11 Reasons Why Is Dog Suddenly Eating Grass Like Crazy


The dog, although domesticated, still wanders and looks for food. That food in this case is grass!

1. Natural Instincts

Your dog eats grass because he likes the taste of it! Maybe the dog is fed up with usual dog food and needs a break.

2. Grass Tastes Good

To get your attention, some dogs will nibble on various things, while others will suddenly start eating too much grass!

3. Attention Seeking

Grass is rich in water, and even more so when people water it. If your dog is thirsty, this could be the reason why he is chewing grass.

4. Thirst

It has long been widely believed that a dog, by eating grass, is trying to relieve a stomach upset.

5. Upset Stomach

When they are bored, some dogs may exhibit destructive behavior, while others will eat too much grass at once.

6. Boredom

In some cases, excessive grass eating can be an indication that your dog is anxious.

7. Anxiety

There is a high possibility that the dog will be lonely when you leave, so it will start eating grass to cope with loneliness.

8. Loneliness

A dog could suddenly start eating a larger amount of grass because it wants to complete the existing diet.

9. The Desire To Change Food

This could be a sign that the dog does not like the food, so he needs to eat something else, like grass.

10. Hunger

Pica is a syndrome in dogs that refers to the ingestion of non-food substances, such as grass.

11. Pica