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7 Actual Answers To Why Does My Husky Put His Paw On Me?

7 Actual Answers To Why Does My Husky Put His Paw On Me?

Out of many dog breeds that do the same thing, the Husky probably has the most different rationales for putting its paw on you. Answering this question is not only a matter of why, but also when. Why does my husky put his paw on me? There can be several reasons.

Some have to do with dog-human social interaction, while others include common dog behavior that can be found in intraspecies communication as well. I will tell you about each of them and give you the tools to properly interpret every single reason.

Without further ado, here is the short guide that will reveal all the obvious and hidden meanings of a Husky’s paw in your personal space.

It Is Similar To Meanings Behind Human Hand Placement 

man playing with a furry husky in the park

If you ever felt compelled to put your hand on someone’s shoulder or back with the intention to comfort them, your Husky might be doing something similar. The breed does perform well in the service dog business, meaning they are very sensitive to their pack’s emotional needs.

Without a common language to directly and openly say what they are thinking or feeling, Huskies use every part of their body to lead you to the right conclusion. Most situations of them putting a paw on you are followed by actions that reinforce the original meaning.

Reading a Husky’s body language includes more than just paws. Their tail position carries a lot of meaning, but you can tell a lot by the ears, too.

In the majority of cases, it will be something fairly simple like having to poop or pee, feeling hungry, or bored, but there are instances where the paw can be a worrying sign. We will first deal with the basic meanings and work our way towards the more complex ones.

You will be surprised at all the different things putting their paw on you can suggest. It is best we go straight into the nitty-gritty and resolve any misinterpretations in you and your Husky’s communication.

1. Number Two Or Number One Alert

Humans simply get up and go to the restroom when they have to poop or pee. Dogs, on the other hand, are taught to do their business outside. Of course, the reasons for that are practical, and they definitely should not be doing either thing inside.

Although it is not guaranteed that your Husky will be using the paw method to signal a potty alert, in some cases it will mean exactly that. The usual way a Husky expresses its needs is by talking.

Every Husky owner knows the “wewewowa” speech whenever their dog wants to see the manager. There are exceptions to the rule, though, and your dog might be a less vocal one that uses its paw to tell you the carpet is in grave danger.

If, for some odd reason, you want your Husky to poop and pee inside the house, these nine indoor dog potty options should sort you out nicely. After all, it is your decision if you are the boss.

2. I Require Sustenance Human

Meal times are always greatly anticipated by dogs. The path you take while preparing the food, the sounds and smells associated with the process, all raise the excitement over eating some of that beautiful food.

Still, a good movie, series, or chores around the house can make you forget that it is time for your Husky to eat. Do not worry! If you feel a paw pressing on your leg or lap, the reason is probably an empty stomach.

Usually paired with a judgy gaze, this technique of telling you that you are not doing great as a Husky owner works wonders. It can make you laugh seeing them like that and perhaps producing some low ranty growl, but famine is not a laughing matter.

We have a Husky feeding chart that might help you nail the frequency and amount of food per meal so that you never miss or forget about feeding time.

3. What A Boring Owner

husky gives paw to his owner while playing outdoors

The many ways we humans have fun do not have major overlaps with a Husky’s interests. While you might enjoy going out with your friends, entertaining guests at home, or reading a book, your Husky wants to plow the snow, roll in mud, or some other physical activity.

Breeds like the Siberan Husky and Alaskan Malamute are working dogs bred for pulling sleighs, which means they need a job to be content and kept busy. Unfortunately (for some owners), Huskies are also pack animals.

That means you and your family, including other dogs in your home, are all expected to join in the fun. Yay… A firmly placed paw on your leg or arm can be an invitation to be more fun than sitting on the couch.

4. Since I Am Your Pet, That Means You Should…

Let me remind you again that Huskies are sensitive and very dramatic dogs. If you have a particularly needy one, it might feel bad if you do not pet it often.

A small difference between the previous three reasons for putting its paw on you and this one is the body part they place it on. Dogs are a smart bunch, and Huskies are the bad in school, but smart as hell type of students.

Usually, when a Husky’s paw is on your leg, they want you to do something that involves getting up and walking. Placing it on your arm or hand can be an indicator to use those extremities to pet them.

You can test if this is the case with your dog by calling it up on your couch or lap for a massage or belly scratching session. If they keep putting their paw on you, it might be that they want something else.

5. Hello, This Is Emotional Support

Our body language when we are in a bad state of mind is very obvious to dogs. As we already mentioned, Huskies are very sensitive to their pack’s feelings. If you have been crying or feeling down, a paw on your arm, leg, or even shoulder can make you smile.

Conditionally, your Husky will realize that its paw on you produces a positive reaction, so expect it to work ninety-nine percent of the time. Even if you feel angry, their approach to cheering you up will involve a paw on you.

6. It Took You So Long To Get Back Home

woman cuddling with her husky at home

This reason is probably the most worrisome for any Husky owner. With a high need for social interaction, the breed’s tolerance of alone time is very low. Once you close the house door while leaving for work, your Husky is already anxious.

Actually, the anxiety starts from the moment you are awake. Your Husky knows the action pattern that signals it will be alone for the next eight to ten hours. Clearly, the insecurity and anxiety will build up while you are getting ready, only to explode once you are gone.

Destructive behavior is the most common manifestation of separation anxiety, and very often it can happen in addition to defecating or urinating all over the house. Whining and barking is also frequently associated with this state of mind.

Keep in mind that Huskies bark and “talk” for a lot of reasons, so make sure you read our Husky barking and howling guides.

However, before you even leave, your Husky’s paw might find its way to your leg or arm to express its fear, anxiety, or stress caused by being left alone. It is basically a way to say “Pretty please, don’t leave”.

7. Fetch Me A Treat

Not all scenarios of your Husky putting its paw on you need to be nice and cute. Even though dogs have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, they still retained their primal instincts.

A lack of leadership will be an opportunity for them to take over the alpha position in your “pack” or family. This happens a lot when owners infantilize their dogs while questioning whether the dog likes being talked to or not.

In their eyes, an owner that does these things is only a provider of services, and not actually a leader that gives them purpose and structure. If you allow your Husky to put their paw on you whenever it wants something, it means you are doing something wrong.

Them using their body to dominate you by invading your private space should be a red flag and needs to be addressed. Dog training and changing the way you go about dog ownership can fix this issue and be maintained by consistently applying the principle.

This guide on how to show dominance to your dog should work well for all dog breeds, but Huskies respond well to strong leadership and will not challenge you for the number one spot if you know what you are doing.

Pawing At The Conclusion

Why does my Husky put his paw on me? Well, you have the possible reasons, but it is ultimately up to you to determine which one is correct when it comes to your Husky. Males will have a higher likelihood of dominant behavior, but females will not shy away from it either.

Whatever putting its paw on you means, it is best to avoid enabling that behavior to teach your dog how things are done in your home. Even if it does not bother you, it might be a good idea to lead by example and show the Husky to use other means of conveying the message.