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These 15 Sleepy Dog Breeds Will Make You Heavy-Eyed In No Time

These 15 Sleepy Dog Breeds Will Make You Heavy-Eyed In No Time

Despite the fact that having quality nap time boosts your doggo’s immune system, there are some dogs that just don’t know the limit. 

You would be surprised by some names on this list, but the truth is all of these canines just love spending their time on a snooze. This list represents the fifteen most sleepy dogs in the world, starting from the bottom. Have you found your loving companion there yet? 

#15 When Not Grumpy, Chihuahuas Love Stealing An Extra Nap 

chihuahua sleeping on sofa

Average sleeping hours: 12-14

That’s right! Both male and female Chis are known for their 12- to 14-hour-a-day sleeping schedule. This is not a very active dog breed, so don’t be surprised if your Chi refuses to engage in various activities or moderate walks. 

They are perfectly comfortable at home. More accurately, they are perfectly comfortable in your lap. Or, on a couch. Or, in your bed. And, that’s how things work!

#14 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Seeks Conformity

cavalier king charles spaniel sleeping in the bed

Average sleeping hours: 12-14

There’s only one way to get your sleeping Cavalier King Charles Spaniel up – by offering him food! Take a look at this funny video that will make your CKCS hormones go wild!

Even though the breed itself loves occasional chasing or light walks, these pooches are known for their mellow character and sleeping soul

That said, you can find a Cavalier sleeping in the weirdest places possible. Once they get tired, they won’t mind resting their paws in mud, sand, or grass. They just don’t care!

#13 The Pekingese Might Crawl Into Your Bed Off Schedule

pekingese dog sleeping on the rocky path

Average sleeping hours: 12-14

Naturally, these miniature pooches are not dogs of too many activities. They spend most of their time crawled up in their hooman’s lap napping. But, how much napping is too much?

Well, if I can say one thing with certainty, then this is – if your Pekingese is sleeping anywhere more than fourteen hours a day, you should seek veterinary help. This way, you will identify easier whether your puppy’s sleeping is just a habit or something more serious.

Have you ever heard of a medical term called congestive heart failure? Unfortunately, many Pekingeses cope with this condition, and one of the main reasons is – sleeping excessively!

#12 The Pitbull Is Another Sleeping Beauty

pitbull sleeping on the couch

Average sleeping hours: 12-14 hours

While many perceive them as dangerous beasts, the truth is Pits are just one of those canines that crave their owners’ attention and care. 

The famous dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, quite got it right: “In the 70’s, they blamed the Dobermans. In the 80s, they blamed German Shepherds. In the 90s, they blamed Rottweilers. Now, they blame the Pit Bull..”

These pooches just love being tucked in next to their owner, which is why they fairly deserve this fifth place on the list of the top medium dog breeds that sleep the most.

#11 The Cocker Spaniel Sleeps With Style

cocker spaniel sleeping on the floor

Average sleeping hours: 13-14

While the majority of CS lovers believe that there isn’t anything more stylish than a well-groomed, freshly-bathed Cocker Spaniel, these purebred pooches would most definitely disagree! According to CS lingo, nothing says “style” more than a nice afternoon nap.

These furry beauties generally sleep between 13 and 14 hours a day, but they can sneak a couple of extra napping hours. It all depends on the circumstances.

Typically, CSs that exercise a lot during the day are most likely to spend more time resting and napping than their lazy counterparts. Sounds contradictory, but it’s true. Unlike some naturally lazy dog breeds, such as Pugs and Chis, these pooches are not exactly static.

#10 The Xoloitzcuintli Might Need A Blanket Prepared

xoloitzcuintli dog sleeping on the pillow

Average sleeping hours: 13-14

Have you ever had a chance to meet this Mexican beauty? Probably not, as these pooches are not exactly the most popular dog breed, especially if we take into consideration that they have been officially “resurrected” in 2011, when the AKC officially recognized them.

As much as they look extravagant and not ordinary at all – these canines’ finest trait is sleeping! But, beware, as they won’t exactly agree to sleep anywhere

Quite the contrary – these canines prefer sleeping in a comfortable, blanket-covered dog bed that makes them warm and nurtured.

#9 The Newfoundland Has An Old, Sleeping Soul

newfoundland dog sleeping on the floor

Average sleeping hours: 13-14

Let me be totally honest with you – these furry giants of various colors are not exactly the most famous for their excessive sleeping. They are rather known as high-maintenance, one-person dogs that shed greatly all year long.

Still, if you’re a Newfoundland enthusiast, you should know that these pooches sleep up to 14 (and sometimes even 15 to 16) hours a day, which is quite a lot.

Having them in a home can represent a true struggle, as they tend to get couch-potatoy.

#8 The French Bulldog Is An Occasional Sleeping Beauty

french bulldog sleeping on the mat

Average sleeping hours: 13-14

It is not the question of how well a sleeping Frenchie will fit into your life, but whether or not you are ready to commit. Indeed, they sleep a lot, but they prefer sleeping with you instead of using their own bed.

Let me be a little more specific – this is how raising a Frenchie would look in the evenings! It might take a while to get used to it, but with sufficient enthusiasm and a little bit of understanding – you’ll get there!

#7 For The Pug, Sleeping Excessively Is Another Drug

pug dog sleeping on the sofa

Average sleeping hours: 14-15

As a proud Pug owner, I must say that this dog breed is just addicted to sleeping. Sometimes, these pooches spend more than fifteen hours on a snooze

As much as this trait looks cute at first, you should take care of their health. Namely, a Pug’s excessive sleeping goes hand in hand with their excessive weight gain. That said, there are two things to take into consideration when raising these brachycephalic beauties: 

#6 The Chow Chow Knows How – To Sleep Well

chow chow sleeping on the floor

Average sleeping hours: 13-16

This medium-sized Chinese boy needs a good sleep as an unavoidable part of his well-being. But, beware, as there is a thin line between healthy sleeping and a lazy lifestyle. 

You should monitor your pup’s weight chart on a daily basis, as these pooches are not recommended to be over 60 pounds. And, excessive sleeping will get you there! 

Let me be more specific and more statistical! An average Chow Chow sleeps somewhere between 13 and 16 hours. On the other hand, puppies of this breed tend to sleep up to 20 hours, which is quite fascinating… but factual.

#5 The Great Dane Sleeps Greatly

great dane sleeping on the carpet

Average sleeping hours: 14-16

How much of a surprise is seeing this beautiful, athletic dog breed on top of

the list? Well, what can I say – a Great Dane is not only great at exercising, but at sleeping, too!

While this can be an advantage during your coffee time or your own napping time, excessive sleeping of these athletic giants has its own negative sides. One of them is gastric dilatation-volvulus… popularly known as bloat.

Don’t ever feed these pooches right before bedtime or give them snacks while they’re resting. Rather, do this one or two hours beforehand. 

#4 The Basset Hound Loves Resting Those Fluffy Ears

basset hound sleeping on the sofa

Average sleeping hours: 13-18

Are you willing to provide the ultimate comfort for your Basset pooch? Then, get him a nice, comfortable bed cause this long-eared boy will sleep a lot!

Dog professionals consider normal anything up to eighteen hours when it comes to this French beauty. Or, should I say sleeping beauty?

Even though they love engaging in moderate house activities with their loved ones, their sleeping schedule must be respected. These pooches don’t have the agility of GSDs or the wanderlust potential of a Husky in order to be the most active boys in the family.

Still, these pooches are highly popular, even among celebrities. Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan?

#3 The Bullmastiff Sneaks A Few Extra Sleeping Hours

bullmastiff sleeping on the grass

Average sleeping hours: 16

These giants’ growth chart positively correlates with the amount of sleep they require during the day. That’s right! The bigger, the greater the sleeping needs.

Don’t be surprised if your Bullmastiff sleeps up to sixteen hours during the day. This is a completely normal sleeping ratio that doesn’t necessarily have to be a red flag. But, yes… you should be concerned if your dog sleeps more than that!

#2 The St. Bernard Just Loves To Cuddle Til Sleep

st. bernard dog sleeping on the wooden floor

Average sleeping hours: 18

Here comes the king of the families – the one and only… Beethoven! While there are many pros and cons of having this large dog breed in your home, one thing is for sure – St. Bernards of all colors, ages, and temperaments will sleep a lot!

These giant beauties just love spending their time low-key, without too many disturbances. They won’t even mind sleeping in cold spaces, as their resistance to coldness is one of their greatest virtues and most interesting facts!

That being said, you can expect to have your Bernard awake for just five to six hours on a daily basis. So, make them count!

#1 The Mastiff Needs An Extra Nap For Those Heavy Bones

mastiff sleeping on the grass

Average sleeping hours: 18-19

I cannot exactly say who would win the beauty contest between Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs, but one thing is for sure – the first ones are much more popular as sleeping beauties.

This is another giant breed that loves spending its time among the stars, dreaming big. That’s why if you’re thinking of getting a Mastiff for yourself, you should immediately consider buying a big, comfortable dog bed in the first place.

Wrapping It Up

One thing is certain – all of these breeds just love snoozing away their dog activities, and spending the good part of their day unavailable for interaction.

Still, Mastiffs have no competition in this regard, as they are miles away from their sleeping counterparts.

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