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Is The Toy Aussiedoodle A Real Dog Breed?

Is The Toy Aussiedoodle A Real Dog Breed?

If you want to be an owner of a small, yet highly energetic, dog breed that has the nickname ‘Einstein dog’ – which it carries for a reason – this one for sure won’t disappoint you.

When you imagine a table tennis tournament and see those white ping-pong balls storming around everywhere, that is exactly what owning a Toy Aussiedoodle is like. They are lively, energetic, and highly intelligent canines.

And yes, the Toy Aussiedoodle is a real dog breed, which exists thanks to breeders who made this designer dog.

If you are considering getting a new puppy of this dog breed for yourself or your family, or if you are just casually researching this dog, we have the crucial information regarding the mini Aussiepoo – as it is also known – in the following paragraphs.

What Is A Toy Aussiedoodle?

toy aussiedoodle sitting on the couch and looking into camera

Photo from: @mini_aussiedoodle_lovers

Toy Aussiedoodle is a dog breed, which is maybe not as popular as their parent breeds, the Australian Shepherds and the standard Poodle, but is slowly and steadily winning over dog owner’s hearts all around the world.

The Toy Aussiedoodle is the smallest of the Aussiedoodles. There are three standard sizes, which we will discuss later. However, lately, the Toy Aussiedoodle has become the most popular size for dog owners.

Ultimately, they are hybrid dogs, which means that they were selectively bred by the dog breeders, in order to achieve the desired personality and size.

Origin: Which Breeds Created The Toy Aussiedoodle?

woman holding toy aussiedoodle puppy in her hands

Photo from: @aussiedoodlepuppies

At first glance, you can see the three keywords of this breed: Toy, Aussie, and a Doodle. Toy represents the miniature size of this dog breed, while Aussie represents the famous Australian Shepherd. And the Doodle – you guessed it – for a Poodle.

We all know that any doodle breed is a recently created dog breed, and that dog breeders have purposely made them to be just the way they are.

The Toy Aussiedoodle (or the Australian Shepherd Poodle) is essentially a crossbreed between a mini Australian Shepherd and a mini Poodle.

There are variants, where a Mini Australian Shepherd is crossed with another Toy Aussiedoodle, or when a Miniature Poodle is crossed with a miniature Aussiepoo.

However, not every Toy Aussiedoodle is made by crossing Miniature Australian Shepherds with Toy Poodles. Some of them are already a result of an established Toy Aussiedoodle bloodline.

This mixed breed has some of the best dog genes implemented in its genotype, as the well-known purebred dog parents of this dog breed are famous for their intelligence, trainability, and many other amazing characteristics that we will go through.

Whichever the combination of the parents, this dog breed won’t disappoint you with its demeanor!

What Does A Toy Aussiedoodle Look Like?

toy aussiedoodle dog

Photo from: @aussiedoodlepuppies

The easiest way would be to describe them as literal toys. They are one of the cutest dog breeds out there, especially when they are still at the puppy stage. So right off the bat, mini aussiedoodle puppies look like cute stuffed animals.

Toy Aussiedoodles fit into the category of small dogs. This is very important for future dog owners who are especially interested in this size category of dog.

Their coats are really soft and usually wavy. They have triangle shaped floppy ears, which are partially erect. Their muzzle is definitely not among the short ones, it is of a standard medium size.

They have almond shaped eyes with a smart gaze. Their eyes are usually dark brown, hazel, or green. Only if the dog is merle is it possible that the dog may have light blue eyes.

When you look at the Toy Aussiedoodle, you can clearly see the traits of both of the parent dogs — the Australian Shepherd and the standard Poodle.

Their body is similarly athletically built as the Shepherds, and their head shape is similar to the Poodles.

Their fur, however, is the perfect mix of these two breeds – wavy, but still soft as the Shepherd’s and a bit easier to maintain than the Poodle’s fur.

How Big Does A Toy Aussiedoodle Get?

I mean, how big can a toy category dog get? They are definitely small, maybe not as small as a Chihuahua, but they are both in the same category.

The Toy Aussiedoodle can grow up to 10 inches in height and weigh up to 13 pounds. They don’t usually get bigger than 10 inches which, in European measurements, is around 25cm.

Their weight can sometimes reach 15 pounds, if the toy aussiedoodle puppy is the biggest one in the dog litter. Fifteen pounds in European measurements is around 7 kilograms.

They are not the smallest of the small dogs, but they are definitely not a medium sized dog. We can fit them into the medium to big sized small dogs category.

When talking about the size of this dog, just as any other dog, they can easily become obese and pass the standard weight that fits this dog’s bone structure and muscle tonus.

What Are The Colors Of The Toy Aussiedoodle?

two cute aussiedoodle puppies sleeping together

Photo from: @aussiedoodlepuppies

The Toy Aussiedoodle comes in a variety of sizes, just like the regular sized Aussiedoodle. Having such colorful parents, this dog breed has picked up every single color variant that their parents can have.

They can be monochromatic (solid color), two colors, or tri-color (being three different colors) and, of course, because of the Australian Shepherd side of the family, merle.

There is also a red merle Australian Shepherd and a blue merle Australian Shepherd.

When talking about solid color variants, the Toy Aussiedoodle can appear in various coat colors such as: chocolate, red, black, silver, champagne, apricot, white, blue, or gray.

When there is a combination of two or three colors; the most popular and the most commonly appearing colors are combinations of: black, apricot and white, black and white, and apricot and white.

Of the merle coat variety of Toy Aussiedoodles, the red merle and blue merle are the most popular. For some reason – probably their unique looks – aussiedoodle breeders report these coat patterns being the top selling ones.

The Miniature Aussiedoodle’s coat color does not affect the dog breed’s behavior, health, or any other kind of personality trait such as obedience, intelligence, friendliness etc.

Merle Toy Aussiedoodle

If you are planning to become a dog owner, the merle coat of the Toy Aussiedoodle is a warning. You must pay attention to this coat since it is more than simply an eye-catching color.

A reputable breeder is something that you need to pay attention to when buying the miniature Aussiedoodle.

The Merle coat is a genetic characteristic that may be associated with some underlying health problems. But don’t freak out — just because there is the potential for something, it isn’t guaranteed to actually happen.

If you are considering purchasing a merle-colored Toy Aussiedoodle, you should get to know the breeder and the parents of the puppy. If it turns out that they are both merles, kindly decline to buy the dog.

Puppies produced by mating two merles have a shorter life expectancy and may have gene mutations that increase the risk of early blindness, deafness, and/or mental impairment.

It is crucial to visit the dog parents in person to see their overall health and coat color, as well as to meet the dog breeder in person.

If you see a completely white toy Aussie doodle with bright eyes and poor movement coordination, it definitely means that it has two merle parents. Get away from that breeder as fast as you can because that is not a quality doodle breed.

Size Variants Of The Aussiedoodle

The Aussiedoodle, without the prefix ‘Toy’ is the ultimate dog breed that came to life right after the ‘original’, standard sized Aussiedoodle was produced by the breeders.

The standard Aussiedoodle essentially holds the same personality traits of the Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle, however it is a bit older than these two.

The Aussiedoodle comes in three sizes: toy, mini, and standard.

The Standard Aussiedoodle

The standard Aussiedoodle is essentially a crossbreed between the two purebreds: Australian Shepherd and the Standard Poodle, both in their standard sizes.

It is considered as a large medium to a large dog breed, since it is around 15-24 inches tall and weighs between 20-70 pounds.

However, this being a crossbreed of these two purebreds, the size may vary, as we can see in the flexible range of height and weight.

It is a similar size to Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

The standard poodle is a large dog that is very tall and pretty heavy, while the Australian Shepherd is more of a medium sized dog. Because of these facts, it is obvious why the size of the standard Aussiedoodle varies.

The Mini Aussiedoodle

The Mini Aussiedoodle fits into the medium sized variant of the Aussiedoodle dog breed. The Standard Aussiedoodle is visibly bigger than the Mini Aussiedoodle.

The Mini Aussiedoodle is between 12-18 inches tall and weighs from 15 to 25 pounds. It is slightly bigger and sturdier than the Mini Aussiedoodle.

Are Toy Aussiedoodles Good Dogs?

a woman holding toy aussiedoodle puppy

Photo from: @aussiedoodlepuppies

The breed of dog known as the toy Aussiedoodle is loving, fun, and devoted. The disposition of the Aussiedoodles of all sizes is generally similar, however Toy Aussiedoodles are reputed to be a little more reserved, mostly because of their small stature.

However, the adjectives that perfectly fit this dog breed are: brave, active, kind, intellectual, devoted, gregarious, extroverted, watchful, quiet, and friendly.

They get along well with kids, the household cat, other dogs, and other animals thanks to early socialization.

Generally, they are good dogs with a gentle temperament. They aren’t sassy or stubborn, and are quick learners. They don’t carry the nickname Einstein for no reason! They will pick up all the tricks and even your habits really fast.

If you feed your dog every morning at 8am, this little overachiever will be patiently waiting for you from 7:30am.

They are one of the few dog breeds that really like to learn, and will do so quickly. That is connected to their high energy levels – they will never feel too tired for another lesson or a walk in the park.

Their temperament is something that will knock you off your feet – their friendly attitude and the helicopter tail which doesn’t stop wagging…ever, – will melt even the coldest of hearts.

People love them so much that I have seen designed hoodies and shirts with the name of this not-yet-so-popular dog breed selling on Amazon.

Is The Aussiedoodle A Good Family Dog?

Your family members would be thrilled to have a toy Aussiedoodle as a new member. The Aussiedoodle will make a great family addition that can make everyone, from children to granny and grandpa, joyful and content.

They are often fantastic with kids and like spending time with their families. The Aussiedoodle is a great choice for a family dog due to a number of factors.

Toy Aussiedoodles make excellent guard dogs for younger children. If the youngster gets into difficulty, they can keep an eye on them and let someone know.

The Aussiedoodle is quite sociable and lively. Their energy levels are high and they require appropriate exercise since they might be quite energetic. A perfect match might be made by having both or either young or older children living with you.

Their amounts of energy are comparable. Kids may spend hours playing outside with the Aussiedoodles and fully tire both the dog and themselves. That leaves you, after they have all fallen asleep, time for yourself.

Since they share genes with the Australian Shepherd for being a good herd dog, that leaves space for them to also be a great protector of the family and a watchdog.

Even if they are toy sized, it doesn’t mean that they won’t make you feel safe when you are around them.

Training: Aussiedoodle Puppies Need Mental Stimulation

The owners or caregivers of this dog breed must offer him or her a lot of time and mental stimulation throughout the day.

The Toy Aussiedoodle’s parent breeds are in the top three most intelligent dog breeds, and both require cerebral stimulation to remain healthy.

Play together or take them outside as frequently as possible in order to provide sufficient daily stimulation. While you are busy with your own chores or activities, puzzle toys are a terrific substitute for keeping its mind active.

A wonderful alternative would be to pick up some new skills.

If your dog has mastered all the fundamental tricks, you may begin teaching him to fetch you certain items, which will take some time, but not as much as some other dog breeds would need.

All doodles, such as the labradoodle and goldendoodle, have shown extraordinary intelligence that would be sad to waste.

Therefore, dog owners across the world have started introducing dog buttons to their companions in order to teach them to communicate in a new and mentally stimulating way.

Is The Toy Aussiedoodle A Healthy Dog Breed?

toy aussiedoodle dog lying under blanket

Photo from: @josie.miniaussiedoodle

Mostly, crossbreeds are usually a bit healthier than purebreds. The Toy Aussiedoodles are generally considered to be a healthy dog breed.

However, just as any other dog breed, they can have a few health issues. Hip dysplasia is one of the main health issues of this dog breed, and it is the number one health problem of dogs in general.

Hip dysplasia is a health problem that affects the bones and joints of a dog, and it usually appears when the dog becomes of an older age. To put it most simply, it is something like bone dislocation, which makes it painful for the dog to walk.

The second most common health issue is definitely progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts. Both of these problems are connected with the eye sight, and heavily affect it.

Progressive retinal atrophy is a genetic disease, which contributes to the loss of eyesight. It usually develops in later years.

Its form may be aggressive or more passive, so that the illness can be developing for months, or even years, eventually leading to complete blindness.

When the eye’s lens clouds, which is brought on by changes in the protein or fluid balance in the lens, a dog gets a cataract.

Blindness results from light not being able to reach the retina when the lens gets clouded. When fully developed, a cataract appears as a white circle over the dog’s iris.

Another health issue that may appear is canine epilepsy.

If you ever see your dog having seizures of any kind, or any kind of problems with movement or any weird behaviors, you have to get them checked at the vet, just so we are sure that it is not epilepsy.

However, most of these health issues are treatable with the right therapy.

Therapy dogs?

The Aussiedoodle, including all of the size variants of this dog breed, are already known to be highly intelligent little Einsteins.

Thanks to their intelligence and their underlying need to be mentally stimulated, they have been used in various fields of dog assistance.

They are good service dogs for those who suffer from any kind of illness that requires a dog to warn them before a seizure phase happens.

Also, these little Einsteins are great therapy dogs. They understand the needs of human beings, and can act accordingly. They have a deep sense of emotions and are the ones who will make you smile when you are feeling down.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Toy Aussiedoodle?

The Aussiedoodles in general have a good lifespan. They will be your companions for a really decent period of time, and will be full of energy even when they become really old.

Since they are small dogs, their lifespan is longer than big dog’s lifespans. They will be with you for at least 12-16 years. Some dogs live shorter than that, some quite longer.

It really depends on the dog’s overall health, genetics, and especially the dog’s parents.

Feeding a Toy Aussiedoodle

These dogs won’t really need much food. But needless to say, they need quality dog food. One or one and a half cups of nutritious dog food will be more than enough for this dog breed to have a quality diet.

Implementing supplements for bone density and health is good for every dog breed, and since most of them – together with the Toy Aussiedoodle – are prone to hip dysplasia, it is good to add at least calcium to their diet.

Also, adding fish oil to your canine’s diet can be an early prevention step for many neurological degenerative illnesses, including epilepsy. Also, adding natural oils to your dog’s diet will improve the quality of their fur and skin.

How Much Is A Toy Aussiedoodle?

toy aussiedoodle dog sittting in the bed

Photo from: @josie.miniaussiedoodle

This designer dog breed is a bit pricier. They are definitely purposely bred and, probably because of that, breeders want their efforts to be well paid for.

On average, you will find Toy and mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale ranging from $1800 upwards. That is, of course, if you have a good dog breeder in which you can have the ultimate trust.

The price of this dog breed can go for $5000 and even higher. The blue merle and the red merle are the most expensive ones, thanks to their unique looks.

It is important that your dog breeder provides you with exceptional breed information, such as the information of both parents of the dog and their grandparents.

When a breeder gives breed information and family tree information, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Of course, you can find these puppies for $300, but their bloodline is probably questionable. If I was you, I would go with the safer option.

It is good to pay more for this dog because this will be your companion for many years, and it is better to have a healthy companion with a long life expectancy and minimal health problems.

Is The Toy Aussiedoodle Recognized By The American Kennel Club?

Crossbreeds are usually harder to get accepted by the official Kennel Clubs, the most prominent of them being the American Kennel Club.

The Toy Aussiedoodle is not yet recognized as an official dog breed, nor is the standard Aussiedoodle.

This adorable Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix has fans all around the world with many support clubs, and I am sure that in the next 50 years or so, this will be a recognized dog breed.

So, Is The Toy Aussiedoodle A Good Fit For You?

toy aussiedoodle puppy standing in the grass in the yard

Photo from: @aussiedoodlepuppies

The Toy Aussiedoodle is a perfect companion for both singles and families with kids, however, it fits best with people who live an active lifestyle.

The Toy Aussiedoodle Puppies are too intelligent to just laze around. Aussiedoodles require human engagement, and mental and physical exercise numerous times a day, just like young children do.

Verify that you are able to devote this much time to a canine partner before purchasing an Aussiedoodle puppy.

They will need, besides the regular physical activities and engaging in mental stimulation, regular vet checks because of their possible genetically inherited diseases.

It is highly important that you meet the dog breeder from whom you are buying your mini Aussie doodle. This is important for various reasons, from checking the health of the pup’s parents, to deciding if your dog breeder treats their dogs appropriately.

This is a highly empathetic dog – a genius dog – who will immediately sense any change of your emotions. Thanks to that, they will always be able to sense when is the appropriate time to make you laugh.

So, definitely, the toy Aussiedoodle is a real dog breed, even if it is not accepted yet by the AKC.

However people all around the world are treating the dog breed as a real one since there are many breeders, and because this dog breed is becoming more popular by the day.

Having these many positive characteristics, these dogs which are in possession of this rare intellect, yet gentle personality, are a perfect fit for every future dog owner who is fond of being physically active.

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