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15 Best Tall Skinny Dog Breeds – Let The Runway Begin

15 Best Tall Skinny Dog Breeds – Let The Runway Begin

They are elegant and muscular – true models of the dog world. You’ll see long legs, a skinny body, a sophisticated gait, and a big prey drive.

These are the 15 best tall skinny dog breeds coming from all around the world right to your screen to admire their beauty and loyalty.

Let’s start the show.

15 Best Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

All of these dogs are at least 24 inches tall, with the exception of the Whippet which is on the border with its 22-23 inches of height. But, being a true representative of the skinny dog breeds, the Whippet definitely has a place on this list.

Most of these dogs on the list belong to a type of Greyhound, and all of them were originally bred as either hunting dogs or working dogs. Of course, today they make great family dogs as well.

You will see a variety of shapes, temperaments, and colors in our list of the 15 best tall skinny dog breeds. Their physique can tell us they were bred for speed and endurance, with a deep chest, long legs, low body fat, muscular body, and high energy.

1. Greyhound

italian greyhound on the grass

The Greyhound comes from England, and so the usual name is the English Greyhound. They are one of the oldest purebred dog breeds in the world, having roots all the way back to the time of great Egyptian Pharaohs. That means that they have been around with us for more than 8000 years!

The Greyhound is a large dog with a height of up to 27 inches, and weighing up to 70 pounds. They have an aerodynamic body that makes them perfect for sprints.

Greyhounds can have a lot of different coat colors and coat variations. Their smooth and short coat makes them moderate shedders.

The original purpose for breeding Greyhounds was to help humans hunt large prey, like deer. But, today’s Greyhounds love to cuddle and they are very affectionate with their owners. Of course, you will have to properly socialize and train your Greyhound if you want them to stop chasing small animals or to stop showing possible territorial aggression towards unknown dogs.

Because they have low body fat, they will need a nice doggy sweater when you go out with them for a walk in the cold weather. And, you will need to go out with them because, just like other Hounds, they need plenty of exercise.

2. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound dog

This is a very old dog breed, with some sources stating it’s the oldest breed of purebred dogs. The Afghan Hound was originally bred in the territory of today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. The exact date and place of origin are unknown, but we do know they were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1927.

The Afghan Hound’s height is up to 27 inches and it can weigh up to 60 pounds. They are long-haired with silky coats that fall elegantly, making them one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

They are also very desirable for their hypoallergenic trait because they do not shed too much! They are one of the big fluffy dog breeds that can be amazing family pets with proper care and socialization.

Another incredible fact about this tall skinny dog breed is that they were equally capable of hunting big and small game, even antelopes!

So, as you can see, they need regular exercise and regular mental stimulation if you want to keep them happy and healthy.

3. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound outdoor

This tall skinny dog breed is up to 25 inches tall and can weigh up to 55 pounds.

The Pharaoh Hound is another old breed, spread throughout the Mediterranean region by the Phoenicians. They found their special place in Malta, where they became their national dogs.

These dogs are unique, smart, and very fast! Bred as sighthounds, people used them for hunting small prey, like rabbits, and big prey like gazelle. The Pharaoh Hound can endure long distances.

They are muscular, elegant, and completely aerodynamic. Pharaoh Hound comes in four colors, and they are unique for their “blushing” when they are excited or happy. Their fine coat is smooth and short, with few grooming problems. They need regular weekly grooming.

But, they do need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. After going through proper training or proper early socialization, they can get on great with young children too.

4. Ibizan Hound

Another tall skinny dog breed with a long history and connection with the old Phoenicians. Spain is considered the original place of origin, where they were bred for hunting small game.

With their smooth, short coat, long legs, and muscular body built for speed, the Ibizan Hound is one of the fastest dog breeds and one of the most enduring and resilient breeds too.

They are magnificent, affectionate, and trainable tall skinny dogs with a lifespan of up to 14 years.

If you choose this sighthound, you will have one of the healthiest dog breeds as only minor health issues are common to this breed of dog.

They come in 4 colors: red, red and white, white, or white and red. Their coat is short and it doesn’t need a lot of care, just regular weekly grooming that can be done at home.

If you are looking for an apartment dog, an Ibizan Hound is not exactly the right choice. They are very playful and overall active, and they will need a lot of exercise and daily walks.

5. Borzoi

young wet Russian Borzoi dog standing at the seaside

Borzoi is truly one of the best tall skinny dog breeds in the world. They were originally bred in 17th century Russia. They were the favorite dogs of the Russian aristocracy, originally called Russian Wolfhounds, being one of the most famous Russian dog breeds. The name was changed from Russian Wolfhounds to Borzoi in 1938 even though the breed was recognized by the AKC a long time ago, in 1891.

Borzoi has a unique thick coat of medium length that is both silky and curly. They come in many coat color variations and they need regular grooming with a pin brush and a comb to remove all the loose hair and avoid matting.

They will need a strong-minded trainer to teach them what to do and what not to do, and they will definitely need proper early socialization. That is because of their stubbornness and lack of a strong desire to please their owner.

But, you can use their high energy to draw out the best in them and teach them how to properly behave at home and when you go out on a walk.

6. Azawakh

Azawakh dog standing outdoor

The origin of this incredible tall skinny dog breed is the Azawakh Valley. They were owned by Tuareg nomads which had a different name for these dogs: Sighthound of the free people.

But, they were more than hunter dogs for these people, they were their guard dogs and watchdogs too.

The Azawakh can get up to 29 inches tall and weigh up to 55 pounds. They come in many different coat colors, and they have a smooth and short coat with no undercoat – common to all Hound dogs.

They are protective and quite reserved to strangers, making them excellent watchdogs. Even though there are other dogs that are more suitable for young children, Azawakh can get on great with them too and become good pets and suitable for all family members, if they are properly socialized during puppyhood.

Azawakhs do not bark a lot, and they do not require as much physical and mental stimulation as a Greyhound, for example. But, they will need daily walks, nonetheless, or at least an interactive toy to make them happy and satisfied.

7. Kanni

Kanni dog on the chain

This dog breed comes from India. More precisely, southern India though the exact year of their origin is unknown. But, we do know their name translates to “pure” and that they play a big role in Indian culture. A Kanni is given as a gift to a new bride during the marriage ceremony in small Indian village communities as protection in her new life.

There is a reason behind this lovely gesture during the ceremony – it is because this tall skinny dog breed is very loyal and protective of its family. They are excellent guard dogs and watchdogs, and they have a cool other name – Maiden’s Beastmaster, making them truly one of the coolest dog breeds, in my opinion.

Their height is up to 29 inches and their weight is up to 43.5 pounds. These tall dogs belong to hunting dog breeds, but they are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

They have a smooth and short coat with little grooming requirements, which puts them into the low-maintenance group of dogs.

8. Saluki

Saluki dog outdoor

Saluki is another ancient dog breed, with their roots going back 7000 years all the way to the Pharaoh. Even Alexander the Great admired and loved this tall skinny dog breed. In earlier times, the Bedouins bred and used this dog breed to help them in everyday life.

A Saluki’s height is up to 28 inches and their weight is up to 65 pounds. They have smooth and short coats with characteristically long hairs on their ears and tails.

Let me tell you, they look cute!

Salukis are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, but they are not good watchdogs. They are very open to strangers and will wag their tails and greet the intruder rather than chase or scare them away.

But, not all dog owners need a good guard dog! Some of us love cute puppy eyes and those fashionable long ears. Also, they are medium-energy dogs even though they have sighthound genes in their old and rich gene pool.

They do not require extensive grooming, but if you do want to keep those pretty ears out of the food bowl, you can use a snood for dogs, and help them stay silky and beautiful. They come in many different colors, but red and chocolate are the most common.

9. Whippet

amazing whippet portrait in the forest

Whippets look like a smaller version of the Greyhounds. And, just like their big cousins, they are possibly the fastest dog breed in the world!

Whippets are very affectionate, doing great with other dogs and with young children.

Whippets come in many colors too. They can come in orange, fawn, brindle, etc. Just like the rest of the Greyhound family, their coat is also built for high speed – it is smooth and short.

Another thing common to all Greyhounds is that they have a high prey drive. But, even so, they are great family pets. If you want to avoid any uncontrolled prey drive and their desire to hunt small game, you can put them through proper socialization and training during puppyhood and make sure they stay obedient.

Just like I mentioned at the beginning, a Whippet is a more medium-sized dog than a large and tall one, but we’ll turn a blind eye this time. The Whippets deserve it.

10. Sloughi

Sloughi dog outdoor

This is yet another Egyptian royalty dog, with its roots intertwined with the dogs bred by Berbers and the Bedouins in North Africa.

They are up to 29 inches tall and can weigh up to 50 pounds.

These interesting and lean-looking dogs were used as hunting and watchdogs. They are muscular, loyal, and noble-looking. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t show affection. On the contrary, they are affectionate and they do well with other dogs too.

Similar to other hound dogs, they should be supervised when they play with children or they have to go through proper socialization and training.

Sloughi has a smooth and short coat, but it sheds a lot and, just like any other dog breed, they need regular monthly baths. So, they will need regular grooming, but it won’t be a difficult task. They come in 4 colors: cream, mahogany, red, and sandy with a lot of different mask color variations.

11. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher dog

This is a medium-sized dog breed, with a height of 28 inches and a usual weight of 70 pounds, but they can weigh more. They originated in Germany as excellent big guard dogs and were used as such all around the world.

Their coat is a smooth, silky, and short coat, usually coming in black and tan color. One of the rarest and most beautiful colors is the red Doberman Pinscher, but they come in blue, brown, and many other colors.

The Doberman Pinscher is a muscular dog with an elegant appearance. Contrary to their looks and their jobs, they are excellent with young children and affectionate with their whole human family.

They are quite playful, so you will need to regularly walk them or leave them with amazing toys to keep them occupied and happy.

When it comes to their ears, they can be cropped or not. It depends on the owner’s preference but, in essence, they can come in both ear shapes.

The Doberman Pinscher is a very popular dog breed, coming right before the Great Dane, and sitting in the 17th position on the American Kennel Club’s list of the most popular dog breeds.

This intelligent and highly loyal tall skinny dog breed will not disappoint you as a family dog or as a guard dog.

12. Vizsla

vizsla dog standing in the wood

The name Vizsla means “pointer” in Hungarian, their country of origin. This is a tall, skinny dog breed that can grow up to 24 inches in height and weigh up to 60 pounds.

They are characteristically one color – golden rust, but other variations might occur. Their coat is smooth and short, and it doesn’t require too much grooming, although weekly brushing sessions are required.

Vizslas are affectionate and excellent with young children, and you won’t have problems introducing your Vizsla pooch to other dogs either! Even though they are open to strangers and playful, that doesn’t mean they cannot be good guard dogs. They can, and do make excellent watch dogs keeping the entire family safe.

If you are interested in this unique and lovely dog breed, you will be happy to hear that these dogs have many so-called Vizsla mixes with other dog breeds.

None of them will disappoint you, but will bring you happiness and lots of dog kisses in your life.

You have to remember, though, that this dog breed is very playful and active and that they will need a lot of exercise and the opportunity to run around.

If you are looking for a new puppy, then you may want to check out these wirehaired Vizsla breeders in the U.S.

13. English Pointer

Red and white English Pointer in the field

Pointers are loyal and hardworking. They are tall skinny dog breeds with their usual height going up to 28 inches, and their usual weight up to 75 pounds.

They are very active and playful, always ready to follow their owner to any sporting activity, especially when they have to do something that includes finding prey!

They are not retrievers, nor are they greyhounds – but pointer dogs pointing in the direction of prey and finding after it has been shot by a hunter.

Pointers are very intelligent and they are quite trainable. They are great with children and other dogs, and will be a happy addition to your family!

But, they need a lot of exercise. On the other hand, they don’t need a lot of grooming. So, it seems like a Pointer might be a perfect new puppy for a family. Just don’t forget that they need training and obedience training like all other dogs.

The English Pointer comes in several colors, of which the most recognizable one is black and white with black spots or ticked patterns, making the English Pointer one of the most popular spotted dog breeds.

14. American English Coonhound

American English Coonhound

This dog breed has descendants in European foxhounds, but it was originally bred in the USA in the 17th century. These dogs are sociable and simply mellow and easygoing.

They get on well with children, they are open to strangers, and they also get on well with other dogs.

So, when it comes to aggression and the question of whether this is an aggressive dog breed, you don’t have to doubt. They are not!

The American English Coonhound can be up to 26 inches in height and can weigh up to 65 pounds. They have unique ticked markings on their tri-colored or bi-colored fur which is smooth and short.

They don’t need a lot of grooming, nor do they shed a lot. They are true hunter dogs with a lot of energy to spread around.

As you might have noticed, all of these tall skinny dog breeds we have mentioned have the same trait: high energy. Which comes as a natural trait, considering they were all bred to be working or hunting dogs. Even their mixes, including all the American English Coonhound mixes, can inherit high-energy traits from their AEC dog parent.

All in all, they are amazing hunters, and their excellent sense of smell makes them very useful dogs in police forces all around the world.

15. Weimaraner

weimaraner dog in a collar pointing outdoors in autumn

These wonderful dogs are fearless and obedient. They are tall and muscular dogs that are excellent with young children and all family members in general, showing affection to all.

They can be up to 27 inches in height and weigh up to 90 pounds. Even though they seem large rather than skinny, they do not have a lot of body fat, but a lot of muscle.

They were bred in Germany in the early 1800s. Since then, a mini Weimaraner version has been bred too. And, as for their colors, they are unique and beautiful with blue being the most common color.

Weimaraners make great guard dogs too. They were originally bred to aid hunters, similar to Golden Retrievers or German Shorthaired Pointer, but today they make excellent companion dogs and family pets in general.

These tall gray-blue beauties are truly worthy of this doggy Runway show.

Other Dog Heights

All dogs come in 5 sizes accepted by the American Kennel Club.

These sizes include:

• XSmall (Chihuahua, Maltese)

• Small (Beagle, Bedlington Terrier)

• Medium (Australian Shepherd, Shar Pei)

• Large (Azawakh, Afghan Hound)

• XLarge (Bernese Mountain Dog, Bullmastiff)

Our large dog group is a tall skinny dog breed group. This group can have other large dog breeds that are not skinny, including dogs like a Cane Corso, Boerboel, Dogo Argentino, etc.

The Conclusion

Finally, after all the models have gone up and down the runway, we can say that they all deserve a standing ovation. Because they are all beautiful, elegant, and with an old gene pool that makes them even more unique.

All of these tall skinny dog breeds have high energy that needs to be properly taken care of. They are perfect if you have a large backyard or if you have enough time on your hands to take them on long walks or hikes.

No matter the dog you choose from this list, they are all extremely loyal and will make wonderful canine friends for the rest of their doggy lives.