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Why Do Goldendoodles Bark So Much – Not An Everyday Dilemma

Why Do Goldendoodles Bark So Much – Not An Everyday Dilemma

Have you ever wondered “Why do Goldendoodles bark so much”? Well, one thing is for sure – that’s not an everyday thing! Being a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, Goldendoodles make quite calm, well-mannered, and friendly canines. But, why do they bark?

The important thing every Goldendoodle owner should know is that excessive barking in these pooches is not a breed-related phenomenon. 

Therefore, in order to determine what makes your dog bark so much, you need to look into other external factors, such as the environment or its daily routine.

Here are some of the most common reasons for frequent barking in these gorgeous Doodles. I hope you find the list useful!

Why Do Goldendoodles Bark So Much?

white Goldendoodle standing outside

How often do you ask yourself – “Do dogs ever get tired of barking?” As a Goldendoodle owner, this might not be the case on an everyday basis, but still, this unpleasant phenomenon is just too hard not to notice. 

Goldendoodle puppies bark for a plethora of reasons

First off – they use barking as a communication tool. As most dogs try to communicate their attitudes, emotions, and feelings throughout barking, we can say with certainty that this is not an uncommon behavior in any dog.

Goldendoodle puppies may be slightly different, as they also use some other tools, such as their body language to establish valid communication with their owner. 

Unlike Chis or Huskies, these canines are not labeled as the most vocal breed, which is why their excessive barking can come across as a little strange.

Still, if your Doodle pet is just not stopping to bark – here are some of the most common explanations that might help you understand this weird behavioral pattern.

General Excitement

Did you know that both Poodle and Goldie parents are known as the best family dogs in the world? Consequently, their offspring, the Goldendoodle, is at least the same or even better!

These pooches are known for their kind and loving nature, which is why many dog enthusiasts decide to go for them once they decide to step on the puppy stone. Their high rank on the “best family dog” scale positively correlates with their low barking and high trainability.

If your perfectly-mannered puppy barks a lot at times, it may be due to excitement. Doodles are known to be overly excited around their owner or during activities that make them happy, such as walking, back yard exercising, or preparing to eat.

Force Of Habit

Goldendoodle looking into sunset

Both male and female Goldendoodles are dogs of habit. They hardly change their habits once they adopt a pattern, which is why you need to train them from early puppyhood.

Puppies that adopted barking as a normal behavioral pattern in certain situations are highly likely to continue doing this during adulthood. Subconscious or intentional encouragement of barking is something many dog owners do, and regret.

Encouraging them to go nuts about small prey, other dogs, birds, or basically anything that moves is a huge mistake. Not only do they develop the habit to bark, but they become impossible to handle in public places.

This sort of behavior is difficult to change, but it’s doable. Still, training a misbehaved Goldendoodle not to bark is a much harder process than preventing their excessive barking in the first place.


Separation anxiety is a serious problem that many dogs of this breed deal with. Doodles with a dominant Goldie gene are extremely clingy pets by nature, which is why it is never a good idea to leave them alone for long periods of time or even to keep them as outside pets.

One of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs is excessive barking. Other than that, anxious puppies may be overly destructive, depressed, frustrated, and even aggressive.

In order to prevent their unpleasant, all-day-long barking, keep these pooches next to you, and make sure their environment is cozy and comfortable to live in. 

Owners who don’t have such a flexible schedule are highly advised to train their Goldendoodle for several hours of solitude.

Toys, TV shows, and interactive playgrounds might come in handy!

Stress Or Trauma

It is sometimes hard to tell if your dog is stressed, especially if you are a first-time dog owner. Aside from the change in their daily routine, a stressed Goldie can use excessive barking as some sort of self-defense mechanism.

This is quite typical behavior for a dog that went through some traumatic experience or that is constantly subjected to stress. Puppies that are raised with harsh training methods are generally more prone to stress than pets raised by positive reinforcement methods.

On the other hand, Goldendoodles that live in an inconvenient, loud environment without previous socialization can be expected to turn into stressed, frustrated home pets.


Goldendoodle looking at camera

They might not be as good of watchdogs as the majority of German dog breeds, but many Goldendoodles make decent danger-detectors, too.

This trait is especially related to dogs that were initially bred to serve or babysit. Naturally, these dogs have a high level of intelligence, which is why they easily detect hostile behavior or potential danger.

The “Why do Goldendoodles bark so much” phenomenon goes hand in hand with their watchdog traits. It is a natural way of them telling you about an upcoming danger or an unknown visitor.

Lack Of Mental Stimulation

The fact that this pooch comes from two of the smartest breeds in the world positively correlates with the fact that Goldendoodles get easily bored. That’s right – these neat boys and girls require a lot of mental stimulation!

Otherwise, they might be extremely frustrated and destructive, which sometimes reflects in their excessive barking

In this regard, barking represents a communication tool that these puppies use to tell their owner they want to spice things up. Therefore, you should know when and how much to stimulate your puppy. Adding mental games to your dog’s regular exercise might be a good start!


One of the least desirable reasons for the “Why do Goldendoodles bark so much” phenomenon is rooted in aggression. 

Even though both Poodles and Goldies belong to the club of the least aggressive dogs, their offspring, the Goldendoodle, may be prone to aggression under some radical circumstances.

Puppies that are improperly socialized, bred, or parented are highly likely to display aggressive behavior around new people and dogs. In these kinds of situations, excessive barking is an unavoidable behavioral pattern.

How To Stop A Goldendoodle From Barking 

big Goldendoodle standing outside

Ignore Them

Goldendoodles are smart enough to read your body language and your commands. That being said, one of the most proven tricks in resolving the “Why do Goldendoodles bark so much” mystery is ignoring them.

This way, you give the signal to your dog that their barking is not effective enough to attract your attention or to get what they want. Eventually, your puppy will stop using barking as a tool of seeking attention, and resort to other methods.

Exercise Them 

Aside from using (sometimes) useless anti-barking devices to make a decent pet out of your dog, the first thing you should do is exercise your Goldendoodle on a daily basis.

This way, you will ensure that your puppy adequately burns off energy, as well as to adopt positive behavioral patterns. Exercise keeps Goldendoodles healthy, both physically and mentally.

On the other hand, exercise reduces stress and anxiety, and it also boosts self-confidence and increases socialization. All of these things are crucial for reducing excessive barking in a dog.

Provide Your Puppy With A Peaceful Environment

owner playing with his Goldendoodle

One of the most common reasons why Goldendoodles can be the worst pets is the fact that they respond to a negative environment poorly.

They need a calm, nurturing place in order to feel safe and happy. Getting a nice, comfortable dog bed would be a plus.

Puppies that live in a low-key environment don’t have the tendency to bark as much as dogs raised outside or next to other dogs.

Remove The Triggers

Have you figured out what makes your dog bark so much? Good. Now, try to remove all those triggers!

How so? Simply… if your Goldendoodle barks excessively in dog parks or due to separation anxiety – try to stop doing those things. Don’t go to a park, and don’t leave your puppy alone for more than several hours a day.

Excessive barking often goes hand in hand with aggression. Therefore, it would be a much more complex job to socialize an aggressive dog than to prevent it from happening.

Wrapping It Up

Happy Goldendoodle running in park

Even though the “Why do Goldendoodles bark so much” issue is not that common in these dogs, it still may happen on an occasional basis. 

In order to deal with this behavioral pattern, you need to look into the cause. That being said, you need to find out what makes your Goldendoodle bark so excessively, and start from there.

Otherwise, trying to keep your puppy low-key without an adequate approach is a lost cause.

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