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7 Rationales For Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Socks

7 Rationales For Why Your Dog Is Obsessed With Socks

As a dog owner, you probably spend a lot of time with your pooch. From running errands to playing in the yard to cuddling in your lap, you and your dog are constantly together. The friendship you two have is wonderful.

However, your dog may express his love in many different ways, such as playing and chewing anything that makes them feel happy and offers them a funny experience.

You have probably seen that some of your socks are missing, and you often see your dog playing with a sock. Then, you don’t have to ask yourself who the sock thief is in your house. But, the question that may arise is: Why do dogs like socks?

As we know, any living being has a scent of their own, so when we wear socks, we leave our scent on them, especially if we wear them all day.

Our brain can’t quite comprehend a dog’s love for our worn socks, but dogs have many reasons for that. What could those be?

Buckle up as you’re going to read seven reasons why dogs like socks, and why socks are somehow an important part of a dog’s life!

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Socks?

chihuahua playing with socks indoor

Why do dogs like socks? Let me tell you: your dog probably loves anything that has even the tiniest connection with you, whether it is a sock, a shoe, or laundry. Don’t be surprised if you see a dog eating your underwear.

However, to them, socks are like toys because the dog can tear them up into smaller pieces and play with them.

Let us see seven reasons for this common dog behavior!

1. Boredom

Have you ever been so bored that you didn’t know what to do? You didn’t have the slightest idea? You’ve probably looked for alternatives for things you usually do, but in a different, funner way.

This happens when a dog is bored, and the only solution seems to be playing with your socks.

We all know that dogs are curious living beings. So, of course, they’ll enjoy mental stimulation, challenging tasks, and activities involving play. They thrive when they are out with kids, going on long walks in the park with you, or playing fetch.

If you don’t offer them such mental and physical activities and stimulation, they may find fun activities, such as chewing many different things they see. That’s where socks come in handy. For them, it is a fun distraction.

However, you should not reward this behavior because when you decide to take the sock away, your dog might see it as a fun game called tug of war.

They’ll enjoy seeing you chase them, which will encourage them to take a sock every time they desire to play with you.

Dogs might even chew the sock for pure entertainment. If you see your dog chewing socks, make sure to pay attention to him and give him a dog toy.

2. Love For You

Unlike us, dogs are big fans of our dirty socks. Clean ones are not interesting and appealing to your furry friend. Can you imagine that your dog would rather have one nasty sock than hundreds of clean socks?

However, they only like your dirty sock as they find comfort in your scent. That’s why it’s important to give your pooch as many cuddles as you can, so they can feel that love being reciprocated.

When your dog chews on your nasty socks, it reminds them of the feeling when they are all wrapped up like a burrito in a soft blanket with their favorite human – you.

They need affection, so make sure to often be a snuggle buddy for your pooch. They deserve that.

3. It Feels Good When They Chew

 siberian husky puppy biting a sock and playing with a boy

Sometimes, the sock is not the source of fun activity, but it feels good when they chew on something. In this case, they choose to chew on socks. This is common behavior for teething puppies as chewing is a part of that process.

On the other hand, chewing for adult dogs is sometimes related to wanting to just have fun while chewing on a sock.

But, don’t worry if your grown-up dog loves it as this is a healthy activity that can provide stimulation, fun, and anxiety relief. It also helps to strengthen their jaw and mouth while also keeping their teeth clean.

Socks can provide comfort to your dog as they are soft and flexible – that way, they feel good on your dog’s teeth and gums while teething. Dogs can also chew a ball when teething and develop an obsession.

4. Separation Anxiety

As you and your dog spend so much time together, the dog becomes used to being with you. So, logically, when you leave the house, they’ll miss you.

That can lead to a dog having separation anxiety. They will try to seek some comfort while you’re gone.

And, guess what that comfort is? Your smelly socks. Your scent can make your dog feel reassured and less anxious until you come back. Don’t think that the sock will ever replace your love.

The sock is just there to imitate a security blanket. Make sure to make time for your dog, and shower him with love every minute that you can.

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5. There Are Things On The Floor

If you’re leaving your dirty laundry and dirty socks on the floor, how can your dog know that messing with those things is bad behavior? As socks are within their reach, they think that it is okay to play with them.

Maybe it’s time for you to tidy up a bit, so the dog can learn that things that are not in their reach should be avoided, while things that you leave for them can be played with and chewed on as much as they want.

This is the way you’ll stop your dog from chewing on not only socks, but all of your laundry items.

6. Desire For Attention

You may have been occupied with a lot of things, and you forgot to cuddle with your furry friend. Sometimes, the dog will lay on you to show affection, and sometimes they want you to notice them.

Don’t underestimate dogs and their intelligence. They know how to get you to pay attention to them. Your dog might have noticed that taking a pair of socks to chew on them will surely get you to look at them and chase them.

Every time he does that, he knows that the theft of socks will cause some reaction in you, which is enough for him to get used to stealing socks. Their victory is a game called tug of war, and you can be sure that they will do it for fun.

7. Pica

You may notice that your dog is obsessed with chewing socks a little bit too much. Dogs can develop behavioral issues called pica. Pica is a condition where dogs are obsessed with eating and chewing non-food items.

This issue can be dangerous as your dog can eat something that is toxic and cause many health problems. If you notice that your dog has an obsession, you need to seek a vet.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Stealing My Socks?

Hand of man and guilty dog at home

You have probably asked yourself, why do dogs steal socks and how do I stop my dog from stealing socks? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are some solutions for your dog’s behavior:

Make an interesting alternative: If your dog is not obsessed with chewing a sock, but just occasionally loves it, you can try and make a dog toy out of a sock. How?

Take an old sock that you will not use anymore, make sure that the material of the sock is soft. Put some safe items for dogs like paper towels, crumpled-up paper, tennis balls, or small rubber balls into the sock.

After you have done all of that, take a piece of fabric and tie off one end of the sock to secure the stuffing in it.

Keep your socks out of reach: The best solution is to put all of your socks where your dog cannot find or see them.

You should be consistent with hiding your socks because that way, you’ll have a greater chance of getting your dog off of socks. Out of sight, out of mind – right?

Train him vocally: If you catch your dog doing something that he isn’t allowed to do, such as chewing your favorite pair of socks, simply tell him “no”. You need to be firm and mean it, so that the dog should note that this behavior is off-limits.

How Do You Prevent This Behavior?

woman playing with dog in the park

Now that we have answered the question, Why do dogs like socks?, we have some advice on how to prevent the theft of socks:

Teach the “give” command – Here, it is important that you are serious. Try not to laugh as the dog will think that you’re starting one of their favorite games, tug of war.

Provide your dog with their own chew toy.

Play with your dog – fulfill their physical exercise needs.

Dog training – You should train your dog, so he can learn what he is allowed to do and what is off-limits.

Lots of attention – This is probably the easiest thing for you to do. I’m sure that you already give your dog plenty of attention, cuddles, and stimulation, but when you notice that they are bored, try some more.

Tidy up – All of your personal belongings should be out of your dog’s reach.

Get a laundry basket – Make sure that it has a latching lid.

Get enrichment dog toys

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Your Dog Ate A Sock. What Should You Do?

male veterinarian looking at the x-ray and holding a small dog

Chewing behavior is common with many dog breeds. However, a dog swallowing pieces of fabric or other items can happen for every dog owner, which can lead to intestinal blockages.

If you see that your dog is in danger of swallowing a sock, you should seek ways to stop this behavior as soon as possible. You can also ask a vet for advice and instructions on how to make a dog vomit a sock out of its system.

You should investigate which sock the dog swallowed, meaning is the sock small or big. This will affect your course of actions.

However, a vet should be called either way. If you have a large dog, chances are that he will poop it out, while small dogs will need to go to the vet to get an X-ray or another procedure to find the sock.

To Wrap Up

I hope that this article on why do dogs like socks has helped you to see different reasons for your dog’s love for socks. We offered you some solutions that will include playtime that you both can agree on.

It is widely known that dogs are likely to chew on many different things – socks are just one of those items. They don’t do this to make you unhappy or angry. They just love chewing – it gives them comfort, and they have fun doing it. Plus, your socks smell like you, and it gives them comfort.

Sometimes, they are just bored and see something on the floor that looks appealing to them, but this is on you – why do you leave things for your pooch to steal? He can’t resist them.

They can also suffer from separation anxiety and pica, but that is not very common, so don’t worry too much. Some vets suggest that if you notice that your dog’s behavior keeps repeating, you need to check the dog’s diet as sometimes, a lack of vital nutrients can cause that behavior.

What more could we say than take care of your furry friend, and give him smooches every time they are with you!

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