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Seven Chihuahua Breeders In Oregon With Credibility

Seven Chihuahua Breeders In Oregon With Credibility

Finding reliable, high-quality Chihuahua breeders in Oregon is a challenge, especially if we take into consideration that there are numerous backyard breeders who lack credibility.

The purpose of this article is to select the finest Chi breeders in this state, and to make your quest easier. In order to make the selection, I have scoped breeding programs, AKC registration, DNA and bloodline testing, and health guarantee and availability of breeders in the state of Oregon.

Conclusively, the following seven breeders have shown the finest breeding practices, and none of them show any red flags. Your job is to sit tight and see which of these seven suits you the most. Let’s take a look!

Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Oregon

Reputable Chihuahua breeders in Oregon take into consideration several things, among which regular healthcare, AKC registration papers, DNA testing, and early socialization are probably the four most important domains.

The overall puppy’s price includes all these things, and some breeders include additional supplements, such as the first pack of food for adaptation and a microchip.

All breeders from the list represent the most credible breeders in this state, which is a plus if you’re keen on buying a gorgeous, tiny Chihuahua puppy in Oregon. These canines belong to the group of the most sensitive dog breeds in the world as they are small, fragile, and have a unique character.

Even though the puppy itself is tiny and harmless at first, Chi puppies can be extremely aggressive and pretty high maintenance. They require long hours of training and deep commitment, even in adulthood.

However, early obedience and socialization are key, which is why you need to be careful when choosing a breeder. In order to have a reliable Chi dog in your home, make sure you always choose the best Chihuahua breeders on the market!

1. Portland’s Exquisite Chihuahuas

cute Chihuahua looking away

Even though this is a small, family puppy facility, PEC makes for one of the greatest Chihuahua breeders in Oregon. The PEC team breeds AKC-recognized puppies that undergo the Puppy Culture Program.

All puppies are subjected to early socialization, which is why you will get a reliable, affectionate puppy once it turns eight weeks of age. The average price of a puppy in this facility is around $3000 (you can find puppies from $2500 up to $3500).

However, the price includes the first vaccine, deworming, AKC papers, regular vet checkups, health tests, bloodline tests, and early socialized puppies. Chi puppies in this facility are regularly given needed supplements, including vitamins, calcium, and healthy snacks.

Furthermore, the breeder puts focus on playtime and socialization as all puppies that enter a new home are given love and attention. This is not a kennel, but a puppy home where all Chis freely move and interact with the breeder.

Even though PEC started out as a hobby breeder, this is nowadays one of the most respectable breeding facilities in Oregon.

When it comes to types of Chihuahuas bred in this facility, the breeder mostly puts an emphasis on apple head Chis.

If you live outside of this state, the breeder offers shipping, which costs somewhere between $500 and $800.

Location: Portland, OR

Email: [email protected]

Website: Portland’s Exquisite Chihuahuas

Social Media: Facebook

2. Spunkypaws Chihuahuas

Chihuahua sitting outside

Even though this charming dog doesn’t make the greatest family dog breed by default, Spunkypaws Chis are quite respectable family members. The breeder puts a lot of effort into making a decent family dog out of a Chihuahua puppy.

The breeder sells long-coat and smooth-coat Chihuahuas exclusively. All canines have full AKC recognition, and they are regularly screened for patellas, eyes, and heart. Another thing that makes this breeder favorable is the fact that all of his puppies are OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified.

Canines bred in this kennel weigh between four and six pounds, which is the breed’s standard. The breeder puts a lot of attention on the puppy’s growth chart as this breed has a sensitive body physique, which needs to be monitored on a daily basis.

In order to qualify for the waiting list, you need to go through the application process first. The breeder doesn’t ship puppies, so if you want to pick up your Chi from Spunkypaws, you need to come on the spot!

Location: Hood River, OR

Email: [email protected]

Website: Spunkypaws Chihuahuas

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

3. Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahuas

Chihuahua sitting on floor

Salem’s Finest AKC Chis happens to be among the top Chihuahua breeders in Oregon, too. This breeder is known for his exquisite breeding practices, and also for being available to his clients at all times.

The breeder is affiliated with the AKC. Furthermore, all puppies are OFA certified, which means that all puppies undergo regular health exams. In fact, the breeder is known for outstanding breeding practices, including outstanding healthcare.

All puppies are vaccinated and dewormed. Additionally, the breeder provides a blanket and the first pack of food for easier adaptation to its new home.

Puppies bred in this kennel are socialized and raised inside a house. The breeder emphasizes the importance of dedication and commitment to a puppy. That’s why all Chis enter their new home as extremely socialized and well-mannered family members.

The price in this kennel revolves between $2500 and $7000, which is quite expensive. Still, the price includes genetic testing, a health guarantee, a blanket, the first pack of food, vaccination, deworming, and early socialization training.

Despite the fact that this is one of the healthiest dog breeds in the world, the breeder subjects all puppies to regular ear, heart, patella, and DNA testing.

In order to register for a puppy, you need to pay a deposit of between $1000 and $3000, depending on the puppy you choose.

Location: Salem, OR

Phone number: (541) 292-0159

Email: [email protected]

Website: Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahuas

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

4. Ds Darling AKC Long Hair Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppy sitting on pillow

This beautiful Chi facility is located in Cornelius. The breeder sells puppies with the Good Dog certification, as well as with the AKC certificate Bred With Heart for outstanding breeding practices.

Puppies in this kennel make excellent family dogs. The breeder makes sure that none of their Chi puppies resemble lazy dog breeds as they put a lot of effort into their socialization, mental stimulation, and playtime.

This puppy facility has been in business for more than thirty years now, which is quite impressive. You can find all types of Chis in this kennel, including apple head and deer head puppies. Furthermore, the breeder sells Chi puppies in all color patterns, except merle.

These canines come with excellent conformation and high energy, which is why it is necessary to continue this practice once a puppy arrives at its new home.

In order to qualify for their wait list, an applicant needs to fill out the application form first. The breeder wants to get to know future Chi owners in order to make sure that the puppy goes to the right place.

Location: Cornelius, OR

Email: [email protected]

Website: DS Darling AKC Long Hair Chihuahuas

Social Media: Facebook

5. Momma T’s Chis

Chihuahua looking up at camera

This Portland-based breeder sells puppies with limited AKC papers, while full documentation is available to show homes. All canines come with an exquisite bloodline as puppies are regularly examined and DNA tested.

Puppies in this kennel take part in many AKC shows and contests. The breeder puts a lot of effort into breeding healthy puppies with a well-established daily routine. The Chihuahua feeding chart as well as its growth chart, is carefully monitored.

You can find the growth chart of Chi puppies available on Momma T’s Chis official website.

Aside from health, the mission of this breeder is to develop an outstanding temperament of a Chi puppy. Even though the puppy itself is not the easiest breed to train, the breeder has managed to develop a fantastic family dog out of their Chi puppies.

Choosing Momma T’s Chis is definitely a good choice as the breeder is known for outstanding breeding practices.

Location: Portland, OR

Phone number: (503) 317-0679

Website: Momma T’s Chis

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

6. Patz Dogs

Chihuahua walking on grass outside

Puppies in this kennel are CKC recognized, which is a plus if you want to buy a reliable dog. The breeder sells both short-haired and long-haired puppies, as well as apple head and deer head Chis.

You can find amazing Chi colors at this kennel. However, you need to hurry up in order to make it on their waiting list as this facility is quite popular in Oregon.

Based on the preference of the future Chi owner, the breeder offers both standard-sized and teacup Chi puppies. Generally, Teacup Chis are not as popular as their standard-sized counterparts. In fact, many dog experts don’t consider the Teacup puppy as a separate breed.

Puppies sold in this kennel are socialized from an early age. The breeder recommends its Chi canines even to families with small children as these dogs adapt easily. Obedience training, socialization, and positive reinforcement are three crucial segments in Patz dog breeding.

In order to qualify for their waiting list, the breeder prefers to be contacted by phone. However, Patz Dogs welcomes their clients on the spot, too!

Location: 21741 Moccasin Ln, Chiloquin, OR 97624, United States

Phone number: (541) 533-2400

Email: [email protected]

Website: Patz Dogs

Social Media: Facebook

7. Sadie’s Safe House

Chihuahua sitting in bed

Sadie’s Safe House is a rescue that started out in the Chi business with a noble cause to rehome abandoned Chi puppies, and to find them a nurturing home.

Adopting a Chi puppy from this rescue will cost you between $150 and $500. Even though the price is significantly cheaper than the price at reputable breeders, you should know that all of SSH puppies are health examined, microchipped, and well provided for.

The Sadie’s team takes good care of the Chihuahua growth chart as all puppies are monitored on a daily basis. Puppies in this rescue are socialized from day one. However, the team doesn’t recommend these canines to families with small children.

Generally, all puppies are adopted by families that have children above ten years of age. The Sadie’s rescue is available for visits, even though the team operates with their clients online most of the time.

Location: Aloha, OR

Phone number: (971) 678-5994

Email: [email protected]

Website: Sadie’s Safe House

The Price Of A Chi Puppy

Chihuahua looking up

Generally, the price that you will pay for a Chi puppy revolves between $1500 and $3000 on average. Still, there are puppies that cost significantly more. With that being said, some breeders sell their canines for more than $5000.

However, the higher price goes for puppies bred for dog shows. Generally, the price from reputable breeders includes the first vaccine, deworming, a microchip, health tests, DNA and bloodline tests, regular vet checkups, a blanket, interactive dog toys, and the first pack of food.

On the other hand, you can find this puppy for less than $1000. Usually, backyard breeders sell this puppy at a cheaper price; however, their price doesn’t include all the things mentioned above. That’s why it is always a wiser choice to buy your Chi puppy from a reputable breeder.

Furthermore, breeding dogs in shady mills doesn’t guarantee you a healthy dog, which means that you will probably spend a lot more on various health tests such as eye, heart, and patella tests.

Additional Costs

Additional costs of owning a Chi puppy generally include food, food supplements, a dog bed, a dog training collar, a leash, dog shampoos, nail clippers and a brush, a potty, and healthcare.

The food cost in the first month will be between $40 and $50 if you’re buying high-quality wet food or kibble. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your puppy eats healthy snacks only as junk food, table scraps, and unhealthy snacks are not recommended for this toy puppy.

If you bought your puppy from a reputable breeder, then you don’t need to spend a dime on healthcare. However, the puppy will need supplements such as vitamins, magnesium, and calcium.

Lastly, grooming kits available online will cost you around $50. This is a low-maintenance puppy, which means that you will spend significantly less in respect to some other puppies, such as Poodles or Cockapoos.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahua lying and looking at camera

There are numerous Chihuahua breeders in Oregon that sell their puppies at pretty reasonable prices. However, not many of them offer high-quality puppies. These seven breeders differentiate in terms of their breeding practices, healthcare standards, and breeding programs.

Choosing any of the aforementioned ones won’t be a mistake, but a reliable path towards a healthy puppy.

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