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The Top 5 Best Rottweiler Breeders In The UK

The Top 5 Best Rottweiler Breeders In The UK

Ah, the powerful and loyal Rottweiler! Considered to be in the top 25 of the United Kingdom’s most popular dog breeds of 2021, the Rottweiler breed is slowly, but surely rising in popularity.

Because they were bred to be guard dogs, this majestic dog breed is often misunderstood as being aggressive or threatening in appearance, although they are mostly sweet-tempered family pets that have a soft spot for their loved ones.

If you’ve decided you want to buy a new puppy, and you’ve settled your sights on the fiercely loyal Rottie, you probably want to make sure to purchase your first Rottweiler puppy from a reputable breeder.

In order to make sure your new Rottweiler puppy is as healthy and happy as can be from the get-go, it’s best to avoid shady pet stores, backyard breeders, and inexperienced or unreliable kennels that don’t take enough care of their breeding stock.

That said, because the market is heavily saturated with questionable breeders, finding a good Rottweiler breeder in the UK with transparent breeding practices and good references can be a strenuous task when just starting out your search for the perfect Rott.

But, don’t despair just yet because we’ve already done the hard part for you.

We’ve gone through the trouble of weeding out all of the unreliable breeders and compiled a list of the top five most trustworthy and ethical Rottweiler breeders in the UK to choose from.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In The UK

rottweiler puppy and autumn leaves

When searching for reputable and trustworthy breeders near you, it’s paramount to know what actually makes a breeder good.

Breeders who are deemed to be reliable should be open and straightforward about their breeding practices. They should also breed and raise their puppies in clean environments, provide them with proper nutrition, vaccinations, and dewormings, as well as perform frequent health checkups, among other things.

You should keep in mind that all of the breeders we have chosen for this list are first-rate, ethical, and trustworthy, so this list is not ranked in any particular order.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at the top five best Rottweiler breeders in the UK!

1. Steinhugle Rottweilers – County Durham.

two rottweilers on a suitcase

Our first pick of the litter on the list of the most reputable Rottweiler breeders in the UK is Steinhugle Rottweilers, located in a small town called Iveston, near Consett, in County Durham.

They are a small, family-owned breeder who instead of breeding American Rottweilers, specializes in producing only the most exceptional German Rottweiler bloodlines in the UK.

Steinhugle Rottweilers are members of the ADRK (Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Club), who have established the Rottweiler breed standard across the globe, and strive to produce high-quality Rottweilers that adhere to this breed standard.

Some of the Rotties they have bred have even gone on to receive international championship titles.

All of their breeding dogs and puppies undergo proper socialization, vaccinations, dewormings, and microchipping, as well as frequent health tests to ensure their Rott puppies are happy and healthy before being listed for adoption.

Steinhugle’s Rottweilers are highly intelligent, with exceptional temperament and character, which is why they are easily trainable and eager to please.

If you’re interested in what they have in store for you, check out their website for more information about currently available Rottweiler puppies and upcoming Rottweiler puppy litters.

Steinhugle Rottweilers Details

Location: 3 Johnsons Buildings, Iveston, Consett, Country Durham, DH8

Website: Steinhugle Rottweilers

Contact: 07 952 824 956

Email: [email protected]

2. Varenka Rottweilers – Ayrshire.

cute rottweiler puppy

Our next spot goes to Varenka Rottweilers, located in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Owned by Gordon and Irene Rattray, they are a small kennel with over forty years of vast experience in breeding and raising high-quality purebred Rottweilers.

Although they consider themselves hobby breeders and produce only a few litters per year, their high standards, attention to detail, and considerable knowledge have brought them success at the highest levels, and cemented their spot on the map of the best Rottweiler breeders in the UK.

Varenka Rottweilers pride themselves on both breeding and owning Rottweilers that have won every major award in the show ring in the past 30 years, including the prestigious Crufts Best of Breed, according to the Kennel Club records.

Although they have bred lots of successful show Rotties, the majority of their puppies have gone on to become wonderful family companions that continue to give their loved ones plenty of affection and devotion.

Needless to say, all of Varenka’s Rottweiler puppies go through frequent and detailed health tests, DNA tests, vaccinations, and deworming schedules, as well as being microchipped before being put up for sale.

Check out the Varenka Rottweilers’ website for more information on available Rottweiler puppies if you like what you’ve read so far.

Varenka Rottweilers Details

Location: Ayrshire, Scotland

Website: Varenka Rottweilers

Contact: 01 563 529 915

Email: [email protected]

3. Sovereign Rottweilers – Warwickshire.

adult rottweiler in grass

Our next pick on this list is Sovereign Rottweilers, located in Warwickshire, on the outskirts of Birmingham in the West Midlands.

They are not your typical Rottweiler kennel; Sovereign Rottweilers are breeders with over thirty-five years worth of experience in breeding, raising, and training purebred German Rottweilers.

The team at Sovereign Rottweilers strives to create Rottweilers true to the breed standard. They firmly believe that the Rottweiler breed has split into two types over the years: show dogs that exhibit excellent conformation but lack durability and mental prowess, and working dogs that lack the beautiful looks but make up for it with drive and toughness.

By utilizing both types and maintaining balance in their breeding program, Sovereign’s unparalleled knowledge of German Rottweiler pedigrees allows them to create prime examples of the Rottweiler dog breed.

In addition to proper vaccination, dewormings, and microchipping of their puppies and adult dogs, they focus on plenty of socialization with other puppies and children on their six-acre plot of land to ensure their Rotties are adaptable and well-behaved in new situations.

They also make sure to train every young puppy to be capable of following basic commands such as heel, lie down, sit, stay, and go to bed. That way, you have some of your work already cut out for you if you decide to buy one of Sovereign’s Rottweiler puppies.

If you’re interested in what they have to offer, check out their website for more information on currently available Rottweiler puppies and upcoming Rottweiler litters; we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Sovereign Rottweilers Details

Location: The Cottage, Bodymoore Heath, North Warwickshire B76 0EE

Website: Sovereign Rottweilers

Contact: 01 827 790 861

Email: [email protected]

4. Bamabel Rottweilers – Somerset.

rottweiler puppy sticking tongue out

Our next spot on the list of the most trustworthy and reputable Rottweiler breeders in the UK goes to Bamabel Rottweilers, located in Somerset, South West England.

Owned by Alison and Stuart Thompson, Bamabel Rottweilers have been ethical breeders of purebred German Rottweilers since 1998.

They are a small, hobby breeder that produces a few occasional litters a year. But, when they produce a litter, their focus is on breeding to the blueprint of the Rottweiler breed standard.

All of their dogs are health tested, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed.

If you decide to purchase one of their purebred German Rottweiler puppies, you will receive a Kennel Club-registered pup, along with a puppy starter pack that includes toys, a blanket with its littermates’ scent, a five-generation written pedigree, four-week insurance, and a lifetime support line if any problem occurs down the line.

Check out the Bamabel Rottweilers’ website for more information on presently available puppies or future-planned litters.

Bamabel Rottweilers Details

Location: Somerset, South West England

Website: Bamabel Rottweilers

Contact: 01 458 446 411

Email: [email protected]

5. Minaelea Rottweilers – West Yorkshire.

rottweiler on a bridge

Our fifth pick on the list of the most trustworthy and reputable Rottweiler breeders in the UK is Minaelea Rottweilers, located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Owned by Donna and Robert Taylor, Minaelea Rottweilers is a small hobby breeder with experience in working with purebred German Rottweilers for nearly 20 years.

Minaelea Rottweilers are members of nearly every breed club in Ireland and the UK, including the committee of Eastern Counties Rottweiler Club, and they focus on breeding high-quality, purebred Rottweilers that adhere to the Rottweiler breed standard.

The team at Minaelea spends a lot of time and effort to ensure their pups are balanced and well-socialized from an early age.

All of their dogs are properly dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and health tested to ensure you get a happy and healthy Rottweiler puppy that will bring you lots of joyous memories for years to come.

Check out the Minaelea Rottweilers’ website for more information on available puppies and future-planned litters.

Minaelea Rottweilers Details

Location: Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England

Website: Minaelea Rottweilers

Contact: 01 924 862 931

Email: There is a form you can fill out on their website to email them.

Other Places You Can Visit To Find Your Rottweiler Puppy

rottweiler with two puppies

If you live in another part of the UK like Bristol, Hampshire, Lancashire, Norfolk, or Surrey and none of the breeders on our list of the top five most reputable Rottweiler breeders in the UK are close to you, there are alternatives.

Instead of leaving you with only five options of the best Rottweiler breeders in the UK to choose from, we’re going to list a few other places you can turn to for finding your new Rottweiler puppy.

Bear in mind that even though these websites are mainly credible and audit their clients, there can be some deviations from the norm, and sometimes unreliable breeders might squeeze their way into listings.

Generally speaking, you should always take caution when contacting any breeder.

Remember to ask all the right questions to ensure that your puppy is purebred, healthy, well-socialized, and up to date with all necessary vaccinations and dewormings, as well as whether the breeder can provide a detailed written pedigree.

So, here are a few other places you can turn to to find Rottweiler breeders in the UK.


Although not the most popular, or the best website you can turn to to find good Rottweiler breeders, it is still a valid option if you carefully comb through the available breeders and find one that is credible.


The British equivalent of Craigslist, this website offers tons of available Rottweiler puppies to choose from. However, you should still be cautious and do proper research before committing to a purchase.

Our Dogs

Another good website where breeders advertise their pups, you can turn to Our Dogs to find your new Rottweiler puppy. Again, make sure to carefully screen any potential breeder you might see fit to make a deal with.

In Conclusion

Buying a new puppy is never as easy a task as it sounds; there are a lot of hidden traps you might fall into and end up buying a sickly or a mixed dog when all you wanted was a healthy purebred Rott.

That’s why it’s important to stick with the most reputable Rottweiler breeders in the UK that we’ve provided you with. We assure you that if you choose any of these businesses, you won’t regret your decision later on.

That said, we wish you luck on your journey to find the perfect new Rottweiler puppy to serve as a protector and loving companion to your family.

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