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Havanese Haircuts: A Guide To 7 Interesting Haircut Styles

Havanese Haircuts: A Guide To 7 Interesting Haircut Styles

The Havanese dog breed is a truly adorable dog with its silky coat, cuddly size, and large eyes. This dog breed is believed to have originated from the Maltese and the Bichon dog breeds.

Are you wondering if this shaggy dog breed, famous as the national dog of Cuba, can get any cuter?

Well, our answer is yes! With any hairstyle from our list of the most interesting Havanese haircuts, we assure you that your dog will stand out and will be an absolute hit on the streets.

A Havanese’ long coat requires regular care and brushing, which usually means paying a professional groomer to take care of your dear pet. However, there is a way you can take care of your dog’s hairstyle at home.

Keep reading and let me introduce you to the list of the most interesting Havanese haircuts, and also to the proper treatment of your Havanese pup’s hairstyle at home.

Sure, it’s an extra expense that adds to the cost of keeping a Havanese, but the haircuts do help out his quality of life.

Top 7 Havanese Haircuts Ideas

The Havanese coat is long, and it can either be straight or curly; the coat is also very soft and silky, and it comes in various colors, such as sable, gray, white, chocolate, black, and black and tan. If you want your Havanese coat to be easier to care for, you should probably go with the short haircut.

But, if you like some more creative ideas for Havanese haircut styles, we have some interesting ideas for you!

1. Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

A Havanese Maltese puppy stares at the camera

Let’s start with, in my opinion, one of the cutest Havanese haircuts for these little dogs: The Teddy Bear Cut!

Going with this haircut, the hair of your Havanese will be the same length all over its body, except for its head, where the hair of your Havanese will be cut into a teddy bear look.

With this hairstyle, the head of your Havanese will have a round shape, which will give your puppy the look of a real teddy bear.

If you bathe your Havanese often, and want your doggy to feel really comfortable, then this is the right haircut for him!

2. Havanese Puppy Cut

Happy little orange havanese puppy dog is sitting in the grass

This hairstyle is one of the most popular ones for the Havanese breed and many other small dog breeds.

The Havanese Puppy cut is actually a low-maintenance kind of cut, so if you are skilled and patient, I am sure you will be good at trying this hairstyle for your puppy at home!

With this hairstyle, your Havanese will have his hair equally short all over his body, which will make his fur really easy to brush. The Havanese Puppy cut refers to having the Havanese hair long, around an inch or two.

Besides being extremely easy to care for, especially in the summer, this hairstyle will make your Havanese look very adorable. All you need for this cute hairstyle is a fine pair of clippers and shears!

One more advantage of this haircut: it will help you get rid of knots and tangles. Although the name of this hairstyle refers primarily to puppies, this haircut is perfect for senior Havanese, too.

This hairstyle is ideal for keeping the dog tidy, but never forget to brush your Havanese regularly!

3. Havanese Kennel Cut

White havanese dog standing on a tree trunk

If you are a fan of simplicity, or if you just do not have too much time to spend on grooming your pet’s fur, this hairstyle should be the ideal option for you. What does this hairstyle look like?

Well, if you are thinking about going with the kennel cut for your Havanese, the length of the dog’s hair should be around ½ inch, while the hair on the dog’s tail, face, and ears will be left longer. This hairstyle is perfect for warm months.

Also, Havanese owners who are too busy for anything more creative will love this haircut!

Additional benefit: if your Havanese has some problems with skin conditions, this shorter hair length will be a great choice for him. Just be prepared to hairstyle your dog more often at home since a Havanese’s hair grows quickly.

Does this hairstyle seem a little boring to you? Don’t worry – your Havanese will still look super stylish! Its coat is beautiful with any hairstyle.

4. Havanese Dreadlocks Cut

Havanese dog with corded coat

This hairstyle could be characterized as challenging, so if you love adventure, I think you might really like this haircut!

Dreadlocks are usually associated with Poodles, but your Havanese can have amazing dreadlocks, too.

Havanese Cording (or the Havanese Dreadlocks Cut) is not actually hard to get – just let your Havanese grow his hair naturally and, with time, his hair will end up in natural dreadlocks.

Besides letting the cords grow naturally, you can also achieve this hairstyle by bathing your Havanese every two weeks, and while bathing, you can twist his fur into fluffy spirals.

If you find this unique hairstyle interesting, it might take you up to two years to gain real dreadlocks. This hairstyle will make your Havanese look really special, and his hair will be very nice and soft to touch.

If you like this idea, but you don’t have time or the ability to make deadlocks of your dog’s coat, it is best to talk with an experienced groomer for help! I assure you that the comment you will frequently get if you go with the dreadlocks cut will be: How cute is this dog!

5. Havanese Show Haircut

colored havanese dog is lying in the grass

Would you like your Havanese to look really fancy? Look no further: the show coat is the one for your puppy! This hairstyle is actually the natural Havanese haircut: you don’t touch the length of the hair, but you must brush your Havanese on a daily basis.

If you go with the show haircut, the fur of your Havanese will grow long, almost to the ground.

Maybe this hairstyle will be a little too much to keep up with for many owners, but if you are someone who has enough time to deal with regular brushing, you should go with the show haircut and make your Havanese just sparkle!

6. Havanese Buzzcut

Little white Havanese dog enjoying playing in a lush green garden

If you live in an area with a very warm climate, the buzzcut will be the perfect choice for your Havanese! You can do this hairstyle at home with a pair of clippers – just use them and cut away all of your dog’s thick fur.

If you will be going with the buzzcut, get ready for regular trimming because your dog’s hair will grow very fast. For next summer, use this cut and make your Havanese sparkle with his new Buzzcut hairstyle!

7. Havanese Topknot Cut

cute purebred havanese puppy dog

With their silky coat, I cannot imagine a more perfect dog for a topknot hairstyle than a Havanese! With this hairstyle, your dog’s hair will be all trimmed, except for the hair on the top of his head.

Imagine how stylish your Havanese would be with a ribbon or a bow on top of his head!

If you want your Havanese to look really stylish, you should definitely go with the Topknot. I can already see him with a fancy ponytail, and hear all the people just admiring your dog’s charming hairstyle!

How To Groom Havanese Dogs At Home

Wondering if you have enough skills and patience for Havanese grooming at home? Let’s find out what is necessary to groom your Havanese at home.

Hair Trimming

The first thing you need to have for trimming your Havanese at home is good scissors. Regular trimming is extremely necessary for your Havanese to stay clean and healthy.

If you don’t trim your dog regularly, or if you don’t do the trimming thoroughly, the coat of your Havanese will mat. However, mats can happen even if you do all the work the proper way.

In these cases, you can use help, such as mat splitters to break up a mat without damaging your dog’s coat.

After your Havanese has been bathed and fully dried, you can start with the trimming. Start with the hairs on the sides of the dog’s face, then go to the ears, down to the cheeks, and then the beard. Be especially careful with the area around the dog’s eyes.

Make sure you never go too far with the trimming because your Havanese needs his double coat! If you leave him with too little hair, he might risk getting sunburned or being exposed to various infections.

What About Brushing?

If you are a Havanese owner, you are aware of how often these dogs should be brushed. How do you brush your Havanese properly?

First things first, get your Havanese a good dog brush and start with brushing at an early age: this way, your Havanese puppy will learn how brushing is a normal thing and not something he should be afraid of.

Next step: get your Havanese to see and investigate the brush before you start with the brushing procedure. Also, make sure you have some treats by your side and reward your dog for good behavior while brushing him!

Be especially patient with areas like his legs and ears because he might be very sensitive to brushing of these body parts.

Finally, start brushing your dog’s fur – gently at the start, and when your Havanese gets used to this feeling, you are good to brush more firmly.

After reading these tips, you might become the best dog groomer at home!

Is There A Difference Between Female And Male Dog Haircuts?

Unlike humans, there’s no real difference in haircuts between female and male Havanese, or any other dog for that matter, so feel free to get your pooch whatever seems to fit them best.

Final Thoughts

Between so many different grooming styles, how do you choose the right one for your Havanese puppy? I hope this list of 7 interesting ideas for Havanese hairstyles will help you make a decision on which hairstyle is perfect for your dog friend.

It all depends on your desires: would you prefer a simpler haircut that would be easy to care for, or perhaps you would like your Havanese to stand out with some unusual hairstyle?

No matter which one of these Havanese haircuts is the one for your pet, I am sure your Havanese will be praised and admired by every person who meets him!

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