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Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Will This Pooch Be The One For You?

Vizsla Pitbull Mix: Will This Pooch Be The One For You?

Breeders are always attempting to cross two purebred animals in the hopes of producing a designer breed that might reflect the distinctive characteristics of both parents. The Vizsla Pitbull Mix is one such designer breed; it combines power and stamina with a great feeling of compassion and kindness.

A Vizsla Pitbull Mix dog would be a medium-size dog, similar to a Vizsla Labrador Mix, that requires a high need of exercise and mental stimulation, and is best to be cared for by experienced dog owners.

Both the Pitbull and the Vizsla are well-liked breeds that dog owners appreciate due to a variety of endearing characteristics. Having a mixed breed is undoubtedly the solution to acquiring the best of both kinds if you enjoy these two canines, but can’t have both for any reason.

A designer dog called a Pitbull Vizsla Mix has the American Pitbull Terrier and the Vizsla as parent breeds. If handled appropriately, the offspring of these attractive breeds will almost certainly have a friendly and outgoing personality.

We can assist you in determining whether or not this lovely Pittie mix is the ideal dog for you before making the final step and bringing him home.

What Is A Vizsla Pitbull Mix?

close shot Vizsla Pitbull Mix

A Hungarian Vizsla as well as an American Pitbull Terrier were crossed to create the Vizsla Pitbull Mix, often known as the VizslaPit. This crossbreed dog combines the greatest traits from both breeds: the friendly attitude and mild disposition of the Vizsla, with the devotion and intellect of the Pitbull.

These dogs are extremely active and energetic. The outcome is a canine that is affectionate, obedient, and defensive of its family.

Pitbull Vizsla mixes are among the energetic breeds that enjoy playing and exercising, making them the perfect choice for households with older children. 

This hybrid is indeed a great option for the majority of dog owners because it is also incredibly trainable. Altogether, the Pitbull Vizsla hybrid is a stunning pet.

The Origin Of The Pitbull Vizsla Mix

Pitbull Vizsla Mix standing on streets
Photo from: @layla_the_vizsla_pitbull_mix

The history of the designer dog is not widely known or recorded. However, we may examine both parent breeds in order to learn more about the possible ancestry of this hybrid.

A group of people who were looking for an active worker with a high hunting drive, and an affectionate dog probably bred the American Pitbull Terrier Vizsla Mix. They have been in existence for some time. The breed hasn’t been acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC), though.

Let’s discuss the background of the parent breeds – the American Pitbull Terrier as well as the Hungarian Vizsla.

The designer breed known as the Pitbull Vizsla Mix is a cross between two active purebred dogs. It is helpful to examine the characteristics of each parent to get a sense of the way a Vizsla Pitbull Mix might come out.

A Bit About The Parent Breeds

A brave hunting dog called a Vizsla is employed to assist hunters in locating their prey. They are pointers that snoop around the field looking for birds and other kinds of prey.

Their predominant coat color is a golden rust, and they have smooth, long, silky ears and extremely attentive eyes. They also have a slim, light gait. They are extremely athletic and energetic, yet they also show a lot of love for their family.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog, which has an athletic physique, but with a bulkier body.

Their short, single coat includes various different colors and patterns. Its almond-shaped eyes and rose-shaped ears, which are upright at the root and slightly curved back, both have distinct shapes.

Sadly, American Pit Bull Terriers have always been portrayed as being aggressive despite their reputation for being strong and self-assured.

Origin Of The Vizsla

The famous European Vorstehhund class of shorthaired pointers and retrieving dogs includes the Vizsla – a breed that is pretty recent to the Western World, yet may be the oldest breed ever.

Centuries ago, the Vizsla became recognized as a breed. Even though it was confined to the aristocratic, the breed has never been particularly well-liked in America. Though unrecognized, this uncommon breed has a lengthy history.

Primitive stone carvings in the Carpathian Mountains depict the Magyar hunters, his falcon, and his Vizsla. These sculptures are said to be 1,000 years old.

The Magyar Vizslas (Hungarian Pointers) pay homage to their nomadic owners who formerly wandered the Carpathian meadows and hills.

These early Hungarians, who were both herdsmen and hunters, started the evolution of companion-hunting canines to locate, point out, and recover native wildlife as well as to track down wounded huge game.

The Vizsla seems to occupy a space between the incredibly swift English pointer, and also the calmer German shorthair, combining some of the well-known traits of both breeds of a distinctive color, type, and regal aristocratic manner that distinguishes him from the other dogs in his class.

Given that the low-lying Danube Valley and the broad Hungarian plain, where the grayish partridge flourish on Europe’s land, have been the Vizsla’s ancestral habitat for ages, the finely discerning bird sense is firmly imprinted.

The Vizsla has endured Turkish Invasion, Hungarian Civil War, World Wars I as well as II, and Russian Invasion. Only the surviving members of the nobility and the wealthy estate owners were allowed to breed; therefore, the Vizsla was protected under selective breeding until World War II.

Origin Of The Pit Bull Terrier

The Pit Bull’s origins may be traced to the United Kingdom in the early 1800s. 

Old English Bulldogs, which resemble modern American Bulldogs in appearance, acquired popularity in the British Isles through the horrific bloodsport described as “bull baiting,” from which the Pits initially sprung.

A bull was assigned to be harassed by between one and two Bulldogs for hours until it passed out from exhaustion, wounds, or both. These games were held as amusement for the lower classes, providing them with a break from the monotony of adversity.

The Animal Cruelty Act of 1835, which was passed by the British Parliament in 1835, forbade the baiting of several animals, including the bull as well as the bear.

After bull, and also bear baiting was made illegal, the public began to focus on “ratting.” In this experiment, rats and dogs were placed against each other and timed to determine which dog could kill the most rodents in the shortest amount of time.

Bulldogs and Terriers, known colloquially as the initial Pit Bull Terrier, were crossed because ratting as well as dogfighting both called for a dog with higher swiftness and agility.

In addition to their efforts throughout the wars, Pit Bulls won over the hearts of Americans, often appearing in brand logos, advertising commercials, and famous television programs. Politicians, academics, and celebrities were all fans of pit bulls.

Pit bulls gained increasing acceptance as “normal dogs” following World War II. They received the same level of care as all other breeds. Undoubtedly, there must have been some subterranean combat, but it felt like a very tiny fraction.

What Does A Vizsla Pitbull Mix Look Like?

Vizsla Pitbull Mix
Photo from: @ritathevizslamix

The physical characteristics of a Pitbull Vizsla Mix breed may differ from dog to dog due to them being a mixed breed. These dogs can either have the stocky physique of the Pit Bull or the slender physique of the Vizsla.

Most of the time, Vizsla Pit Mixes are leggier than their Pit Bull parents, although their nose is usually shorter.

Their cranium may be huge and rounded or smaller and more angular. Brown, grayish, or hazel are the possible colors for their medium-sized eyes. Their ears might either be shaped like a triangular rosebud or they can be drooping and narrow.

When fully grown, the Vizsla breed may reach a size of between 22 and 24 inches, and a weight of 45 to 70 pounds, compared to the Pit Bull breed’s size of between 17 and 20 inches, and weight range of between 30 and 80 pounds.

I recommend looking through the Hungarian Vizsla growth chart as well as the Pitbull growth chart. That is one of the best ways to see how big your Vizsla Pitbull mix is. An additional way of predicting that would be seeing the parent dogs in person!

A medium-sized dog, the Vizsla Pitbull mix will be anywhere between the weights of its two parent types. They may weigh between 40 and 70 pounds, and stand between 18 and 22 inches tall.

Compared to female Vizsla Pitbull Mixes, males are a little bit bulkier and taller.

Coat Of The Vizsla Pit Mix

Among the most distinctive characteristics of this breed is its coat. The Vizsla-Pitbull hybrid will have a short, thick coat. The texture of the hair can be either silky or rough, and it is often a little wavy.

The predominant hues for this breed include yellow, fawn, brown, golden, and brindle. Although less frequent, black is also a possibility. The Pitbulls coat colors may be of various shades and patterns; however, the Vizsla has one distinctive color. The coat is rather simple to maintain, and it won’t require much maintenance.

The coat, however, can be either a short coat like the Pitbull or a little longer like that of the Vizsla. Each parent dog’s coloring will influence the coat’s hue.

The Brindle version of this dog can come if the Pitbull Terrier parent is brindle. A brindle Vizsla Pitbull mix dog has a marbled pattern of black fur over lighter hair. Blue, red, or black brindle designs are all possible.

Red brindle has red as the foundation hue, whereas the Vizsla pitbull mix has deep, black streaks scattered across his body, with light brown fur.  A Vizsla Pitbull Mix may have a lighter base coat with a gray striped pattern.

Red Nose Pitbull Vizsla mix

The red nose Pitbull Vizsla Mix dogs have a red-colored coat.

The red Nose Pitbull is among the more famous types of Pitbulls in the United States. They are predominately outnumbering all of the other Pitbull colors!

Their pinkish red coat and the skin surrounding their eyes will mix with the color of their snout.

Personality Of The Vizsla Pitbull mix

Vizsla Pitbull mix looking up
Photo from: @hey_its_millie_mae

The Vizsla Pit bull combines the intellectual capacity and sensitivity of the Vizsla with the toughness and mightiness of the Pit bull.

They are extremely bright and open to instruction since they have the hunting prowess of the Vizsla. The enormous vigilance of the Vizsla Pitbull Mix breed makes them excellent watchdogs.

Talking of mixed breeds, it might be challenging to forecast their temperament because there is so little data on them.

Whatever the case, we may state the traits that are most likely to be inherited from their parents based on some reasonable predictions. Let’s first examine the distinctive qualities of each breed.

The Pitbull Terrier Personality

The American Pitbull Terrier makes a sociable, playful, and loving pet. While being incredibly vigilant, the Pit is also kind and hospitable to everybody, including strangers. 

Therefore, don’t be shocked if your Pit is overly eager to welcome a visitor with a tail-wagging welcome that is free of skepticism.

The Pitbull’s people-pleasing disposition is always accompanied by a great need for love and attention from its humans. The American Pitbull Terriers are known as being protective of their loved ones, especially the younger children. They will do anything to protect their family!

Aside from their protective side, Pitbulls are highly patient, and make wonderful playmates for kids. Not just playmates, but nannies! Pitbulls are known to be great at watching over the kids when no one else can at that moment.

You’ll enjoy this breed if you enjoy being outside and having adventures. Never leave them alone because they’ll require a lot of mental and physical activity to develop.

They are known to be amazing guard dogs and even better family pets!

The Vizsla’s Personality

The personality of the Vizsla is A-plus. Because of their excessively attached and human-loving characteristics, they are known as Velcro Vizslas.

Although they make a loving friend, they might not make the best pet for a household with small children.

The Vizsla is a high-energy and loud dog that is not suitable for living inside or in an apartment. You’ll have an unhappy and disruptive dog if you have a very hectic schedule and cannot manage to devote attention to this breed.

This breed is well-suited for a variety of tasks, including being a jogging companion, a service dog, an athlete, a hunter, a therapy dog, a guiding dog, and more because he exhibits excellent flexibility and enthusiasm for life.

Therefore, We Can Conclude That…

the Pitbull Vizsla would be anticipated as a friendly, gregarious, and devoted companion that is ready to serve and defend its owner, but also yearn for a delicate and loving family.

The Pitbull Vizsla Mix is clearly going to have a strong prey drive, particularly towards smaller animals. As a result, make sure you only let them roam off-lead in enclosed spaces.

This breed might be difficult to handle, but if you have the necessary patience and control, you will be rewarded with lots of joy.

Is The Vizsla Pitbull Mix Classified As A Healthy Dog Breed?

happy The Vizsla Pitbull playing in sand
Photo from: @ritathevizslamix

Two distinct groups of breeders have consistently engaged in debate over the issue of mixed breeds. Due to their unpredictable nature, some breeders contend that they’re less healthy than pedigree dogs.

Due to their diverse gene pools, mixed breeds are actually healthier and far less susceptible to health issues.

The danger of genetic disorders in mixed breeds is not totally eliminated by this; in reality, mixed breeds still have a chance of acquiring some health problems from each of their parent breeds.

The mix is often a healthy dog, like the majority of hybrid dogs. However, if you’re considering getting a Vizsla-Pitbull mix, there are several health issues you need to be mindful of.

They may acquire the following common health problems from any of their pet parents.

1. Hip Dysplasia

The disorder known as canine hip dysplasia (CHD) affects growing dogs and causes laxity, or stiffness of the hip socket.

Hip discomfort, limb weakness, and progressive joint alterations are all possible clinical indicators (symptoms) of hip joint loosening.

The head of the femur (ball) of the hip joint continuously moving abnormally causes the acetabulum to distort.

The gradual loss of cartilage, the formation of scar tissue around the joint, and the development of osteophytes (bone spurs) all around the socket and the ball are all long-term reactions to this joint laxity.

Although there are several contributing factors to CHD, heredity is the single highest risk factor. Excessive nutrient consumption can hasten weight gain and growth, which can impede CHD progression. Large-breed dogs are most frequently affected with hip dysplasia.

2. Hypothyroidism

Among the most crucial glands within the body is the thyroid. 

It has two distinct parts, one on either side of the trachea, and is situated in the neck close to the windpipe. At the root of the brain sits the pituitary gland, which regulates the thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism in dogs is typically brought on by either idiopathic thyroid gland degeneration or lymphocytic thyroiditis.

The former condition, which is assumed to be a completely resistant condition, is the most frequent cause of hypothyroidism. This indicates that the thyroid gets attacked by the immune system once it determines that it is aberrant or foreign.

Although the cause of this is unknown, it is a hereditary trait, which means that genetics is involved in this illness. Normal thyroid tissue is substituted by adipose tissue in chronic thyroid gland atrophy. Additionally, little is known about this illness.

3. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

The photoreceptor-containing retina is a membrane of light-sensitive cells at the rear of the eye.

The lens in the eyes directs light so that it is concentrated onto the retina, in which it is changed into electrical impulses and transmitted to the brain for analysis and interpretation.

Rod cells and cone cells are the retina’s two primary photoreceptor cells. The dog’s eyes have a far higher ratio of rods to cones.

Rod cells are involved in low-light vision as well as movement detection and tracking. Color perception is carried out by cone cells. Cone cells perform poorly in dim lighting.

Atrophy refers to a physical organ’s partial or total wasting. These photoreceptor cells are affected by a category of degenerative illnesses known as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). With this condition, the cells degenerate over time and the affected dog finally goes blind.

4. Obesity

A buildup of extra body fat is called obesity. Most overweight dogs have excessive weight because excess body weight and excess fat mass frequently go in tandem.

When determining whether a dog is overweight or obese, it is simpler to estimate body weight than it is to determine body fat.

Dogs are deemed to be overweight whenever their body weight is 10 to 20% higher than what is considered ideal. When a person’s weight exceeds their optimal body weight by 20% or more, they are deemed obese.

Dogs that are obese live a shorter life, and are more likely to get sick. It was long believed that heavier dogs typically lived six to 12 months less than leaner canines.

So, How Long Will The Vizsla Pitbull Mix live?

A Vizsla-Pitbull hybrid can expect to live for 10 to 15 years. A mixed breed dog has a rather lengthy lifespan in this case.

The average lifespan of a Pitbull descendant is 12 years, but that of a Vizsla descendant is 14 years. The Vizsla Pitbull Terrier hybrid therefore inherited considerable lifespan from its parent breeds, ranging from 12 to 15 years of age.

Maintenance Of A Vizsla Pitbull Mix

Vizsla Pitbull Mix looking away
Photo from: @hey_its_millie_mae

All dogs need to be groomed and taken care of in many ways. Some people require it for their long hair, others for their coat. A Vizsla and all of its hybrids are fierce competitors for their parents’ best grooming.

There is a benefit to the Vizsla breed. Their typically short coat keeps them from becoming dirty or possibly emitting unpleasant smells. However, that in no way implies that you may neglect their grooming!

Now, let’s talk about some of the best grooming tips for all Vizsla breeds. They could be purebred animals or even hybrids like the Vizsla Pitbull.


The coat of a Vizsla is short and silky. The cleanliness and general appearance of this gorgeous dog will be improved with brushing. Wouldn’t you like your dog to have a beautiful, sleek coat that is the color of golden rust?

Therefore, we recommend at least weekly brushing! The famous Hungarian Vizsla dogs also have relatively little hair shedding, which makes it easier for us.

For all of you who despise cleaning up after yourself, this feature is unquestionably a blessing. The only problem is that because the hair doesn’t shed, it will probably stick to their skin.

It becomes necessary to brush, and while doing so, you must apply natural oils and healthful products. These breeds aren’t heavy shedders; thus, weekly brushing is strongly advised. They are still able to shed a little weight, though.

Frequently, this hybrid blends the coat types of the two parent breeds. 

However, coat types can differ from pup to pup, making it challenging to anticipate what type of coat your Pitbull Vizsla hybrid will have. 

All dogs need regular grooming no matter their coat type. This includes brushing every week, taking a bath as needed, and clipping the dog’s nails.


Everyone should take a bath every day. Dogs, people… even your car, huh? Vizslas should also have frequent baths and cleanings. 

For your dog, you need to use warm soapy water and grooming supplies like a shampoo adapted to the coat type of the Vizsla Pitbull mix.

The eyes, nose, mouth, and other delicate body parts should be kept away from these compounds.

Exercising a Vizsla Pitbull Mix

Your hybrid will undoubtedly be intelligent, but if they choose their Pitbull ancestry, they could be a little assertive.

It is never too early to start socializing your pet because puppyhood is an important stage in their development. Introduce him to other sights and sounds, new people, and other animals to give him a wide range of experiences.

The Pitbull Vizsla mix responds well to verbal commands, making training much easier and less complicated.

To achieve the greatest results, it is advised to start training your dog as soon as possible. This will help eradicate any hint of inappropriate behavior as well as build a stronger bond, making your dog a more fulfilling companion.

You may anticipate a high-energy canine that behaves exactly like the parent breeds. Therefore, it will be necessary to exercise your dog and expend stored energy for at least one hour each day.

If you have a busy life, avoid getting a Pitbull Vizsla Mix since when it is left alone for an extended period of time, its friendly and people-loving nature can easily develop into full-fledged mischief.

Vizsla Pitbulls can make a wonderful extension to an active family, but they are not the best breed for new dog owners.

These energetic dogs should not be left alone for an extended period of time since they could get bored and start misbehaving. With the right amount of training, socialization, and activity, a Vizsla Pit bull can be the ideal pet for an active family.

How To Train A Vizsla Pitbull Mix

close shot of Vizsla Pitbull Mix looking up
Photo from: @hey_its_millie_mae

These breeds require an owner who is prepared to invest the time and effort necessary to train them because they are clever and have high levels of energy. Because both breeds are notoriously difficult to train, patience is essential.

Start by training your dog to obey simple instructions like sit, stop, heel, and lay. Following the mastery of these commands by your dog, you can progress to more difficult training.

Consistent training and rewarding your dog for positive behavior can encourage them to keep learning.

This breed is not for you if you are unwilling to invest the time and energy necessary to teach your Vizsla Pitbull hybrid. These dogs require a caretaker who is dedicated to their training and prepared to put in the effort necessary to maintain their good behavior.

The Pitbull Vizsla mix can surely be a wonderful companion with the proper training, but they can also be a hassle without it. Before acquiring one of these active puppies, make a thoughtful decision.

For these breeds, early socialization is vital. Start taking them to parks to encounter other dogs, expose them to certain other animals and people, and make sure you begin training and socializing them appropriately when they are puppies.

With the right socialization, your Vizsla Pitbull mix will develop into a well-mannered dog that gets along with both individuals and other animals.

Feeding A Vizsla Pitbull Mix

Both parent dogs, the American Pitbull Terrier and the Hungarian Vizsla, are known for their high energy levels. Because they enjoy a lot of daily exercise, and being restless as both of these breeds are, their puppy will need a balanced diet rich with supplements and nutrients.

Feeding your Pitbull Vizsla mix excellent dry dog food which includes all necessary nutrients is the right strategy to make sure they remain healthy and fit. They should be fed a protein-rich diet suited to their age and degree of activity.

Puppies should be fed special puppy food since they require more calories than older dogs do. Additionally, you can add wholesome goodies like fruits and vegetables to their diet to balance it out.

To determine the kind of food and the recommended feeding amounts for your Vizsla Pitbull mix, be certain to speak with your vet.

Vizslas tend to be thin, but they are also susceptible to obesity, so it’s important to avoid overfeeding them. Giving them human food or leftovers is also not a good idea because it can cause obesity as well as other health issues.

Always get advice from your veterinarian regarding the ideal diet for your dog. They will be able to suggest a food that’s also specially made to meet the requirements of your dog’s daily needs in accordance to its body weight and daily activity levels.

Final Choice: Is The Vizsla Pitbull Mix A Good Fit For You?

funny Vizsla Pitbull
Photo from: @hey_its_millie_mae

The Vizsla Pitbull mix can be the dog for you if you have a healthy lifestyle or energetic family and are searching for a four-legged companion to go on all your excursions.

These canines will keep you occupied with their unlimited energy and zest for life. They are also utterly cute just like the Spaniel, to say the least. They have the guard dog abilities of a German Shepherd, and love for the family just like the Labrador Retriever.

If you are an individual or family that has previous experience with owning dogs, as well as if you are living an active lifestyle and are ready to spend at least an hour of time on a tiring physical activity, then this high energy mixed breed may be the perfect companion for you.

They are on the healthier side, which means that they rarely inherit some genetic diseases. Of course, you will have to pay attention to the breeder that you chose, as well as the health of the parent dogs.

This mixture is not for those who are constantly on the go. If you aren’t up for the effort of giving these puppies the attention and exercise they require, they will rapidly grow bored and destructive.

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