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How Much Does A Havanese Cost: The Complete Expenses Guide

How Much Does A Havanese Cost: The Complete Expenses Guide

Let’s answer that quickly: Havanese cost a lot.

Seriously, these puppies are one of the most expensive purebred canines. A Havanese puppy from a reliable breeder can cost up to $3,000! Incredible, isn’t it?

Wait until you hear all the additional costs these dogs have. You might give up on buying a Havanese, or you might stop and think: “Man, they must be really worth all that money.”

So, which one of these guys will you be? Let’s find out together and start crunching some numbers.

The Average Havanese Prices And Factors Affecting The Cost

cute little White havanese dog standing on a tree trunk

Sure, finding a Havanese puppy for $500 is possible, but have you thought about what it means? A cheap Havanese puppy usually means that the lineage, health, and upbringing of the puppy are questionable.

It’s not worth it to purchase a Havanese breed for a ridiculously low price. You will, most definitely, end up with a puppy that is suffering from many health issues.

Also, there’s another risk of buying before researching, and that is overpaying for your puppy. Many unreliable breeders will charge more for their Havanese puppy, no matter whether they don’t match the level that price is on.

Havanese dog prices are determined by certain factors. The absence or presence of any of these factors can either reduce or increase the price of the dog.

Those factors are:

• Bloodline. A puppy coming from a quality bloodline will cost more than a puppy coming from a not-so-good bloodline. It’s as simple as that!

• Breeder Reputation. When looking to buy a Havanese puppy, contacting a breeder with a good reputation and a history of producing quality puppies should be your priority. Good breeders do it all to make sure that the puppy gets the best care, food, and medical supplies. Thus, a hefty price must be set.

• Kennel Club Papers. Kennel club certifications issued by official kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) also affect the cost of a Havanese puppy. A certified puppy will always cost more than the one without any papers.

• Disease Testing. Havanese puppies that have gone through health tests are always more expensive. A puppy with good results from eye exams, deafness tests, hip dysplasia X-ray tests, Patella certification, and other common health issues will perform better on the market and cost a penny more.

• Tail Docking and Dew Claw Removal. Tail docking and dewclaw removal are procedures that some Havanese owners do. They, too, cost money; hence, the reason why puppies that are submitted to these procedures will cost you more money.

• Vaccines. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends breeders to get their puppies vaccinated before they’re up for sale. Therefore, those puppies will have a higher price than those that haven’t been vaccinated.

Is The Cost Of Havanese Puppies Different From Breeder To Breeder?

cute Havanese dog lying on the blanket


Back in the day when Havanese dogs left Cuba and entered the States, breeders were people who cared about the dogs and did everything right in order to ensure that all dogs in the breeding process were healthy.

Nowadays, such breeders are pretty hard to find. It’s not that they’re rare, but some other sources have taken over the sale of Havanese puppies.

There are several types of breeders and sources from which you can buy one of these little dogs, but you need to know who you can trust.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills breed any available puppy breed. They don’t specialize in one dog breed only, i.e., Maltese, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, etc. They only care to pump up that price tag and earn profit without investing anything into the animal’s quality of life.

Dogs in puppy mills are kept in kennels to ensure mass puppy production; hence, the low price.

Many puppy mills simply pretend that they’re experts in a specific dog breed in order to keep their business. In fact, their knowledge of dog breeds as well as dog breeding is almost non-existent.

The puppy mill breeders don’t really care what happens with the puppy after the purchase. They also don’t do background checks on future dog owners. The only thing they’re interested in is the cash.

The sales points of puppy mills are pet stores. Pet stores have even worse conditions than puppy mills. Dogs are being kept in unhygienic conditions. They’re undernourished, live in a tiny, crowded pen, and don’t really socialize.

If your aim is to get a Havanese puppy at all costs, then you can buy from a puppy mill. But, think about how ethical that is. With a lack of socialization, proper nutrition, and no health screenings, you could end up with a puppy that will spend more time at the vet than at your home.

Lastly, the Havanese puppy from a puppy mill will cost around $500 to $1,000.

Back yard Breeders

havanese dog is sitting on a gravel forest road

Back yard breeders are regular dog lovers that breed Havanese dogs here and there. These people don’t breed puppies at all costs. They simply do it when the occasion is right, i.e., when their female Havanese is ready. Dogs coming from back yard breeders are well-loved, healthy, and properly socialized.

Unlike puppy mills, these breeders don’t do it for profit, but to satisfy a friend or a neighbor’s desire for a Havanese puppy.

The biggest downfall of back yard breeders is that they don’t really have much experience or do the breeding process by following guidelines from experienced breeders. Most of them are breeding puppies based on their knowledge from previous experience.

The vast majority of these breeders don’t belong to their local breed club or attend dog-related activities. In fact, some of them even lie about being members of a certain club.

Some back yard breeders go so far as to falsify the information about the dog’s health status as well as the tests conducted on the dogs.

Purchasing from a back yard breeder is okay, but only if you know the breeder personally or you know someone who has had a good experience with the said breeder.

If you do decide to purchase from a back yard breeder, you should know that a Havanese puppy may cost around $1,000 to $1,500.

Responsible Havanese Breeders

The last category of Havanese breeders is the only one that should be trusted. We’re talking about responsible Havanese breeders who are professional and knowledgeable about breeding and raising a puppy more than any puppy mill or a back yard breeder will ever be.

The breeding process that these breeders conduct is very well thought through, and it aims at improving the dog breed. These breeders are active club members, and besides having mentorship and guidance from experienced breeders, they research how to breed dogs in the standard manner.

Reliable breeders are involved in dog-related activities, which improve the overall condition of the puppies they care about. If you are in search of reliable breeders in the UK, check our list of 6 Havanese breeders in this area!

To make sure the breed type is well, their health status is good, and their temperament and longevity are satisfying, responsible breeders must choose appropriate parent dogs. They usually don’t repeat the breeding if one of the parents has proved that he or she is not top-quality.

Buying from a responsible breeder requires a bigger budget. If your household can handle it, then by all means, buy from one of these guys. It will ensure that you get the best quality possible.

You’ll get your money’s worth, and a Havanese puppy that is 100% safe from health conditions.

The average price these Havanese puppies go for is $1,500 – $3,000!

The Initial Costs of a Havanese Puppy

orange havanese puppy dog is sitting in the grass

When getting a Havanese puppy, your costs don’t end with the purchase. You will need more greens to ensure that your dog can live a normal life in your home. Yes, we’re talking about making one big shopping trip to the pet store. Your Havanese puppy will need lots of things, from a crate to chew toys to proper dog food.

Puppies usually require a pen, but if you have only one Havanese puppy, then a crate will be okay. Add a good leash and collar to the list. Most importantly, check with your vet as to what kind of dog food you should buy. Not all dog foods are equally good. And, since your dog doesn’t eat Cheez-Its, then you must find appropriate food that will satisfy the dog’s needs.

Dog crates can be found online on Amazon. They come in various sizes and prices, and can cost up to $50. It’s important to choose the right size for your Havanese as well as an adjustable crate that expands as the dog grows.

Dog food is essential, and high-quality dog food is crucial in order to maintain a good health status of your Havanese. On average, you can expect to pay $85 for a bag of excellent-quality dog food.

A visit to your vet will also cost you around $85.

What takes a huge chunk of your budget are the additional things that every dog needs like toys, shampoo, leashes, collars, etc. All these products can be either very cheap or ridiculously expensive. Therefore, you get the ones according to your budget.

To make things a bit easier for future Havanese owners, here’s a list of expenses you’ll need to make before bringing your first pup home:

Type of ExpenseCost
Quality Puppy Food$85
Dog Crate$50
Dog Bed$30
Leash and Collar$20
Carpet Cleaner, Bowls, and Other Equipment$80
Initial Veterinarian Visit$85
Initial Vaccines$115
Deworming, Tick and Flea Meds$65
Dog License$20

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Havanese Dog: Monthly Expenses

White and black havanese dogs lying on the green grass

It would be easy to say that the initial cost is all you’ll ever have to pay for. But, that’s not how things work. The monthly expenses for Havanese upkeep can be either cheap or very pricey depending on your preferences.

Luckily, these monthly expenses aren’t always the same. Sometimes, you’ll need to invest in a new toy or buy a new dog bed. Also, sometimes, it will be time to visit the vet or get a vaccine. What you need to ensure is that you always have money for unforeseen expenses.

Caring for a Havanese dog could cost you around $180 per month. If you choose cheaper toys or handout dog treats that you have made yourself (yes, there are plenty of recipes online), then you can save a few bucks.

On average, these are your monthly expenses for having an adult Havanese:

Type of ExpenseCost
Health Insurance$0
Miscellaneous Supplies$20

Are Havanese Dogs Expensive: Lifetime Expenses

havanese dog on meadow

When buying a Havanese puppy, you should know that these dogs have a very long lifespan of nearly 16 years! Do some simple math and multiply 16 by the $180 that you should pay every month.

Does it serve your budget or is it terrifying?

It can be terrifying. Owning a Havanese costs a pretty penny.

You can expect to pay around $4,800 for your first yearly expenses. All subsequent years will go around $2,160. When multiplied by 14, the result is an astonishing $32,280!

Are you ready for that kind of sacrifice?

Cost Of Havanese Dogs: Additional Expenses

chocolate Havanese puppy with tongue sticking out

All Havanese dog owners should have a side budget for “just-in-case” situations.

Imagine the case: you need to go out of town for business, but there’s no one to take in your dogs and look after them. What do you do? You check the Internet to see if there are any dog daycare services or even pet hotels. They sure cost some money, but people running these institutions are dog lovers who will take care of your pooch.

You can expect them to set a price at around $15 a day.

If your pup has pet insurance, then you can breathe at ease. You’re both safe in case something suddenly happens. A reputable insurer has insurance plans starting from as low as $30 to only $120. You really get your money’s worth here.

Many dog owners don’t get their dog registered with a kennel club. That’s totally fine. However, look at how many benefits you get if you do register. You’ll enter a club where you can meet other Havanese owners, exchange ideas and advice, and meet friends for life. These clubs usually have a membership fee of only $30ish.

The practice that we have already mentioned, such as tail docking, will cost you around $40 for a Havanese puppy, and up to $900 for a grown-up Havanese. This procedure is not obligatory; you can do it only if you want to.

Do Havanese Need Grooming? How Much Does It Cost?

woman grooming cute havanese dog in professional pet salon

The Havanese must be groomed. There’s no further discussion here. Havanese coats are impressive and simply stunning, but only if groomed appropriately. A clipped and groomed Havanese is a showstopping dog.

But, to get them looking so fancy, you first need to either learn how to groom them yourself or find a good professional groomer.

Some dog owners find their way around clippers and brushes. But, some prefer to have it done by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. It’s always better to pay a little extra for a professional cut rather than to experiment and make a clown out of your Havanese. Their circus days are long gone!

Even though your groomer will do a fine job with your monthly visits, you still need to brush your Havanese. Pups with longer coats often get stuff tangled in their hair, so make sure you brush thoroughly.

How To Find A Cheaper Havanese

Cute havanese dog standing on the grass

A Havanese puppy may be pricey in New York, but somewhere else, in a smaller area, that price can be drastically low. You can find dog breeders that sell puppies rapidly all over the country. It’s not that they’re not breeding ethically, it’s just that their overall price is way cheaper. Factors such as vet bills or dog food may cost less in some areas. Thus, the puppy price will be smaller.

If buying from a breeder is still not your option, then you can check out rescue homes. Many people opt to adopt. Havanese that are rescued from the streets might be the ideal pet for you, with much love and nutrition.

Also, consider buying outside the States. Have you checked out prices in Canada or in Europe? Havanese dogs are much less expensive in Europe. However, the shipping cost might be an issue since it can jump way up to $500!

So, there’s really not a 100% win-win situation.

Havanese Dogs Prices: Supply & Demand

havanese dog sitting on a bench

Supply and demand are some of the biggest reasons why Havanese puppies are so pricey. Roughly speaking, dogs are just products on the market. In 99% of cases, the price of the product is affected by supply and demand.

Since the Havanese is such a popular small dog that is perfect for families and individuals, there is no reason why the breeder won’t pump up the price in order to get the biggest possible profit.

What you need to learn to differ from is being pricey vs being overpriced. Sure, you’ll sometimes find overpriced Havanese. However, a reputable breeder won’t risk their reputation by setting a skyrocketing price.

Should I Buy A Purebred Havanese?

Havanese dogs in forest

The answer to this question depends on your preferences. What do you want from your Havanese puppy? Do you have all the additional costs on paper? How do you stand on vaccinations? Can you afford all those vet checkups? Are you planning to compete in many dog shows?

Yes, that’s a lot of questions.

If you’re planning to enroll in dog shows, then you definitely need a purebred Havanese puppy. Appearance plays a vital role in all competitions. If your pup has some blemishes, then it will be a problem and definitely an obstacle to enrolling your dog in dog shows. That’s why spotless purebred Havanese puppies always cost more.

If you have the time, the nerves, and the space, then you can try breeding Havanese puppies on your own. Still, you will need purebred parents to produce quality purebred puppies.

On the other hand, if you’re simply looking for a family pet and a companion that will stick with you through thick and thin, then buying a purebred Havanese should mean nothing to you.

Checking out mixed breed dogs where one parent is a Havanese and the other is not is totally fine. You do you. You find what you believe is right. Many of these puppies might act like true Havanese or even look like them, too!

Final Words

cute purebred havanese puppy dog

Buying a Havanese puppy is not supposed to be a spur-of-the-moment decision. A Havanese costs a lot, and they have solid reasons behind that hefty price. You can’t just go and buy one of these pups and call yourself a pet owner. You need to make sure that you’re ready for the commitment.

Don’t be one of those dog owners who ignores most of the dog’s health problems or doesn’t help him adjust to his new home. Only buy if you can handle this dog breed.

A ​Havanese will attach quickly to the new owner, and they will expect lots of love and care in return.

These Cuban pups may be the best dogs in their price range. A Havanese is such a small dog, but such a great friend!

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How Much Does A Havanese Cost The Complete Expenses Guide

How Much Does A Havanese Cost The Complete Expenses Guide