature Whoodle.

Even though it is one of the cutest mini Doodle breeds, the mini Whoodle has a very big personality!

This little guy is often referred to as the Wheatendoodle, Whoodle dog, Wheatenpoo, and even Sweatenpoo!

What Is The Main Difference Between A Mini Whoodle And A Regular Whoodle?

mini whoodle lying down in the park

Photo from: @kaileeq

As you may have already guessed, the main difference is in the size of a mini Whoodle and a regular, standard Whoodle. And that’s about it.

Other differences can be in Whoodle generations. If you are familiar with Doodle breeds, then you probably know about the different generations.

For example, F1 Labradoodles are a straight cross between a purebred Labrador Retriever and a purebred Poodle, while the F3 Goldendoodle is known as a “multi-generation” Doodle.

The same goes for the mini Whoodle — it can have both purebred parent breeds which will make it F1 or it can be a cross between a Poodle and another mini Whoodle which would make it an F2 generation.

How Big Will A Mini Whoodle Get?

black mini whoodle standing outdoors

Photo from: @petsplusus

How big do you think a mini Whoodle will get? It will surely not be a large dog! I mean, it has the “mini” in its name, right?

Let’s keep in mind that the mini Whoodle is a mixed breed and its size can sometimes vary greatly depending on the parent breeds. However, the average Whoodle size is 13 to 14 inches in height and around 20 pounds of body weight.

If you are not sure how big the mixed puppy will get, then it is best to ask Poodle or Wheaten Terrier breeders. You can also estimate the mini Whoodle’s size by looking at its parent breeds.

Rest assured because the mini Whoodle will remain small throughout its whole life. But, be careful when it comes to feeding and exercise ratio — you don’t want your mini Whoodle to become chubby or worse, to develop canine obesity.

Mini Whoodle Coat Colors

cute mini whoodle sitting in the grass

Photo from: @bodhiwhoodle

The Poodle parent has quite a range of coat colors to offer. In fact, the Poodle coat color palette features over 35 different colors. This only means that the mini Whoodle can inherit any of these versatile coat colors.

If its parent is the phantom Poodle or a solid black Poodle, then it may inherit the exact same coat color!

But, because the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier usually comes in creamy shades, the mini Whoodle is often seen in combinations of cream, brown, red, parti, and merle.

So, to keep things short, sweet, and simple, the most common mini Whoodle coat colors are:

• Cream

• Wheaten

• Red/cream

• Cream merle

• Black/cream

• Parti color

• Solid black

There is just so much to dog colors that Whoodle breeders can not always predict the color of their mini Whoodle puppies.

Mini Whoodle Coat Type

cream mini whoodle dog sleeping on the bed

Photo from: @kaileeq

Moving on to the Whoodle coat type which gives this cutie the teddy bear appearance. Let’s start with the purebred Poodle parent. This curly-haired beauty has a single-layered coat that is as soft as a feather.

Just so it happens that the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier also has a single-layered coat. And you know what that means? A curly, wavy, soft mini Whoodle puppy! Jackpot!

This kind of coat type is low-maintenance and so soft that you will want to pet it all day long.

When you’re moving your fingers through a mini Whoodle’s coat, it feels as if you’re touching silk or feathers.

Do Mini Whoodles Shed?

It seems that breeders really knew what they were doing when they were crossing purebred Poodles with soft-coated Wheaten Terriers.

Not only have they managed to produce healthy mini Whoodle puppies in different coat colors, but they also made these puppies almost non-shedding!

Now, we all know that there is no such thing as a non-shedding puppy, but the mini Whoodle sheds so little that it seems like it is not shedding at all. Sounds like a dream come true to any aspiring dog owner!

The Poodle sheds very little, and the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier parent breed is also known for low shedding amounts. The low-shedding property is due to parent breeds’ single-layered coats.

So, to answer the question, mini Whoodles do shed, but they shed minimally. You won’t have any problem with loose hairs around the house.

Are Mini Whoodles Hypoallergenic?

adorable mini whoodle lying on the bed

Photo from: @bodhiwhoodle

Yes! We have got us a hypoallergenic dog here!

Both the Poodle parent and the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier parent are known as hypoallergenic dogs which means that they do not cause allergic reactions to dog owners who have them.

Technically, there is no such thing as a pure hypoallergenic dog breed because they all shed hair and produce saliva, where the protein that causes allergic reactions is located.

But, because the mini Whoodle is practically a non-shedding Whoodle breed and a miniature dog, the amount of protein that causes allergic reactions is very low.

Mini Whoodle Health Issues

mini whoodle at vet standing on the table

Photo from: @bodhiwhoodle

If you are a fan of mixed breed dogs, then you have probably heard people saying that these pooches are more resilient to many congenital breed-specific health issues than purebred dogs.

While this is true to some extent, mini Whoodles can still develop certain breed-specific health problems from both purebred parent breeds.

Like the majority of Terrier breeds, the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier can inherit Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and hip dysplasia.

On the other hand, the purebred Poodle parent is prone to both previously mentioned health issues, plus Addison’s disease and thyroid problems.

Unethical and irresponsible breeding may lead to mini Whoodle puppies developing various hereditary health problems.

This is why it is important to choose the most reputable breeder who can guarantee that the mini Whoodle puppies are as healthy as they can be.

Although generally healthy, mini Whoodle puppies often inherit two major health issues:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy or commonly known as PRA affects mini Whoodle’s eyes. As it progresses, it causes degenerative changes within the mini Whoodle’s eyes, specifically within the retina.

Unfortunately, in mini Whoodles and other dog breeds, this results in partial or complete blindness.

Another misfortune is that the affected mini Whoodle can not be cured. To this day, no cure has been found for PRA in dogs. This health issue usually affects older mini Whoodles.

In the case of such an incurable health issue, the best thing is to prevent it from happening. So, again, reputable breeders are the ones to go to.

Their mini Whoodle puppies and the parent breeds have been tested for PRA, which is considered a hereditary health issue.

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

The mini Whoodle is no exception when it comes to developing hip and/or elbow dysplasia. The majority of dog breeds are prone to this health issue — both purebred dogs and crossbreeds.

Hip and elbow dysplasia in mini Whoodles affects the hip or elbow joint. During the mini Whoodle’s development, the ball and socket within the joints do not grow properly.

This causes major troubles as the mini Whoodle grows into an adult dog. In some cases, hip and/or elbow dysplasia may lead to canine arthritis.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Mini Whoodle?

black mini whoodle lying on the couch in the living room

Photo from: @oslo_thewhooddude

As a rule of thumb, the majority of toy, miniature, and small dog breeds live very long. The mini Whoodle is one of them with a lifespan that ranges between 13 and 16 years.

The lifespan of a mini Whoodle depends on how you treat this dog. Even though it is considered healthy, the mini Whoodle still needs lots of maintenance and health check-ups.

Apart from that, mini Whoodles require a special diet with the most high-quality dog food you can find. To keep a mini Whoodle healthy and happy, quality playtime and exercise are equally important as a good diet.

All of these factors play a huge role in prolonging a mini Whoodle’s lifespan.

Where Can I Find A Mini Whoodle?

mini whoodle puppy lying down on the grass

Photo from: @henley.miniwhoodle

Mini Whoodles have become so popular that they can be found in many places across the U.S. and Canada. These adorable mixed-breed dogs are often found in households of reputable breeders because they treat them as family members.

However, not all people treat dogs the same, so some mini Whoodles can be found in shelters or rescues.

That being said, the best thing you can do is provide a loving home to a mini Whoodle from a shelter. But, these dogs are still rarely found in such places. Let’s see what mini Whoodle breeders have to offer.

Mini Whoodle Breeders

If you are searching for a healthy mini Whoodle whose parent breeds have been tested for congenital health issues, then I recommend reputable Whoodle breeders.

The majority of Whoodle breeders produce standard Whoodles, but they may have some mini Whoodles to offer.

If not, they may recommend other fellow Whoodle breeders that produce mini Whoodles. You have to start searching somewhere, right?

When it comes to the mini Whoodle breed, it is important to find the best breeder possible. This should be your first step in searching for your new furry best friend.

Not only do reputable mini Whoodle breeders develop healthy puppies, but they also focus on Whoodle temperament and appearance.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Mini Whoodle?

You see, as their popularity rose, mini Whoodles became some of the most sought-after designer dogs. Because of this, their price tag went up, so most aspiring mini Whoodle owners had to save a hefty amount to purchase this little designer dog.

If you are purchasing a mini Whoodle dog, then the average price is between $2000 and $5000. When you think about it, $5000 is quite a lot for a crossbreed considering that that’s not even half of the price of some purebred dogs.

If you want to adopt a mini Whoodle from a shelter, then adoption fees range between $80 and $400, depending on the shelter.

Other factors that determine the adoption fee of the mini Whoodle are the dog’s age, state, and background.

So, now that you know the approximate cost of a mini Whoodle dog, let me remind you that you still need to purchase dog supplies, and dog food, and go for a few vet checkups. All of that may cost an additional $500 or more.

What Are The Pros Of Mini Whoodles?

mini whoodle dog sitting on the couch

Photo from: @bodhiwhoodle

There are so many pros of mini Whoodles that there is no need to mention any cons. I mean, there basically aren’t any cons!

One of the first pros that come to mind is mini Whoodle’s size. Other than that, the mini Whoodle’s kind and gentle nature is something that most new owners fall in love with. Here is what I’m talking about!

Perfect For First Time Dog Owners

Due to the fact that the mini Whoodle is a low-maintenance dog, it has proven to be the best dog for first-time owners. If you have never owned a pet, then the mini Whoodle is probably the perfect choice.

Why? Well, besides its non-shedding coat, the mini Whoodle has a whole lot of personality!

Yes, this cuddle buddy is so fun and entertaining that you will never feel bored again!

The mini Whoodle is extremely intelligent (like its Poodle parent) and most owners claim that it is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

On the other hand, the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier’s kind demeanor is what the mini Whoodle inherits and exhibits. This particular trait makes it easy for first-time dog owners to get along with their new best friend.

The outgoing nature of mini Whoodle puppies is also something that first-time dog owners find thrilling. When you get your new mini Whoodle puppy, of course, you want to introduce it to everyone!

Because of mini Whoodle’s outgoing and affectionate nature, first-time dog owners won’t have any problems with early socialization and training.

Great Family Pets

The mini Whoodle is one of those teddy-bear dog breeds that everyone loves — especially children.

Children go crazy for mini Whoodles, and mini Whoodles give back the same energy. However, they are still “mini” dogs, so small children should be monitored around the mini Whoodle puppy.

Children can unintentionally cause harm by stepping on this little mixed-breed dog. We wouldn’t want that, so it is best to be careful around it.

The mini Whoodle makes a great addition to the family because of its easy-going and fun nature. I am sure that every family member will love the mini Whoodle puppy!

Get Along Well With Everyone

two mini whoodle dogs sitting together

Photo from: @henley.miniwhoodle

Due to the fact that mini Whoodle puppies are small and full of personality, they are curious and want to get to know everyone.

Each mini Whoodle has its own ways when it comes to socializing, but with proper training, meeting new people and animal friends becomes an everyday activity.

The mini Whoodle loves to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes. But it also likes to meet other animals such as cats!

When it comes to cats, mini Whoodle owners should be careful because this little dog still has some prey drive from its Poodle parent.

Besides that, cats can be mean and may attack the poor little mini Whoodle. You don’t want any scratches on that cute puppy face, so, be careful around cats!

If the mini Whoodle puppy grows up with cats, then the pack gets along very well — they become best friends!

Generally Healthy

The mini Whoodle derives from two generally healthy parent breeds.

Even though both parent breeds have a high risk of inheriting Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Hip/elbow dysplasia, the mini Whoodle is somewhat resilient. It is a mixed breed after all!

To keep a mini Whoodle healthy, owners must keep up-to-date with vet check-ups.

All reputable Whoodle breeders vaccinate and deworm their dogs before they get to you, but you still have to keep track of medical check-ups once you purchase your new puppy.

Almost Non-Shedding

I wrote “almost” because no dog is non-shedding. But, the mini Whoodle is seriously a low-shedding crossbreed. The majority of dog owners are amazed as to how the mini Whoodle does not shed.

Not only is its coat very soft and plushy, but it is also hypoallergenic which is another plus. So, if you have relatives that are suffering from dog allergies, then tell them the good news — they can own a mini Whoodle dog!

Say bye to lint rollers because the mini Whoodle won’t leave those pesky hairs on your clothing and furniture!

Fits Almost Anywhere

This is the first thing that I have mentioned — a mini Whoodle’s size is perfect. This small dog fits in a small apartment, in a big or small house, wherever!

Its small size is what makes many aspiring mini Whoodle owners make the final decision and purchase this pooch.

Some mini Whoodles like to go for car rides, but some pant in the car because they feel sick. So, even though the mini Whoodle fits perfectly into any car, it may not enjoy the ride.

Overall, mini Whoodles are a popular pick for couples who live in small apartments. Besides their small size, mini Whoodles don’t shed as much as other dog breeds, which makes them great candidates for family pets.

How To Care For A Mini Whoodle

black mini whoodle dog sitting in the armchair

Photo from: @oslo_thewhooddude

If you are thinking about owning a mini Whoodle dog, this mini care guide is going to be very helpful. We want to talk about the most common challenges that Doodle owners face daily and provide you with solutions.

So, we will now focus on mini Whoodle’s grooming, nutritional, and exercise needs.

Moreover, mental stimulation and early socialization are things that you have to take extra note of when owning a mini Whoodle puppy.

Lastly, we want to mention the importance of regular vet check-ups and what they mean to the mini Whoodle puppy.

Let’s make this quick and simple — here is a mini Whoodle care sheet!

Regular Grooming

Mini Whoodle’s coat is some of the fluffiest dog coats that I know of. It is naturally silky and soft, but you can enhance these properties with regular grooming.

Even though it is a single-layered coat, matting may be an issue because the mini Whoodle is one curly dog! But, you won’t have trouble with matting if you brush the mini Whoodle every day.

Again, due to the fact that this small dog has a single-layered coat, frequent baths are not recommended. If you frequently bathe the mini Whoodle, you will strip the natural oils from its skin and coat, leaving it dull and dry.

Not to mention the skin rashes your mini Whoodle may endure!

So, no frequent baths, okay? Instead, you can bathe your mini Whoodle once in a month or two.

This almost non-shedding crossbreed is very easy to maintain, so you may not need help from a professional groomer. Unless you want a fresh puppy cut for your mini Whoodle!

That said, you will want to clip the hair that covers the mini Whoodle’s eyes once in a while because it can get pretty long.

Healthy Diet

A nutritious diet is key to keeping a mini Whoodle healthy and happy. I mean, we all need healthy and tasty food to grow strong! So does the mini Whoodle!

There are many dog food labels out in the market, but the ones you want to search for are kibbles for small dogs. Additionally, dog food brands like Purina and Royal Canin often have dog food for “hypoallergenic dogs”.

In contrast to store-bought dog food, you can boil some chicken for your mini Whoodle dog. Or, you can find some homemade dog food recipes for small dogs.

These recipes often include cooked boneless meat and healthy, dog-friendly veggies.

While it is not wise to keep your mini Whoodle on a fully homemade diet, it is still one of the healthiest options.

Mini Whoodles that are fed a homemade diet may experience a lack of vitamins and minerals that are usually found in commercial dog food.

In that case, your veterinarian may recommend giving your mini Whoodle some dietary supplements that contain vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to choose a healthy dog food that is packed with fatty acids as they make mini Whoodle’s coats shinier and softer!

Physical Activity

mini whoodle on a leash walking in a neighborhood

Photo from: @kaileeq

It may not look like it, but mini Whoodles are active dogs that require frequent walks and quality playtime.

No mini Whoodle should be left indoors for the whole day! Dog owners should take their mini Whoodles on a walk at least three times a day.

Mini Whoodles love some fun in the dog park. They are outgoing and want to meet new friends. Not only does this provide adequate socialization, but it also makes the mini Whoodle physically active and keeps it in shape.

Mental Stimulation

Mini Whoodles are extremely intelligent and most of the time they need a job to do. I mean, you know what happens when an intelligent dog gets bored?

It develops destructive behavior and even becomes aggressive! It may not seem like it, but the mini Whoodle can become all of that if not provided with proper mental stimulation.

Choosing the right dog toys and activities is one of the ways of keeping your mini Whoodle busy. Other than that, obedience training and learning tricks are very beneficial for a mini Whoodle’s mental state.

These social butterflies love interacting with their human pack, so make sure to entertain your mini Whoodle pup!


If you want your lovely mini Whoodle puppy to grow up into a lovely mini Whoodle adult dog, then you introduce it to early socialization.

This means that you have to get your mini Whoodle accustomed to various sounds and smells, as well as other people and animals.

Your mini Whoodle must know how to behave around strangers and other animals. If you skip the socialization part, the mini Whoodle will become wary of strangers and even scared of people it knows.

But, don’t worry, even if you haven’t socialized your mini Whoodle on time, there are ways to re-socialize it. After all, it is a kind-natured and intelligent dog. How hard can it be for it to learn new things?

Vet Check-Ups

I recommend this to all dog owners, not just mini Whoodle owners. Regular vet check-ups are important for three things:

• Keeping track of mini Whoodle’s health

• Decreasing mini Whoodle’s fear of veterinarians

• Diagnosing mini Whoodle’s health issues on time

Is The Mini Whoodle Recognized By The AKC?

mini whoodle dog sitting on the floor and looking aside

Photo from: @bodhiwhoodle

Unfortunately, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the mini Whoodle as a breed because it is not a purebred dog.

That said, it is impossible to put up the official breed standards like the Wheaten Terrier or Poodle breed standards.

Other than that, mini Whoodles can not participate in dog shows and other events. But, that does not change a thing if you are looking for a family dog.

But, if you are looking for a show dog, then you will have to skip on the mini Whoodle and search for its purebred parent breeds instead.

Final Thoughts

What a fluffy journey this was! The mini Whoodle probably got you thinking: “I need this teddy bear dog in my life!”

I completely understand you, that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the cuteness of the mini Whoodle dog.

Owning a mini Whoodle means dedicating the next 15 years of your life to it. That’s one of the main things that you have to keep in mind.

Having such a small dog is another type of responsibility because you have to be careful not to hurt it unintentionally.

If you have small children, then you have to teach them how to behave nicely towards their new mini Whoodle puppy.

Although they are outgoing and witty, these little fellas are very gentle and don’t respond well to harsh training.

Make sure to have a kind approach to the mini Whoodle during training sessions.

Also, do not leave this small dog alone for extended periods of time. The mini Whoodle is prone to developing separation anxiety which can result in drastic changes in behavior.

By following this mini Whoodle guide, you will surely raise a happy and healthy puppy that will get along with everyone!

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