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These 15 Borzoi Colors Are The Next In Fashion

These 15 Borzoi Colors Are The Next In Fashion

I plead guilty to being one of those people who open the wardrobe, only to find nothing but disappointment and frustration on the shelves. What if I told you that the Borzoi can be your fashion inspiration with its thirty avant-garde coat colors?

A crazy good silhouette, gentle gaze, and a ridiculous number of colors to choose from make this shy runner a sight for sore eyes. These are the colors of the Borzoi.

1. Black

black borzoi
Photo from: @whipzoi_style

There is no going wrong with a black coat color. A completely black Borzoi is posh territory, but the more common black with white markings on the chest and forehead is nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Black And Brindle

black and brindle borzoi
Photo from: @valkyriaborzoi

A taste for style develops with age, just like the brindle Borzoi’s stripes. Still, the pattern can be barely visible even in an adult dog. There are two versions of the black and brindle Borzoi, which means there is still hope for an air of superiority.

The first one has dark brown brindle lines over a black base coat, and the second one tan brindle lines. It all depends on how (un)subtle you plan to be while walking your dog on a silken leash and cashmere collar.

3. Black And Tan

black and tan borzoi
Photo from: @ridgezoi

Accessorizing is more important than ever. If you found the previous two colors lacklustre and too “plain”, then two tan spots above the eyes, some tan blush on the cheeks, and tan leg warmers should be enough.

It is a tasteful spin on the classic Lassie look with bolder white feet, belly, chest, neck, and muzzle. All you need now is to be worthy of owning this Borzoi.

4. Brindle

brindle borzoi
Photo from: @aquila180percent

Tiger-like patterns are always trending in the fashion world, and the Borzoi sets a new trend. If you are not a cat person, but want something close to tiger stripes, the brindle coat pattern does the job extremely well.

Puppies will grow into it as they reach adulthood, and the end result will catch the sun in the rightest of ways. Opaque reddish stripes on a tan main coat is the norm, but there are grayish variations as well.

5. Cream

cream borzoi
Photo from: @dimwitreaper

If white is too clean, but gold is too mainstream, then this Borzoi will stay relevant as long as pastel colors are alive. Smooth, long hairs of the cream-coated Russian sighthound have a unique sheen under the light.

Regular bathing will also stay relevant. Your hands will dread long baths and combing, but who needs hands with such a classy dog? Save your hands at the expense of your card balance by paying for professional grooming.

6. Gold

gold borzoi
Photo from: @francescarosea

Meet the Borzoi that resembles Domhall Gleeson. It is truly the goldest of ginger dogs out there, with a cascading gradient towards cream. Wear your shades when walking the gold Borzoi to protect your eyes from the dangerous light reflections.

7. Red

Remember Domhal Gleeson? Well, this is the Ronald Weasley of Borzoi colors. The deer-in-headlights face and clumsiness channel Harry’s best friend. 

A white tail tip, neck, chest, and boots could make the cover of any fashion magazine, but a splash of black on the ears and muzzle is what makes the base “red” coat pop. 

8. Red Brindle

Red Brindle Borzoi
Photo from: @JordanSBrock

Foxy red base coat and dark brown or tan stripes are a show-stopper. There is more randomness of color around the eyes and muzzle, but the message is clear – three colors are not enough. We need stripes.

9. Sable

sable borzoi
Photo from: @fuma.tantezampe

The sable pattern earned its popularity thanks to the German shepherd, but the Borzoi takes it to new heights. Not only is the pattern sporadic on the body, but it gives the dog a horse-like appearance.

Black, reddish-gold, and white are all present on a sable Borzoi. White is the base color, with patches of sable on the back, side and head area. However, this is a very couture coat pattern, so tailor-made is the word.

10. White

Whiter than snow, without a speckle of other color on the body, the white-coated Borzoi is the pinnacle of gorgeousness. There is really not much else to say about this variation. Keep staring at the photo.

11. Silver Brindle

silver brindle borzoi

This film noir-style of Borzoi coat looks photoshopped in all colored photos. The silver color has other names in the dog fashion world. Some call it gray, others blue, but silver is specific because it’s actually based on cream.

A cream base coat is predominant on the lower part of the body, while the silver color and brindle stripes act as a centerpiece on the head, upper neck, shoulders, sides, and back. 

12. Blue

blue borzoi
Photo from: @jordiopossum

No, of course it’s not blue. It’s a diluted black that has very interesting interactions with light. Essentially, a blue Borzoi is gray, with a cream base coat that shows in varying intensities. It is a safe choice of color coat, for those who prefer a subdued look.

13. Brown

brown borzoi
Photo from: @la_ella_la

Exclusive bragging rights go to owners of brown-coated Borzois. The ears of this Louis Vuitton shade of brown have white tips, coupled with white boots and tail tip

While the LV bag was overused and copied by virtually everyone, the brown Borzois is a badge of exclusivity. Wear it with pride.

14. Fawn

fawn borzoi
Photo from: @SmartStuffClub1

Fawn is the coat color most open to interpretation. It is the critics’ favorite piece as it can mean light brown, yellow-brown, red, and even cream. 

The added appeal of fawn comes from the fact that it can carry a black face mask or ditch it for a cleaner, more uniform look. The sides, back, top of the head and the majority of the ear are fawn, while the muzzle, underbelly, chest and neck usually remain white.

15. Silver

silver borzoi
Photo from: evivva

Faded black that sparkles in the light can be the centerpiece of a Borzoi collection. Among other colors it might look worn or dim, but it gives off a wise, Gandalf the Gray vibe.

This Borzoi coat variation is perhaps the best representation of even color distribution and fading. A darker back, upper neck, and front side of the paws match the dark brown eyes, while the balanced gradient towards silver extends to the tips of the stomach, undertail, muzzle, and chest areas.

The Run(a)way

Even by body shape, the Borzoi is the perfect dog model. Add a lot of variety, perfectly matching color palette, and stellar hair quality, and your eye-to-brain connection will prosper.

Don’t feel guilty if you feel the need to scroll through the photos once more. Nurture your fashion to go from dodgy to dogged.